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Get cut-price domestic air travel? Be under 26, or a student. If you can achieve one of these, British Airways will sell you flight sectors for around pounds 29 each plus tax, through Campus Travel (0171-730 3402). If you want to travel between London and Glasgow or Edinburgh, Air UK will take you there and back for pounds 60, through STA Travel (0171- 361 6161).

Take off by Greyhound? Go to Canada, where the fledging Greyhound Air is taking to the skies with a hub in the city of Winnipeg. The company still runs buses, too. Greyhound International (01342 317317) is selling combined air/bus tickets.

Travel to Transylvania? Buy a pounds 165 return ticket from Gatwick to the Romanian capital, Bucharest, and hop on a train from there. You could visit Castle Bran, home of Vlad the Impaler, or plunge your ski sticks into the slopes at nearby Poiana Brasov. The fare is available through Prima Holidays (0151-260 4949).

Spend a cheap and cheerful weekend in Berlin? Buy a London City-Rotterdam flight on Air UK for pounds 82, then hitch-hike the remaining 400 miles. Or just read about the trip this coming Saturday, in the travel pages of The Long Weekend.