Find out about Britain's world heritage? Buy the map of official Unesco sites in the UK, from Canterbury Cathedral to Hadrian's Wall. It costs pounds 1.30 (folded) or pounds 1.70 (rolled) from the Friends of Unesco, 3 Whitehall Court, London SW1A 2EL.

Pick up a last-minute charter flight? Call the seat-only specialist Avro at its Gatwick or Manchester office. Dial 01293 567916 or 0161-489 2989 respectively, to ask about tickets for imminent departures.

Explore the world through a slide show? Book a free ticket at one of the Explore Worldwide meetings on 01252 344161, ranging from Exeter (21 November) to Aberdeen (25 February). Londoners can scout for travel ideas every other Monday evening at Baden-Powell House; the next is on 18 November.

Take a day trip to Munich? Call Aeroscope on 01608 650103, and book a Sunday trip using scheduled flights from Heathrow for pounds 108.30 return (children pounds 30 off). You get 10 hours in the Bavarian capital, and receive a free sightseeing tour of the city.

Catch up on Ted the Tourist, Boris the Backpacker and Pamela the Poseur? Call Trips Worldwide on 0117-987 2626, and ask for a free copy of issue four of WorldComic, mixing information with cartoons.

Learn about the desert drama of Jordan? Read the travel pages of The Independent this Saturdayn