Cut the time to get to Phoenix? Catch the new British Airways non-stop from Gatwick to the Arizona state capital. It begins on 1 July and takes about 10 hours, cutting the existing journey time by one-third. The lowest official fare is pounds 594 if you book three weeks in advance, but through an agent such as Quest Worldwide (0181-546 6000) you can get a round-trip for pounds 100 less, and with fewer restrictions.

Find the way to San Jose? Fly onwards from Phoenix to a choice of cities in California and Nevada using an airpass from America West (01483 440490). The airline's Tristate Airpass costs pounds 107 for two coupons, which would get you to San Jose and back.

Save pounds 20 on a hire car? Book a car in America with Avis (on its new national number, 0990 900500). The company gives a discount voucher worth $30 (pounds 20) on rentals of a week or more - but you have to hire a big car (Group C or above) to qualify.

Track down Norwegian State Railways? Get in touch with Scandinavian Travel Service, the new name for NSR Travel. The London office in Trafalgar Square (0171-930 6666) can give details of rail passes in Norway, starting at pounds 131 for a week of unlimited travel.

Locate Lefkosia and Lemesos? Read about Cyprus in the travel pages of the Independent this Saturday, and learn the new names for Nicosia and Limassol.