Get travel advice from the Foreign Office next week? Contact the Travel Advice Unit at its new premises on 0171-238 4503/4, or fax 0171- 238 4545; the move takes place next Monday. Its location on the Internet remains the same, at uk/, as does its presence on BBC2 Ceefax, from page 564 onwards.

Fly from Leeds to Paris? Don't call British Midland, the airline that flies the route direct. Buy a return ticket through Avro (0181-715 1900), and you pay pounds 101.70. The same seat on the same plane costs over pounds 5 more from the airline.

Be refused admission to Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Turn up with a British passport at some point in the future. The United Arab Emirates is soon going to insist that UK citizens have a visa even for short, tourist visits. Call the embassy on 0171-581 1281 for further details, though be warned that you may not get an instant response.

Rent a Harley Davidson in Florida? Call Suncars (01444 456446) to book a Electraglide in Orlando. The cost is pounds 589 per week, plus state tax of 6 per cent.

Travel the British Isles gently? Ask the company Can Be Done (0181-907 2400) about its programme of holidays in Britain and Ireland for wheelchair users, or for "anybody wanting a tour at a more leisurely pace".

Sail the Rhine? Take a trip with KD Line from Cologne to Mainz, covering the ground in about four hours. Call 00 49 221 258 3011 for fares and schedules.

Get travel health advice on the Internet? Call up the Royal Free Hospital's travel medicine pages on pbarrett/travmed.html.

Take a trip around the Majorcan capital? Read about the secret life of Palma, part of the Spain special in the travel pages of the Independent this Saturday.