Visit a Kenyan game park?

That depends. For the most popular parks of Aberdares, Amboseli and Lake Nakuru, try to go by tomorrow - from 1 March the entry fee increases by 35 per cent to pounds 18. The Kenya Wildlife Service is trying to limit visits to some parks by putting the price up. But prices for most other parks stay the same or fall.

Catch malaria?

Travel to a malarious area such as West Africa. Take no anti-malarials and steer clear of insect repellents. Spend the evenings in rural areas, close to stagnant water, and sleep outside unhindered by a mosquito net. To ensure a serious illness, ignore any fever and stay well away from medical care. If you would prefer to avoid malaria, call the Masta Travellers' Health Line on 0891 224100 for a printed health brief.

Live like a gentleman in Verona?

Rent a flat in the city from Venetian Apartments (0181-878 1130). Outside the 74th opera season, which runs from 5 July to 1 September, prices are pounds 425-pounds 499 per week; during the season, these increase to pounds 499-pounds 599.

Reach Agra or Jaipur from Delhi?

You can take a taxi to the railway station and a train from there, but the easy way is to fly on Modiluft (0171-724 7038). The one-way fare is around pounds 20; slightly less to Agra, slightly more to Jaipur.

Meet intrepid travellers?

Visit the final Independent Traveller's World exhibition on 2 and 3 March at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. Recently returned experts will be on hand to offer advice. Readers of the Independent and the Independent on Sunday earn a pounds 1 discount on admission by presenting a copy of the newspaper.

Travel to Tirana or Tallinn?

Book a flight through an Eastern Europe specialist such as Fregata (0171- 451 7000). For Albania's capital, the company sells tickets on Austrian Airlines via Vienna for pounds 427; to Estonia's principal city, a non-stop flight from Gatwick costs pounds 244.

Book a boat to South America?

Dial Cargo Ship Voyages on 01473 736265.