Coast-to-coast across America now costs pounds 149 one-way - if you are prepared to pause in Colorado Springs. This Rocky Mountain city is the hub for Western Pacific, a small airline that flies from Newark and Washington DC to six West Coast cities - including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. There are no advance purchase rules, and you may spend anything from 40 minutes to a year en route in Colorado Springs. Book on 01444 450311 or through an agent; some may agree to split the 15 per cent commission with you, cutting the fare to pounds 139.

Are you a healthy adult, living in or around London, and want to do your bit to help the cause of travel medicine? If so, the Academic Unit of Travel Medicine and Vaccines wants to hear from you. The unit, based at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, is testing the effectiveness of a new Yellow Fever vaccine. In return for taking part in the programme, you get a free jab and a Certificate of Immunisation which is valid for 10 years. Call 0171-830 2999 if you meet the criteria - and, most important of all, have never had the Yellow Fever vaccine before.