DEAD Albatross Award for worst airport in the Mediterranean is given unhesitatingly to Corfu, which I passed through last week.

Arriving passengers discover there is just one baggage carousel: bad news if several flights arrive together (as happened to me). I was told that the work of sticking bags on the conveyor belt in the bowels of the airport is handled by just one man. This would certainly explain the delays.

The departures 'lounge' ('abattoir' might better evoke the ambience) is worse. On an apparently average Friday there were probably three times as many passengers as seats. The duty-free shop was cupboard-sized. There was one small counter selling food and drink. No gift shop. No pay phones. This is not an airport: this is a penal institution for high-risk offenders.

Work appeared to be in progress on an additional terminal building, but I was assured by a local resident that this work had been in progress for rather a long time without any immediate prospect of completion.

Those flying from Corfu would be advised not to pass through security to the departure lounge until they are absolutely sure their flight is boarding.