100 years of wedding dresses in 3 minutes

The three minute video shows how bridal wear has evolved over the last 100 years

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A new video shows the evolution of wedding dresses over the last 100 years.

MODE have created a three minute film showcasing the development of different styles and tastes in bridal wear over a hundred year period.

Watch the video here:

It features the most iconic style from each decade, beginning in 1915 and ending with today's most popular style.

The wedding gowns vary in numerous ways, including the fabric, length, texture and of course design.

The model not only wears dresses from different fashion eras but is also adorned with veils, headpieces, makeup and flowers of the time too.

Beginning in 1915, the bride looks like she has just walked off the set of Downton Abbey as the dress seems to lengthen decade by decade.

100 years of wedding dresses - 1955.png

This trend seems to cease in 1955 however, before lengthening again as we get closer to today.

One style the model seems to enjoy in particular is the punk puffy dress of 1985, complete with Madonna-esque make up and hair.