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5 May 1601 LADY MARGARET HOBY writes in her journal: 'After prayers I went to the church, where I heard a sermon. After I came home and heard Mr Rhodes (her chaplain) read. After dinner I went abroad, and when I was come home I dressed some sores. After I heard Mr Rhodes read again and worked with him. I went to see a calf at Munckmans, which had two heads, four ears, and had to either head a throat pipe. The heads had long hairs like bristles about the mouths, such as no other cow hath. The hinder legs had no parting from the rump, but grew backwards and were no longer but from the first joint. Also the backbone was parted about the middle back, and a round hole was in the middle of the body; but one would have thought that to have come of some stroke it might get in the cow's belly. After this I came in to private meditation and prayer.'