A Day Like This

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13 May 1613 JOHN CHAMBERLAIN writes in his journal: 'Upon Friday one Bostock, an Under-Customer of Rochester, and one Waller were fined in the Star Chamber at 5,000 marks apiece and censured further to stand on the pillory, lose their ears, and be whipped from thence through the streets, the one for reporting that presently after the Prince (of Wales's) death, four or five of the Privy Council (whereof the Lord Privy Seal was principal) had kneeled to the King and besought him for toleration of religion; the other for writing this news to a Customer of Dover, who being dead before the letter came, his wife let it run from hand to hand. They have been in prison ever since Christmas or before. Sure I would rather wish him to merely condemn these barking whelps and all their bawlings than to trouble himself with them and bring these things to scanning; for it breeds but more speech, and to see silly men so severely censured begets commiseration.'