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Sunday, 1 January 1995

  • LETTERS: Bangladesh gets better and better
    Monday, 2 January 1995

    Tim McGirk tries to implicate the late president Ziaur Rahman in the death of our first prime minister, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, which is mischievous when dealing with events which are painfully sensitive for many millions of people. Mr McGirk exaggera...

  • Lesson number one for Blunkett
    Monday, 2 January 1995

    Our story starts in the early Sixties. Harold Wilson regarded public schools as an impediment to the kind of classless society that would exploit the white heat of technology for the common good. In its 1964 manifesto, Labour promised to "set up an e...

  • LETTERS: Baby blessings
    Monday, 2 January 1995

    Why do you call this an "alternative to a christening", which is the sacrament of entering into Christian life? Often christening has been associated with birth, but that is secondary. Christians value their having been "baptised into Christ", with a...

  • BOOK REVIEW: The bad old days when we were young
    Monday, 2 January 1995

    The cover of this anthology pictures two sobbing, scruffy, 17th-century schoolchildren. The ugly fear on their faces contrasts with more appealing depictions of infant sorrow, often signalled by the presence of one tear suspended on thick eyelashes, ...

  • Snobbery, robbery and buried treasure
    Monday, 2 January 1995

    They belong to a variety called Galanthus "limetree", so named after an avenue of limes under which we are supposed to believe that Rab Butler wrote the l944 Education Act. They were planted just under a year ago. I count the number of blooms. There ...

  • LETTERS: Senior society
    Monday, 2 January 1995

    First, the UK Council for Psychotherapy, while a large organisation, does not represent senior established analytical psychotherapy organisations such as the British Pyscho-Analytical Society. These are represented by the British Confederation of Psy...

  • Peter Pringle's America: The Cold War is over and the bosses won
    Monday, 2 January 1995

    Alone among the sitcoms, the show depicts the unhappy world of the American workplace. Important characters can be fired (Jerry, the show's head writer was replaced by an underling) and other harassed employees are carpeted by department heads if the...

  • Don't forget 1603 and all that
    Monday, 2 January 1995

    When they claim that devolution would involve the United Kingdom being "broken up", they mean it would cease to be a unitary sovereign nation state. They appear to believe that is the only legitimate form of state. It is not: it has never been the on...

  • LETTERS: Why Chechnya should not secede
    Monday, 2 January 1995

    However, Chechnya did exercise this right in 1991 but no country in the world, including Muslim nations, was prepared to recognise its sovereignty and independence. It is not difficult to see why Chechnya failed to win its rightful place among the co...

  • How to cope with winning the National Honours Lottery
    Monday, 2 January 1995

    What is the National Honours Lottery counselling service? Well, the National Honours Lottery counselling service is the quango in charge of giving advice and coaching to all those whose dream has come true and who have won initials to put after their...

  • That Scottish problem again
    Monday, 2 January 1995

    In the wake of the Kilbrandon Royal Commission, the 1974 Labour government, with a wafer-thin majority over the Conservatives in the February election and a notable upsurge in Scottish National Party numbers at Westminster, committed itself to devolv...

  • LETTERS: Chant is a continuing tradition
    Monday, 2 January 1995

    Plainchant is not the special preserve of the Tridentine Rite; on the contrary, it was in consequence of the Council of Trent that the polyphony associated with Palestrina and others was established almost as normative, effectively seeing off plainch...

  • LETTERS: Road protesters no `threat to national security'
    Monday, 2 January 1995

    I have nothing but admiration for the courage of those who put themselves - not others - at considerable risk, to achieve what we more timid politicians have failed to do: to get the Government to begin to think against about its transport policy. Wo...

  • LETTERS: Softly-softly US approach to Israel
    Monday, 2 January 1995

    There was a time when the UN Security Council and the EU would have publicly pronounced on an incident such as that reported by Sarah Helm. Now only the media speaks up. This quietism is presumably designed not to upset the "peace process". This argu...

  • LETTERS: Road protesters no `threat to national security'
    Monday, 2 January 1995

    I am a young person who along with many of my generation is watching the environment, its resources and its wildlife being destroyed by those who go before us. I hope to be around on this beautiful planet when they have gone and dream of passing on t...

  • LETTERS: Chant is a continuing tradition
    Monday, 2 January 1995

    The essays of liturgists and of historians at the time and the minutes of meetings where the new liturgies were drafted are heavy with scholarship. To take but one example, the eucharistic prayers were researched in minute detail and from that resear...

  • Two Persons sufficiently obscure to succeed Master Major
    Sunday, 1 January 1995

    To which Predictions I might confidently add, without Offence to the Laws of Probability, that in the Month of October Master Tony Blair will unfailingly secure a great Triumph at the Assembly of the People's Party by the Sea-side, and that in Novemb...

  • PROFILE: Sheila McKechnie / The consumer's choice
    Sunday, 1 January 1995

    The association's core activity is commercial product testing, recorded in its monthly magazine, Which? The magazine's circulation has dropped from 850,000 in 1988 to 683,000. This has caused a crisis of confidence, and morale was not improved by a s...

  • Enough already please of OJ, dams, spam and Shane
    Sunday, 1 January 1995

    Some success to report with last year's list. Mr Blobby? Did for him, I think you'll agree. Ditto Rachel Whiteread. Not quite so many peregrinatory goalposts on horizontally challenged playing fields, either. Finished Rob Newman, didn't quite manage ...

  • I treasure Johnny's words of abuse to this day
    Sunday, 1 January 1995

    We first met in the mid-Fifties - or was it the mid-Sixties? - when I arrived at his enchanting Georgian mansion bearing a bottle of the finest champagne and one of my most endearing smiles. "Pray allow me to introduce myself, cher maitre," I said, "...

    Sunday, 1 January 1995

    Tony Blair, December "I know nothing about Mohamed Al Fayed's business dealings, but I do know he cares greatly about children." Esther Rantzen, October "I've never discussed private matters and I don't think the Queen has either. Very few members of...

  • Hijacking born in oppression
    Sunday, 1 January 1995

    We may, of course, wish that Algiers was "thousands of miles" from Paris, but in fact it is only 831 miles from the French capital and less than 300 miles from the French coast; which is why the Algerian war poses such a threat to Europe. As for the ...

  • You never had it so bad
    Sunday, 1 January 1995

    In this hitherto secret memo, released from the archives today, he sets out with remarkable frankness his feelings for each candidate - his deputy "Rab" Butler, his Minister of Science and Technology, Lord Hailsham, his Foreign Secretary, Lord Home -...

  • Tough love is the last thing we need right now
    Sunday, 1 January 1995

    It isn't as if tough love has a track record: Kurt Cobain's friends threatened to abandon him if he didn't check into detox, but was he bothered? He was so much not bothered that he had to be kidnapped by Nirvana's guitarist, and even then he managed...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Welcome back, Stakhanov
    Sunday, 1 January 1995

    We are all Stakhanovites now. When did you last hear complaints about the British workman's tea-break or the executive's afternoons on the golf course? When did a trade union last achieve a reduction in hours or an increase in holidays for a signific...

  • A New Year riddle: why an oak tree is just an elaborate way to make aco rns
    Sunday, 1 January 1995

    Even today, visitors return from the Highlands and its empty vistas of stone, bog and heather, and bray about "our last natural wilderness". Yet it is more than 50 years since pioneer ecologist Sir Frank Fraser Darling showed up that phrase for the s...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Let 1995 mark the end of sneering of sincerity
    Sunday, 1 January 1995

    Irony has a distinguished history in English writing - Dean Swift and Dickens - but its ambiguity makes it a tricky specialism. A little goes a long way. Now there are sneering floods, almost as though the country does not know what it means to say a...

    Sunday, 1 January 1995

    begins on 25 September; the Sikh new year begins on 14 April; the Roman new year began in March until 153BC, when it became 1 January ; Anglo-Saxon England began the new year on 25 December; William the Conqueror moved it to 1 January, but England la...

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