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Thursday, 12 January 1995

  • Letter: Clause IV: honourable socialists past and present, and the lead er with a will to win
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    Mr Hattersley has an honourable record in the Labour Party and has strong socialist convictions. His support for public ownership has been consistent. He thinks, however, we are wrong to do battle over Clause IV because the wording is out of date. He...

  • Letter : Clause IV: honourable socialists past and present, and the lea der with a will to win
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    He pleads with members to change with the times, but socialists do not do this, they seek instead to change the times we live in. It was 10 years ago that my father-in-law, Henry Fair, was presented with a long service award at the Blackpool conferen...

  • Letter : Clause IV: honourable socialists past and present, and the lea der with a will to win
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    Regardless of the politics and sentiment attached to the current Clause IV debate in the Labour Party, one thing will remain true - both for those who believe Clause IV is a sacred text and those who believe it should be rewritten - and that is, one ...

  • Not only frozen in time ... but also unfunny
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    The writer Francis Wheen, a staunch friend of Cook's, explains that this let-down is because his humour did not depend on punch lines and is therefore unsuited to sound bites: "He was not so much a jokesmith as a weaver of long, spiralling fantasies....

  • Let the market return to Covent Garden
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    It is a good moment to take a deep breath and acknowledge that this is almost one hundred per cent delusion. More politely, an ever-deferred aspiration. There is no evidence that the kind of person who goes to the theatre has changed by one hair's br...

  • LETTER: Library at risk
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    Computer links for researchers are no substitute for the stimulation of consultation with an extremely knowledgeable librarian, or of browsing on open shelves with an unsurpassed collection. Its London location makes the Lindley a mecca for garden hi...

  • LETTER: Parker Bowles set inspiring example
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    We do not have "the sort of marriage which has not been uncommon among the English upper classes". We eat, talk, go for walks, argue, laugh and sleep together, and (for most of the time) are entirely content. Yours faithfully, JANE CLARK ALAN CLARK S...

  • How a Peruvian train nearly took me to Hollywood
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    "So I'll level with you," says the head of CBS, whose name I can't remember now, though I've got his letter somewhere, and I do remember the name of his personal assistant, which was Jim Yerxa. Great Scrabble name, I remember thinking ... "I'll level...

  • LETTER: Wrong signals on chemical weapons
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    The British Government played a constructive role in its negotiation but fell at the first hurdle in the ratification process. Its current evasiveness, if not apathy, on this issue contrasts starkly with the Prime Minister's commitment at the London ...

  • Doing their own thing? Labour raises the flag for a Scottish assembly. Tories sneer. James Cusick insp ects the battle lines
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    Flags were waved. Crowds gathered in George Square in Glasgow. Football songs were adapted. Constitutions for all-party protest groups were drawn up. "Scotland United" - a cute political pun on soccer-style solidarity - emerged as the force that woul...

  • BOOK REVIEW: Ruminations under cover of darkness
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    Who says you shouldn't judge a book by its cover? The picture on the front of A Alvarez's new work shows a waxy feminine arm poking out of quiet, tree-fringed waters in twilight. She could be magical - the lady of the lake - or she might be the victi...

  • LETTER: Strike highlights bus safety threat
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    one of the drivers involved attributed to fatigue cause by overwork. It is concern for safety, as much as the free bus service, which the Transport and General Workers Union is running in Chelmsford, that has led to our members receiving such strong ...

  • Infotainment is no laughing matter
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    There is clearly much in common between infotainment and pornotopia. Both extend the empire of fantasy and numb the capacity to think. Minds accustomed to infotainment are likely to show little resistance to pornotopia. I suggest that the answer to t...

  • How does a real leader deal with rebels?
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    On the one hand, Blair presents himself in terms that clearly echo the Thatcher era. Think of his words about Clause IV: "I thrive on argument ... I did not launch this debate because it was the easy thing to do. I launched it because it is the right...

  • Shrinking from the truth
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    This conclusion is worrying for all of us. It means that some people genuinely believe they are victims of abuse that did not occur. Equally, there are individuals who are accused falsely of perpetrating abuse. Yesterday's report poses a particular c...

  • Think again about England
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    And yet, and yet ... why is it that Labour's thinking on devolution causes a flutter of unease even in those most disenchanted with the way that Britain is governed? It isn't the party's proposals for Scotland that are the problem; that nation's dema...

  • LETTER: Clause IV: honourable socialists past and present, and the lead er with a will to win
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    It is even possible that they were right. Who can say? What Labour governments created in subsequent years was not common ownership but nationalisation, producing large impersonal structures ruled by government appointees, treating both employees and...

  • LETTER: Threat to Madagascar's forests
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    Andrew Lees and I took months to investigate the issues surrounding the mining by RTZ of the Fort Dauphin region in Madagascar. This research included the views and opinions of locals directly affected and informed outside opinion. It included econom...

  • LETTER: That girl, again
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    Her name, in fact, is (or was, as she may now be married) Julia Harrison and she worked for me as a secretary in Oxford around 1979/80. The photograph was taken at Stratford-upon-Avon and she was paid the paltry sum of about £10 by the photographer. ...

  • LETTER: United by force
    Friday, 13 January 1995

    Chechens are a conquered people and were never asked if they wanted to be part of the Russian state. "One nation under God" could never apply to the patchwork of nations that 19th-century Russians subdued by force of arms. Yours faithfully, ANTHONY K...

  • LETTERS : Marriott has been made a scapegoat while the real culprits fl ee
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    I think it likely that other prison governors will now be considering how they may make it clear that they have pointed out deficiencies in their security systems - in writing of course - and that they cannot guarantee security until all these defici...

  • LETTERS : Should vegetarians cut down on milk?
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    Yours faithfully, R. COOPER Fulford, York 10 January

  • History in costly fairy-tale garb The National Trust should stop being so smug and extravagant, argues Paula Weid eger
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    For the first two-thirds of its history, the National Trust was a decisive, campaigning body with a clear, if changing, purpose. It was brought into being near the end of the 19th century by a trio of socialist do-gooders who wanted to save beautiful...

  • LETTERS : Remove Africa's colonial borders
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    He correctly observes that internal conflict is caused by the politics of exclusion. It is precisely because our nation states are artificial that politics of exclusion are so pervasive. Africans have no "social contract" with the state. The state do...

  • LETTERS : Welcome initiative for victims of rape
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    Dr Ed Glucksman, director of the department where the rape suite is to be built, says that hospitals are "more appropriate" places for the examination of victims of sexual offences. This will be true in many cases. However, the 11 very carefully desi...

  • LETTERS : We must pay for the best
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    This does not "make the best available to everyone"; only the few who pass the entrance exam benefit. The only real way to make the best available to everyone is to ensure that all schools in the state-maintained sector receive the funding necessary ...

  • LETTERS : Labour takes the wrong track
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    If, however, the Labour Party's policy is totally opposed to privatisation of our railways system, it should, in my view, announce clearly and unequivocally its intention that, when returned to government at the next general election, the railways, i...

  • Want a laugh? Just log on and go looking for quips
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    (The answer to one of these questions is quite simple. Nobody asked me to do a piece on Peter Cook because a) I never met him at Shrewsbury or worked with him at Private Eye, and b) everyone asked Clive Anderson to write a piece about Peter Cook inst...

  • LETTERS : Ireland's peace
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    I never made any prediction about when the "peace process" might break down. What I did was to suggest that it would be imprudent to assume that the IRA ceasefire would continue indefinitely. This is now generally accepted. Yours etc, CONOR CRUISE O'...

  • What Parkhurst could learn from Park Lane
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    The figures for the cost of keeping people in prison are interesting, though, and not only because they would appear to be high in relation to the quality of service offered, but also because it is not at all clear that they are cost-effective - or i...

  • To cyberspace with M&S Infinite choice is around the next bend in the information superhighway. But wi ll we want it?
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    They were interrupted by the waitress - I picture her as Carla from Cheers! - demanding their order. Irritated by the distraction, the technocrats looked impatiently at the vast menu. "What's good?" one of them asked. "Meat loaf," snapped back Carla....

  • LEADING ARTICLE : The only rock of our age
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    Today Karol Wojtyla arrives in Manila for the latest of the hugely popular international tours that have characterised his 16-year papacy. He has been to the Philippines before, but that will not diminish a trip that is being billed as "the second co...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Revenge of the killer worms
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    As for the predatory flatworm's eating habits - too lazy to burrow, it loiters with intent to guzzle on the surface of the soil, pounces on the unsuspecting prey coming up for a breather and stuns it with a powerful narcotic juice before spraying it ...

  • BOOK REVIEW : Crumbs from the priestly table are not enough
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    Without discussion, the question of women priests looks set to become a crusty, untouchable barrier to good relations between the two churches into the next millennium and beyond. Within both denominations, the internal battles which the issue provok...

  • LETTERS : Cookery test
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    My husband, having recently arrived in London from university in Warwick, where he had spent the previous three years, found himself one day in the ironmonger's shop in Hampstead. The sight of celebrities still being a new experience for him, he foun...

  • It's none of our business any more
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    But then so, too, is the revelation that the holder of the office, John Swift, seems not to be travelling along the same track as the Transport Secretary and doubty advocate of rail privatisation, Brian Mawhinney. The leak of the plan to have 294 sta...

  • Less forest but less poverty, too
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    The Malagasy London press attache, Christina Dodwell, says these plans are by no means imminent. But she knows perfectly well that the scheme, which was already a high-profile matter (in which the World Wide Fund for Nature had always taken a deep in...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Putting lawyers under the knife
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    Yesterday, Lord Mackay, the Lord Chancellor, signalled the end of a golden era for lawyers. Since 1949 anyone eligible for civil legal aid has been on a meal ticket. A solicitor is entitled to decide which services a person requires and then charge t...

  • LETTERS : Marriott has been made a scapegoat while the real culprits fl ee
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    Early in 1947, while serving on the destroyer HMS Myngs, we had left Portsmouth for Portland and a lookout saw a man waving from a marker buoy in mid-Solent. A boat was lowered and he was returned to us in a sorry state. After the surgeon's examinati...

  • LETTERS : Marriott has been made a scapegoat while the real culprits fl ee
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    There will always be "great escapes" from what is, thank goodness, an imperfectible system. The Home Secretary has dismissed the very man who should have had Derek Lewis's job. He has, like George Orwell's Napoleon, banished Snowball and left Squeale...

  • LETTERS : Marriott has been made a scapegoat while the real culprits fl ee
    Thursday, 12 January 1995

    Whatever may have gone wrong since, one thing puzzles me. If John Marriot has been made to take the rap for what the Prison Service internal inquiry called serious failures by local managers and individual prison officers, who is going to take the ra...

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