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Thursday, 19 January 1995

  • Leading Article: The times are out of joint
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    Not so New Zealand Cricket. Their unfortunate bowler, Dion Nash (now of Middlesex), was involved in an incident with two colleagues at a barbecue before Christmas - and marijuana was taken. Mr Nash has since explained that he "merely simulated its us...

  • Dying from a bad case of dogma
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    Individual doctors respond differently to this frustrating state of affairs - their age and economic circumstances being important. My response is to leave the NHS, and I am one of a growing band retiring early or as soon as they can. As BMA council ...

  • Why Unionists pose no threat
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    The Unionists are not bluffing - but they could not bring the Government down on that issue alone. Any attempt by London to introduce "cross-border institutions with executive powers" (CROBIEP) into Northern Ireland would lead to the Unionists giving...

  • Leading Article: Yeltsin's hollow victory
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    Against these historic implications the outcome of the continuing attrition in Chechnya may seem of less importance. A guerrilla war will rumble on; the Afghans managed a successful 11-year campaign against a much more united Russia. Many of the Chec...

  • Letter: A load of nonsense
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    The introduction of keyboards without the letter was then equated by some with its doom, the argument being that Spaniards would be unable to type it. This developed into the story reported in serious newspapers and on television that the EC had actu...

  • Letter: GPs' attitudes towards home births
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    Even today, childbirth can still, rarely, be life-threatening. There is a small but significant possibility that something could go wrong and that emergency treatment would be needed immediately. In many parts of the country, this kind of back-up may...

  • Letter: Chance to help environment
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    This Bill could greatly assist the United Kingdom in meeting its declared environmental targets, and soften the impact of VAT on domestic fuel. It would require local authorities to gather information about the energy efficiency of the UK housing sto...

  • Letter: Local government leads the way
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    The Association of County Councils (ACC), along with the other bodies representing local government in Britain, has submitted evidence to the Nolan Committee. Councillors must declare any pecuniary interest in any decision they take part in. Further ...

  • The valet's gone, nanny's in tears and I'm guilty
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    I hold no brief for Charles. He is clearly an incredibly indulged creature. But everyone has a good and bad side, and reading Stronach's tales, I couldn't help but think that this was a partial picture. And isn't even the Prince entitled to a bit of ...

  • The future lies with herring Europe
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    Here, Whitehall hopes, is that prize beyond gold or pearls, a dull and visionless leader of the French. Given the fix that British policy has been in, the idea of a man in the Elysee who is not committed to the German-dominated European superstate ha...

  • Letter: Probation service: gesture politics, reoffending, the welfare r ole
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    . Most probation officers are realistic, competent and committed. Of course there are a few woolly idealists, but they seldom last the course. Offenders put on probation by the courts are mostly young, poor, uneducated, unskilled, confused and aimles...

  • When it comes to privatisation, I've got the dirt
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    I looked more closely at the man. I recognised him at once. It was my old friend Adrian Wardour-Street. "Adrian!" I cried. "What brings a high-profile public relations guru like you on to public transport to rub shoulders with the likes of me?" "Dear...

  • Letter: Probation service: gesture politics, reoffending, the welfare r ole
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    Through its specialist Family Court Welfare Service, more than 37,000 court reports were prepared in 1993 in cases of familial disputes over the future for children, usually following divorce or separation. This was in addition to the many thousands ...

  • Leading Article: A manifesto of nostalgia
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    Yesterday consumers were shown the goods on offer. The rebels set out their eight-point manifesto for a nationalist Britain in Europe. It is a clever product, beguiling and simple. Targeted at those fed up with Brussels' waste and uneasy about Britai...

  • Letter: The Lindley Library belongs in London
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    Since the 1960s, I have used the Lindley Library regularly from my home in Gloucestershire, especially on show days. During these years my rarer visits to Wisley have always been special expeditions devoted to seeing the garden, and there would never...

  • This is no way to deal with sheep
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    I have found it astonishing, then, that life in Brightlingsea has gone on relatively unchanged this week. But then my conception of large-scale catastrophe is formed by the television I have watched since the Fifties rather than by personal experienc...

  • Past demons threaten Italy's bid for change
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    How hollow that prospect looks now. Mr Berlusconi's government collapsed in acrimony after just seven months. His designated successor, Lamberto Dini, is struggling to find the majority he needs to survive even seven days. The parties are squabbling ...

  • Letter: The Lindley Library belongs in London
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    The council have made up their minds that this move shall take place. They have discussed the matter extensively but with fairly closed minds from the start. The advantages, as well as the glamour, of totally new premises can all too easily be carrie...

  • Letter: Probation service: gesture politics, reoffending, the welfare r ole
    Friday, 20 January 1995

    Home Office Probation Statistics, England and Wales, published only last month, tells a different story. The latest statistics for probationers record a reconviction rate of 54 per cent - 28 per cent had been convicted two or more times, 14 per cent ...

  • LETTERS: The goal is to keep mentally ill patients out of institutions
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    Our proposals for a Community Care Plan Order bear many similarities to Tessa Jowell MP's private members bill. We agree that the priority should be given to delivering better, comprehensive mental health services. Compulsory treatment should only be...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Hindus to the manor borne
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    Thousands of pilgrims have in fact been turning up in the tiny village of Letchmore Heath, in the heart of the green belt just to the north of London, six times a year for the last decade. The villagers' resentment is easy to understand. Planning per...

  • LETTERS: The goal is to keep mentally ill patients out of institutions
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    It is no media secret that Mr. Silcock was subsequently referred to my care for treatment with a superior new drug, Clozapine, and has done exceptionally well. He is symptom free and is no longer the "revolving door" community patient, a situation wh...

  • LETTERS:Joyce's Ulysses was simply not for sale
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    The earlier novel, with its contempt for Catholic religiosity, thus joined a distinguished list of banned books that made Irish censorship a global laughing-stock into the 1970s. As for Ulysses, it was so notorious that it was often not stocked by bo...

  • LETTERS:UN policies do not help Iraqi people
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    It would be used also (706, paragraph 2) for administration of the scheme, and (paragraph 3) for unspecified payments to the UN Compensation Fund (from which Kuwait would expect to benefit), to fund the many tasks specified in Resolution 687(C), to f...

  • LETTERS:High price of legal procedure
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    Lawyers follow procedures largely devised by themselves. These procedures have developed with little concern for cost. Until relatively recently, Queen's Counsel was not allowed to appear in court without junior counsel at his elbow. And even now a b...

  • LETTERS:Illusory rejection of Bill Clinton
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    There was a 38.3 per cent turnout - i.e. fewer than four in every ten Americans bothered to vote. Within that turnout, 51.3 per cent voted Republican and 46.6 per cent voted Democrat, which amounts to less than 20 per cent voting Republican and about...

  • We can help ourselves
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    It was part of the national trauma following the killing of James Bulger, but it cropped up everywhere. It seemed to signal a change in national mood, a rethinking of values, and it culminated in penitent articles from former Thatcherite ideologues l...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: How to stop the rot in a bash-and-go society
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    Most of us have been victims of dent-and-run drivers. And yet a quarter of the 1,500 drivers questioned for the Lex Report on Motoring, published this week, admit that they, too, would bash and go. This figure is almost certainly an underestimate. As...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Kobe: why did so few die?
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    True, recriminations are already hanging in the air: why was there no warning? Why were the emergency services not better prepared? All this is part of a natural human instinct to try to make such events comprehensible by apportioning responsibility ...

  • Here's Supertrial: bigger than the Gulf war
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    Will the world-famous California Lawyers be able to employ their fabled blocking tactics and prevent any points being scored at all? Will the West Coast Judges fulfil their promise at last, and go so fast that nobody can keep up with them - or adjour...

  • LETTERS:Humane, profitable alternative to veal
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    There is a good alternative. Some years ago, when I ran a hobby smallholding, I bought a couple of three-day old Jersey bull calves direct from local farmer, just before Christmas. They cost £5 each. Had I not bought them, they would have been sent t...

  • LETTERS:Why the flatworm is harmless at home
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    In its native region of the South Island, the flatworm is largely confined to sheltered areas on wet soils and is rarely found in farmland. Indigenous New Zealand earthworms are similarly limited in their distribution and this may partially explain w...

  • That's just not funny - or is it?
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    I have passed many an idle moment since, speculating on which comedienne's day I could ruin by following this advice. But despite the dangers, I return to the subject to wonder if it is justifiable to make jokes about incurable diseases? Jasper Carro...

  • The poor laws by a modern Tory name
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    It appears that Peter Lilley, Secretary of State for Social Security, proposes to perform a double miracle. He has just suggested, whether he is aware of it or not, a revival of the Tudor and Stuart poor laws, and thereby managed to render the legal ...

  • Book review: Campfire tales of cuckoos in the nest
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    As Charlotte Bronte so wisely wrote in Jane Eyre: "Children can feel, but they cannot analyse their feeling; and if the analysis is partially effected in thought, they know not how to express the result of the process in words." She knew, too, that t...

  • If we had no railways, we'd never invent them
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    But suppose, just suppose, that we had invented cars, buses and planes before we invented railways; that the railway was a new technology that had just been developed by some aerospace company, and we were wondering whether it would become an effecti...

  • LETTERS:Athena's gone but posters live on
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    I was the art director responsible for the image, and I am in the process of producing Poster Girl 2000. The demise of Athena from our streets doesn't mean students and youngsters have stopped buying posters to adorn their walls. The image might have...

  • OJ hopes for a jury of his fans
    Thursday, 19 January 1995

    In recent weeks we have seen him go through the paces. In one court hearing after another, he has scowled, smiled and wept as aspects of his case were explored before millions of American viewers. But now he has an audience that really matters - a ju...

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