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Monday, 23 January 1995

  • Letter: Cherie Blair's warning on poll tax jailing
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    Like all our speakers at conferences, whether representatives of anti-poll tax unions, bailiffs or others involved in the increasingly difficult and sensitive process of administering and collecting taxes, or making benefit payments associated with t...

  • Letter: Probation reduces reoffending rates
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    When talking of tougher punishments for criminals, we must all, as responsible citizens, decide whether we want to control crime by vengeance and retribution, or by effective management of criminal behaviour through firm supervision together with ass...

  • Letter: The ball is over
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    How sad to think, after 16 years, she won't be playing any more aces. Yours sincerely, Andrea Marks Edgware, Middlesex 23 January

  • Letter: Cherie Blair's warning on poll tax jailing
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    The research showing all this was made available to the Department of Social Security, which has remained culpably silent. Very recently the Commission on Social Justice confirmed these and other findings when it reported that "Income Support levels ...

  • Letter: Union leaders must listen to members
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    Perhaps that is why this time there do not appear to be any plans afoot to ascertain the view of the membership of the union as a whole. Yours faithfully, PHILIPPA LANGTON London, N7 23 January

  • American justice, Hollywood style
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    The last American ratings-winning trial - also in California, and featuring the prosecution of the Menendez brothers for shooting off their parents' heads to quicken their inheritance - ended with hung juries. Their inheritance already spent on this ...

  • Generation Y: Drugs - W H A T, W H I C H, W H Y - A N D H O W ...
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    Heroin Heroin (dragon, horse, "h", skag, smack) is derived from opium and comes in powder form, costing about £30-£40 a gram. Usually sold in grams or half grams and cut with other substances - 63 per cent heroin is described as "pure". Can be smoked...

  • Major turns his back on the Europhiles
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    That was a shift against the cabinet pro-Europeans and towards the rebels; it was noticed by both sides in the party. Michael Portillo said he was "much more encouraged'', adding that Major would "want to develop his thinking about the future of Euro...

  • Leading Article: Hollow victory for men
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    The formula proposed yesterday for determining maintenance contributions is more generous to absent fathers, so it is less likely to impoverish them or their second families. Previous settlements, involving the transfer of property, will now be taken...

  • No plans for Snowdonia plc
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    I am interested in practical greenery. Saving energy is good for the environment and good for business. Recycling metals, minerals and other materials makes green sense and often makes market sense. Encouraging more use of the train takes some of the...

  • Letter: Europe and the Naughty Nine
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    Europe is not about fish or the length of bananas; to withdraw from it now, as Mrs Gorman demands, would leave Britain isolated, a spectator and not a participant in events that must affect our freedom and prosperity. No one denies that reform is nee...

  • Saying nothing in so many ways
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    I was halfway across the floor to the radio, finger poised to ban Peter Lilley from my house, when somebody asked him what he would do about some specific divorce problem, and Peter Lilley (after having said that the interviewer should wait till the ...

  • Letter: Sign that racial equality isn't working
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    Yours sincerely, Patrick Edward Director Great London Action for Racial Equality London, N7

  • Leading Article: The bitter price of making peace
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    As for Mr Arafat, he has reduced intelligent and capable Palestinians to despair. Bombastic, inefficient and habitually averse to honouring his commitments, Mr Arafat has shed none of the habits acquired in decades as a guerrilla chieftain on the run...

  • Letter: Probation reduces reoffending rates
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    Indeed, much good practice would focus the offender on the effects of his or her behaviour on others; and if vulnerable people continue to be at risk reflect this in reports to the Courts and the Home Office. The Probation Service within the criminal...

  • Another View: Don't shoot the messenger
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    Labour's MEPs advanced their position and were castigated for their pains. I make a speech setting out issues which my trade union would like to see addressed. First I am described by unnamed (but readily identifiable) "senior Labour sources" as "con...

  • Letter: History lessons
    Tuesday, 24 January 1995

    Yours faithfully, Chris KnighT (Department of Sociology University of East London) CAMILLA POWER (University College, London) Dagenham, Essex 23 January

  • Letter: Strong and civil
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    There is a myth that to be courteous and considerate is a sign of weakness and is only for wimps. The opposite, of course, is true; it requires moral courage and strength of character to keep one's cool, act with dignity, and behave in a civilised ma...

  • Letter: Only consensus approach will save the NHS
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    Of course, there will be concerns that both doctors and managers will share, but what is needed is a consensus approach rather than futile attempts to lay the blame at each other's door. Luckily, there are many consultants who are working well with N...

  • Astrologers count their lucky stars
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    "News that nature is governed by impersonal laws," he wrote, "will percolate through society, making it increasingly difficult for people to take seriously astrology or creationism or other superstitions." Weinberg's assumption is that the physicists...

  • Letter: Beware the US system of welfare
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    It is true that centralised social security systems can be inflexible, and that we live in an era when progressive experimentation is necessary. It is also true that such experimentation might lead, as in Switzerland, to better services, higher benef...

  • When leaders set out to conquer the word
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    Belisa Crepusculario's life changes dramatically when she is seized by the Colonel. After his men almost kill her, the Colonel explains the reasons for this wanton treatment. "I want to be President," he declares. "To do that I have to talk like a ca...

  • Leading Article: A Siberian wind blows in Geneva
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    The lessons of the debacle should not be lost on those Western governments that must continue to deal with Mr Yeltsin and his ramshackle regime. It was appropriate that a freezing mist enveloped Geneva last week when the Americans and Russians met to...

  • Letter: Victory on grass
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    From the age of five to 25 I played tennis intermittently against my father who, despite a 40-year age difference and the slight handicap of having only one lung after a wartime operation to cure tuberculosis, never failed to beat me through cunning,...

  • Letter: Only consensus approach will save the NHS
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    Both the public and the medical profession knew what Thatcherite philosophy was towards the NHS. I would hold such supine and outdated medical organisations as the BMA (of which Dr Lee-Potter was once a chairman) and the General Medical Council equal...

  • LETTER: The signals we send Saddam
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    In fact, these resolutions state their purpose is to establish a "scheme for the purchase of foodstuffs, medicines and materials and supplies for essential civilian needs" and that "the sum [is] to be subject to review concurrently by the Council on ...

  • Letter: Reuniting families
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    The Red Cross continues to reunite families torn apart by the events of the Second World War and other conflicts. Anyone who wishes to initiate an inquiry about a relative with whom contact was lost due to conflict should contact the international we...

  • Louden it, but quietly, please
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    "To what?" I said. "To louden it," he said. "I can't hear what they are saying, so could you louden it." I was about to point out that there was no such word in English as "louden", meaning to turn the volume up, and that if he wanted me to do it, he...

  • No omelettes without broken eggs
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    This man believed that the veal crates constituted good husbandry, since if they did not do so the calf would not put on weight. Mr Humphrys's position was that a calf kept in such conditions could not be said to be happy. Challenged as to how he cou...

  • Letter: Uneasy feelings about Blair
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    What Mr Clement and the "Blairistas" do not understand is that most Labour members and trade unionists voted for Tony Blair because the media (not least the Independent) told them that to do otherwise would be to sacrifice the next election. That sho...

  • Letter: Lindley location
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    Yours faithfully, BRENDA J. McLEAN Department of Geography University of Liverpool

  • Letter: Strong and civil
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    You do not have to be a psychologist to agree with such a self-evident truth. And who are these social psychologists who agree? It is more usual for psychologists to disagree about things, despite the public perception that psychology is just common ...

  • Letter: Staff feel the pinch
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    Working in a shop is extremely hard: long hours (most likely including Sundays and bank holidays), aching feet, rude customers, bad pay; now add managements who, in many cases, are indifferent (at best) to their staff. It takes special qualities to k...

  • Leading Article: Speak for yourself, Bill
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    Who is this "we"? There has been no substantial consultative exercise within the T&G about Clause IV. Bus drivers, car workers and office clerks have not been gathering in their lunch-hours clamouring for the latest from the Labour leader's offic...

  • Another View: Get out of Europe now
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    Yet the Independent is wrong. None of my colleague rebels hankers after an imperial past. We are free traders, the heirs of Cobden and Bright, not of Palmerston. We want our markets open to the world. The European Union is merely a customs union with...

  • Letter: The signals we send Saddam
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    A total of 2.3 million claims have been lodged so far as a result of aggression by Saddam and his regime. These include claims by, or on behalf of, 3,000 British people who were used as human shields - brutality that led to several suicides, and stre...

  • Diary
    Monday, 23 January 1995

    "But a happy mess," I suggested. She sniffed disapprovingly. I'm not long on puritanism, so I sympathise with chaps who make a game the excuse for a wild weekend away from home. It's just a pity that more women don't emulate them. Personally, I don't...

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