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Tuesday, 3 January 1995

  • LETTERS : The people of Chechnya need moral support
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    It is true that Western countries were also conquerors when the world was up for grabs, and after conquest they too wanted law and order kept on their terms. Ghengis Khan also created an empire famed because it was safe for all his subjects, rich and...

  • Floundering fishing policy
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    What is required is not so much the creation of a new authority - a European Union fishery inspection service already exists. But instead of merely requiring governments to adopt appropriate measures to ensure the effectiveness of a conservation poli...

  • LETTERS : A name for the girl with no knickers
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    Yours sincerely, DAVID CRAWFORD Bromley, Kent 30 December

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Course of true science ne'er did run smooth
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    The Hubble space telescope provides astronomers with the data they need to solve some of the more persistent problems of the universe. It has now spent nearly five years in orbit above Earth. But there is a problem. Last October the telescope's measu...

  • LEADING ARTICLES : The Newt phenomenon
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    Sure, he's a man with a plan. He is the principal apostle of the "Contract for America", with its ten commandments, promised for enactment in the first 100 days of the new Congress. But the contract cannot deliver. From the safety of an ocean's dista...

  • LETTERS : Justice fails in West's suicide
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    My concern is the delay in bringing this man to trial. Why has it taken so long if, as has been reported, he allegedly confessed to 12 murders and intended to plead guilty? He could have appeared in court long ago and been convicted, and justice woul...

  • Last pit-stop for a class act Surely, asks Martin Jacques, this is not the end of Nigel Mansell's glittering career?
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    With the Williams door now firmly bolted, Mansell's options are few. There are only three other teams he would consider driving for, and two of them - Ferrari and Benetton - have already indicated there is no place for him. That leaves only McLaren, ...

  • And it's OJ and Poor Di up front, with Myra close behind
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    Over the years this has proved an excellent guide to the real popularity of grown-up names and to the way in which they can climb and fall so swiftly in appeal. For many years, the top girl's name was Maggie. Now it is not even in the top 50. There w...

  • What Blair told Blunkett, and why
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    In the event he felt forced to delay it because of the disarray in which the Shadow Cabinet appeared to find itself. To compound the problem Martin O'Neill, the energy spokesman, seemed to tilt the party towards a new-found welcome for nuclear power....

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Let the party speak its mind
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    He is understandably worried about disunity. Mr Blair may have been in his pram when Nye Bevan stoked dissent against Hugh Gaitskell, but he can remember how those same divisions blighted Labour's prospects in the 1970s and 1980s. Voters took a dim v...

  • LETTERS : Sea of Faith covers a broad church
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    Alongside Don Cupitt, Sea of Faith includes Christian humanists such as Anthony Freeman, Quakers who have always emphasised "that of God in everyone", atheists who are not blind to the beauty and wisdom expressed in a variety of religious cultures, a...

  • LETTERS : Justice fails in West's suicide
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    Yours faithfully, ELIZABETH WARDLE New Barnet, Hertfordshire

  • LETTERS : Time to honour our civic clocks
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    The number and the condition of public clocks are indicators of civic pride. These days, public clocks are not necessary for the functioning of social and economic life, but they are very relevant as indicators of a different type, namely our concern...

  • LETTERS : Don't write off the terminally ill
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    It was this concern that led Dame Cicely Saunders to open St Christopher's Hospice just over 25 years ago and now fuels the growth of the modern hospice movement. Specialist palliative care services include in-patient beds, day-care and home-care. Th...

  • LETTERS : The people of Chechnya need moral support
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    o nduct is inhuman, unEuropean and utterly unacceptable. I welcome the moral lead now given by two religious leaders (in the Tablet, 24 December). The Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow, Alexis II and Mufti Alsabekov of Chechnya said in a joint sta...

  • LETTERS : Floundering fishing policy
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    It was, I believe, Harold Wilson who described Britain as being "built on coal and surrounded by oil". This only highlights still further our economic decline - yet another natural resource exploited and frittered away to fund the so-called "economic...

  • BOOKS REVIEW : Scornful lions and Milton On His Glaucoma
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    One of these was La Disparition, published in 1969. Trying to encompass the experience of losing both his parents to the Holocaust and to render that same horror in terms involving official silence and suppression, the author devised a novel whose ve...

  • He's at home and all alone
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    Every day I pass young men crouching in boxes and doorways, bundled up in a filthy duvet or blanket against the freezing weather. I spoke to one the other day - a polite, fresh-faced youth who can't have been more than 17 - and asked if his "pitch" (...

  • Deliver us from motor hell, Dr Mawhinney The minister must be brave. Only radical change can save Britain from the car, says Christian Wolmar
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    This is only the latest evidence of the misguided thinking that has steered roads policy for countless governments. Its central tenet - that we must increase road capacity in order to build ourselves out of congestion - is revealed as fatally flawed....

  • Who's abusing Lolita now?
    Wednesday, 4 January 1995

    The book was first filmed in 1962. That version was directed by Stanley Kubrick, scripted by Nabokov and starred James Mason, Shelley Winters and Peter Sellers, a constellation of talent that resulted in an honourably good movie - "a wild, marvellous...

  • LETTER: `Lumps of wood' that give our cities a soul
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    But she is right to condemn our national obsession with the preservation of old trees. A tree has to be either expectionally beautiful, very famous or in some way irreplaceable to merit its life being extended beyond its healthy span. Our forefathers...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: West should not have died
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    Yet without a trial we have been robbed of the chance to hear and appreciate the horror of what happened and what the victims must have experienced. We needed an opportunity to understand West, who has taken many secrets about himself and others to h...

  • LETTER: Partner problems
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    The examples she used were fairly mild in comparison to the great damage often caused by the triangular situation set up by a therapist, the client and the client's partner - where the partner is excluded from a very intimate and exclusive relationsh...

  • A blue note for jazz lovers
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    And then, to make the morning complete, I spent all I had left in one of London's best vegetarian restaurants, where the clientele eat to the beat of Horace Silver, Art Blakey and Clifford Brown. In short, London was bursting with jazz music - which ...

  • BOOK REVIEW / Heroes who chose the electric fence: AGAINST ALL HOPE - H ermann Langbein; Constable, £19.95
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    A schoolchild once asked the Italian writer Primo Levi, who had survived Auschwitz, to draw a sketch of the prison camp. Watched by the rest of the class, Levi did his best to chalk the watch-towers and electrically charged barbed-wire fences on to t...

  • De mortuis nil nisi ... the advice of a good solicitor
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    I mean, can we assume a dead man to be guilty of crimes, even though he was never proved to be so in a court of law? If I say "the serial killer Frederick West", am I guilty of some kind of posthumous libel? Do I have to go on using some clumsy circu...

  • Douglas Hurd fumbles for the Currie formula
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    While the Foreign Secretary and his agent construct such a contract, the newspaper publication this weekend of a Hurd short story offered potential readers and publishers a preview of his form as an author. The story, called Sea Lion, is set on the F...

  • Brussels cannot know best
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    The claim is startling enough to merit consideration. Over the last 15 years, communism has collapsed the world over, most developing countries have abandoned their policies of state-led industrialisation, a global economy has re-emerged for the firs...

  • LETTER: Maori memories
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    On arriving at Auckland, he was given leave to assist Bishop Selwyn (who was sympathetic to the Maori claims) in ministering to the troops. Payne served with the Naval Brigade, sharing the solders' dangers and discomforts and, in due course, was awar...

  • LETTER: It's the police who are over the limit
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    The objective of the police should be to stop and arrest those who are over the limit. The ideal result would be to stop and test only the 818 who failed the test and not to have tested the 17,107 who were found to be under the limit. These citizens ...

  • LETTER: Motivate schools by reward, not bribery
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    Just how is the Secretary of State to define the "popular schools" to hand out one-off cash sweeteners to in the hope they will opt out? Will it be the number of middle-class parents applying; the distance people are prepared to send their children t...

  • LETTER: Labour's lead on public schools
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    Certainly, after the memorandum was written, Sir William, along with the permanent secretaries of the Treasury and the Home Office, suggested that a secret cabinet committee be set up to consider the matter; but the fact that this committee was set u...

  • LETTER: Placename poetry
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    As for places which Ms Lambert could not find celebrated by poets, Swinburne hailed Bath as "England's Florence" and Southey remarked (admittedly in prose) that: "Probably in no other age or country was there ever such an astonishing display of human...

  • Any humane regime incurs risk
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    There was more ambivalence from those who felt that the process of justice had been subverted. The dead man's solicitor professed himself surprised "that a tragic event of this nature could occur involving a high-profile remand prisoner on a supervis...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Order at a price for Russia
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    It is undeniable that Russia had a case for ending the anarchic rebellion of the Chechen leader, Dzhokhar Dudayev. The defence of territorial integrity is a principle that all states have an interest in upholding. No Western country and no neighbour ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Can an old watchdog learn new tricks?
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    The heart of its activities has been product testing: can we help you to find a better mousetrap, toaster, dishwasher? Forty years of this pressure - especially in the association's magazine, Which? - have paid off, though Japanese manufacturers, of ...

  • LETTER: How to protest in a democratic society
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    Yours sincerely, PAUL DEACON Worthing Sussex 29 December

  • LETTER: The majestic voice of radio
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    The Queen's Christmas message to the Commonwealth is the only speech she writes and reads herself and there are more reasons for retaining it than there are for withdrawing it. Many elderly people who love their monarch would feel impoverished by its...

  • Some journalists are dying for a good story
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    All Western media networks have insurance schemes to cover the costs of injuries or fatalities sustained by correspondents. Managers, moreover, warn their staff in the field not to take "unnecessary" risks: "no story is worth a dead correspondent" is...

  • LETTER: Let Scots decide on devolution - now
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    The issues are now clear cut: the Government's "taking stock" is completed; the details of the Opposition's proposals are being finalised. Given his parlous majority, Mr Major is unlikely to have an overcrowded parliamentary programme before the gene...

  • LETTER: `Lumps of wood' that give our cities a soul
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    The article closes with: "A tree is a lump of wood and nothing more." Oh, sure. And a credit card is a lump of plastic and nothing more. Yours, MICHAEL SCIALOM Glastonbury, Somerset

  • LETTER: How to protest in a democratic society
    Tuesday, 3 January 1995

    In such circumstances, when protest turns to obstruction it is a matter that should worry all of us, not just Special Branch. It is from such roots that the violence of intolerance has always grown as minorities feel oppressed. But, in democracies, m...

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Day In a Page

A Christmas without hope: Fears grow in Gaza that the conflict with Israel will soon reignite

Christmas without hope

Gaza fears grow that conflict with Israel will soon reignite
After 150 years, you can finally visit the grisliest museum in the country

The 'Black Museum'

After 150 years, you can finally visit Britain's grisliest museum
No ho-ho-hos with Nick Frost's badass Santa

No ho-ho-hos with Nick Frost's badass Santa

Doctor Who Christmas Special TV review
Chilly Christmas: Swimmers take festive dip for charity

Chilly Christmas

Swimmers dive into freezing British waters for charity
Veterans' hostel 'overwhelmed by kindness' for festive dinner

Homeless Veterans appeal

In 2010, Sgt Gary Jamieson stepped on an IED in Afghanistan and lost his legs and an arm. He reveals what, and who, helped him to make a remarkable recovery
Isis in Iraq: Yazidi girls killing themselves to escape rape and imprisonment by militants

'Jilan killed herself in the bathroom. She cut her wrists and hanged herself'

Yazidi girls killing themselves to escape rape and imprisonment
Ed Balls interview: 'If I think about the deficit when I'm playing the piano, it all goes wrong'

Ed Balls interview

'If I think about the deficit when I'm playing the piano, it all goes wrong'
He's behind you, dude!

US stars in UK panto

From David Hasselhoff to Jerry Hall
Grace Dent's Christmas Quiz: What are you – a festive curmudgeon or top of the tree?

Grace Dent's Christmas Quiz

What are you – a festive curmudgeon or top of the tree?
Nasa planning to build cloud cities in airships above Venus

Nasa planning to build cloud cities in airships above Venus

Planet’s surface is inhospitable to humans but 30 miles above it is almost perfect
Surrounded by high-rise flats is a little house filled with Lebanon’s history - clocks, rifles, frogmen’s uniforms and colonial helmets

Clocks, rifles, swords, frogmen’s uniforms

Surrounded by high-rise flats is a little house filled with Lebanon’s history
Return to Gaza: Four months on, the wounds left by Israel's bombardment have not yet healed

Four months after the bombardment, Gaza’s wounds are yet to heal

Kim Sengupta is reunited with a man whose plight mirrors the suffering of the Palestinian people
Gastric surgery: Is it really the answer to the UK's obesity epidemic?

Is gastric surgery really the answer to the UK's obesity epidemic?

Critics argue that it’s crazy to operate on healthy people just to stop them eating
Homeless Veterans appeal: Christmas charity auction Part 2 - now LIVE

Homeless Veterans appeal: Christmas charity auction

Bid on original art, or trips of a lifetime to Africa or the 'Corrie' set, and help Homeless Veterans
Pantomime rings the changes to welcome autistic theatre-goers

Autism-friendly theatre

Pantomime leads the pack in quest to welcome all