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Saturday, 14 October 1995

  • Letter: How abuse investigators separated fact from fantasy
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    However, my sympathy took a dent when I read that the Nottingham child abuse investigation "broke down amid re- criminations between the police and social workers". I was the police officer in charge of that case and would like to make it clear that ...

  • Letter: Vaccines still need testing
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    That same week, the Department of Health announced 90 per cent coverage for its measles vaccination campaign. Perhaps Dr Fisken would care to explain how scientists can conduct future long-term studies if we eradicate unvaccinated control groups. Imm...

  • Letter: Bosman will hurt football Defending football's union
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    Dunphy is critical of my statement that as a result of the judgment the game will never be the same again. Yet clearly this is going to be the case. The consequences are a contraction in the number of clubs and job opportunities. Without protection f...

  • Letter: A two-tier Labour Party?
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    Socialists in the Labour Party do not want to remain in opposition. But once elected to government, we want to stay there - and we are increasingly worried that the current policies will not keep us in office. Kevin Flack London SE13

  • Letter: Barristers who work for free
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    For my part, as a junior barrister (ie not a QC) but with some years' experience, I calculate that so far this year I have spent seven days working for nothing, and I am not alone. This practice has increased since the latest restrictions imposed on ...

  • Letter: Bulmer's cider is green
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    Aitkenhead quotes from an "organic" cider producer, Ivor Dunkerton, who claims that "The big cider producers like Bulmers are buying up farms, ripping out the hedgerows, putting in row upon row of apple trees, spraying the lot with chemicals and kill...

  • Letter: She's their Queen as well
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    He states that Her Majesty is Queen of Australia "because of British laws and no other". The truth is that Queen Elizabeth is Queen of Australia by an Act of the Australian parliament. Donald Foreman The Monarchist League London WC1N

  • Xavier's list ... peerless pin-ups ... Jagger nominates Queen
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    n SOME WEEKS ago, I brought you news that the hunt was on to replace Stella Rimington as head of MI5. And now, as we columnists like to say, reports of an intriguing new contender reach me. For Ms Rimington has been spotted lunching with Alan Rusbrid...

  • The seer and the sisters
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    From here on, it gets more complicated. Admirers view Wolf as the current standard-bearer of feminism, the fresh iconoclastic voice who breathed life into a moribund movement. Carmen Callil, who published The Beauty Myth, remains an enthusiastic supp...

  • Generalissimo in search of a spot of bother
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    Still racking your brains? Here's a final soundbite this time with a bit of petulance creeping in to suggest that the heart-searching is a little more ... tactical, shall we say, than it might at first have sounded? "I am only a junior member of the ...

  • We can have enough sex but never enough sexual gossip only advice men
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    The fuss about the sexiness of women's magazines has this conventional shape. First came a babble of indistinct comment about what these magazines were putting on their covers - invitations to the ultimate thrill, recipes for the ultimate spasm, with...

  • words: Patriotism
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    You choose your word according to your view of the man. Patriotism good, nationalism bad. I forget who wisely said that patriotism was a lively sense of collective responsibility, whereas nationalism was "a silly cock crowing on its own dunghill". Pa...

  • A party of old people heads for defeat, eating pudding
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    It is this which accounts for their jovial manner. Soon they will be released from the tyranny of the private office and the red box. They will miss their official cars, of course. But most of them feel that some benefactor will speedily remedy this ...

  • How Master Howard cracked the whip at school
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    Michael and I go back yonks. We were both educated at Basters Academy for Boys ("Baste up the Basters, Baste Up, Baste Up and Baste the Ball!"), and we are both proud to call ourselves old Basterds. Stranger still, I once taught him. Shortly after le...

  • Are they still fit to govern? Exhausted and incapable
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    The wife of a very senior 1980s cabinet minister once said of the constant decision-making under pressure, "Oh, they love it", and Peter Shore explained why. Being a cabinet minister, he said, is "endlessly stimulating ... there is a kind of flow of ...

  • Leading Article: Proud to be stupid?
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    Where will the money come from? Health? Though Stephen Dorrell, the Secretary of State for Health, promised a 5 per cent cash cut in spending on administration, he stated specifically that the pounds 140m released would be for improved patient care. ...

  • If we could keep our heads...
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    They are wrong, and there is an illustrious witness for the defence. Kipling was a great writer, though often a mysterious one. His reputation as the Bard of Empire is obviously true, but it misses the point. So is his reputation as a vulgarian. He h...

  • Letter: How abuse investigators separated fact from fantasy
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    The inference is that social workers who have undergone Ray Wyre's training (such as myself) are led into over-enthusiasm for obtaining convictions, and can somehow make children lay false claims. I do not believe that children who have not been sexu...

  • Letters: Briefly
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    Alan Martin Huddersfield, West Yorkshire l IN DISCUSSING the possible beneficiaries of a Blair-appointed Shadow Cabinet ("Labour women in showdown", 8 October), you mention Clare Short, the "left-winger". Considering how much of a loyalist she is to ...

  • quotes of the week
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    Virginia Bottomley, Secretary of State for National Heritage, formerly Secretary of State for Health Was not this piece of hyperbole a cheap attempt to curry favour with his audience and a sad commentary on the depths to which a leading politician ca...

  • Letter: How abuse investigators separated fact from fantasy
    Sunday, 15 October 1995

    Accuracy About Abuse London NW3

  • Gloves on for Honest John, the great survivor
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    Until he rose, this had been an incoherent conference. There was swagger and belligerence enough, but no real sense that the Tories believed their own propaganda. Ministers have been jousting for the post-Major succession, sending conflicting message...

  • The quintessential English gentleman
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    First, on Sunday, came the diabolical proposal to elbow McDonald's programme, News At Ten, off its venerable 10 o'clock plinth and shove it 15 minutes deeper into the night to make room for an extended bout with Cracker, Robbie Coltrane's charismatic...

  • Who is Michael Howard really frightening?
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    With this in mind I read Michael Howard's speech to the Tory party conference. I found much with which few would disagree. He wants fewer criminals to be cautioned. Quite right. In the case of minor crime and a first offender, a caution may be effect...

  • LETTER : Good value at opera houses
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    Sir: Raymond Gubbay and Patrick Deuchar have certainly opened up a can of worms in attacking London's two large-scale opera houses for their elitism, icy atmosphere and exorbitant costs. But are productions of classic masterpieces in the Albert Hall ...

  • LETTER : Avoidance tactics
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    Sir: It is clear to me that Alan Howarth MP resigned after the Labour conference and before the Conservative conference in order to avoid both. Yours faithfully, Charles Oglethorpe Woking, Surrey 12 October

  • LETTER : English as the PC speaks it
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    Sir: Who needs grammar lessons in this day and age ("Let the children sing and squawk", 12 October) when we have spell, thesaurus and grammar checks on our PCs? It is just a shame that they are all in American and that the grammatical suggestions can...

  • LETTER : Out-of-date picture of Peru
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    Sir: I am writing to you concerning Virginia Ironside's "Dilemmas" in Section Two (5 October) which unfortunately misleads readers into believing that Peru is "a country fraught with danger". I would like to inform Virginia Ironside, "horrified" Chri...

  • LETTER : Heritage costs
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    Sir: Virginia Bottomley, the Heritage Secretary, is to be congratulated for robustly opposing the Treasury's suggestion, contained in a leaked letter, that National Lottery funds should be used to relieve the Government of its financial obligation to...

  • LETTER : Better way to use Disney cash
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    Sir: Maybe I am in a minority, but I am disgusted by the news that the pounds 9,000 donated to St George's church in Gravesend by Disney ("Disney fans follow the trail of Pocahontas legend to Kent", 11 October) is to be used to floodlight the church ...

  • LETTER : Obstacles to European free trade agreement with the US
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    Sir: The Foreign Secretary's championship of a North Atlantic free trade area at the Conservative Party conference, against the background of opposition to any further integration within the European Union, is doomed to failure. The Conservative gove...

  • LETTER : A more efficient blood service
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    Sir: Your article "Blood service crisis as staff exodus bites" (9 October) contains several inaccuracies. We are not proposing to close any blood centres. All existing centres would remain open but the processing and testing of blood donations, curre...

  • LETTER : Extra work time remains hidden
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    Sir: Paul Wallace's article ("Bigger rises for better-off widen the earnings gap," 29 September) reports from the New Earnings Survey on hours worked by non-manual workers, including those in professional and managerial jobs. The NES is based on empl...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Major to Blair: lead, follow, or get out of the way
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    But this week's conference could hardly have started less well. Fresh from a magnificent week in Brighton, Mr Blair revealed his latest recruit: Alan Howarth, one of the more intelligent Tory MPs. Given all this, it is hardly surprising that the Tory...

  • Dress 'em all
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    Nor is this resemblance accidental. As Michael made clear in his splendid speech this week, he feels passionately about this nation and its soldiers. We both do - it is bred in the bone. Down the centuries, Aaronovitches and Portillos have fought sid...

  • Jo Brand's week
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    I attended a conference in Brighton last week. (No, not that one.) The conference was organised by a group called Threshold, which deals with problems faced by women who are mentally ill. The attendance consisted completely of women, with not a man t...

    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    The last of the gentleman politicians - Sir David Steel on the passing of Lord Home The whole country is yearning for a public school prime minister who knows how to hold his knife and fork properly - Auberon Waugh on Tony Blair She is obviously the ...

  • LETTER : Obstacles to European free trade agreement with the US
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    Sir: Further liberalisation of trade between the European Union and North America, ultimately perhaps with some form of free trade area, has a lot to commend it economically and politically. However Andrew Marr reports ("Prodigal's return disguises l...

  • LETTER : Good value at opera houses
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    Sir: It is rich of Raymond Gubbay and Patrick Deuchar to accuse the English National Opera of being "elitist and icy" (report, 11 October). They are offering 20,000 people the chance to see a semi-staged La Boheme at the Albert Hall for up to pounds ...

  • LETTER : Good value at opera houses
    Saturday, 14 October 1995

    Sir: Raymond Gubbay's uncharacteristically intemperate attack on the Royal Opera House is totally unjustified ("Royal Opera House 'elitist and wasteful' ", 11 October). His allegations are without foundation. Our stage practice has been and is the su...

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