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Monday, 23 October 1995

  • site unseen : Trinity Almshouses, Greenwich, London
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    It is not a problem unique to our generation. In the past, either families looked after their own, or the companies which had once employed people accepted responsibility. The latter solution took the physical form of almshouses, which sprang up all ...

  • juste a mot
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    Hurrying to work this morning, delayed by the inevitable search for socks, and having to rush out without breakfast, an impor-tant thought occurred to me: socklessness is a major cause of breakfastlessness. Yet neither of those indispensible lessness...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Germany's left out in the cold
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    Not since 1959 has the mountain to be climbed seemed so high. Then, faced with the purgatory of permanent opposition, the SPD threw away its Marxist shackles in the famous Bad Godesberg declaration, opening the way to the respectable salons of nation...

  • LETTER : Corporations rule the world
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    Sir: Bully for Andrew Marr (19 October)! He is quite right not to be blown off the course of his reflections on state power by Martin Wolfe, or even the Treasury Chief Secretary - All Souls notwithstanding. If we agree that it is economic power we ar...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : No charity for lottery leaders
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    That will not prevent many of the recipients from being the subject of attack. The Mail on Sunday thinks money should not to go help Eritrean immigrants. The Sunday Express doesn't think drug abuse is a problem worthy of attack by lottery-funded char...

  • LETTERS : Rates burden on village shops
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    Sir: It is quite misleading to state, in your leading article "The dream of Gummerius" (18 October), that the Secretary of State for Environment, John Gummer, "proposes to assist small general stores and post offices with rates relief". Only an extre...

  • LETTER : 'Good causes' and the lottery
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    Sir: Much of the continuing controversy in distributing the National Lottery proceeds ("Who gives a good cause a bad name?" 23 October) can be attributed to the original government conception that the lottery should raise money "for good causes". Thi...

  • LETTER : Damage from West memoirs
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    Sir: As members of a self-help group for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, we wish to protest at the arrangements made by the Official Solicitor for the sale of Frederick West's autobiography and the police tapes of interviews with witnesses...

  • ANOTHER VIEW : Real message of fashion
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    In Red or Dead's headline-grabbing catwalk show as part of London Fashion Week last Saturday, models carrying blood-stained household implements symbolised not the OJ trial but a post-apocalyptic view of a world inflicting violence on itself. It has ...

  • Angst? Can you buy it at the mall?
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    If only at the level of disposable income, fictional Chester and fictional Beverly Hills are worlds apart. The LA kids are dressed in Alaia and Dior; those in Chester wear Next or lower. The cars in LA are showroom fresh; those in Chester carefully n...

  • LETTER : Literary 'Sirs'
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    Sir: Silence is probably a better response, and certainly as Shakespeare made clear, there should be a "pox on opinions". However, I cannot help but protest at the media's current eulogies on the recent death of Kingsley Amis. I have no quarrel at al...

  • LETTER : Czech facts
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    Sir: In your article "Red card: the Czech Republic" (Sports section, 9 October), the statement that "The Czech team rejected the accommodation offered to them by their host" is torn out of context. The accommodation offered to the Czech team by the B...

  • LETTER : A useless thing to learn? Nein!
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    Sir: Hamish McRae thinks that "we teach our children things they will not need to know, like German (the Germans all speak English)" ("There's a bit of Sting in all of us", 19 October). Like any foreigners, certain Germans are capable of speaking Eng...

  • LETTER : Chamois lather
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    Sir: Allow me, as a sensitive mountaineer, to point out in his cartoon in yesterday's edition (19 October), Michael Heath has wrongly classified a chamois as a goat. It is, in fact, the only European antelope. Mr Heath might have chosen, in his illus...

  • LETTER : Saving money on blood transfusion
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    Sir: If John Adey, the chief executive of the National Blood Authority (Letters, 14 October), is not proposing to close any blood centres, why did the NBA choose Option D from the alternatives set out by the consultants Bain & Co who were asked t...

  • Time for Blair to put on his bifocals
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    As far as a large number of voters are concerned, the answer is simply that Labour is the force that will expel the Conservatives from office. The 30-point lead given to Labour by NOP in the Sunday Times is incredible, literally in that it is hard to...

  • Ode to a lumberjack
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    Here, for your delight, and for the interest of any theatre impresario who may be reading this, is an extract from the first act. The scene is a dispensary in far-off Edmonton. Young Dr Keats is working away at his mortar and pestle, while the elderl...

  • LETTER : Singling out the loneliness factor
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    Sir: In her reply (Section Two, 23 October) to Angela Lambert's article about young single people, Fran Abrams misrepresents our 1993 survey to which Ms Lambert referred. Respondents were asked which, if any, of a list of 19 things they disliked most...

  • chess
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    Most recently, it has been the super-veteran David Bronstein who has been having most fun. After a slow start of two draws and a loss, he was jolted back to life when the German master Alex Jeffe played an archaic line of the King's Gambit against hi...

  • yesterday was...
    Tuesday, 24 October 1995

    Ducks. Julekha, a 35-year-old Bangladeshi woman, chopped off her neighbour's penis with a knife when he attempted to rape her. She later gave the severed organ to the police, saying: "I first planned to feed it to my ducks, but later changed my mind....

  • Traumatised by the new reality
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    The truth is more prosaic. France is in a mess because of its own failure to make internal reforms to adjust to the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the ending of the US-Soviet superpower system. External circumstances have changed, but France still w...

  • The amateurs of Downing Street
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    Much of it could be called the higher trivia of politics, from the decorations in Downing Street rooms to the little jokes swapped by the Prime Minister's staff. Major himself comes across as one would expect from close-quarters supporters: a decent,...

  • Letter: Parish the thought
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    Sir: You mentioned briefly in your leader of 18 October ("The dream of Gummerius") that parish councils were being given some more powers in the area of community transport. In fact, the Rural White Paper goes much farther. It provides a clear endors...

  • Letter: Better for verse
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    Sir: Michael Glover's Eeyorish account of the parlous state of some poetry publishers' lists ("The problem with poetry", 10 October) should not go unchallenged. Mr Glover omits any mention of the acknowledged market leaders: Faber, Bloodaxe and Pengu...

  • Letter: Behaviour of MPs
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    Sir: Nothing demonstrates more the need for an independent ethical body to scrutinise the behaviour of MPs and government ministers than the row regarding the Home Secretary's alleged conduct regarding the dismissal of the director of prisons. That t...

  • Letter: Classic FM's serious approach
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    Sir: I have listened to Radio 3 since I was a child. I regard it with a mixture of great affection and periodic irritation. The latter is usually provoked by the disappearance of programmes I particularly enjoyed, such as the Morning Concert and Musi...

  • Letter: Alcohol in France
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    Sir: David Lister (Diary, 17 October) draws the wrong conclusion from the fact that alcohol-related public order offences are much lower in France. There are a number of possible explanations for this, the most likely being that some cultures (such a...

  • Sixteen nuns and an umbrella
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    It was a fatal move. The man beside me in the pub stirred and said: "I was in Rome briefly 10 years ago. I had an unfortunate encounter with a party of nuns, one of whom still writes to me regularly with marriage proposals." Everyone turned away from...

  • Who gives a good cause a bad name?
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    Well, that's what I thought, and what I was arguing until yesterday. Then along came the Mail on Sunday and the Sunday Express, with their outraged discovery that, out of the pounds 40m to be distributed today, "there is pounds 170,000 for the Scotti...

  • We must end this war of town v country
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    This horror of formlessness led to the "green belts" to mark the boundaries between town and country and prevent further attenuation of the qualities of urban - and rural - life. But once again, cities are changing and so, too, is the countryside, wi...

  • Letter: Profiting from Fred West's life
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    Sir: I am amazed that the Official Solicitor, Peter Harris, is legally entitled to "sell" evidence acquired in the course of a prosecution by the Crown ("Fred West's life story sold off by government lawyer", 19 October). Surely this material is the ...

  • Anatomy of a Pill scare
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    The overriding concern was that of public health and the safety of women taking the contraceptives in question. At no stage were financial considerations an issue. Three independent studies, carefully reviewed by the Committee on the Safety of Medici...

  • Leading Article: Incey-Wincey in the sun
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    But now there is chilling news that looks set to spoil the sunshine party. The summer heat has encouraged the spread into these islands of ever larger house- spiders from further south, has bred bigger native arachnids and has sent male spiders wild ...

  • Leading Article: Peter Lilley's repo men
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    The problem that the Government is trying to address is certainly a big one. We have all heard about the gang frauds and seen Peter Lilley wave aloft the social security smart card that he hopes will help to suppress them. But a lot of the money is l...

  • Letter: Bloomsbury arts not elitist
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    Sir: Polly Toynbee writes that politicians who are outraged by funding "elitist" arts from the lottery are out of touch with the times ("Politicians are the true philistines", 18 October). She goes on to castigate Bloomsbury as having been, between t...

  • Letter: Awestruck by old Crystal Palace
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    Sir: A new Crystal Palace at Sydenham (letters, 21 October) would meet with my approval, but could never engender the powerful emotions I experienced when, as a child, I visited the original there in the Thirties. It was fusty and decaying at that ti...

  • Letter: A church in partnership with its congregation
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    Sir: One can sympathise with the Rev Kit Chalcraft (Another View: "Priests for the people", 18 October) for having lost his job, though from all accounts he was at least partly to blame, but he should not use your columns to make inaccurate observati...

  • creativity goggle-eyed magnetism
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    snorkelling beside me." Nicholas James quotes those lines from the Rubber Swimwear of Omar Khayyam, "the sequel to his better-known rubber hat". Len Clarke was also moved to poetry by snorkel, goggles and fridge magnet: "Full 9.144m your MP lies, and...

  • this is the week that was
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    4004BC: According to James Usher, the date of the Creation. At 9am, precisely, as John Lightfoot pointed out. 1918: The Commons votes to allow women to become MPs. 1926: A decree in Rome bans women from public office. 24 October: 1857: In Sheffield, ...

  • chess
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    Bronstein began with a loss to Christa Hartman of Sweden, which left the stage clear for Malcolm Pein to provide the brilliance. Black's 16...Qb7, instead of the simple Bxg2, is asking for trouble, and 17.Nf5! supplies it splendidly. After 17...Bxg2 ...

  • Letter: Bloomsbury arts not elitist
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    Sir: Polly Toynbee tells us that the Bloomsbury group "encouraged lesser mortals to think that art was not for them". Maynard Keynes, a central figure in Bloomsbury, became chairman of the wartime Council for the Encouragement of Music and Arts in 19...

  • Letter: A church in partnership with its congregation
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    Sir: Without wishing to endorse all Kit Chalcraft's conclusions, I want to add my support to his basic contention that Anglican priests who lack freehold are open to all manner of unjust and arbitrary removal, sometimes for more negligible reasons, s...

  • Letter: Profiting from Fred West's life
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    Sir: The Official Solicitor to the Fred West estate is poised to sell the film rights to Hollywood and has apparently hawked the book rights to the highest bidder (reports, 20 October). But why stop there? I am fully expecting a CD, T-shirts and a TV...

  • bridge
    Monday, 23 October 1995

    The king of spades was the natural lead and, when East played low, declarer had a textbook play: he ruffed the spade continuation, drew trumps, ruffed dummy's last spade, and eliminated clubs. Then he finessed the nine of diamonds to end-play West. O...

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