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Wednesday, 25 October 1995

  • Letter: The vision of the Crystal Palace
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Sir: Further to your article of 18 October ("Crystal Palace may rise from the ashes", 18 October) and subsequent correspondence (21 October), it would seem appropriate to draw the attention of your readers to the following points: If Sir Joseph Paxto...

  • numbers the anaesthetist
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Twenty-six is most interesting when squared or cubed. Twenty-six squared is 676, making 26 the smallest number whose square is palindromic without being palindromic itself. Other such numbers include 264, 307 and 836, of which the last is the most im...

  • Can Italy survive Dini's fall?
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    As a non-political premier, Mr Dini was supposed to have been the man to dig Italy out of the last hole it fell into following the resignation of his predecessor, Silvio Berlusconi. But now, buffeted by inter-party rivalries in the country's hopeless...

  • Letter: Lottery promotes wishful thinking
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Sir: All this controversy over the distribution of National Lottery proceeds could easily be avoided (and much administrative expense saved ) if the recipients were chosen by means of ... a lottery. Yours faithfully, Len Salem London, W5

  • A responsible divorce law
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    I have recently assumed responsibility for funding marriage guidance. My department is now chairing a group set up to look at ways to support people preparing for marriage, as well as those who are already married and need help. I consider that parti...

  • Leader: Prolonged, stormy race ahead
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Had such a transcription been made of Michael Howard's address to a rather different conference this autumn, it would have noted the listeners' reactions to the Home Secretary's condemnation of racism as "applause". But his determination to crack dow...

  • Leader: Work is a four-letter word
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    It is worth considering why this is happening and whether it can be stopped. At first sight the process seems to have an inexorable, lunatic logic of its own, like the growth of peacocks' tails, or the spread of ever more sophisticated word-processin...

  • Letter: Global tax for multinationals
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Sir: Lord Desai (letter, 24 October) surely accepts the inevitability of our present-day international monetary system all too easily. Perhaps the removal of national capital controls was inevitable and irreversible, but does it have to be to unregul...

  • Letter: Child labour in Portugal
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Sir: I am writing with reference to your article on child labour in Portugal ("Portugal's children reap bitter harvest", 17 October). Of course, there is no denying the existence of child labour in Portugal. However, your article fails to convey a fe...

  • Letter: Freely given
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Sir: The National Blood Authority says the only alternative to selling surplus blood products is to destroy them (20 October). Has the authority not considered that what has been gladly and freely donated could be given as freely to others? I have no...

  • Letter: Precipitate action on Pill
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Sir: Your article covering the recent Committee on Safety of Medicines advice on certain combined oral contraceptives included a table of contraceptives ("Women still haunted by the risk factor", 20 October) which categorised products according to th...

  • Letter: Put Hansard on the Internet
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Sir: The Campaign for Freedom of Information is right to lobby for Hansard to be available free of charge on the Internet and to challenge the Government's present stance that departments and agencies should aim to make money from the sale of public ...

  • Letter: Sting in the tale
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Sir: I read with interest your reference to the suggestion in court that Sting's A-level in economics should have helped him to have a better understanding of his financial documents ("Sting's adviser jailed for pounds 6m theft from star", 18 October...

  • Letter: The vision of the Crystal Palace
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Sir: In her article on the Crystal Palace (18 October), Marianne Macdonald describes it as "the first prefabricated building". My grandfather, Sir Edwin Airey, who designed and built Airey houses all over the country after the war, would never willin...

  • Let's leave race out of immigration policy
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    We cannot be both. We cannot rat on our moral obligations to Indian and Chinese Hong-Kongers and be an influential, respected player in the developing Asian game. We cannot be a bubbling international entrepot where cultures meet and the world does b...

  • Going through a tricky phrase
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    So, to while away the tedium of these otherwise useless encounters, I have devised a new game to play during Today or Newsnight or wherever interviewer is pitted against apologist. All you have to do is take the following list in hand and tick a phra...

  • yesterday was...
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Cosmonauts, with the news that potato plants aboard the space shuttle Colombia have begun to sprout in a specially designed astroculture chamber. By the time the craft lands at Kennedy Space Centre on 5 November, the potatoes will be the size of grap...

  • Letter: The vision of the Crystal Palace
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Sir: The proposal to build a replica Crystal Palace would be a great mistake and a major misuse of lottery funds. However, this magnificent site has been neglected for far too long. What is required is a new, breathtaking, imaginative building that w...

  • Letter: Lottery promotes wishful thinking
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Sir: It is not only the "Churches [that] unite to attack 'damaging' lottery" (25 October) but also non-religious people such as myself. The most profound problems with the National Lottery are not only that it is a tax on stupidity, but that it promo...

  • Letter: Lottery promotes wishful thinking
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Sir: Your editorial "No charity for lottery winners" (24 October) states that everyone can join in the argument about who receives lottery cash. It would be a simple matter for Camelot to give everybody a democratic say in the distribution by adding ...

  • Letter: Precipitate action on Pill
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Sir: I wish to express my disquiet about the way the Secretary of State for Health handled the withdrawal of the "dangerous" oral contraceptives. There was no need to precipitate anxieties bordering on hysteria by asking women to present to their GPs...

  • chess
    Thursday, 26 October 1995

    Essentially a dialogue between the book's co-authors, Steve Davis and David Norwood, Steve Davis Plays Chess is a series of brief master-classes, with positions and the occasional entire game discussed. Davis agonises over his blunders; Norwood commi...

  • It seems strange to complain that knowing the price of a service is a bad thing
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    One curiosity about the Bevan reforms was that they reduced local accountability. The National Health Service was deliberately statist. It is forgotten now, but Bevan thought a service dominated by local voices would be a second-rate affair. Now the ...

  • chess William Hartston
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    McDonnell-La Bourdonnais: 1 e4 c5 2 f4 Nc6 3 Nf3 e6 4 c3 d5 5 e5 f6 6 Na3 Nh6 7 Nc2 Qb6 8 d4 Bd7 9 Ne3 cxd4 10 cxd4 Bb4+ 11 Kf2 0-0 12 Kg3 Rac8 13 h4 fxe5 14 fxe5 Rxf3+! 15 gxf3 Nxd4 16 Bd3 Rf8 17 f4 Bc5 18 Rf1 Bb5 19 Bxb5 Qxb5 20 Kh3 Ne2 21 Ng2 Nf5 ...

  • LETTERS: Wonderful Copenhagen
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    Sir: In Alastair Down's article on Red Rum ("The horse who could win a by a landslide", 21 October), he refers to "poor old Copenhagen hanging about all day waiting for Napoleon to get back on". Copenhagen was otherwise engaged, as he was the charger...

  • LETTERS: Environmental facts on the Net
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    Sir: You reported today that Friends of the Earth has "placed a register of Britain's most polluting factories, gasworks, chemical plants and refineries on the Internet" ("Blackspot warnings go on the Internet", 20 October). While we have provided de...

  • Beware the French Lieutenant's grockle
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    If, in the late autumn of 1995, you had been a guest at the oddly-named Buena Vista Hotel, in the town of Lyme Regis - and had chosen to take tea in the Tivoli Rooms - you might have discerned, by inclining slightly to your left, the figure of a man ...

  • LETTERS: Lottery squabbles
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    Sir: As the name-calling by the disappointed reaches a crescendo, the obvious is overlooked. If there were no lottery, there would be no cash to squabble over. Yours faithfully, Tony Brown London, W3

  • LETTERS: Pill scare: trouble for doctors and women
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    Sir: Several issues have arisen out of the Department of Health's recent announcement concerning the contraceptive Pill. The DoH lists varicose veins, obesity and previous thrombosis as reasons for discontinuing the third-generation Pills containing ...

  • LETTERS: Delia's for dunces
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    Sir: We have long held that Delia Smith's recipes bear the same relationship to cooking as painting by numbers does to art, and so were immensely pleased to find in Rose Shepherd's article "Delia runs wild in the bookshop" (17 October) that we are no...

  • Patrolling with a purpose
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    Between two-thirds and three-quarters of the police budget goes on patrolling. For the officers who do it, patrolling consists of hours of aimless wandering the streets, hoping that something will happen. Few seem to have any clear notion of why they...

  • LETTERS: Off track
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    Sir: So, "Linford Christie is the greatest athlete this country has ever produced" (Magazine, 21 October)? Well, it was a tremendous achievement for him to win the 100m gold in Barcelona, but let's not forget that Sebastian Coe (1,500m, 1980 and 1984...

  • The key to my enlightenment
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    Let me explain the background to this vision. During my recent absence from these pages, I was in Italy working for an independent TV company on a Channel 4 programme about saints' relics. (I am not an expert on saints relics. I think that was one of...

  • Lord Mackay's well-intentioned fiasco
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    If for this Wee Free Lord Chancellor this amounted to supping with the popish anti-Christ, at least he sold his soul for something of tangible value. An astonishing press release soon afterwards was his reward. It reads: "The Catholic Media Office ha...

  • Spend less, let the people prosper
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    I find this notion of the symbiotic colonial relationship rather a happy one. Can Britain learn lessons from her last great colony - and apply them to her own long-term advantage? There is less of a hang-up in most successful Asian countries about th...

  • LETTERS: Blind spot in arms protocol
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    Sir: I would like to correct a false impression in Christopher Bellamy's article "US cancels laser weapon that can cause blindness" (14 October). The US did not cancel its portable "Laser Countermeasure System" directly in response to the new interna...

  • LETTERS: Tapes are a legal safeguard
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    Sir: I sympathise with the sentiments behind Marguerite Evers' and Alan Bullion's letters about selling evidence for profit in cases such as Frederick West's (23 October), but there are wider aspects which they ignore. Firstly, a fundamental rule of ...

  • An agenda for the United Nations
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    The organisation's golden jubilee has coincided exactly with one of its worst moments of crisis, fed by the refusal of the United States to pay up the roughly $1.3bn it owes the UN. Had Washington stumped up the cash, it might just have been possible...

  • LETTERS: When does success spell failure?
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    Sir: In his review of Alice Beckett's Fakes: Forgery and the Art World ("The Art of Lying", 16 September), David Ekserdjiansays that I have been quoted as comparing myself with Michelangelo and Rembrandt, without bothering to say who quotes me, or if...

  • LETTERS: Pill scare: trouble for doctors and women
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    and others Sir: We are concerned about the motives behind the latest official warning on the dangers of certain low-dose combined contraceptive pills ("Pill alert for a million women", 20 October). The report suggests that at-risk patients are more l...

  • LETTERS: Pill scare: trouble for doctors and women
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    Sir: In common, I suspect, with most other GPs, I heard about the latest Pill scare via the media on Thursday, before the official letter arrived in my post on Friday morning. The official advice to women is, perhaps not unreasonably at first sight, ...

  • meanwhile...
    Wednesday, 25 October 1995

    Violet pig shock horror Sara Karloff, daughter of horror-film star Boris, has divulged that her father loved playing cricket and gardening, and that he had a pet pig named Violet. Wedding undress Strip-tease shows at weddings have been judged to be p...

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