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Sunday, 12 November 1995

  • Letter: Saro-Wiwa: beware tribalism; boycott Shell
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    Sir: The hanging of Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other Ogoni people in Nigeria is not the end of the campaign for human rights in that country. The plight of the Ogoni people has always been affected by the attitude of multinational companies who operate ...

  • Letter: Israeli poll system helps extremists
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    Sir: In the past week, striving to come to terms with the terrible assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, we search for explanations. Many pieces of the puzzle have been identified: a fanatical young extremist, security lapses, the public availability of we...

  • Letter: Saro-Wiwa: beware tribalism; boycott Shell
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    Sir: The executions carried out in Nigeria are an outrage. Routine expressions of condemnation from national leaders are not an adequate response. It seems clear that the international community must act in a decisive way. If the UN wishes to retain ...

  • After the outrage, the action
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    First came the death sentences themselves on Saro-Wiwa and the others, the week before the Auckland summit. Conceivably the timing of those sentences could still be regarded as coincidental. Then came the confirmation of the sentences. This followed ...

  • Letter: A loving smack
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    Sir: With reference to the recommendations made by the Commission on Children and Violence (report, 9 November), it is generally accepted that children (and adults) need boundaries in which to live, outside of which they know they will be punished. T...

  • Letter: Why airlines copy passports
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    Sir: With regard to your article on British Airways photocopying "ethnic" passengers' passports ("Airline in secret check on blacks", 10 November), we made a mistake in photocopying Tony Kelly's passport. He and his family are British nationals and w...

  • creativity some ideas worth sleeping on
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    "You can save on the cost of a fancy-dress outfit," says Tim McGrath, "by lying naked in a hammock for a few hours, then going as a harlequin, a lattice window, or a roast pig." "Sunbathe under a hammock," advises Sian Cole, "for a gorgeous checked t...

  • A bit of PR unfit for PC
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    How to Write A Press Release - Lesson One: Writing a press release for Shell Oil. Although we are naturally sorry to hear of the death of Ken Saro-Wiwa ... Although we are naturally extremely sorry to hear of the death of Ken Saro-Wiwa ... Although w...

  • Pull out now, Shell
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    When Greenpeace protested outside Shell International's headquarters in London in January this year, to draw attention to the forthcoming trial of Ken Saro-Wiwa, Shell International's executives invited me and Ken's son, Ken Wiwa, in for a chat. They...

  • Yes, I agree with Enoch (except ...)
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    Now there's a line that deserves an HE Bateman cartoon to itself - the man who said he agreed with Enoch Powell. So let me rephrase that first sentence quickly: I agree with everything Enoch Powell says, except what he says about race. Now, the idea ...

  • Letter: Supermarket power
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    Sir: Great stuff, Germaine ("Never glad confident Sainsbury's again", 10 November). It is time we all thought hard about automatically doing our shopping at Sainsbury's. Leave it to those who obviously regard a trolley trip there as the high-spot of ...

  • Letter: Remembering two minutes of silence
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    Sir: On Saturday my son and I tried to observe the two-minute silence ("A silent tribute to all fallen heros", 11 November). We happened to be in Waitrose at the appointed hour and at 11am on the dot we stopped what we were doing, put down our wire b...

  • Letter: No attack on childless couples
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    Sir: Your article "The right-wing plot to get Lord Mackay" (2 November) contained the allegation that I had "proposed a tax on childless couples" in a Bow Group pamphlet. This statement is untrue. I never proposed any such tax although, when my pamph...

  • Leading Article: Nigeria: the price of timidity
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    Nice for us, wonderful for the Nigerian elite - but a tragedy for the Ogoni. Their country has been severely polluted by oil leaks, while little or nothing has been spent on improving life for this minor member of Nigeria's fractious family of 250 tr...

  • Leading Article: Keep cash out of the courts
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    Perhaps we should not find this surprising. Allegations of sexual abuse and violence make a gripping, if distressing, tale. Many people want to read the witnesses' stories and are prepared to pay for the newspapers that deliver the details. Even the ...

  • Letter: Smaller classes do benefit pupils
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    Sir: The latest Ofsted survey states that there is no correlation between class size and standard of teaching ("Class-size survey is blow to parents", 10 November). However, all the report has shown is that quality of teaching varies and that some ve...

  • Letter: Saro-Wiwa: beware tribalism; boycott Shell
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    Sir: Ken Saro-Wiwa and his co-defendants were not hanged because of who they were, or for what they believed in, or for murder, or for their fight against Shell; they were hanged for playing confrontational and divisive tribal politics ("World fury a...

  • This is the week that was
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    1896: The last day on which the law required any car to have a man walking in front of it. 1914: The brassiere is patented by Mary Phelps Jacob. 1988: Festo Kazarwa, a rainmaker of Kabale, Uganda, is beaten to death by villagers whose crops and homes...

  • Chess
    Monday, 13 November 1995

    Since Paris carries 10 for the winner and 6 for the runner-up, Kasparov can ensure first place by winning, while Anand, Adams or Kramnik could win by defeating anyone other than Ivanchuk in the final. Michael Adams, sadly, lost in the first round to ...

  • LETTER: Only adult hang-ups make nudity sordid
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    Until puberty my friends and I (both male and female) ran around sometimes naked or at least bare-chested in warm weather without any suggestion of obscenity, and as a result I have a healthy lack of self-consciousness about my body. We complain that...

    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    n ATTENTION. Time for action. Le Beaujolais Nouveau. Arrives yet again this Thursday. Filthy stuff. French won't drink it, send it over here. You know the French, always letting things off. Boycotts, bans, demos. So, Le Heave-Ho for Le Nouveau? Not a...

    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    l Derek Norman, Stourbridge l Your leader claimed that pro-hunting peers deliberately wrecked the dogs Bill when we "tabled so many amendments that it ran out of time". This conspiracy theory looks shaky against the fact that only eight amendments we...

  • I owe it to the nation to root out this filth
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    As a distinguished Clean-Up TV campaigner from way back, as well as being Director of YouKayTeeVee, I had been asked by fellow crusaders to be an "expert witness". Unpleasant though this assignment sounded, I felt duty bound to oblige. For how can on...

  • words: Lethal
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    LONDON'S filthy air may be a lot more lethal than at first thought, says the Evening Standard, and the word is guaranteed to bring a shiver. Poisons, weapons, gas chambers, foul diseases, are its natural companions; but air? Its Old English equivalen...

  • Murder justified as tyrannicide
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    In all history, I have never heard of a man or a woman who refused the chance of power because powerful people get murdered. Not even high-risk groups such as Roman imperial usurpers or early kings of Scotland ("ane lecherous and bluidy tyrant, slain...

  • LETTER: Don't blame the doctors
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    Much is made by the Government of business management in the NHS, but no business knowingly accepts clients that will lose them money. A business- led NHS is not compatible with a patient-centred NHS. The blame should be placed, not on doctors, but o...

  • Poverty-stricken policy for the poorest
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    The figures explain the different perceptions. Support for lone parents now costs pounds 9bn a year, about one-tenth of the social security budget. Of 1.4 million lone parents more than a million bring up their children on benefits. But a mother livi...

    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    Charles Trousdell, Brighton

  • ... the blunder years
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    It began only five months into the five-year term. The Tory manifesto in 1992 had stated that "membership of the ERM is now central to our counter- inflation discipline", but Black Wednesday, 16 September, saw Sterling driven out of the Exchange Rate...

  • LETTER: Ignoble rank
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    The table used is taken directly from the Department of Trade and Industry's Competitiveness Report, Forging Ahead. Information in this DTI publication shows the UK in 18th place based on the latest figures. OECD figures further confirm that the UK w...

  • LETTER: Railway success stories
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    True stories resulting from moves toward privatisation include benefits for travellers. For example, an acquaintance who is wheelchair-bound tried just a few years ago to make a local journey involving a change of train but, because of lack of staff ...

  • LETTER: Tripping up over drugs
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    We told him that acid or any other drug was not an important part of what we were involved with. In fact, we stated that many people on this scene do not take drugs at all. We would now like to disassociate ourselves from any comments about drugs. Th...

    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    Charles Murray, London N17

  • LETTER: Fired up about smoking
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    P D O Davies Consultant Respiratory Physician, Liverpool

  • LETTER: Only adult hang-ups make nudity sordid
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    If I did something utterly trivial which took hours of police time, would I not be liable to such a charge? Edward Alton Chichester West Sussex

  • Least said, soonest elected to high office
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    I'm not fond of facial hair myself but it doesn't strike me as the germ of a coherent political programme. Yet the practice of courting popularity by saying as little as possible strikes deep chords on both sides of the Atlantic, as evidenced by the ...

  • LETTER: Arms trade turns blind eye
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    Since the mid-1960s, when the Indonesian army orchestrated the killings of over half a million "Communists" and sentencedthousands to a living death in the gulags of eastern Indonesia, Britain has become Jakarta's principal arms supplier. Is it any w...

  • Labour may love the judges less when its turn comes
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    The lessons were not lost on Lady Thatcher. Her period of office was distinguished by an absence of any judicial inquiries at all. It was not that there was nothing to inquire into: au contraire, as George Brown used to say when he was at the Foreign...

  • Really useful mogul
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Group is part of a consortium (thought to involve Tony O'Reilly, a shareholder in the Independent and Independent on Sunday) which is putting together a bid for the Daily and Sunday Express. Why Sir Andrew should want the...

  • LETTER: Good times at Hackney Downs with Pinter and Berkoff
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    Hackney Downs didn't have a glorious past. It had a phenomenal past: hundreds of working-class kids like Berkoff, Pinter and myself were encouraged, inspired, cajoled, and beaten in an anachronistic East End public school, to read copiously, and star...

  • LETTER: The judges were right
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    The Lord Chief Justice has emphasised the limitations of severe sentencing as a deterrent to crime, while judges have argued that some aspects of the Home Secretary's proposals could increase offending. They are right. Mandatory prison sentences woul...

  • quotes of the week
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    Telegraph leading article criticising Nelson Mandela for being too moderate as South Africa rejoins the Commonwealth after more than 30 years The prisons are full of indoor horticulturists, harmless people. David Hockney, artist, on the legalisation ...

  • LETTER: Fired up about smoking
    Sunday, 12 November 1995

    So to speak of being "reasonable" and "respecting the rights" of smokers is to play the game by the rules of the tobacco companies, deliberately or otherwise.I have no objection to someone lighting up provided they absorb every single molecule of smo...

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