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Wednesday, 15 November 1995

  • OBITUARY:Iri Maruki
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    But this situation would have changed dramatically if the nomination of Iri and Toshi Maruki for this year's Nobel Peace Prize had been successful. It would have been the first time (long overdue) that artistic efforts for peace had been honoured in ...

  • OBITUARY:Professor F.C. Tompkins
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Tompkins's early studies of adsorption (the taking-up of gases by surfaces) on solid surfaces were on polar solids but, although this was always maintained as an interest, perhaps his best known contributions to adsorption studies were on metal surfa...

  • John Major, Leader of the Opposition
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    High politics it wasn't, neither in the debate nor in the ideas being debated. The most interesting thought of the day came from Tony Blair when he suggested that the asylum and immigration measures be put before a standing committee of the Commons, ...

  • OBITUARY:Dr Stephen MacKeith
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    MacKeith was an idealist especially interested in the social aspects of medicine and was for many years an active member of the Keppel Club, with a membership concerned with social issues. He unstintingly sought, by using forward planning and innovat...

  • OBITUARY:Jack Holt
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Holt was born in Hammersmith, west London, the son of a panelbeater, in 1912. He first learnt about fine wood as an apprentice cabinet-maker; and in his boatbuilding career he put his knowledge of the difference between good wood and very good wood t...

  • LETTER:Nigerian lessons for Shell and for the world
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Sir: Dick van den Broek, Shell's regional co-ordinator for Africa, argues (Another View, 13 November) against a boycott of the brutal Nigerian regime for reasons of self-interest dressed up as concern for the Nigerian people. However, Shell must acce...

  • LETTER:Straight men and macho culture
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Sir: The Commission on Children and Violence is right to point out the links between "macho male attitudes" and aggressive, antisocial behaviour (report, 9 November). However, to understand fully violent criminality, we need also to recognise that it...

  • Revealed: Diana the philosopher
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Now, your Highness (if I may call you that), there is a sense in which the fact of this interview is more important than anything in the interview itself, is it not? I am afraid you will have to explain that to me. You see, I am just a silly empty-he...

  • LETTER:Sex, survival and construction firms
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Sir: The balance between arguing the moral case and the economic case for equal opportunities depends very much on the nature of the business being addressed (Letters, 9 November). The recent government/industry review of the construction industry ca...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:Can Di save the monarchy?
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Whatever she says, it bodes ill for the Queen's conception of the monarchy. But that is probably no bad thing. The Princess could be the catalyst for some necessary and positive changes. Let's face it, the present monarchy sits uneasily with our mode...

  • another view:Let's hear it from Herself
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    This princess was positively born to broadcast. What is more, she has tried turning the other silken cheek and stiffening her (subtly glossed) upper lip, and where has it dumped her? Up to her swan neck in the seething effluent of malevolent speculat...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:Waiting for the Budget
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Her speech to Parliament described a menu for the forthcoming session which, ministers admit in private, has been chosen to give Labour indigestion. The crackdown on asylum-seekers and the benefits they receive is meant to make Labour look soft on im...

  • LETTER:Problems of legal Ecstasy
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Sir: You propose (leading article; "The agony of Ecstasy", 14 November) that Ecstasy should be brought within the law but you give no consideration to the complex problems this would create. For example, all legitimate drugs have to have a proven tra...

  • LETTER:Fine-tuning the lottery
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Sir: There can be no doubt the National Lottery has delivered to Britain a capacity for greater funding of sport, charities and the arts than previously possible. But the success of the National Lottery is not limited to its achievements to date; a g...

  • LETTER:Honours of ownership
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Sir: In your profiles of men who might aspire to be press barons ("To be king of the fourth estate" 14 November), you mentioned the chairman of this company and said that Mohamed al-Fayed has probably resigned himself to doing without a knighthood, w...

  • LETTER:Potential power of wind farms
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Sir: I would just like to point out that although Nicholas Schoon is correct in his statement that wind farms currently generate around one- thousandth of Britain's electricity production ("Vote of confidence in future of rubbish-to-power brokers", 3...

  • What really makes us happy?
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    The Government is trying to measure the environmental damage of major road schemes: to what extent people living near a road suffer as a result of additional noise, dirt and other pollution. Obviously, town by-passes, which reduce urban traffic, will...

  • LETTER:New mums - what you need is broth
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Sir: Perhaps pregnant women living on benefit need educating ("Mothers' poor eating puts babies at risk", 14 November). How about making soup: a marrow bone (a few pence from the butcher), root vegetables, perhaps a tin of tomatoes and some lentils, ...

  • Chess
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Vaganyan's horror came against Vassily Ivanchuk. The idea of playing dxe4 for Black on move three or four of the French Defence has been popular in recent years. The bishop on c8, traditionally the problem piece in this opening, plays to d7, c6 and i...

  • LETTER:Nigerian lessons for Shell and for the world
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Sir: The law is quite clear. The directors of a limited company must manage its affairs in the best interests of its shareholders. They must put ethical considerations aside. The directors of Shell would do well to keep those principles firmly in min...

  • LETTER:Nigerian lessons for Shell and for the world
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Sir: Your article "Shell defies calls to pull out of oil operations" (13 November) states that Amnesty International is one of several organisations "united in the belief that there should be international oil sanctions" against Nigeria. In fact Amne...

  • LETTER:Problems of legal Ecstasy
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Sir: Your suggestion that "Ecstasy must be brought within the law" (14 November) is based on an incorrect assumption. By focussing on the possible adverse effects of contaminants you have missed the crucial point that unadulterated Ecstasy is not saf...

  • Moreover / sex, snakes and Santa Claustrophobia
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    No ho-ho-ho At the first World Santa Claus Championship in Greenland, the early leader, Bob Massey of Australia, lost his chance when his beard caught on the tinsel of a Christmas tree. Joergen Roslund (Denmark) took the title, climbing a 6ft chimney...

  • numbers
    Thursday, 16 November 1995

    Sixteen was a number of deep significance in ancient India. A complete person was considered to consist of 16 parts, there were 16 signs of aesthetic beauty and the ideal adornment was considered to comprise 16 pieces of jewellery. In the case of the...

  • LETTER:PCC complaint
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    Sir: I will not anticipate any possible conclusions that Lord Wakeham, chairman of the Press Complaints Commission, may reach about newspaper reporting of the Rosemary West trial - and in particular the issue of payments allegedly made to witnesses. ...

  • Death row delay breached prisoner's rights
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    The execution of a man after a substantial and unjustifiable period of delay in the disposal of his appeal was contrary to his rights under the constitution of Trinidad and Tobago. The Privy Council allowed an appeal by the appellant, Lincoln Guerra,...

  • I suffer the moral panic that I may have planted dreadful seeds in my children's psyches
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    One of the men had two massive gold rings on each of his hands. Round his neck were several gold chains, and a gold bracelet burdened a wrist. He had a palid face, and those hard little eyes - simultaneously vacant and vicious - which worry the law-a...

  • LETTER:Philosophising about the rights of animals
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    Sir: As a lifelong opponent of all animal abuse, I have always maintained that when the day comes and we are close to making a significant impact on the general consciousness and behaviour patterns, then the movement will be infiltrated by those who ...

  • LETTER:Shop-soiled
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    and Ms Brenda Ellis Sir: We were so sorry to read about what a distressing time Germaine Greer had at Sainsbury's (10 November), beset as she was with so many disabled people and women with small children who clearly had no business being out. It see...

  • It's good to talk, Mr Major
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    Dialogue, and dialogue alone, has brought us to where we are now, to the absence of violence on our streets. Dialogue is also the road to lasting stability, a stability which can only be based on agreement between our divided people. By definition, a...

  • LETTER:Drug warnings on television
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    Sir: I cried as I listened to Paul and Janet Betts on the television last night as they talked about the tragedy that had befallen their daughter after taking an Ecstasy pill. The message was powerful and emotive and I am sure every parent watching w...

  • LETTER:Bog standard
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    Sir: Ruth Picardie's article "P!$$ed off" (13 November) implied British Standard 6465 might be Cr&p. BS 6465 Part I would recommend not five cubicles for 250 women visiting a cinema, but eight (60 per cent more), and not 12 cubicles per 250 men b...

  • Professor Ernest Gellner
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    He was probably the first philosopher - after the Berber medieval philosopher and historian Ibn Khaldun, whom he greatly admired - to understand what a "segmentary lineage system" is. He applied this model of uncentralised politics, drawn from E.E. E...

  • OBITUARY:Slobodan Selenic
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    His chief preoccupation concerned the coming to power of the Communists in 1945 and their destruction of the economic, political and cultural life of his country. Describing the fabric of Serbian society before the Second World War he painted a pictu...

  • OBITUARY:Sir James Darling
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    He was also a great Victorian in another sense. Like Shaftesbury, like Gladstone, like his own early mentor William Temple, he carried his Christianity into every area of life, whether public or private. It had not, however, come easily. His natural ...

  • A pinch of soil: the final frontier
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    The thought is shocking to a generation brought up to believe that space was the final frontier. Suddenly, we discover, the earth beneath our feet is an alien planet. The shock has created a new anxiety. Extinction is, after all, for ever. David Atte...

  • LETTER:Competitiveness the European way
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    Sir: There is much in Hamish McRae's analysis ("Wall Street looks the other way", 9 November) that one can agree with. US competitiveness is rising, new service industries being formed without any obvious rivals and new opportunities and jobs created...

  • Can Emma win an Oscar?
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    Give up? It's a short story by Woody Allen called The Kugelmass Episode, in which a middle-aged angst-ridden New York Jew called Kugelmass is transported by magic into Flaubert's novel Madame Bovary and has an affair with silly, empty-headed Emma Bov...

  • OBITUARY:Elspeth Davie
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    She was born in Scotland and, though she spent her earliest days in southern England and lived for a time in Ireland, in Scotland she remained. She went to school and university in Edinburgh, and also attended the Edinburgh College of Art (she taught...

  • LETTER:Overcrowded jails: the facts
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    Sir: The reason why the country's jails are at bursting point ("Crisis looms as jails run out of space", 14 November) is a harsher climate in the courts, fanned by the Home Secretary's aggressive advocacy of more prison sentences. As a result, the pr...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:The pounds 2bn question
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    This is an appalling admission. At a time when most countries are struggling to hold down public spending to meet the demands of the Maastricht treaty, such profligacy damages the EU's reputation and is manna to the union's many ill-wishers. So who i...

  • ANOTHER VIEW; Mad cows and ministries
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    Action was not taken then because it was too expensive. By 1993, the cost was estimated at pounds 30bn by the editor of Nature. Now we apparently cannot afford to take action, and yet we cannot afford not to. Surely the cost of cleaning up our cattle...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Parenting and pornography
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    In one corner the moralists bemoan the "tide of filth" waiting to overwhelm the country if Swedish "TV Erotica", available to subscribers with smart- card technology, is allowed to reach into British households. For this lobby any explicit sexuality ...

  • LETTER:Better deal for asylum-seekers
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    Sir: Your editorial "Nigeria: the price of timidity" (13 November) is to be welcomed; what price the timidity of the Secretary of State and the Home Office in the treatment of asylum-seekers from Nigeria now? I, like any lawyer acting for asylum-seek...

  • LETTER:Philosophising about the rights of animals
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    Sir: May I please defend Peter Singer from the assertion that he "invented animal rights" ("A moral life in this godless world", 13 November). The concept of animal rights goes back 200 years, to writers such as Thomas Young. Singer avoids the use of...

  • chess
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    The idea of offering a piece with h4 to open the h-file in such positions is far from new. Kasparov must have known that 12...Ng4! and 13...e5 would give the necessary breathing space to create counterplay while the white queen slides in front of her...

  • yesterday was...
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    Superstitious Chinese, who are to be allowed, by the Taipei city government, to delete the number "4" from street addresses because it sounds very similar to the word for death. A bad day for: Jose Luis Fernandez Rivas, accused in Spain of treating 1...

  • bridge
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    East opened One Spade and, after two passes, North faced a problem. He had to re-open, but was it better to double or to bid One No-Trump? He chose well when he doubled. Now East should have taken some action. One No-Trump would probably have silence...

  • LETTER:Philosophising about the rights of animals
    Wednesday, 15 November 1995

    Sir: Peter Singer's views have done much to advance thinking on our duties towards animals and to make the major medical research charities carefully consider the ethics involved in using animals in medical and veterinary research. It is tragic, cons...

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Day In a Page

The Silk Roads that trace civilisation: Long before the West rose to power, Asian pathways were connecting peoples and places

The Silk Roads that trace civilisation

Long before the West rose to power, Asian pathways were connecting peoples and places
House of Lords: Outcry as donors, fixers and MPs caught up in expenses scandal are ennobled

The honours that shame Britain

Outcry as donors, fixers and MPs caught up in expenses scandal are ennobled
When it comes to street harassment, we need to talk about race

'When it comes to street harassment, we need to talk about race'

Why are black men living the stereotypes and why are we letting them get away with it?
International Tap Festival: Forget Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers - this dancing is improvised, spontaneous and rhythmic

International Tap Festival comes to the UK

Forget Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers - this dancing is improvised, spontaneous and rhythmic
War with Isis: Is Turkey's buffer zone in Syria a matter of self-defence – or just anti-Kurd?

Turkey's buffer zone in Syria: self-defence – or just anti-Kurd?

Ankara accused of exacerbating racial division by allowing Turkmen minority to cross the border
Doris Lessing: Acclaimed novelist was kept under MI5 observation for 18 years, newly released papers show

'A subversive brothel keeper and Communist'

Acclaimed novelist Doris Lessing was kept under MI5 observation for 18 years, newly released papers show
Big Blue Live: BBC's Springwatch offshoot swaps back gardens for California's Monterey Bay

BBC heads to the Californian coast

The Big Blue Live crew is preparing for the first of three episodes on Sunday night, filming from boats, planes and an aquarium studio
Austin Bidwell: The Victorian fraudster who shook the Bank of England with the most daring forgery the world had known

Victorian fraudster who shook the Bank of England

Conman Austin Bidwell. was a heartless cad who carried out the most daring forgery the world had known
Car hacking scandal: Security designed to stop thieves hot-wiring almost every modern motor has been cracked

Car hacking scandal

Security designed to stop thieves hot-wiring almost every modern motor has been cracked
10 best placemats

Take your seat: 10 best placemats

Protect your table and dine in style with a bold new accessory
Ashes 2015: Alastair Cook not the only one to be caught in The Oval mindwarp

Cook not the only one to be caught in The Oval mindwarp

Aussie skipper Michael Clarke was lured into believing that what we witnessed at Edgbaston and Trent Bridge would continue in London, says Kevin Garside
Can Rafael Benitez get the best out of Gareth Bale at Real Madrid?

Can Benitez get the best out of Bale?

Back at the club he watched as a boy, the pressure is on Benitez to find a winning blend from Real's multiple talents. As La Liga begins, Pete Jenson asks if it will be enough to stop Barcelona
Athletics World Championships 2015: Beijing witnesses new stage in the Jessica Ennis-Hill and Katarina Johnson-Thompson heptathlon rivalry

Beijing witnesses new stage in the Jess and Kat rivalry

The last time the two British heptathletes competed, Ennis-Hill was on the way to Olympic gold and Johnson-Thompson was just a promising teenager. But a lot has happened in the following three years
Jeremy Corbyn: Joining a shrewd operator desperate for power as he visits the North East

Jeremy Corbyn interview: A shrewd operator desperate for power

His radical anti-austerity agenda has caught the imagination of the left and politically disaffected and set a staid Labour leadership election alight
Isis executes Palmyra antiquities chief: Defender of ancient city's past was killed for protecting its future

Isis executes Palmyra antiquities chief

Robert Fisk on the defender of the ancient city's past who was killed for protecting its future