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Monday, 20 November 1995

  • LETTER: Prozac and Ecstasy: the risks
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    Sir: In her letter yesterday (17 November), Joanna Nakielny, the spokesperson for Lilly Industries, said that Prozac, one of her company's products, is not a "street drug". She said that it is different from street drugs such as Ecstasy because it ha...

  • battleships
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    The standard mathematical problem concerns a submarine commander who has only one torpedo and wishes to fire it at the largest battleship in the enemy flotilla. They are sailing past him one by one, and once gone may never be caught up. The optimal s...

  • LETTER: Marriage of Major and Blair
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    Sir: Your editorial about John Major's proposals to reshape the Union ("Reshaping the Union, the McMajor way", 18 November), claims that the "case for a Home Rule parliament is irresistible on moral grounds, and may become so on practical and politic...

  • LEADER: The Windsors cannot win
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    It had small beginnings. Clearly Charles resented his wife's popularity with the public and for that reason, it would appear, elected to undertake their public duties separately rather than together. Charles' decision - fateful and catastrophic - to ...

  • LETTER: Children have the most to lose
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    Sir: Thank you for launching your "Children of War Appeal" (18 November). Children in a war zone are always the most vulnerable, and have the most to lose: you only get one childhood, and one chance to develop normally, both physically and mentally. ...

  • LETTER: Defence threat
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    Sir: The letter from John Alderson (20 November) misrepresents the speech made last week by the Defence Secretary to a tri-Service conference. He made no mention whatsoever of armed forces tackling "inner-city crime". Mr Portillo's speech was on the ...

  • LETTER: Adam's animals
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    Sir: The concept of animal rights surely dates back further than 200 years (letter, 15 November). One has only to open one's Bible at the beginning, Genesis, to discover that God created all living creatures and blessed them, and saw that this creati...

  • LETTER: Prozac and Ecstasy: the risks
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    Sir: Peer pressure pushes young people under 20 into doing things that they would not otherwise do, just for the fun of it. For some, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; for others, it becomes a regular occurrence. Often, sadly, it does not stop t...

  • LETTER: House of rascals
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    Sir: Lottie, aged two and a half, watched the state opening of Parliament on television and asked if the lady in the crown was "the Queen of the castle". Assured on this point, the discerning child then pointed to the MPs streaming in from the House ...

  • LETTER: Pay and displays
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    Sir: Peter Foster's suggestion (letter, 18 November) that museums should charge by the time spent on the premises could be met by the car-park system, when you take a timed ticket on entry and pay on departure. If payment is to automatic machines tha...

  • Steady hands can defuse a bombshell
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    What Labour is trying to do is to win the propaganda war it lost in 1992 before the next election campaign gets going. Last time, Labour's tax plans would have meant most people paying less; but the higher paid would have been hit hard. The Conservat...

  • Becket's brains: a snip at 50p
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    They might like to know that Monsignor David Lewis agrees with them. Monsignor David Lewis is a Catholic clergyman who has risen to some eminence in Rome and now is in charge of the large and imposing church called Santa Maria Maggiore, where the ver...

  • LETTER: The royal precedent
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    Sir: Why does David Aaronovitch say: "Charles is not just a troubled prince, but a modern male, confused, upset, clumsy, uncomprehending - as emotionally retarded as the rest of us" ("Another ripping royal yarn", 16 November) when, for years, reports...

  • LETTER: We have ways
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    Sir: The photograph of the MI6 building you printed today ("Love me do", 13 November) is a mirror image: Vauxhall bridge is shown to the left of the notorious spy centre rather than to the right. Is this a cunning security measure to foil potential i...

  • LEADER: The remaking of mice and men
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    These cases are landmarks for humanity's attitude to itself and the rest of the living world. It would be difficult to come up with less appealing standard-bearers than Oncomouse and PNG man for the brave new world of genetic engineering. In 1984, sc...

  • ANOTHER VIEW: Women priests: the tide turns
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    Women priests are not an innovation of this age and, contrary to common perception, they existed in the early Church among fringe, and often heretical, Christian groups. Much evidence for this has come from feminist activists who have failed to see t...

  • LETTER: Rouble routes
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    Sir: Neil Taylor says of Russia: "the lack of public transport requires a taxi transfer to the airport". (Business Travel: "Former Soviet states seek solutions", 15 November) In St Petersburg at the moment one can go to either of the airports by publ...

  • When Mandela went missing
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    While the execution of Saro-Wiwa and his colleagues at the opening of the Commonwealth summit caught even the most well-informed Nigeria expert off guard, there is little doubt that Mr Mandela lost his international political innocence that day. The ...

  • Less homework, more development
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    Sir: With regard to your article "11-year-olds shun homework for TV" (17 November), what is homework? The research reported, in common with other recent reports on this topic, fails to consider the range of activities undertaken by children outside s...

  • site unseen: Dock Police Cottages, West India Dock, London
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    After the Second World War, the impact of the lorry, the aeroplane and new forms of shipping goods ensured that swathes of Britain's old Docklands became redundant. Liverpool, Hull and Gloucester in particular have risen to the challenge of finding i...

  • chess
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    Black is practically devoid of moves, but White must find a way of keeping him bottled up. 1.f6 Kd1 2.f7 fails to reach the objective, because of 2...Nxb3+ 3.axb3 Bc3+. What White needs is a way to keep the knight pinned, while also closing in on the...

  • LETTER: The royal precedent
    Tuesday, 21 November 1995

    Sir: If Niall Ferguson ("Off With Her Talking Head", 20 November) teaches history at Jesus College, Oxford, he should know better than to say that Henry VIII got a divorce from Catherine of Aragon or that the Church of England was invented to let him...

  • LETTER: Men have responsibilities in family life
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    Sir: British society is not renowned for its great affection for women and children. They are invariably the butt of a patriarchal morality. Andrew Marr's article ("Tony Blair's new moral imperative", l4 November) is a welcome reminder to the upper e...

  • Chess
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    Curiously, those two, with their silly names, have left in the shade another brilliant Anderssen victory, which surpasses them in quality, if not in flashiness. Here is the game that is Anderssen's greatest win of all, which I hereby propose should b...

  • It was a right royal message
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    In other words, I imagine that the sort of people who like to go to see Ayckbourn plays are also the sort of people who would not want to miss the Princess of Wales pouring her heart out on Panorama. It is a matter of complete indifference to me, of ...

  • No taxation without explanation
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    The Government has also laid out its long-term tax ambitions in recent months: the abolition of Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax at a cost of at least pounds 4.5bn by the end of the century. Labour's approach to taxation will be guided by four p...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Gordon Brown's early Christmas
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    In political terms, this is a bold move from the Shadow Chancellor. He achieves, at a stroke, a number of goals. Mr Brown has stolen the Tories' tax-cutting clothes, while at the same time making a gesture to Labour concerns of cutting unemployment a...

  • LETTER: Men have responsibilities in family life
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    Sir: Why is the urge to have a large family still so strong in this country that even when a mother cannot feed herself or her children properly, it still does not occur to her to avoid further pregnancies (report, 14 November)? In Italy, where we us...

  • Creativity: ideas, thoughts, notions for a thesaurus
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    John Dyke says there's not much you can do with a thesaurus except dig it up and carbon date it. Some claim, he maintains, that it was a French tea-drinking lizard (thesaurus), others that it was the generic dinosaur (the-saurus). Send it back to the...

  • Off with her talking head!
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    It really does not matter much what his estranged wife says in her interview on Panorama, which will be broadcast tonight. The mere fact that the Princess of Wales chose to organise this public appearance without any consultation with Her Majesty the...

  • LETTER: Churchill's papers
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    Sir: I would like to put the record straight about the precise ownership of the Churchill Papers ("Dream machine that seduced a nation", 13 November). As we emphasised at the time of the announcement, the Government-owned official or state papers wit...

  • LETTER: Building a police state in Britain
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    Sir: Christopher Bellamy reports (17 November) a speech by Michael Portillo, Secretary of State for Defence, to top military and civil servants in which he painted a grave picture of future "inner-city crime", which may call for the Armed Forces of t...

  • LETTER: Nigeria: failure to learn from the Biafran war
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    Sir: I am a small shareholder in Shell, until last week dumbly unaware of the fact, and also a protester against President Abacha's treatment of those who oppose his regime. I have unwittingly got blood on my hands. I would like to sell, but will it ...

  • LETTER: What price noise and air pollution?
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    Sir: Reports of the Department of Transport's efforts to put a precise price on environmental issues as diverse as noise, air pollution and landscape degradation ("Minister aims to put a price on tranquillity", 14 November) give a depressing indicati...

  • ANOTHER VIEW: Whose property is life?
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    The rise of the biotechnology industry over the past two decades has provided the impetus behind the change. Powerful pharmaceutical and agro- chemical companies have argued that without intellectual property protection they have no incentive to inve...

  • LETTER: Dual entry for universities
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    Sir: A-level grade predictions are currently made up to a year before students take the examinations, and require that teachers choose from seven possible grades. Anyone who works with sixth-formers knows how volatile the performances of this age gro...

  • LETTER: Family planning helps Third World
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    Sir: I much appreciate Emma Brooker's report on our conversation ("Sex, libel and eugenics", 17 November). But there was one point where she over- simplified what I said. As the issue is important, I would like to explain. I said that the family plan...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: No absolution for war crimes
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    More than 50 men have been indicted on war crimes charges by the UN tribunal in the Hague.Only one is in custody. Two of them, the Bosnian Serb leader, Radovan Karadzic, and the military commander, General Ratko Mladic, have been charged with genocid...

  • This is the week that was
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    1906: Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Royce decide to go into partnership. 1970: The ten-shilling note goes out of circulation. 1979: Sir Anthony Blunt is stripped of his knighthood. 21 November: 1783: Jean de Rosier and the Marquis d'Arlandes ma...

  • LETTER: Nigeria: failure to learn from the Biafran war
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    Sir: It is disingenuous of Shell to inform us that revenues from the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Project will not start flowing until early next century (advertisement, 17 November). The facts of Nigerian life are that, even assuming the oil compa...

  • LETTER: Nigeria: failure to learn from the Biafran war
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    Sir: Nigeria is glutted with arms and has no war on its hands. The arms embargo, therefore, has to be a political joke. Had that embargo been imposed 27 years ago in defence of Biafra, it would have made sense; but the craven Commonwealth of those da...

  • LETTER: Dual entry for universities
    Monday, 20 November 1995

    Sir: Regarding your article "Universities devise new entry system" (17 November), they need to. Not only are the majority of A-level predictions wrong, but admissions tutors are forced to play an absurd guessing game of precisely matching target figu...

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Armenian genocide: To continue to deny the truth of this mass human cruelty is close to a criminal lie

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To continue to deny the truth of this mass human cruelty is close to a criminal lie
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Five voters from different backgrounds tell us what they expect from Syriza's charismatic leader Alexis Tsipras
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‘Longitude’ clock sets new record - 300 years on

Greenwich horologists celebrate as it keeps to within a second of real time over a 100-day test
Fears in the US of being outgunned in the vital propaganda wars by Russia, China - and even Isis - have prompted a rethink on overseas broadcasters

Let the propaganda wars begin - again

'Accurate, objective, comprehensive': that was Voice of America's creed, but now its masters want it to promote US policy, reports Rupert Cornwell
Why Japan's incredible long-distance runners will never win the London Marathon

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