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Friday, 24 November 1995

    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    I don't like it. It is total dross. Every note reeks of wanting to make money - Jonathan King, radio presenter, on the Beatles' new record There was no love. All you wanted was a cuddle and to be told you had done something good, even if it was only ...

  • Anniversaries
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    TODAY: Births: Charles Kemble, actor and playwright, 1775; Andrew Carnegie, industrialist and philanthropist, 1835; Carl Friedrich Benz, automobile pioneer, 1844; Leonard Sidney Woolf, publisher, 1880. Deaths: King Herod the Great, 4 BC; Prince Willi...

  • Birthdays
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    TOMORROW: Maj-Gen Sir John Acland, farmer and brewery director, 67; Professor Margaret Boden, philosopher, 59; Mr Paul Burnett, disc jockey, 52; Sir Alan Dalton, former chairman, Devon and Cornwall Development Company, 72; Miss Frances Dee, actress, ...

  • Letter: Farewell to the spirit of '68
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Sir: As a member of generation Y, I am proud to salute the endeavours of my more active brethren in taking to the streets to protest against the penny- pinching Government ("Students march against cash cuts", 24 November). Alas, little do they seem t...

  • Mutt nuts
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Or almost. Scarcely visible on the right cheek is a small scar - a reminder of the traumatic moment when our family's border collie bitch, Jo (named after Stalin), defended a hambone from the attentions of the 20-month- old author. My mother, after s...

  • Letter: A great British war novelist
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Sir: In his review of The Flower of Battle (Books, 18 November), Mark Bostridge commented: "Britain didn't produce a war novelist of the stature of Remarque, and it is perhaps regrettable that what is without doubt the greatest British novel of the w...

  • Happily eating into Forte
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Certainly Sir Rocco Forte, the international hotelier, does not intend to recruit the help of anyone next door at Granada. But he may have no choice. For he finds himself on the receiving end of what promises to be a very hostile takeover bid from th...

  • Obituary: Max Lejeune
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    De Gaulle was not dissuaded in his intention to take Lejeune and another minister, Louis Jacquinot, with him on his journey to Algiers on 6 June. Everyone warned him that ministers of the Fourth Republic, which had allegedly been prepared to abandon ...

  • Letter: Farewell to the spirit of '68
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Sir: I was saddened to read of the impact of heavy rain upon the radicals of Paris ("Students take to the streets in '68 style", 22 November). One is reminded of the crowds being halted for similar reasons some 200 years ago, thus failing to prevent ...

  • Letter: The rights of fish
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Sir: I refer to Sister Olga Millicent's letter of 21 November and wonder about the fish that went with the loaves. Yours faithfully, Patrick Serjeant Farnham, Suffolk 21 November

  • Letter: Reasons to clone a mobile phone
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Sir: With regard to your article "Mobile-phone industry acts against 'clones' ", (22 November), mobile phone cloning or re-chipping is not confined to fraudulent activity but has several legitimate purposes which you do not mention. For example, some...

  • Leading Article: Saved by Uncle Sam - but what about next time?
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    It was, in the end, the Americans who made the difference. This was the first major war in mid-Europe since 1945. It was a war that saw the return of concentration camps and genocide. Yet the Europeans, with their petty, national concerns, demonstrat...

  • Letter: Dud pills to turn kids off Ecstasy
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Sir: A practical way to fight the problems of Ecstasy would be for the Government to manufacture identical but harmless tablets and put them into circulation with appropriate publicity. The economics and logistics do not matter, they can be sold on t...

  • Running on the road to nowhere
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Seventeen minutes later, when I stopped the machine, four things had happened. A thick and unattractive medallion of sweat had colonised my T-shirt; four tracks of Oasis's (What's the Story) Morning Glory had played on the gym's CD machine; nine Dock...

  • Obituary: Junior Walker
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Born Autry DeWalt II in 1942 in Blythesville, Arkansas, the saxophonist was nicknamed Junior by his stepfather, whose name was Walker. When he turned professional in 1962, he took up the stage name of Junior Walker while still signing his composition...

  • Time for a little daylight - and sanity
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    John Butterfill, Conservative MP for Bournemouth West, wants to kill off Greenwich Mean Time, putting our clocks forward one hour in winter and an extra hour in summer. His Bill to bring this about came top of the annual ballot of private members' bi...

  • Letter: In a nutshell
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Sir: Duff Hart-Davis's conundrum over finding walnut shells within his walls (Weekend: 18 November) may be explained by the use (so I have been told) of nutshells as insulation by builders even during relatively recent times. As a chartered architect...

  • An historic decline in papal authority
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    As a Catholic feminist, what can I make of it all? What is the bottom line, I have to ask myself, of my attachment to women's priesthood? And what do I really believe about infallibility? When women are declared incapable of priesthood, I feel deep w...

  • Obituary: Professor A. D. Trendall
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    He devoted virtually all his academic career to the study of figure-decorated South Italian vases of the 5th to 4th centuries BC. There are at least 20,300 of them, and to modern eyes they range from the garishly complex and kitsch to the banal, from...

  • Obituary: David Dilwyn John
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Born in the Vale of Glamorgan, one of the four children of a tenant farmer, he was educated at Bridgend and at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. He graduated in Agriculture, took First Class honours in Zoology and did one year's research ...

  • Letter: The example of royal Europe
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Sir: In her Panorama interview Princess Diana suggested that her situation as estranged wife of one potential monarch and mother of another is without precedent. Two similar situations that spring to mind are those of Isabella of France (1292-1358) a...

  • Letter: Tighter net on asylum
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Sir: Nirj Deva's article (Another view: "Fair and firm on immigration", 22 November) is chilling, not only because he rejects allegations that the Government is playing the race card, but because he puts economic arguments before democratic values. H...

  • Letter: Voting system causes apathy
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Sir: Perhaps part of the reason for the public apathy towards party politics (''Party politics turns Britain into an 'apathetic nation' ", 23 November) lies in the fact that political parties increasingly seem to have lost interest in the needs and c...

  • Letter: The example of royal Europe
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Sir: Germaine Greer (24 November) describes the sad history of previous Princesses of Wales. Reading an account of the twilight of the Hapsburg Empire, I am struck by the similarities between Princess Diana and Elizabeth of Bavaria - the celebrated "...

  • Letter: The example of royal Europe
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Sir: In castigating the Little Englanders Polly Toynbee ("... the monarchy must quit its infantile fairyland", 22 November) overlooks the fact that she seems to be one of them herself. There is nothing in her article about the experience of half a do...

  • Letter: Farewell to the spirit of '68
    Saturday, 25 November 1995

    Sir: Your editorial this morning ("Let students pay - it's only fair", 24 November) is very pertinent but you miss one fundamental point. There is already a graduate tax. By improving employment prospects through further education, the earning potent...

  • LETTER:Patents that may save lives
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    Sir: One of the key issues not covered in the outcry over patenting of life forms ("Government gave animal patents", 21 November) is that of need. In addition to the ethical and moral concerns, surely patents should be considered on the issue of whet...

  • LETTER:Two 'entities' cannot make one peace
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    Sir: While I am delighted that there is a prospect of normal life returning for a great many of the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina, I find myself feeling uncomfortable with the Dayton plan ("Dayton deal holds seeds of own destruction", 23 November). Pe...

  • LETTER:Paean to dirges
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    Sir: Why is Andy Gill so waspish in his review ("Money can buy you love", 22 November) of the Beatles Anthology and, in particular, the single "Free as a Bird"? Considering the three surviving Beatles and the record producer Jeff Lynne were working f...

  • A case of cheap vodka at the Bar
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    Counsel: Could the defendant tell the court his name? Briggs: Yes, I could. Counsel: Then pray do so. Briggs: My name is John Lilias Briggs. Counsel: And, on the 14th of July last, did you enter the shop known as Hateways and proceed to the check-out...

  • LETTER:When God came to dinner
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    Sir: Sister Millicent Olga should know better than to describe God as a vegetarian (Letters, 21 November). Abel, the shepherd, was preferred to Cain, the tiller of the soil. And when God came to dinner, Abraham killed the fatted calf (Genesis 18:7). ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:Ireland must vote for the future
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    The Irish Republic is a young and dynamic society which now sees itself as European. Old notions of Irishness based on Roman Catholicism, republicanism and twee romanticism are being rethought. It has an increasingly successful economy and a left-win...

  • LETTER:'Misguided' Asylum Bill
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    Sir: Nirj Deva, MP, is quite wrong when he states that "most [asylum] applicants arrive from the troubled countries of Eastern Europe, Romania, Russia, Poland and Yugoslavia" ("Another View; "Fair and firm on immigration", 22 November). In 1995 to da...

  • God help the Princesses of Wales
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    Things didn't start too badly for Princesses of Wales. Edward, Prince of Wales, aka the Black Prince, married Joan Countess, aka the Fair Maid of Kent, when he was 31. Princess Joan had caused something of a scandal before she caught the prince's eye...

  • LETTER:Tips are accepted with gratitude
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    Sir: While I entirely agree that it is iniquitous for restaurants to mislead customers, no one is obliged to eat in them and those who object to what they have to pay can vote with their feet ("Restaurants 'should abolish tipping' ", 22 November). Li...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Let students pay - it's only fair
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    This is a serious situation, but the answer is not for the Government to give higher grants. It currently pays tuition fees for each student as well as providing means-tested grants. So students on a three-year course are picking up a subsidy from th...

  • LETTER:Patents that may save lives
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    Sir: Your contributors to the Oncomouse patent debate (reports, 20 November) seem to miss a couple of fundamental points about the patent system: 1. A patent does not allow any person to make or use the patented invention. All it does is to enable th...

  • LETTER:Two 'entities' cannot make one peace
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    Sir: The Bosnian peace agreement is a bad one because it provides international recognition of an "entity" - "Republika Srpska" [the Serb republic in Bosnia] - which can exist only because of the systematic ethnic cleansing of at least half its popul...

  • LETTER:We will not accept monster turbines
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    Sir: C. B. Moynihan (ex-Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Energy) writes that "The power output of the average wind turbine is set to double in the next few years", but he does not say why. The reason is that the latest turbine proposals are...

  • ANOTHER VIEW; Victim of a dogmatic law
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    Somewhere in the Government there sits a group of men from privileged backgrounds, who leapt straight from Eton and Oxbridge into positions of power that gave them the right to make rules and regulations for the ordinary man who worries seriously abo...

  • LETTER:Persecuted? Yah, rather
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    Sir: I enjoyed Mary Braid's article (20 November) on the sufferings of those who speak with regional accents, but there was one glaring omission: no reference to the way innocent speakers of RP (Received Pronunciation) are accused of being "stuck up"...

  • Watch out! There's a victim about
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    Sharon Wood is outraged by the invasion of her privacy. It was frightening, she felt harassed and she feared her children were about to be kidnapped. I called her to ask what her response was to this intrusion. She is suing the local authority for co...

  • LETTER:Know the way out
    Friday, 24 November 1995

    Sir: One way of administering a museum admission charge (Letters, 23 November) would be to make it refundable if visitors, on departure, could correctly answer a few simple questions on the exhibits. This would reward the diligent visitor and provide...

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