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Tuesday, 28 November 1995

  • Letter: Church put too much faith in commercialism
    Wednesday, 29 November 1995

    Sir: One important lesson the Church of England might learn from recent events surrounding the Nine O'clock Service in Sheffield is that the adoption by church authorities of commercial criteria and business methods has its dangers. The Bishop of She...

  • chess
    Wednesday, 29 November 1995

    1.Kc7, 2.Kd6, 3.Kd5, 4.Ke4, 5.Kf3, 6.Kg3, 7.Nf3, 8.Rd5, 9.Nf5, 10.N5xd4, 11.Nb5, 12.Qc5, 13.g1=B, 14.Be3, 15.Bxd2, 16.Ba5, 17.d2, 18.d1=Q, 19.Qh1, 20.Qxh6, 21.Qh3, 22.Kh4!! Half of those moves look utterly pointless, but the idea is now revealed: a p...

  • bridge
    Wednesday, 29 November 1995

    North 4A K 10 8 !K Q 9 5 2 #K 4 2 22 West East 45 4J 9 7 6 3 !A J !10 8 6 4 #Q 9 8 7 3 #J 5 2A K 10 9 7 26 5 South 4Q 4 2 !7 3 #A 10 6 2Q J 8 4 3 There was the possibility of a distinctly unusual avoidance play on this deal. Declarer missed it, and a...

  • Leading Article: Welcome to the world of Jesus plc
    Wednesday, 29 November 1995

    The Turnbull report into church governance, which the General Synod will discuss this week, addresses some real problems. There is no doubt of that. The Church Commissioners, under the hapless Sir Douglas Lovelock, lost pounds 800m - a third of churc...

  • Letter: Church put too much faith in commercialism
    Wednesday, 29 November 1995

    Sir: Bryan Appleyard's attack on the Church of England (28 November) attempts to distinguish between "fundamentalist evangelism" and "New Ageism", but things are not so simple. Both kinds of religion existed in Christianity from the start and have ap...

  • Letter: French lesson
    Wednesday, 29 November 1995

    Sir: Mary Dejevsky ("Warning of new French revolution", 25 November) makes it clear that republican France is not a country at ease with itself. For almost 100 years after the revolution of 1789, France was a monarchy of one form or another, and sinc...

  • Letter: Incentives for inventiveness
    Wednesday, 29 November 1995

    Sir: Kevin Watkins ("Whose property is life?", 20 November) is right to highlight the question of genetic engineering as one for public debate. But it should not be confused, as Mr Watkins seems to do, with the issue of patenting biological invention...

  • Letter: Steroid squeeze
    Wednesday, 29 November 1995

    Sir: Jim White is wrong to propagate the myth that body-builders have "fuller G-strings" ("Running on the road to nowhere", 25 November). Now that many body builders (allegedly) take anabolic steroids, side effects dictate that the reverse is often t...

  • Leading Article: Clinton shows true leadership
    Wednesday, 29 November 1995

    The chief virtue of Mr Clinton's speech was that it recognised how much is at stake for the United States in Bosnia. It is not just a matter of the need to implement the peace agreement recently negotiated in Dayton, Ohio, though clearly the Clinton ...

  • yesterday was
    Wednesday, 29 November 1995

    insecticide investors, with the news that the poisonous redback spider, common in Australia, has been sighted several times in Osaka, Japan. On the Tokyo stock market, shares in Fumakilla surged forwards before anyone was even bitten.

  • Cliches aren't what they used to be
    Wednesday, 29 November 1995

    "She's different from everybody else in the world," stammered Robert ecstatically. "You simply couldn't describe her. No one could!" His mother continued to darn his socks and made no comment. Only William, his younger brother, showed interest. "How'...

  • Letter: Fast forward on asylum cases
    Wednesday, 29 November 1995

    Sir: May I clear up the confusion apparent in the report "Howard names 'white list' " (24 November) by Heather Mills? The short procedure we have been piloting since May simply involves giving asylum applicants an early interview and a deadline for s...

  • Letter: In a muddle over Rupert Bear
    Wednesday, 29 November 1995

    Sir: The opening paragraph of David Brazier's article about Rupert Bear ("Rupert loses his bearings", 24 November), which links the decline of the economy and the British Empire, the low esteem of politicians and the collapse of the Royal Family with...

  • Letter: At the heart of healthy eating
    Wednesday, 29 November 1995

    Sir: In presenting the introduction of low-fat foods as some kind of marketing gimmick ("Too good to be true?", 24 November), Sarah Edghill has ignored one of the main drivers of this trend - namely the Government's Health of the Nation target to red...

  • If you're jobless the unemployment rate is 100 per cent
    Wednesday, 29 November 1995

    It was clearly time to reread Hard Times, with its anti-hero, Thomas Gradgrind, the businessman in Coketown, who turned out to be even more telling a figure than I recalled. You probably remember that he adored statistics, but couldn't see the people...

  • Letter: Church put too much faith in commercialism
    Wednesday, 29 November 1995

    Sir: Bryan Appleyard ("A church in psychedelic chaos", 28 November) is right to place the Nine O'Clock Service in the context of the church's decline. He is wrong to suggest that the "bourgeois backwoods" is the only alternative. On Wednesday, Genera...

  • LETTER: Is Howard right to resist EU anti-racism legislation?
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    Sir: Sarah Helm (25 November) is apparently unaware that there does exist "British" legislation against religious discriminationbut it only applies to Northern Ireland. The Home Secretary's position on this matter emphasises the increasing ignorance ...

  • LETTER: A world with the will to make peace
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    Sir: Both Adrian Hastings and Hugh Murnaghan (letters, 24 November) criticise the Dayton plan for Bosnia because it accepts a form of partition. They may care to reflect upon President Alija Izetbegovic's reaction to the murderous expulsion of the Kr...

  • backgammon
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    Secondly, there is a world wide web backgammon page. Its Internet address is: It is constantly updated by Stephen Turner of Cambridge. This includes a section for beginners, book reviews, annot...

  • yesterday was...
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    marabouts and feticheurs, - the soothsayers and witchdoctors of the Ivory Coast, who are being increasingly consulted by election candidates. One said that he didn't believe it himself, but had been obliged to sacrifice five sheep last week to please...

  • LETTER: Press coverage in the dock
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    others Sir: More than two months ago, the Port of Liverpool employers tried to make most of their dockers do more overtime work by dismissing the rest. If the dockers' union had called a strike, its funds would have been seized by the courts, so the ...

  • So farewell then, John Lennon
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    It seems a shocking reaction now and I was vaguely shocked by myself at the time, which is why I don't mention it often, but although I liked all the books he wrote and some of the songs he wrote, I always thought John Lennon was also a traitor to mu...

  • A church in psychedelic chaos
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    Some might think this is little more than a slightly younger, weirder version of the standard naughty vicar tale. The wild, rave context of Brain's exploitation of his lovelies made it unusual in giving it an apparent cultural significance that prope...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Taxing questions for Mr Clarke
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    For make no mistake about it, this will be a political performance. Mr Clarke has a complicated balancing act in front of him. The Conservative Party craves tax cuts in any form to bribe a hostile electorate and wrongfoot Labour. Meanwhile, he may ha...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Don't lock up your daughters
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    It isn't hard to see why some parents might be concerned. The offending article certainly doesn't beat about the bush. To a 16-year-old girl asking about performing oral sex, the agony aunt (after urging the teenager not to be pressured into the act)...

  • ANOTHER VIEW: Shell must heed the danger
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    Right now, Shell Oil is proving just how powerful modern business is, but in a very negative way. The revenue from its oil production is the lifeblood of the Nigerian dictatorship that murdered the writer, environmentalist and peaceful campaigner Ken...

  • LETTER: A world with the will to make peace
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    Sir: Now that the war in Bosnia is over and a peace deal has been agreed, it is important that the Western powers do not make the same mistakes that they have done in the past, namely doing too little, too late. There is still some probability that t...

  • LETTER: Is Howard right to resist EU anti-racism legislation?
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    Sir: Michael Howard is trying to make out that his resistance to an EU resolution on racism and xenophobia is a stand against unnecessary Eurocentralism. In reality, it is resistance to democracy and the rule of law in European decision-making. It is...

  • site unseen: The Council Chamber, Lowestoft Town Hall
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    In his early days, Peto helped construct several famous public structures, such as Nelson's Column, the Houses of Parliament and numerous theatres and gentlemen's clubs. He also helped finance the Great Exhibition of 1851, and was rewarded with a bar...

  • LETTER: Starved of sense
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    Sir: It may be that being so caught up with the philosophical niceties of whether Phraedrus is an early or late work of Plato, Julius Tomin has overlooked a less abstract problem regarding the dimension of time ("Pub philosopher on hunger strike over...

  • LETTER: Student loans are uncivilised
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    and others Sir: We are writing in response to your leading article "Let students pay - its only fair" (24 November). The article claims that the principle of making students pay is "sensible". Well, the only sensible option or principle is one which ...

  • LETTER: Restaurants make diners tip twice
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    Sir: Fed up with the apparent scorn with which my 15 per cent tip at the hairdresser's was received, I once asked an academic colleague how much he gave. "Nothing", he replied, "no one tips me." I have since wondered whether he ever went to the same ...

  • In Ireland, no war is still good news
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    So the message being sent to the politicians could hardly be clearer. But this is a message that changes in mid-air and arrives giving the opposite impression to the one intended. The more that resting terrorists warn London to give up the idea of de...

  • chess
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    Meanwhile, in Belgrade, Michael Adams has spent most of the Investbanka tournament in the bottom half of a very powerful field. His game against Vladimir Kramnik shows the sort of imaginative play he has been up against when meeting the new generatio...

  • LETTER: Is Howard right to resist EU anti-racism legislation?
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    Sir: For once the Home Secretary, Michael Howard, should be commended for resisting European pressure to make "denial" of the Holocaust illegal ("Howard opposed racism law 'to protect Rushdie' ", 25 November). To criminalise those suffering historica...

  • LETTER: Restaurants make diners tip twice
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    Sir: Your article "Restaurants should abolish tipping" (22 November) and subsequent letter (24 November) gloss over the most important point: many restaurateurs deliberately set out to cheat that majority of their customers who pay by credit card. Th...

  • LETTER: Restaurants make diners tip twice
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    Sir: I admire the honesty of Hermione Ainley (letters, 24 November) in admitting that her restaurant pays only a pittance to her part-time student workers. I am puzzled that she appears to be proud of this fact. A living wage for all her staff would ...

  • LETTER: A world with the will to make peace
    Tuesday, 28 November 1995

    Sir: It is difficult to disagree with your analysis (leading article, 25 November) that "the Europeans ... were not up to the task of settling the [Bosnian] conflict" and that "we are not yet ready to shake off 50 years of dependence on Washington". ...

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