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Sunday, 10 December 1995

  • this is the week that was
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    1769: Edward Beran of London patents Venetian blinds. 1956: The Government approves TV broadcasts between 6pm and 7pm. 1987: Charlie Chaplin's bowler and cane fetch pounds 82,500 at auction. His boots go for pounds 38,500. 12 December: 1915: The firs...

  • Lessons from a violent death
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    What is now needed is some quiet reflection and time to consider the state of our inner-city schools and what actually can be done to improve them. I have spent much of my 30-year teaching career in deprived inner London schools working with boys who...

  • Letter: A wheelie daft idea
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    Sir: The councillors of Wakefield ("Wheelie-bins dump pensioners in hospital", 8 December) are clearly one liquorice stick short of a Pontefract cake. What on earth were they up to, suggesting people should clean the insides of their wheelie-bins? I ...

  • 20 things your MP doesn't know about BSE
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    It is actually a very old disease, but it used to be called by other names. What other names did it used to be called by? Apoplexy. Choler. Wrath. Ire. Irascibility ... What does BSE actually stand for? Backbench Spleen Explosion. Who are affected by...

  • Letter: Here's to real ale
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    Sir: John Shepherd's article (7 December) on the latest fad in the drinks market is sound enough. But he may have left the impression that real ale is in decline. In fact, more real ale is sold now than in 1989. Over 100 new real ale breweries have o...

  • Letter: There is plenty to beef about
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    Sir: Following your excellent leader "To beef or not to beef ..." (6 December) you published two equally balanced "Argument" articles (7 and 8 December) on BSE. Two eminent scientists, Professor Colin Blakemore and Dr Robert Will, both agree that whi...

  • Letter: On the right track for a rail service
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    Sir: I read Christian Wolmar's article ("Bus company wins first rail franchise", 6 December) with interest and some indignation. Should Stagecoach be successful in winning the South West Trains (or any other) franchise, the one thing you can be sure ...

  • Leading Article: Crunch time for Labour's women
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    The Labour Party's aims are worthy enough. It is rightly determined to increase the number of women at Westminster. Out of 271 Labour MPs, only 39 are women - yet politicians make decisions which affect the whole population, more than half of whom ar...

  • An unwelcome season of judge-bashing
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    The season opened back in October at the Conservative Party conference. The party chairman, Brian Mawhinney, urged people disturbed by lenient prison sentences to protest to judges and magistrates. Public opinion does have a part to play in the sente...

  • Letter: Private investment in childcare
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    Sir: I was surprised by Professor Ruth Lister's remarks in her letter (2 December) that proposals to encourage lone parents to move into paid employment are of doubtful effect particularly while the Government "refuses" to invest in childcare facilit...

  • Letter: Franc remarks
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    Sir: If the UK economy is doing as well as our government says, and the French economy is doing as badly as their government says, could one of the economic gurus explain why the pound was worth Fr8.78 on 20 January 1994 and Fr7.65 today? Yours since...

  • Leading Article: The culture of the knife
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    But the death of Philip Lawrence, the respected head at St George's Roman Catholic comprehensive in Maida Vale, London, was particularly shocking because it underlined a new and important phenomenon. Where once school- boys might have threatened stic...

  • Letter: Moral choices for supermarkets
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    Sir: Richard D. North obviously has not thought long and hard enough about IFAW's campaign to persuade supermarkets not to buy Canadian fish because of the Canadian seal hunt (Section Two; "Moralists", 7 December). He believes that companies should n...

  • Letter: The princess and the plea for the homeless
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    Sir: So the Prime Minister believes that sleeping rough is a culture (report, 8 December): the implication being that people can choose whether or not to enjoy it. Before it is too late, let us have a grant from the Heritage Fund to preserve this pic...

  • Be bold, Prime Minister, and promise a referendum
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    The best way of consolidating the strength of his position at home while staying fully engaged in the practical discussions of Emu, which are now hotting up, would be for him to announce his promise to hold a referendum on Europe. This would be a fir...

  • Letter: There is plenty of beef about
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    Sir: Why is oxtail still being sold when the spinal column at its centre is joined to the brain of the animal? Yours faithfully, J. Barber Oxford 7 December

  • creativity taking up the rubber gauntlet of originality
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    The most popular ideas were udders for pantomime cows, waterproofing for reindeer antlers and bottle-feeding for quintuplets. Harold Stone, however, points out their useful social function, when worn at a dinner party with fingers cut off to identify...

  • Letter: The princess and the plea for the homeless
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    Sir: It is sad that the Princess of Wales's comments about homelessness have been seized on as evidence that she is entering the party political arena ("Tory MPs angry at Diana's political plea for homeless", 8 December). Homelessness is a social pro...

  • chess
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    The winner, however, was none of the established giants, but the young American Harry Nelson Pillsbury, who was, incidentally, the only man in the field without a moustache. Only 23 when he won the Hastings tournament, Pillsbury never had such a triu...

  • Letter: The princess and the plea for the homeless
    Monday, 11 December 1995

    Sir: On your front page today (8 December) you report that the Princess of Wales "condemned the sight of young people who 'resort to begging or worse, prostitution, to get money in order to eat'," and that "Conservative MPs immediately condemned the ...

  • Letters in brief
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    Roy Greenslade, Brighton lI WAS curious to read that Peter Bamford, the managing director of WH Smith, wants his customers to be informed and tempted ("Smith's torture on the rack", 3 December). That will be why my local branch has started putting CD...

  • Letter: A sea change
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    Barring the possibility of areclamation of the Channel, or a huge number of people setting up home beneath the waves, how can the fulcrum on which the population balances desert dry land (even with another 775 years of Tory government)? Have the auth...

  • Letter: A land wihout Pharaohs
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    The results of the first round indicate that a number of ministers have failed to be elected and have to run for a second round. One is the minister of supplies, one of the most popular members of the Egyptian government. Moreover, the brother of the...

  • Letter: Border issue
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    For the best part of 300 years, the Scots have been content to be part of the unified parliamentary state of the UK, in which they are over- represented. I submit that what has made them deeply dissatisfied more recently is not some timeless, divinel...

  • Smash and grab the publicity
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    The seasonally titled Operation Christmas Cracker was hailed by all the police forces involved as a great success. Dawn raids on the homes of 3,700 suspected burglars last Tuesday netted about pounds 1.5m of stolen property and led to 2,300 arrests. ...

  • Leading Article: Keep out of the classroom
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    Most teachers, and probably most parents too, would prefer Labour meddling to Tory meddling. This is because nearly all Tory ministers send their own children to private schools and therefore haven't the faintest idea what happens in state schools. S...

  • Tough enough to talk
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    In any consideration of the characters who might yet rescue the peace, David Trimble's name would be right at the top of the list. As leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, Trimble must decide whether there are any terms on which he can talk to Sinn Fe...

  • Labour's unswerving commitment to do not very much
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    Our great public corporations, which once seemed as permanent as medieval cathedrals - testifying to an equally simple though less secure faith - have been destroyed, sold off to people who were supposed to own them in the first place. Or they are, l...

  • Words
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    CHAOS was the Greek word for the infinite void, and also for the mass of disorganised matter from which everything began. In Judaeo-Christian mythology it is the raw material of the Almighty's six-day task, a fearful storm-racked waste extending to t...

  • Why we worry about meat
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    Similarly, whether or not it is a good idea to kill fellow beings and eat them, that is the way of the world, the animal kingdom included. The few exceptions to the rule (cows, horses, deer) would probably follow suit if only they could find out how ...

  • Beef's best when chewing the cud with chums
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    I have been an enthusiastic beef eater all my life. Morning, noon and night, house guests in Chateau Arnold find that assorted cuts of beef, beef and more beef are freely available: roast rib on the television in the drawing room, chump in the servan...

  • Funnily enough, my jewellery was never recovered
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    Not that you liked it much, but everyone knows how awkward mothers-in- law can be and this one isn't exactly overflowing with good will towards her sons' wives. The saving grace, however, is that you're travelling British Airways. You get on the phon...

  • Blessed are the peacemakers, but what do they leave for the meek? than the falsely modesty 'meek'
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    I say "propose" because this is, as far as can be determined from a study of the Scriptures, Clinton's very own idea. As a child, I had to listen attentively to the bits of Matthew that occur between chapters five and nine. I experienced some of the ...

  • Letter: That's rich!
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    Michael Cole Harrods, London SW1

  • Letter: Blood changes may cost lives
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    In Oxford (one of the threatened centres) the existing blood transfusion service works so efficiently that 100 medical consultants have urged the Minister for Health to leave it intact. When an Oxford donor gives blood it is tested at the John Radcli...

  • Letter: Under the influence of brandy
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    Why are the conglomerates which form the nucleus of the Scotch Whisky Association, some of which have close links with the main Spanish sherry and thus brandy producers, not pursuing those who use the word "brandy" in conjunction with a variety of fr...

  • Letter: The French straitjacket
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    The truth is that any government committed to a single currency is also committing itself to long-term high unemployment and a declining quality of public services. While generally on course to meet the Bundesbank's "convergence criteria", France nee...

  • Letter: How we managed to fail
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    With the decline of manufacturing, we were told by the Government that the future lay in financial services. David Bowen's piece suggests that it will be a pretty depressing future. British managements have failed; once again they will collect their ...

  • Letter: Art? I'd give it space in my freezer
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    I should love to have the painting if I had a house to match its quality. Alas, I have only a shed floor covered in spots and dribbles of paint, a pile of bricks in the back yard, and some bits of dead animals in the fridge. Bernard Guile Heathfield,...

  • Letter: Don't blame the welfare state: it's cheap
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    Michael O'Loan London SE10

  • Queen snubs used headgear ... Bingo lingo ... Mr Major's big whip
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    n LET'S STAY in this area for a moment, and talk about jewellers. You will have your own views. But I think we can agree that, in the general run of things, they're not without a bob or two, either. So I get this letter from Bentley & Co, of New ...

  • Quotes of the week
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    William O'Neill, project manager at Nasa, as Galileo's parachuted probe started to transmit pictures from Jupiter at 11.11pm GMT on 7 December Another interview, another yard of rope. Sooner or later she will hang herself. Sir Bernard Ingham on the P...

  • Letter: Don't blame the welfare state: it's cheap
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    The state in fact only absorbs 23 per cent of national income. More than half of public expenditure is not part of national income at all. The 40 per cent is a ratio to GDP, not a share of GDP. In Italy, where for years the ratio has been more than 1...

  • Letter: The French straitjacket
    Sunday, 10 December 1995

    Peter D Williamson Baildon, West Yorkshire

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