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Wednesday, 20 December 1995

  • LETTER : Risk assessment by league tables
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    Sir: As an anaesthetist, the assessment of risk to health is part of my everyday life. Similarly, every insurance premium that individuals pay is based on the likelihood of a particular event. Yet, as a society, risk assessment is something that rece...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : A warm glow in South Mimms
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    But yesterday, in the warm, well-lit halls of the South Mimms service station, whose thousands of cheerful lights cast a rosy glow out on to the grim greyness of the M25, stress was being banished. The benevolent ladies and gentlemen of the Royal Aut...

  • LETTER : Distorted view of teachers
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    Sir: I, along with my colleagues, am thoroughly sickened by the incessant attack on our professionalism ("Schools need much more than money", 16 December). It is the end of a long term and we are generally on our knees, having spent lunch breaks, eve...

  • LETTER : Interesting point
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    Sir: I am surprised that Tam Dalyell and/or Godfrey Agnew got the Chinese proverb wrong (obituary, 14 December). It is, of course, "fortunate are those who live in uninteresting times" - a much more oriental comment. Yours faithfully, K. Milnes Hudde...

  • LETTER : Permanent record of stage plays
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    Sir: David Lister argued (Section Two; "As not seen on TV", 6 December) that more theatre productions should be televised. Simon Curtis, executive producer of BBC's Performance series replied (Section Two, 13 December), pointing out that "superb thea...

  • LETTER : Civil liberties on the slippery slope
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    Sir: David Aaronovitch cites me in his interview with Jack Straw (Section Two; "Labour's Essex man", 20 December) as a representative of "liberal- minded folk" concerned with the rise of social authoritarianism in the ranks of new Labour. OK, I admit...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Something fishy at Westminster
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    But fish are not the precursor of an early election. Although Conservative numbers in the Commons are gradually being whittled down by death and defection, Mr Major still maintains an outright majority of three (five if you include Sir Richard Body, ...

  • LETTER : Impartial inquiry on Wayne Douglas
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    Sir: Your editorial ("Bulls in Brixton's china shop", 13 December) on the death of Wayne Douglas said "his death requires an independent investigation". I can assure you that our inquiry will be thorough and impartial. It will seek to get at the trut...

  • LETTER : Nice schools, pity about the pupils
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    Sir: I am interested in the reasons why so many parents favour private education. Is the real problem for the unpopular state schools the pupils who attend them, and not that they are providing inferior education? Yours faithfully, David Robinson Ele...

  • ANOTHER VIEW : In the name of fairness, keep assisted places
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    In "Buying more than just a good education" (20 December) she comforts herself with the thought that, wherever she lived and "like most people who can afford it, I would be secure in the knowledge that I still had the choice to go private if I didn't...

  • Chess / Dutch treat
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    In the first round, the only win came from a fine endgame by the lowest- rated player, the Dutch grandmaster Loek van Wely. From the diagram position (van Wely playing White against Zoltan Almasi), play continued 29.Kb3 Ke7 30.Ka4 Be3 31.b4 axb4 32.a...

  • Numbers / The anaesthetist
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    0: Number of people who signed up for a Leeds University course on the works of Catherine Cookson. 2: Times Diana uttered the name "Charles" in her Panorama interview. 8: Cups of tea drunk each day by the average inhabitant of Dagenham - the tea-drin...

  • Yesterday's man, today's hot spot
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    "My lords, ladies and gentlemen, and workers in the press media. This is not a ceremony like other ceremonies. For one thing, we will not be presenting a prize to any Personality of the Year. "To be a Personality is a dreadful thing. Whenever I hear ...

  • LETTER : Christian Christmases need Santa - and cribs
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    Sir: It will be a sad day for Christianity when the nativity play is "suppressed", as the Rt Rev Dr David Jenkins suggests it should be (Another View; "Separating the nativity from the naivety", 18 December) As an infant teacher who has staged the na...

  • LETTER : Prison regime for women
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    Sir: You are right to place responsibility for the horrors of Holloway at the door of the Home Secretary ("Howard must act on prison misery", 20 December). The excessive use of imprisonment, the overemphasis on security, the budgetary restrictions, a...

  • Why the ranters are right about EMU
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    And so it will be with the "Euro", the new European currency, the name of which was agreed last weekend. A grand battle is beginning in earnestbetween the common-sense instincts of ordinary people and the plans of Europe's most important politicians....

  • The great American stalemate
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    The conventional wisdom is now that Clinton, having climbed from the depths of public disgust and evaded the probing fingers of the Whitewater affair, will be triumphantly re-elected, the first Democratic president to gain more than one victory since...

  • Ivory towers / Christmas viewed from an unusual angle
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    First, dolls and guns. The problem of sexual-stereotyping of Christmas presents has been widely researched. A study in 1989 ("Age and gender differences in children's Christmas requests", Play and Culture, 1989) showed that while boys and girls reque...

  • LETTER : Christian Christmases need Santa - and cribs
    Thursday, 21 December 1995

    Sir: The upset caused by Canon Brian Andrews to the parishioners and children in his congregation is a lesson which the theologically minded need to learn ("Vicar's attack on Santa ends in tears", 18 December). Christmas is not about the historicity ...

  • Letter: Not a question of 'good' and 'bad' teachers
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Sir: Chris Woodhead's article ("Schools need much more than money", 16 December) is a demonstration of why so many teachers find his performance as Chief Inspector of Schools in the "unsatisfactory" department. To concentrate on one issue, that of cl...

  • Letter: Jonah and the Tooth Fairy
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Sir: Your front-page story (18 December) regarding Canon Brian Andrews telling his congregation that neither Santa Claus nor the Tooth Fairy really exist included a comment by the Rt Rev Dr David Jenkins that "the teaching of Christianity would benef...

  • Letter: Labour intensive
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Sir: Having not seen BBC2's series about the Labour Party, The Wilderness Years ("Welcome back from the wilderness", 19 December), I remain at a loss as to the purpose of the enterprise. Much of what I have read in the press must have something to do...

  • Balls are good training for princes
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    So of course Prince William should have gone to the Mistletoe and Feathers balls. If he is denied this sort of experience, in later life he may not know how to react to the inevitable sexual confrontations that he will face. A recent Tatler survey of...

  • Letter: Bouncing Euro
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Sir: So, we are going to have a marsupial as our currency (Euro is a kind of kangaroo). I assume that a hundreth of a Euro will be a Joey. Yours faithfully, Jean Brazier Bristol

  • Leading Article: Mr Murdoch goes over the top
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Still, all's fair in love, war and commerce. These top players are getting large sums of money for signing their independence away. And News Corporation is pouring millions of pounds into rugby league clubs which were heading for broke. To the dismay...

  • Letter: The taxman triumphant
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Sir: Richard Jones and his staff at the Large Groups office of the Inland Revenue should be congratulated for improving the Revenue's appreciation of the way business operates ("The taxman with his sights on a clear picture," 18 December), but his "c...

  • Letter: Snobs labelled?
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Sir: Please do not be so patronising about high-street shopping ("Christmas challenge in the high street"). I imagine that many of your readers, like myself, have neither the time nor the money to shop at leisure in London's designer outlets. We have...

  • Buying more than just a good education
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Am I a Friend of Independent Schools? Well, each of my four children has spent some time in one, at differing points in their school careers. But a Friend? I suppose so, yes. I do not indulge in that liberal queasiness that uses the private sector bu...

  • Sons damaged by fathers behaving badly
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    For boys, it seems that a bad father is worse than no father. In my study, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, I talked to a group of 99 young men about the quality of care that their fathers provided throughout their childhood and ad...

  • Letter: Bouncing Euro
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Sir: As it has been decided to call the new unit of currency for Europe the "Euro", will financial experts be called "Eurologists" in future? Yours faithfully, Geoff Sherlock Amersham, Buckinghamshire 15 December

  • Letter: Not a question of 'good' and 'bad' teachers
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Sir: That schools need much more than money is not in dispute. What requires constant re-affirmation is that they do need much more money, and the Chief Inspector does our schools a disservice in weakening the argument for this. Granted that the key ...

  • bridge
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    After a pass by West, North opened 1NT and South jumped to game in hearts to end matters. A fair case could have been made for a raise to 3NT instead: if North has nothing in hearts, it is unlikely that another suit will be wide open. In practice, Ea...

  • Andrew Lees certainly helped inspire local people to love what was on their doorstep
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    In the mid 1970s, Lees studied at Cardiff University. He became interested in a wetland site at Swansea. It was and remains a peculiar place. Surrounded by 19th-century coal mines, and fringed with industry, it is not much visited for obvious wildern...

  • chess a clash of geniuses
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    The Sorceror's Apprentice, by David Bronstein and Tom Furstenberg, (Cadogan Chess, pounds 14.99) is one of the most original and delightful chess books to appear in recent years. Starting with an anarchic set of "40 Recommendations for the Novice" th...

  • Letter: Not a question of 'good' and 'bad' teachers
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Sir: What about trendy inspectors? In the Fifties, Sixties, Seventies and possibly longer, many experienced, well-qualified, devoted but traditional teachers knew who the enemy was. Yours faithfully, C. G. Jermey London, N12

  • Nicked at the cutting edge of bourgeois life
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    When the police declare an amnesty on people carrying knives, it is not just the schoolchildren of the nation they are appealing to, our dear little schoolchildren armed to the teeth with guns, knives, cutlasses and machetes. Nor is it merely to the ...

  • Leading Article: Howard must act on prison misery
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Let us not forget that many of the women in Holloway are not there for particularly serious offences. A number were incarcerated after failing to pay a fine for not having a television licence. Many are on remand and have not been found guilty of any...

  • Letter: No BSE from SAEs
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Sir: Why does the consumer have to stop eating beef just because the British farmer cannot provide a guaranteed BSE-free product? This morning my local supermarket is charging pounds 3.90 a pound for steak. In America the price for the same product i...

  • Letter: Jonah and the Tooth Fairy
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Sir: When my eldest daughter was seven years old, we over-heard her instructing her kid brother on Christmas Eve in these words: You see, Tim, Father Christmas is a game we children have to play with grown-ups, so that they won't be disappointed. Are...

  • Ruined by a lie, not a lifestyle
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    For the point that rings out clear from the Royal Courts of Justice is that shame lies not in the supposed homosexuality of a man in public life, but in the hypocrisy of his denial. Nevertheless, the public response, I suspect, will be overwhelmingly...

  • yesterday was...
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Alison Tyler, who completed her charity-fundraising lunchathon by eating her 100th Christmas lunch in six days. Her feat raised pounds 10,000 for the Children's Hospice Appeal and the Orlando fund to send sick children to Disneyworld. A bad day for: ...

  • Letter: Not a question of 'good' and 'bad' teachers
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Sir: For too long I have read of the failings of teachers. We have become the target of both the major parties. I have been a teacher since 1969 in both sectors and, for the most part, worked with caring, dedicated professionals. I am not denying tha...

  • Letter: Jonah and the Tooth Fairy
    Wednesday, 20 December 1995

    Sir: Reindeer may not be very strong, as Lars Breimer observes (letter, 19 December) but they are certainly strong enough to pull a man in a sledge. It was a reindeer pulling a sledge that saved the life of Jan Baalsrud, a Norwegian soldier, sent fro...

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