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Tuesday, 21 February 1995

  • Happy families: a game of charades
    Wednesday, 22 February 1995

    The Joseph Rowntree Foundation publishes a major study this Friday on family disruption. Breakdown, of course, is an evil, whether it is cars, talks or marriages. So, first the frighteners - marriage rates are at their lowest since records began 150 ...

  • What now for animal rights? PROPOSITIONS
    Wednesday, 22 February 1995

    We have to ensure that the European political agenda changes as public awareness grows. After all, many of the southern European organisations are still in a fledging state, whereas the RSPCA was formed in 1824. With over a century of animal welfare ...

  • Leading article:The case for doing nothing
    Wednesday, 22 February 1995

    Right up until the late Seventies, no one in a rape trial enjoyed anonymity. But the disclosure of identity was found to discourage women who had suffered attack from coming forward to testify. So when the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act was being pr...

  • Letter:Arts Council's role in the lottery
    Wednesday, 22 February 1995

    Sir: Your in general kind and accurate description of the structure of the Arts Council (18 February) contains one important error of fact, one of omission and one of interpretation. The Lottery Board of the council does not allocate the lottery fund...

  • Rubbing salt in nurses' wounds
    Wednesday, 22 February 1995

    Which leads one to wonder how health ministers and the NHS Executive can keep on getting it so wrong in dealing with the pay of doctors and nurses. During the past three or four months, a conflict has been brewing over whether the pay of health worke...

  • Letter:Future people
    Wednesday, 22 February 1995

    Sir: Gill Alderman (letter, 14 February) is right to correct the impression that authors of sci-fi have failed to populate their fantasies with the multi-ethnic descendants of the present. In fact, most of the better science fiction authors have made...

  • Letter:High returns on family life
    Wednesday, 22 February 1995

    Sir: The point Francine Stock overlooks ("Is the Archbishop missing the point?", 17 February) is that a couple deciding to have a child assumes society will be there to provide education, health services etc, for that child. In return, it is reasonab...

  • Letter:Politics may cost councillors their jobs
    Wednesday, 22 February 1995

    Westminster Council London, SW1

  • Leading article:No drug cures without care
    Wednesday, 22 February 1995

    Infectious diseases have returned with a vengeance. The plight of these patients is a sign of the future when more diseases are likely to prove unresponsive to the antibiotics that have saved millions of lives since the Second World War. Yesterday, P...

  • Leading article:Witty film, nutty editorial
    Wednesday, 22 February 1995

    Films cannot only be about cookery classes and nice people doing nice things. If they were, does anyone seriously believe the mugger would wake up and say, "Gosh, cookery classes, I'll help old ladies across the streets today"? Drama has always taken...

  • Letter:Accept gifts of the Spirit quietly
    Wednesday, 22 February 1995

    Sir: Dr Paul Dixon (Faith & Reason, 18 February) says that those who exhibit physical effects of a "Toronto Blessing" also report a spiritual experience similar to ASC (Altered States of Consciousness) which correlates with that experienced by pr...

  • Letter:Slovakia sets a fine example
    Wednesday, 22 February 1995

    Sir: What, I wonder, did George Foulkes MP actually see in Slovakia to make him imagine independence has been so disastrous for that nation? ("Another View", 14 February). His impression certainly does not agree with mine, formed when I was there las...

  • Positive change at Probation Service
    Wednesday, 22 February 1995

    Sir: In the next few weeks the Probation Service will face an unprecedented barrage of criticism from the Home Office, followed by drastic proposals for changes in its practice, recruitment and training. These will amount to the destruction of the se...

  • Letter:Heart-throbs who don't ham it up
    Wednesday, 22 February 1995

    Sir: I must take issue with Genevieve Fox's article "Hollywood comes to Hackney" (17 February) on Ralph Fiennes's forthcoming Hamlet. This refers to "a recent and ill-fated tradition of brainless Hollywood heart- throbs turned Hamlets" and, more seri...

  • A nice gene, but I'm not wearing it
    Wednesday, 22 February 1995

    "We really think we are on to it this time!" enthuses the high-profile geneticist Wayne Kelly. "We think we may have stumbled on the big one in DNA. We think we've located a gene which governs the way we think about genes, and that means a gene which...

  • Letter:Words to play with
    Wednesday, 22 February 1995

    Sir: I have thought of some more words to rhyme with orange: syringe, fringe, cringe, whinge, hinge, tinge and singe. Yours sincerely, TAMARA AL-JANABI (age 11) Epsom, Surrey

  • Letter : Orange and purple poetry
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    Sir: Surely "lozenge" no more rhymes with "orange" than "doubloons" with your correspondent's name "Patroons" (letter, 18 February). It is said that Robert Browning, when challenged to find rhymes for "orange" and that other unrhymable word, "month",...

  • Letter : Race relations: EU border controls, Clause IV, `honorary' citizen
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    Sir: You recognise that the debate on border controls is dominated not by fear of immigration but of black immigration ("The race card is still in the pack", 14 February). It is disappointing, therefore, that you conclude, albeit reluctantly, that th...

  • Another View : Too awful to be true?
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    Your leader writers allege that my intention, in revealing certain KGB connections, was to make money. Undoubtedly their judgement is based on what they would do themselves. They seem to have forgotten that I worked secretly for the British for 11 ye...

  • Letter : Bill for war widows
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    Sir: On 21 February, Lord Freyberg will move amendments to the Pensions Bill highlighting the plight of our war and service widows. As the 50th anniversary of VE Day approaches, we wish to add our collective voice to his efforts on behalf of this mos...

  • Letter : Gene article had inherent fault
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    Sir: I was saddened that such a distinguished scientist as Patrick Bateson should write a misleading article on "The perils of genetic determinism" (18 February). The account of development that he provided, in terms of an interplay between individua...

  • Letter : Orange and purple poetry
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    Sir: How about: The delectable Lydia Gorringe, Sported hair of a rich russet orange. But although all the men are Convinced she used henna, She said "No - it's rust from a door hinge. Yours sincerely, TIM OWEN London, SW19

  • Don't relinquish your seats too easily
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    What, though, if the Euro-scepticism and the hyper-Thatcherism they detect in the party is not peaking, but is only starting now to gather momentum? That would have jaw-dropping implications for the current political order. But this is not implausibl...

  • Letter : Unionists' fears are justified
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    Sir: Your report "Unionists stand alone in anger" (17 February) describes how Unionists now feel isolated. Even the moderate Jim Nicholson (chairman of the Ulster Unionist Party) says: "We have no true friends in either government. We expect no quart...

  • There's no news like old news
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    Well, why was everyone talking about female clergy one day as if nothing else in the world mattered and the next they were forgotten? J Seedy-Rom writes: Because Dawn French made a sitcom about them. Statistics show that when a sitcom is made about a...

  • Leading Article : Natural born hypocrisy
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    The media reaction to Stone's violent condemnation of violence proves the point, he insists in an interview in this newspaper today. Journalists who habitually turn horrible murders into entertainment have been happy to report the copy-cat killings t...

  • Leading Article : Electric storm in the city
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    In the old days of nationalised corporations, the public figures were men like Alf Robens and Sir Peter Parker, who became household names. They were the figureheads of organisations like the National Coal Board and British Rail, appearing regularly ...

  • Letter : Footnote
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    Sir: James Fenton's attempt to belittle the Sunday Times' report about KGB contacts with Michael Foot was a piece of polemic that would not have disgraced the Disinformation Department of the First Chief Directorate at the height of its powers ("Spy ...

  • Letter : Race relations: EU border controls, Clause IV, `honorary' citizen
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    Sir: What is it that causes any member of the House of Lords to believe that making Raoul Wallenberg an honorary citizen ("Posthumous acclaim for a hero of the age", 16 February) is to confer on Wallenberg something of value when there is a member of...

  • EVIDENCE : Urban stress, creative tension
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    But too many European cities are losing people and jobs, too many city centres are losing life to out-of-town centres, and too many public housing estates are becoming islands of multiple social problems and exclusion. Yet throughout history, cities ...

  • Sins of the father - or the press?
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    However, the ethical Karma Sutraflaps open to reveal new contortions of morality in the form of two unorthodox political sex stories: this week's extensive revelations from Mrs Jean Keirans, once the lover of the young John Major, and this week's cov...

  • Letter : Orange and purple poetry
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    Sir: Michael Fishberg (letter, 20 February) suggests "door-hinge" as a rhyme for "orange", but he does not see how the two words could be used in the same context. There is no difficulty about this, as the following clerihew shows: Said the Doctor, "...

  • Letter : Orange and purple poetry
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    Sir: H. Patroons (letter, 18 February) has shown a brave attempt to provide a rhyme for "orange", but I don't think "lozenge" really foots the bill. As anyone living in the Abergavenny area knows, there is only one true rhyme for "orange", and that i...

  • Letter : Race relations: EU border controls, Clause IV, `honorary' citizen
    Tuesday, 21 February 1995

    Sir: We are writing to ensure that your readers are given an opportunity to hear the full range of views surrounding the current debate on Labour's object and values. The world is no longer divided into subject peoples of different colonial empires, ...

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