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Tuesday, 7 February 1995

  • Call for a fair deal for the Third World
    Wednesday, 8 February 1995

    Justice needs to be applied to our policies on arms sales, to our policies on trade ensuring that we pay a fair price for the goods that we enjoy, such as tea and coffee; and justice for the poor needs to become the basis for the policies of the IMF ...

  • Humanity, not violence, please
    Wednesday, 8 February 1995

    Unfortunately, the increasingly violent behaviour of some demonstrators may make it difficult to keep that sympathy alive in a public that is growing ever more fearful of lawlessness and anarchy. Some of the violence undoubtedly comes from the rent-a...

  • Charles I was a peculiar Anglican
    Wednesday, 8 February 1995

    The political claims and pretensions of the Papacy were anathema to him as to most sensible monarchs, but when his courtiers interpreted the masque dancing of the Anglican king and his Catholic queen as a symbol of rapprochement, they were not entire...

  • RHS rule changes should be opposed
    Wednesday, 8 February 1995

    Had the council of the RHS announced its plans for the Lindley Library by September, any member could have put forward a resolution opposing the move. Next year, if the new by-laws are passed, such a resolution (always supposing the council has not a...

  • Eurosceptics' faith in sovereignty ignores the tide of history
    Wednesday, 8 February 1995

    To me, the archetypal federal constitution is that of the United States. Those of Canada and Australia also come to mind. They are characterised by having, as well as a federal legislature, a central federal executive, having substantial powers - exc...

  • Flood prevention depends on restoration of the wetlands
    Wednesday, 8 February 1995

    Yours faithfully, T. S. SANDS Director of Conservation Wildlife Trusts Lincoln

  • Eurosceptics' faith in sovereignty ignores the tide of history
    Wednesday, 8 February 1995

    To be sovereign, a nation must also be solvent. But for trade and financial markets, frontiers have lost their meaning and separate currencies are merely irritants. Meanwhile, telecommunications, transport and energy in Europe are taking centre stage...

  • Ask no questions, you get no lies
    Wednesday, 8 February 1995

    Birt: Well... Me: Excuse me, but I haven't asked you a question yet. Birt: I'm sorry. Me: Surely you must realise that the only reason that someone like Jeremy Paxman adopts the tone of a well-born Spanish inquisitor is that he knows that the subject...

  • Cabinet on the picket-line
    Wednesday, 8 February 1995

    David Hunt, the Cabinet's chief shop steward, was down at the Nolan Committee yesterday stoutly defending privileges that wheel tappers and shunters could only dream of. Of course ex-ministers should be free to take up the jobs of their choice, Mr Hu...

  • On to our next caller, and make it snappy
    Wednesday, 8 February 1995

    Talk, like Wonderbras or the Troggs, is a big new cultural rediscovery. Broadcasters have seized on Talk as a way of being both entertaining and serious. On the one hand, it pulls in the punters; on the other, it involves the people, thus allowing th...

  • PROPOSITIONS: Busting out of the classroom
    Wednesday, 8 February 1995

    0 from September. It is time to impose a statutory upper limit on class size. Since the 1988 Education Reform Act introduced local management of schools, funds have been directly related to pupil numbers. The temptation is for schools to accept more ...

  • Whoever said `no turning back'?
    Wednesday, 8 February 1995

    Yet something important has changed with the apparent conversion of the left to European integration, and the evolution of the Thatcherite right into outspoken and rebellious scepticism. The change is not just striking but also mystifying, since the ...

  • another view: A warrior monk speaks
    Wednesday, 8 February 1995

    Like my fellow monks, I am said by the article to be skilled at "cloaking a base ideology in the language of freedom", so remember, before you read on, that you have been warned. Let me just explain what support for the unity and independence of the ...

  • Nato - the next generation
    Wednesday, 8 February 1995

    A low point was reached last November, when one of the worst rows between the United States and its European allies broke out over how to react to the Serbian assault on the Bosnian enclave of Bihac. The new ideas now taking shape in the Nato countri...

  • Diary
    Wednesday, 8 February 1995

    establishment paper, that everybody knew it was a national. Clearly, the right man for that job. There's no chance of his being snubbed this year. In picking Jaspan, the Scott Trust has alighted on an Andrew Neil-style figure, full of bustling energy...

  • DOCUMENT: No deserters in the global army
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    The style may be dense, the appeal oblique, but the report's suggestions are as radical as anything in any of the previous reports: the Brandt report on world poverty, the Palme Commission on disarmament, and Brundtland's report on the environment. T...

  • A media storm of one's own
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    Well, this sounds very much like what happened to the director-general, who got his own spit blown back in his face. He was certainly only hinting when he spoke of "overbearing interviewers who sneer disdainfully at their interviewees" and reminded u...

  • Not a nice task, but Salman's gotta do it
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    "Late Show on the line for you, Salman," said the policeman, putting his hand over the receiver. "Tell them to get stuffed," said Salman without looking up from his word processor. "Be fair, Salman," said the policeman. "They haven't pestered you for...

  • Blair's big chance of power ... but not yet
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    But, on the other hand ... yes. There is a situation developing which is unstable enough to offer Tony Blair rich opportunities and may radically change the politics of the year ahead. Before explaining why, though, let us deal with the unlikeliness ...

  • ANOTHER VIEW: Come clean on pay and perks
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    I am not in the business of preaching the politics of envy. The TUC backs proper reward for excellence, and people being paid well for their efforts. We are not opposed to share option schemes per se, nor do we want a legal ceiling on top pay. What w...

  • LETTERS: No one listens to Generation Y
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    The present problem the youth of today face is that we have no one to turn to in Parliament who is prepared to listen to what we have to say, and fight for what we want. Mr Hughes is quick to claim that his party is "responding to issues that particu...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:Call out the waste-busters
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    The figures show that there must be change. We suffer more fire deaths than comparable countries, the number of fires is growing and so are the number of injuries caused by fire. What is more, the difficulties faced by the service are likely to grow....

  • LETTERS: Egypt needs foreign help if it is not to go the way of Algeria
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    Yours faithfully, Randhir Singh Bains Gants Hill, Essex 2 February

  • LETTERS: Central to any Czech history
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    The economic foundations for this had been established in pre-1914 Habsburg-ruled Bohemia and Moravia, where Czechs and Germans alike had created a thriving industrial economy. Czechoslovakia, and now the Czech Republic, may be recognised as the exce...

  • LETTERS: Screening's role in cancer detection
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    To put this problem in perspective, out of every 10,000 women screened, approximately 60 cancers will be detected earlier at screening and eight will be "missed" because subtle radiological features were overlooked. Yours sincerely, C.B.J. Woodman Di...

  • LETTERS: Tarantino's video view of the banal
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    Cinema at its best broadens and deepens our awareness of seemingly banal landscapes. Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are both impressive films. Yet Tarantino restricts the landscape of cinema to the world of the exploitative video. I can't help feeli...

  • LETTERS: Unlicensed trucks, unlicensed drivers
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    2. Make it easy for the police, traffic wardens and the public to spot an unlicensed truck by printing the licence in colour (as for cars), but with a square shape (unlike cars). Without meaningful enforcement and meaningful penalties, too many irres...

  • LETTERS: Size is no object
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    Yours sincerely, Nicholas Jory London, N1

  • LETTERS: Peace for Ireland, progress for Britain
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    The future for all of us is bleak unless governments are prepared to commit wholeheartedly to Europe. Sectarian myopia isn't only the preserve of the parties in Northern Ireland. Yours faithfully, David Sellicks Tonbridge, Kent 1 February

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Beam us all up, Scotty
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    Gene Roddenberry, the series' creator, may have been an alcoholic lecher, and several of the actors pompous prima donnas in their earthbound lives. But they offered, and still offer, us the dream of an ordered universe in which humankind could, by co...

  • Epilepsy drugs row
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    Terry O'Leary, chief executive of the British Epilepsy Association, said: "If this survey gets patients back to their doctors and specialists asking for their treatment to be reviewed it will have achieved its purpose."

  • LETTERS: Egypt needs foreign help if it is not to go the way of Algeria
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    Everyday, extremists are being "manufactured" in Egypt's torture cells. The destruction of homes, burning of crops and beating of women by the security forces have already alienated most of the countryside in upper Egypt. Journalists and writers are ...

  • LETTERS: Peace for Ireland, progress for Britain
    Tuesday, 7 February 1995

    People of Britain and Ireland need both peace and progress, and they need Labour to put them both forward. These are not alternatives. Yours, John Nicholson Manchester 6 February

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