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Friday, 10 March 1995

  • Stop the generals invading the bedroom
    Saturday, 11 March 1995

    The Ministry of Defence maintains that "homosexuality is incompatible with military service", and continues to sack up to 100 men and women a year directly because they are lesbian or gay. These men and women are subjected to extensive investigations...

  • More to come from the `auld country'
    Saturday, 11 March 1995

    Ever since he became party leader, Scotland has provided Mr Blair with his sternest challenges. At the Blackpool party conference last year, Jim Mearns, the Glasgow Maryhill delegate, set the tone for Scottish opposition to the leadership's Clause IV...

  • LETTER: Animus against Oxbridge
    Saturday, 11 March 1995

    Sir: Nicholas Faith allows his animus against Oxbridge ("Dear Oxford dons", 9 March) to cloud his ratiocinative faculties. First, he complains that the state pays more to educate undergraduates at Oxford and Cambridge, and dismisses the answer that w...

  • LETTER: A natural born killer? Not Abigail
    Saturday, 11 March 1995

    Sir: Carolyn Hart ("Children are obscene but not heard", 8 March) gives a sympathetic account of the obstacle course that authors of children's books must traverse in these post-Whitehouse politically correct days, but there is one hassle she does no...

  • Scholar with a foot in the real world
    Saturday, 11 March 1995

    Cardinal Martini politely turns aside such suggestions when they are put to him and concentrates on the task in hand. Teaching, in a foreign language, to a cathedral full of English Catholicism's most distinguished figures is a comparatively easy tas...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Hard choices: but who decides?
    Saturday, 11 March 1995

    From this point of view, yesterday's courtroom wrangling between the girl's parents and Cambridgeshire Health Authority looks obscene. It was, however, a glimpse of the real world in which armies will not disband, nor taxpayers scrimp and save in the...

  • LETTER: Feminist in all but name
    Saturday, 11 March 1995

    Sir: Polly Toynbee is right to point out that there is variety within the women's movement ("A day but not an era for women", 8 March). What she refers to as "alternative crankiness" is merely hundreds of thousands of individual women celebrating Int...

  • Better the street than Fat Pat
    Saturday, 11 March 1995

    The good news is that I've discovered two new entries for Mr Rod Ellis's anthology, 101 Things Streetwise People Do. A streetwise girl has a friend who isn't much, as in: "Where's Reena, the mad alsatian?" "With my friend. She isn't much, my friend."...

  • LETTER: Starting point for ending bad habit
    Saturday, 11 March 1995

    Sir: Smoking is a minority activity. Even if Brian Appleyard's assumptions are right ("The anti-smoking fundamentalists", 8 March) , that many people are casual smokers, it still means 50 per cent of people never smoke, and wish to avoid smokey atmos...

  • LETTER: Touching base at mother's breast
    Saturday, 11 March 1995

    Sir: I have quite often seen, in Africa, a small child run up to its mother, who had been suckling a baby, to have a swig. Not a meal - just a kind of affirmation of their relationship and also, surely, for the child, a reassurance that it had not be...

  • LETTER: Racial scapegoats
    Saturday, 11 March 1995

    Sir: Charles Murray makes a confused and old argument about the links between race and IQ ("How I would tackle the new rabble", 9 March). He makes assumptions that black people have lower intelligence, and are breeding faster than whites. This is not...

  • LETTER: The Church cannot remain silent on homosexual love
    Saturday, 11 March 1995

    Sir: While you may applaud Bishop Derek Rawcliffe's self-disclosure of being homosexual as brave, there will be others, such as myself, who regard his comments as disloyal and divisive. I suppose Derek Rawcliffe, as a retired bishop, is answerable to...

    Saturday, 11 March 1995

    Sir: Your editorial (9 March) is quite right that the Christian church has no theology of sexuality, but misses the reason why. Orthodox Christians have a profound and wonderful theology of heterosexuality. From the Bible's opening chapter to its clo...

    Saturday, 11 March 1995

    Sir: Seen together, Cardinal Hume's statement on homosexual love and Bishop Rawcliffe's public declaration of his own homosexuality show a marked shift in the long-standing debate within mainstream churches of this contentious subject. Your well-cons...

    Saturday, 11 March 1995

    Although I was not guilty of the crime of which I was accused, the resulting media coverage makes me wonder if I shall ever be innocent again - Craig Charles, actor acquitted of rape charge Ministers are not elected and appointed for their chastity -...

  • Bishops, rabbis and morality
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    From Mr Nicholas Walter Sir: Jonathan Sacks spoils his plea for a return to the family ("Finding our way back to the family", 6 March) by linking it with claims about morality and religion, It is not true that the family is "first and foremost, a mor...

  • Boys' games?
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Sir: Judith Church alleges that the themes of computer games are "inherently male-friendly" (Inside Parliament, 8 March). While it is refreshing to see sexual equality debated in the House the idea that "space wars, destroy and conqueror themes" "inh...

  • Shortchanged future of the NHS
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Sir: The policy of reducing the number of hospital beds has been facilitated by the practice of using a euphemism, "community care". In plain English, however, the pharase "community care" simply means nursing sick and infirm persons in their own hom...

  • Formula for wages
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Sir: I take strong exception to the suggestion in Barrie Clement's article (6 March) which states that the TUC has abandoned a commitment to seek a national minimum wage set at half of male median earnings. The TUC's position, set out at the 1994 Con...

  • The price of sexual freedom
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Sir: Your editorial (8 March) on my book The Rising Price of Love misquotes me. The contribution of Aids care to the estimated annual cost of the sexual revolution is not £710m as stated, but a mere £200m of the £9bn total - but £9bn is enough to run...

  • Cannabis: addiction, public policy, metaphysics
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Sir: The questions posed by Robin Prior (8 March) are metaphysical. Is an individual free to enslave himself? Is he free to encourage, if only by example, others to do the same? To cite the legal use of alcohol in support of freedom is to answer the ...

  • A Dutch lesson on staff management
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Sir: At the press conference following the takeover of Barings bank, Aad Jacobs, the chairman of the Dutch bank ING, confirmed that staff would receive their 1994 bonuses; a matter previously in doubt ("Dutch clinch Barings deal", 7 March). What is m...

  • How to avert currency chaos
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Sir: The main thrust of much of your newspaper today was that turmoil on the foreign exchange markets raised doubts over the whole possibility of a single currency. You rightly acknowledge the reasons for the current financial instability, but from t...

  • Cannabis: addiction, public policy, metaphysics
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Sir: Your correspondent David Partington (Letters, 8 March) says that "The last thing we need is another intoxicating substance unleashed on society". As someone who treats both alcoholism and illicit drug abuse, I have sometimes said to alcoholic pa...

  • Cannabis: addiction, public policy, metaphysics
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Sir: Stephen Ward's article on cannabis was misleading in its description of Liberal Democrat views ("Cannabis: the drug we still can't accept", 4 March). The Liberal Democrat Conference voted to refer the issue of whether to decriminalise cannabis p...

  • Shortchanged future of the NHS
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Sir: Thank you for your balanced reporting of the crisis in the NHS since the implementation of the Government's health reforms. With regard to Ron Kerr's letter (7 March), where he outlines the need to get the right place for the right bed, I find i...

  • Bishops, rabbis and morality
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Sir: Andrew Marr is the country's best political commentator, wise, knowledgeable, and instinctively right on all the main issues; but religion seems to be out of his field ("Enter priestly men, to fill our moral void", 7 March). His conclusion seems...

  • Not Wilde about these repeats
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Not funny in itself in any way, the cartoon makes sense only when you realise that just about that time no fewer than two major films on the life of Oscar Wilde had just appeared. One starred Peter Finch as Wilde, and the other featured Robert Morley...

  • One woman's equality is another's poverty
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    She's typical of today's young professional women who want careers in their own right. This is a sea change compared to just 50 years ago. Then, wealthy women's careers came through marrying a wealthy husband. Working-class women acquired financial s...

    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Richard D North is quite wrong, however, in his central but never explicitly stated message - that overall the greens have done more harm than good. This tract is one long, intelligent, provocative and very useful mistake which should be required rea...

  • Simenon would have loved it
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    This would not be of great interest to anyone outside Belgium but for one thing. Pre-eminent among those who have found themselves trapped in the threads of investigation is Willy Claes, a man who only five months ago was appointed secretary-general ...

  • The smile of the tiger
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    This contrasts strongly with the political mood-music of 18 months ago. Then Conservative minds were preoccupied with two related questions. The first was how to forge shackles for the Murdoch monster that they had helped to create. With about 35 per...

  • Who'd own a listed home?
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    It is possible to wake up one morning and find a letter on the mat telling you that the baleful eye of English Heritage has fallen on your property and that from now on you'd better not think of painting the parlour without asking its permission. Leg...

  • Why Paddy's party still matters
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Events today are likely only to strengthen the view that the party is sliding into obscurity and irrelevance. The Liberal Democrat spring conference in Scarborough will almost certainly be overshadowed by the Labour Scottish conference as Tony Blair'...

  • Noel's news party ... apeing authors ... and hug warning
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    n LIKE ME, you must have noticed that a former London journalist, Debbie Martyr, is mounting an expedition to Sumatra to try to prove the existence of the orang pendek, a 4ft-high primate she has spotted on previous trips. I append an artist's impres...

  • My secret love for the golden girl of the BBC
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Ah, memories, memories! Let me start at the beginning - or, if you would rather, at the end! This morning, as I was working hard on Future Projects in my BBC office suite, a young lady from a department colloquially known as "Talent" arrived with her...

  • The treachery of the lites Elite sense of irresponsibility
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    When Jose Ortega y Gasset wrote The Revolt of the Masses, first translated into English in 1932, he could not have foreseen such an outcome. From Ortega's point of view, one that was widely shared at the time, the value of cultural lites lay in their...

  • Poor comparisons and rich ironies
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    As to causes and solutions, their report can satisfy both left and right. On the one hand: "We have seasonal employment, under employment. But not 20 years of a purposeless, meaningless existence." And on the other: "The poor in Britain seemed better...

  • A nation once left for dead is trying to blow its own brains out
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Day after day in the Independent last week, I have been reading Robert Fisk's terrible reportage from Algeria. It took high courage to go and work there, as the figures for dead journalists testify. But Bob Fisk also showed guts in his search for imp...

  • When life costs too much
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    But, before we are overwhelmed by indignation at the fate of Child B - "Sentenced to Death" according to one newspaper headline yesterday - we should recall the case of Laura Davies, a child from Eccles born in April 1988 with a bowel outside her bod...

  • Why gays are called to the church
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    But, until recently, the Church seemed an institution full of uncomplicated heterosexuals - pipe-smoking types who lived in rambling houses with several children and a thrifty wife who made the family clothes. This illusion was further punctured last...

  • words
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    HIGH-FLYING junior minister Robert Hughes resigned after admitting an extra-marital affair, we read. Or, as some papers put it, a passionate affair. It all sounded rather old-fashioned. But then affair is an old- fashioned word. The Victorians tended...

  • quotes of the week
    Friday, 10 March 1995

    Alun Michael, Labour home affairs spokesman Ministers are not elected and appointed for their chastity. George Walden, Tory MP He just waits. He's never had so much time on his hands. Eberhard Kempf , German lawyer, on the position of his client Nick...

    Friday, 10 March 1995

    TODAY is the feast day of Saint Fina, who lived in the Tuscan hill village of San Geminiano in the 13th century. Her claim to sainthood lay in the resignation with which she accepted suffering. As a child she would keep half her food to give to the p...

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