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Thursday, 16 March 1995

  • LETTER : The quality of human milk
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: Jerome Burne offers a catalogue of evidence to show that humans are designed to breast-feed for some years ("Should we breast-feed till they're six?" 7 March). He does not, however, include compelling data about human milk itself. Some animals a...

  • Profits that bloom in the spring
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    An announcement by HM Government ood morning. You may have noticed that it is now spring. There are primroses in the hedges and daffodils in the woods. There are little lambs in the fields. There will soon be bluebells in the woods. And spring weathe...

  • POLEMIC : Caught, and tried, on camera
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Journalists were obviously given not so much a tip-off as a press release about the raid on Grobbelaar's house. How else could they have been outside the moment Operation Navajo - the investigation into soccer bribery - swung into action? Grobbelaar,...

  • LETTER : Wonder of a living legend
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: I have read, with some surprise, recent articles and letters pertaining to Stevie Wonder's appearance last week on the Simon Mayo Show. Radio One had obviously put a great deal of time and effort into planning the show and Simon Mayo's producers...

  • LETTER : Have a gloomy St Patrick's Day
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: All over Britain this Friday, millions of people will be celebrating St Patrick's Day. Traditionally, St Patrick's Day is the one day in the year when everyone is aware of the Irish and everybody discovers some Irish roots in their family or at ...

  • ANOTHER VIEW : Filming the last taboo
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Does Mr Appleyard really believe that when television viewers see violent fans invade a football pitch, it is impossible to make judgements about such thuggish behaviour because viewers can't smell the beer on the hooligans' breath or feel the pain o...

  • LETTER : Price of a smile
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: Liz Hunt ("Do your teeth hurt yet?", 16 March) bemoans the fact that she cannot easily register with an NHS dentist. Why does she want to register with an NHS dentist? I'd like to see Ms Hunt go into a solicitor's office and ask for £4 worth of ...

  • LETTER : Cedric Brown's many virtues
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: It is a reflection of the integrity and decency of Cedric Brown, chief executive of British Gas, that those who regard themselves as his friends and supporters have not been courted to leap to his defence while a very public, and cruel, vilifica...

  • LETTER : Up to standard on Channel 4
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: I won't comment on Maggie Brown's speculation about Channel 4's youth programming and the ITC's annual performance review (13 March), but I can't let her dismissive review of our overall performance stand unchallenged. "Not a particularly distin...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Two gaffes and a travesty
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    But the Greatest Gaffe of Clarke was Wednesday's admission on radio that there might not be a "feel-good factor" before the next election. Within hours calls by radio and television producers, agency reporters and newspaper correspondents had summone...

  • Do we love pets? Not nearly enough
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    The second myth is that any animal not born in this country is riddled with rabies, which has led the British to accept with docility the incarceration of their animals for six months should they bring them in from abroad, and to hundreds of holidays...

  • LETTER : Early life of Peter Rabbit
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: Hunter Davies ("Rawnsley! Thou shouldst be living at this hour," 11 March) is quite right in saying that Canon Rawnsley deserves a full- length biography and perhaps a publisher will have a change of heart after his entertaining piece. To correc...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : A legal charter for innocents
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    To many people the Law Lords' decision will seem to be a travesty of justice. Indeed, the judges themselves called in their ruling for the law to be reviewed by parliament. Most people would contend that children can safely be assumed to understand t...

  • LETTER : Commonwealth versus Europe
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: As one long a servant of international justice, I am appalled by the manner in which discussion of the Grand Banks fisheries dispute is, in Britain, being hijacked into the maelstrom of the EU debate. Certainly, it contains fascinating issues fo...

  • LETTER : The United Kingdom's 100-year decline
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: Congratulations to Eric Roll on his perceptive catalogue of the decline of the British Economy. The answer to his question: "Where did we go wrong" is all too simple. Fifty years after the British Empire ceased to exist, the attitude still persi...

  • Why Bill must party with Gerry
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    And then again, the late Virginia Clinton Kelly's maiden name was Cassidy, as Irish as they come. Enough, in short, for British officials as they sourly survey the guest list for today's St Patrick's Day reception at the White House, to recall the ol...

  • LETTER : The United Kingdom's 100-year decline
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: Lord Roll is right ("Where and why did we go wrong?", 13 March) to identify roller-coaster policies as a factor in our relative economic decline. But these are contributory elements rather than fundamental causes of a decline now measurable over...

  • LETTER : Cedric Brown's many virtues
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: The weight of opprobrium descending on Cedric Brown is beginning to make a witch-hunt look like an understatement. Why single him out from among the other indecently large earners? Could the reason be that, as part of its ongoing purge, British ...

  • The age of the flashing bobby
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Sir: When I stopped laughing at the idea of "bobby strobes" ("Boys in blue learn to flash in the dark", 13 March), I realised that maybe this wonderful new invention could have something to do with the recent spate of accidents involving Panda cars t...

  • Letter: A window on listed buildings
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Sir: Teresa Gorman (Another View, 10 March) complains that owners of Grade II listed buildings "are at the mercy of officers who lack even an architectural training". For 16 years her party has had the remedy in its hands: oblige local planning autho...

  • Letter: Oxbridge blues
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Sir: J. R. Lucas's letter defending the payment of more money to Oxbridge than to other universities to educate undergraduates ("Animus against Oxbridge", 11 March) is counterproductive. When he says that "it does take more time to listen and comment...

  • Ocean wars that no one can win
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Farce maybe, but tragedy, too. And at three levels: politics, economics, and conservation. The political issue first. This happens to be one fishing row in which Britain is not directly involved. But we are indirectly, because as law-abiding members ...

  • Letter: Poor lookout for women
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Sir: It is an established fact that women of pensionable age on average are the poorest members of British society. The Pensions Bill going through Parliament now does not address this problem. Women are to retire at 65 (ie they will contribute five ...

  • The referee who knew the score
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    A THROW TOO FAR There were 10 minutes left in the vital match between Mudcastle City and Sanderhoe United. These two mighty Premier League teams had both been tipped for the Championship this season, but had not met in the league until this crunching...

  • Letter: Cut the jargon as a Labour of love
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Sir: Labour's attempt to revise Clause IV bodes ill for those who want clear English to become the norm in public life (" `Defining moment' as Blair wins backing for Clause IV", 14 March). All I could see was a string of jargon phrases which led nowh...

  • Make way for the globe-trotting trader
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    The new emphasis will be rather less European and rather more national, with particular emphasis on winning global markets and expanding British influence. In the Foreign Office, it is being sold as a reassertion of national and political self-confid...

  • Letter: Reconciling religion and homosexuality
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Sir: If the "Thought for the Day / Bishop inhibitor" device, imagined by James Fenton ("Thought for the day: dispense with bishops," 13 March), were ever invented, then perhaps with a little adaptation it might also serve as `"prejudice / bigot oblit...

    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    But then the Gaza strip is a surprising place. My left-hand lunch companion was educated in East Berlin, under a GDR/PLO exchange programme. He is now disbursing venture capital to small businesses under a US aid programme. On my right was a builders...

  • Not so special, after all
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Sir: Your front-page story (15 March) about Bill Clinton's phone call confirms a theory of mine: that the national style follows that of government. When government is indecisive, so is business; when government is dynamic, so is business. When John ...

  • Letter: Not so special, after all
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Sir: As a tit-for-tat to President Clinton, couldn't our Prime Minister invite Fidel Castro to this country? Being seen with the American bte noir (and sympathising with him over the cruel effects of the US blockade) would be a salutary reminder to t...

  • Letter: Not so special after all
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Sir: President Clinton's White House invitation to Gerry Adams has considerable significance way beyond the confines of the Irish question. It neatly demonstrates the nature of the "special relationship" so beloved of successive British governments. ...

  • Letter: It doesn't add up
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Sir: If Helen Wilkinson ("One woman's equality is another's poverty", 10 March) is to base her argument on "simple arithmetic", it would be good if she were able to demonstrate greater proficiency. Household inequality certainly does not double when ...

  • ANOTHER VIEW: Time we put the FA in goal
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    I am even more angry that the Government is refusing to step in and bring to book the arrogant men who run our national sport, which stands accused of ripping off its fans to the tune of millions. As an Arsenal fan, I was sad to see George Graham sac...

  • Leading article: One last chance for Algeria
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Although taking place less than two hours by air from Marseilles or Barcelona, Algeria's bitter civil war seems to be fought in the shadows, veiled by intimidation and the danger posed to working journalists. Robert Fisk's reports in this newspaper o...

  • Leading article: Democratisation of death
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Before last night's documentary was shown there were many calls for it not to be screened. The programme was "voyeuristic" and the BBC was "sick", said the Archdeacon of York . Alert, the anti-euthanasia society, called the transmission "disgraceful"...

  • Letter: A window on listed buildings
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Sir: My village house, in a conservation area, was built in about 1830 grafted alongside an older single-storey cottage now serving as a granny annexe. The cottage was used as a studio in the 1930s by the then owners who replaced the tiny wooden case...

  • Letter: Reconciling religion and homosexuality
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Sir: The Bishop of Southwark ("Bishop says he is willing to ordain homosexuals", 15 March) betrays faulty logic when he indicates that his mind has been changed through knowing clergy "in stable homosexual relationships who live godly lives of integr...

  • Letter: Reconciling religion and homosexuality
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Sir: It is true that the churches are confused about sex. Your gentle leaders and James Fenton's mocking article (14 March) are right. But if the churches eventually become unconfused through affirming faithful same- sex relationships, it will not be...

  • Letter: Reconciling religion and homosexuality
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Sir: Your leading article "Love and sex in a hostile church" (9 March) implied that the church has nothing to offer homosexuals other than the advice "don't do it" or "repress it". Happily this is not always the case. As someone who once lived out a ...

  • Letter: Reconciling religion and homosexuality
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Sir: Your editorial (9 March) is so right about the need to reinspire society. Augustine of Hippo was one who, as much as any in history, reinspired the society of his time. He began with the recognition of his own sinfulness and of his need for God'...

  • Letter: Reconciling religion and homosexuality
    Thursday, 16 March 1995

    Sir: Of course James Fenton, though rather crude in expression, is fundamentally right: the hierarchical structure of authority in the Church, based upon the secular structure of authority in the Roman Empire, is no longer appropriate and must soon g...

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