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Friday, 17 March 1995

  • LETTER:What goes on at Oxbridge
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    Sir: Professor Jimack (letter, 16 March) may well lament "ignorance of what happens outside Oxbridge". Regrettably, however, it would appear he too is ignorant. In three years as a geography undergraduate at Cambridge, not once have I encountered "tu...

  • Euthanasia: public opinion and MPs' courage
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    Some members of the British medical profession, no doubt conscious that the "democratisation of death" would require rather more than a minor amendment to the Hippocratic oath as a result of a decision by Parliament to legalise euthanasia, have wisel...

  • How far must we go for a cure?
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    Including Alicia, the Department of Health has allowed the funding of four patients in the US in the past year because the equivalent treatment was not available in the UK. Is Britain falling behind on the cutting edge of medicine? Bryan Jennett, eme...

  • LETTER:What goes on at Oxbridge
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    Sir: Peter Jimack reveals his own ignorance of what happens inside "Oxbridge". My essays at Cambridge were handed in in advance, and having been read by my supervisor, subsequently discussed during supervision. It is at Oxford that essays are read al...

  • A drink and a fag
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    Sir: I cannot resist joining the breast milk correspondence with a sight I witnessed in 1966 in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea when working there as a medical assistant with VSO. A child of approximately six was standing by his mother with her rat...

  • The cost of metered water
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    Sir: I would be very interested to see the studies referred to in Susan B Hyatt's letter ("Unmerited praise for water regulation", 15 March). She claims these have demonstrated that low-income families on water meters are paying two to four times mor...

  • LETTER:In defence of Stephen Fry
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    Sir: You may recall that I was the unfortunate victim of an assault last February, following the annual Uppingham Old Boys' Dinner ("Fine for attack on actor's friend", 27 September 1994). The reason for this vicious attack was my coming to the defen...

  • Write compassion into the new faith
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    The last decade was awash with words such as consumer, yuppie, market and manager. This one is very different: the new buzz terms are community, responsibilities, civil society and cohesion. Thus in Tony Blair's proposed new Clause IV, unveiled this ...

  • LETTER:Community? I prefer privacy
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    Sir: Now we have "communitarianism", backed by Tony Blair. As a citizen, I will be expected to contribute to my community, volunteer as a leisure- time fireperson, road cleaner and street party organiser. I will not do it. I vote Labour so that the b...

  • LETTER:Losing sleepers
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    Sir: It is very bad news for Carlisle and for Cumbria that sleeper services are to be made virtually inaccessible from May. (What is the point of a sleeper if one has to get on or off in the small hours of the morning?) This is just the latest exampl...

  • LETTER:hat goes on at Oxbridge
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    Sir: Ignorance of practice in other universities may be even more widespread than Professor Jimack realises. His remarks about how "Oxbridge" dons do not read their pupils' work in advance were read out to me by a colleague while I was reading - as a...

  • A nice man, Ronnie. And good to his mum
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    "You may call it natural causes," Frankie said ominously, in between fielding calls. "But, remember, I've visited Ronnie in Broadmoor. The number of drugs he was on, he must have had the constitution of an 'orse to keep going as long as he has." But ...

  • Sitting pretty beneath his apple tree
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    The choice of the apple tree was felicitous. Its designer, Yves Setton, has become a celebrity. Cartoonists and headline writers love it: Jacques Chirac, "sitting pretty beneath his apple tree", "tending his orchard", and "harvesting the fruit of his...

  • Euthanasia: public opinion and MPs' courage
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    Sir: Your leading article supports the legalisation of voluntary euthanasia on the grounds of personal autonomy: if I want to die doctors should be allowed to end my life. However, before changes are made in social policy, two questions have to be as...

  • Fancy a cultural charabanc ride?
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    No point these days in seeking a woman's advice on domestic mysteries, so I rang my friend Justin Fashinu. "Soda crystals, dear," he said. "Cheap and effective," - and he's right. That said, you'll know this feeling, I expect: the flat's been cleaned...

  • LETTER:How to produce trust in science
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    Sir: Ruth McKernan's lament over lack of public trust in scientists ("Mad boffins and other science fictions", 7 March) fails to mention one important cause of this situation: to an increasing degree, scientists have a vested interest in the financia...

  • LETTER:United we fall
    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    Sir: I seem to recall that just before the last general election in Canada, in October 1993, the Conservative prime minister - whatever was her name? - said something rather similar about her country's economy to what Kenneth Clarke said this week. I...

    Saturday, 18 March 1995

    Four hundred words of waffle - Michael Portillo's verdict Consett ... is also one of the major centres in Western Europe for disposable baby nappies - Kenneth Clarke, following up his steelworks gaffe with a reference to a factory that closed in 1991...

  • LETTER : The United Kingdom's 100-year decline
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: Lord Roll is right ("Where and why did we go wrong?", 13 March) to identify roller-coaster policies as a factor in our relative economic decline. But these are contributory elements rather than fundamental causes of a decline now measurable over...

  • Why Bill must party with Gerry
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    And then again, the late Virginia Clinton Kelly's maiden name was Cassidy, as Irish as they come. Enough, in short, for British officials as they sourly survey the guest list for today's St Patrick's Day reception at the White House, to recall the ol...

  • POLEMIC : Caught, and tried, on camera
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Journalists were obviously given not so much a tip-off as a press release about the raid on Grobbelaar's house. How else could they have been outside the moment Operation Navajo - the investigation into soccer bribery - swung into action? Grobbelaar,...

  • LETTER : Price of a smile
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: Liz Hunt ("Do your teeth hurt yet?", 16 March) bemoans the fact that she cannot easily register with an NHS dentist. Why does she want to register with an NHS dentist? I'd like to see Ms Hunt go into a solicitor's office and ask for £4 worth of ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Two gaffes and a travesty
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    But the Greatest Gaffe of Clarke was Wednesday's admission on radio that there might not be a "feel-good factor" before the next election. Within hours calls by radio and television producers, agency reporters and newspaper correspondents had summone...

  • LETTER : The United Kingdom's 100-year decline
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: Congratulations to Eric Roll on his perceptive catalogue of the decline of the British Economy. The answer to his question: "Where did we go wrong" is all too simple. Fifty years after the British Empire ceased to exist, the attitude still persi...

  • LETTER : The quality of human milk
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: Jerome Burne offers a catalogue of evidence to show that humans are designed to breast-feed for some years ("Should we breast-feed till they're six?" 7 March). He does not, however, include compelling data about human milk itself. Some animals a...

  • LETTER : Have a gloomy St Patrick's Day
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: All over Britain this Friday, millions of people will be celebrating St Patrick's Day. Traditionally, St Patrick's Day is the one day in the year when everyone is aware of the Irish and everybody discovers some Irish roots in their family or at ...

  • ANOTHER VIEW : Filming the last taboo
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Does Mr Appleyard really believe that when television viewers see violent fans invade a football pitch, it is impossible to make judgements about such thuggish behaviour because viewers can't smell the beer on the hooligans' breath or feel the pain o...

  • LETTER : Up to standard on Channel 4
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: I won't comment on Maggie Brown's speculation about Channel 4's youth programming and the ITC's annual performance review (13 March), but I can't let her dismissive review of our overall performance stand unchallenged. "Not a particularly distin...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : A legal charter for innocents
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    To many people the Law Lords' decision will seem to be a travesty of justice. Indeed, the judges themselves called in their ruling for the law to be reviewed by parliament. Most people would contend that children can safely be assumed to understand t...

  • LETTER : Commonwealth versus Europe
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: As one long a servant of international justice, I am appalled by the manner in which discussion of the Grand Banks fisheries dispute is, in Britain, being hijacked into the maelstrom of the EU debate. Certainly, it contains fascinating issues fo...

  • Profits that bloom in the spring
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    An announcement by HM Government ood morning. You may have noticed that it is now spring. There are primroses in the hedges and daffodils in the woods. There are little lambs in the fields. There will soon be bluebells in the woods. And spring weathe...

  • LETTER : Wonder of a living legend
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: I have read, with some surprise, recent articles and letters pertaining to Stevie Wonder's appearance last week on the Simon Mayo Show. Radio One had obviously put a great deal of time and effort into planning the show and Simon Mayo's producers...

  • LETTER : Cedric Brown's many virtues
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: It is a reflection of the integrity and decency of Cedric Brown, chief executive of British Gas, that those who regard themselves as his friends and supporters have not been courted to leap to his defence while a very public, and cruel, vilifica...

  • Do we love pets? Not nearly enough
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    The second myth is that any animal not born in this country is riddled with rabies, which has led the British to accept with docility the incarceration of their animals for six months should they bring them in from abroad, and to hundreds of holidays...

  • LETTER : Early life of Peter Rabbit
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: Hunter Davies ("Rawnsley! Thou shouldst be living at this hour," 11 March) is quite right in saying that Canon Rawnsley deserves a full- length biography and perhaps a publisher will have a change of heart after his entertaining piece. To correc...

  • LETTER : Cedric Brown's many virtues
    Friday, 17 March 1995

    Sir: The weight of opprobrium descending on Cedric Brown is beginning to make a witch-hunt look like an understatement. Why single him out from among the other indecently large earners? Could the reason be that, as part of its ongoing purge, British ...

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