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Thursday, 23 March 1995

  • Letter: Let Britain defend the Kurds- not turn a blind eye to killing
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    Sir: Last month Turkey entered into a customs union with the EU on the understanding it would improve its human rights record, particularly in relation to the Kurdish minority. Within a day of the customs union being signed, the Turkish Foreign Minis...

  • Letter: Home truths
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    Sir: You have recently published letters reflecting badly upon decisions by local authorities in determining proposals to alter listed buildings. It would be helpful if we could hear the views of the other side, the planning authorities. It would als...

  • Things they said in silent movies
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    He had a projector and a membership of some film library which used to send him early silent comedies. Thus it was that I became introduced at an impressionable age to the works of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd, and not just the gre...

  • Leading Article: Your life in their hods
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    As we revealed on page one yesterday, ministers want the private sector to move beyond supplying peripheral services to the NHS, and to invest in every aspect of health service activity. Under the Treasury's "private finance initiative", commercial f...

  • Letter: Financial affairs
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    Sr: Rupert Pennant-Rea has been admired by the Chancellor for his role in the handling of the Barings crisis. Perhaps if Mr Pennant-Rea had been showing more interest in the affairs of the Bank of England, the Barings crisis might never have happened...

  • Letter: Whatever happens, fathers must pay
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    Sir: Readers of your parliamentary report "Mothers in fear of ex-partners lose out to CSA defrauders" (21 March) would not guess why Liz Lynne committed the Liberal Democrats to repealing the Child Support Act. The 1991 Act, in the way it blundered i...

  • Letter: Destructive reform at the Arts Council
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    Sir: It was a surprise to see Sir Roy Shaw emerge from retirement to join the harrying of our Heritage Minister (Letters, 21 March). Stephen Dorrell's aesthetic abstinences pose less of a threat to art than did Sir Roy's enthusiastic innovations, whe...

  • Letter: Let Britain defend the Kurds- not turn a blind eye to killing
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    Sir: The offensive against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) bases is part of an attempt to crush the resistance of the Kurds, which last week spilled over into demonstrations in major cities in western Turkey. The Western governments, by their willi...

  • Leading Article: The making of Eric the Martyr
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    Consider the facts: Cantona was severely provoked, it was his first offence, his victim escaped practically unscathed, he has no previous convictions and has expressed contrition. In such circumstances only a Judge Jeffries would impose a custodial s...

  • Letter: Who not to count among the jobless
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    Sir: It is a shame that Ken Coates MEP persists in peddling the old myth that the unemployment figures are fiddled (letter, 22 March), especially when only last week the independent Employment Policy Institute report stated that "fiddle theories" hav...

  • Milkman of human kindness
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    Since the abolition of the Milk Marketing Board last November - so the argument goes - its "replacement", Milk Marque, has abused its near-monopoly position to force up the price of milk, throwing dairy workers out of their jobs and heralding the end...

  • Letter: Critics cannot stifle talent
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    Sir: Malcolm Bradbury's description ("Another View", 22 March) of the sufferings of novelists at the hands of critics does not tell the whole story. Corruption and self-promotion are indeed rife on too many literary pages, but numerous critics still ...

  • Don't ram duty down young throats
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    Inevitably, many will read this as Blair's alternative to "back to basics". After all, he was speaking under the aegis of the Spectator - a bastion of grey fogginess that often seems hostile to the 20th century, let alone women. And his speech offere...

  • No more butcher, no more baker
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    Sainsbury, Tesco, Safeway and company are supposed to be food shops. What has all this activity to do with food? Not much, is the answer - but it has a lot to do with changing consumer habits, and the money that can be made from them. Few retail anal...

  • Come the US revolution
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    Unfortunately, Clinton must have had his fingers crossed. As the oft- burned voters grew more cynical, the politicians waxed more literal. Speaker Newt Gingrich's 10-point "Contract with America", unveiled last autumn, contained more than 1,000 pages...

  • Letter: Tunnel vision
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    Sir: In his excellent article ("The Great Bore in its time - a forgotten gem in ours", 22 March) on Marc Brunel's Thames tunnel, Dan Cruickshank says that a request was made to Stephen Dorrell's Department of National Heritage for the tunnel to be li...

  • Letter: Let Britain defend the Kurds- not turn a blind eye to killing
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    Sir: The Kurdish "safe haven" created by the allies has turned out to be merely a reservation for the containment of the stateless who threaten instability. Once again, the people of the region have been sacrificed to wider regional interests. Tragic...

  • Letter: Home truths
    Friday, 24 March 1995

    Sir: Ruth Winawer (Letters, 21 March) expresses delight at the unexpected refund on the works of alteration carried out at her listed building. However, the operative word is "alteration". If she had repaired her property, completely as found, she wo...

  • Letter: Assessing the value of nurses and midwives
    Thursday, 23 March 1995

    Sir: I write in fury over the derisory support offered by the Department of Health to the midwifery profession ("The midwife crisis", 21 March). This down-to-earth body of nurses would probably be amused to hear themselves described as "angels", yet ...

  • Letter: Smacking into submission
    Thursday, 23 March 1995

    Sir: Elizabeth Peacock's suggestion ("The Singapore solution", 21 March) about televising canings was, I am sure, made with tongue-in-cheek and may have led some to dismiss her ideas. May I put in a plea for a re-examination of the subject? I remembe...

  • Letter: Smacking into submission
    Thursday, 23 March 1995

    Sir: It is a real tragedy that the rise in crime has brought us to the state where even a woman MP is prepared to recommend having criminals publicly caned on television. I can think of nothing more calculated to brutalise our population than this. S...

  • Letter: Serious about subsidiarity
    Thursday, 23 March 1995

    Sir: How many of your readers are aware that the British government is one of the few members of the Council of Europe which has not signed the European Charter of Local Self Government? Among the other non signatories are Bulgaria, Slovenia, Lithuan...

  • Letter: Euromyths
    Thursday, 23 March 1995

    Sir: I was pleased to see (20 March) the letter debunking the Euromyth about seat belts in school buses. Could you not make this a regular column? Here is a contribution: Brussels forbids the use of beetroot juice and carrot juice as a colouring in c...

  • Leading Article: Less blarney please, Mr Major
    Thursday, 23 March 1995

    This constant change of ministerial attitude may seem bemusing to all but the most devoted of Ulster watchers. Yet the reality is simple: only the public is being kept in the dark. Ministers are now ready to begin direct talks with Sinn Fein before a...

  • Letter: Wreck of house in a "heritage trap"
    Thursday, 23 March 1995

    Sir: I was absolutely appalled to read Marianne Macdonald's article "House caught in the heritage trap" (17 March) about the listed house Torilla. Torilla was commissioned by my mother, designed and built by F. R. S. Yorke, for me and my little famil...

  • Tired Tory eyes alight on Shere Khan
    Thursday, 23 March 1995

    As Major himself points out, we have been here before. The story about an imminent dumping of the Prime Minister has become an annual part of the political year which, like spring itself, comes earlier each twelvemonth. And yet Major remains chirpily...

  • Leading Article: Saving Rwanda's troubled twin
    Thursday, 23 March 1995

    Yet although there are many similarities, there are also essential differences between Rwanda and Burundi. They may have the same ethnic mix - about 85 per cent Hutu and about 10 per cent Tutsi - but while Rwanda was an oppressive system of aristocra...

  • Be lenient with the powerful
    Thursday, 23 March 1995

    Instead of bemoaning the intrusions of tabloids and the distress inflicted on innocent families unexpectedly caught in storms not of their own making, we should recognise that newspapers print stories they believe their readers want to read. The medi...

  • Letter: Commonwealth betrayed by UK
    Thursday, 23 March 1995

    Sir: Your editorial "Commonwealth: a revival of hope?" (21 March) reeks of hypocrisy and arrogance and is offensive to people from other Commonwealth countries. People in the United Kingdom fail to appreciate the feeling of rejection and betrayal fel...

  • Letter: Assessing the value of nurses and midwives
    Thursday, 23 March 1995

    Sir: I have every sympathy for members of the Royal College of Midwives who are considering industrial action over their contemptible pay award. I notice, however, that one of the options they are considering is "a total withdrawal of labour". Surely...

  • A bitter pill for tougher greens
    Thursday, 23 March 1995

    None of the backlash arguments has yet delivered a knockout blow. Wilfred Beckerman's Small is Stupid (Duckworth), for example, is unfortunately itself both small and stupid: sloppily written, intellectually weak, philosophically naive in its treatme...

  • I was fine until I played Lear
    Thursday, 23 March 1995

    Dear Dr Gestalt, I am a 24-year-old man with a painful ingrowing toenail, a mother fixation and an obsessive murderous desire to involve the whole of the present Tory Cabinet in a disastrous mass skiing accident which could never be traced back to me...

  • Enemies bred within our cities
    Thursday, 23 March 1995

    A nightmare, indeed, but unlike most nightmares, this one has a worthwhile message. For we can learn something from this both about ourselves and the societies we have created. If our worries fall into two groups - the threat from technology and the ...

  • Letter: Assessing the value of nurses and midwives
    Thursday, 23 March 1995

    Sir: I am afraid it is the Independent and not the Government which has adopted a logically untenable position with regard to local pay for nurses and midwives ("There may be trouble ahead...", 22 March). The nub of your argument is that the retentio...

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