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Monday, 27 March 1995

    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Queen Ingrid of Denmark, 85; Mr Gordon Adam, MEP, 61; Sir Dirk Bogarde, actor and author, 74; The Hon George Bruce, portrait and landscape painter, 65; Professor Lord Butterfield, former Master, Downing College, Cambridge, 75; Sir Robert Clarke, chai...

    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Births: St Teresa of Avila, Carmelite nun, 1515; William Henry Hunt, water-colour painter, 1790; Joseph William Bazalgette, engineer, 1819; Antoine-Edouard Batiste, organist and composer, 1820; Mehmed Emin Pasha (Eduard Schnitzer), traveller, 1840; M...

  • LETTER:Measuring unemployment: the figures and the `fiddle' theories
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Sir: In his letter of 24 March, Phillip Oppenheim MP, Under- Secretary of State at the Department of Employment, quotes from an Employment Policy Institute (EPI) report which states that "fiddle" theories surrounding the official unemployment figures...

    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Second, Central Television ran a chatshow about hypnosis on Friday night, which featured only people that McKenna permitted to appear with him. When Central suggested rival stage hypnotists, including sceptic hypnotist Martin Taylor - who publicly pr...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:The Long March to Dover
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Things are not exactly silent. Every Friday up to a thousand protesters turn up at Shoreham and the same number at Brightlingsea. On other days the number picketing the shipments in both places rarely falls below 250. But has some of the impetus gone...

  • OBITUARY:Maurizio Gucci
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    In Italy, the Gucci family was just as famous for its highly public quarrels as it was for the leather goods that made its fortune. Indeed, it seems that the whole success story was sparked off by a quarrel. As the story goes, Guccio Gucci, the found...

  • OBITUARY:Vladimir Maximov
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    He was born Lev Samsonov, the son of a worker, in Moscow in 1930, at the peak of the Stalinist collectivisation campaign. When he was three years old his father was arrested. Lev attended a local school but lived the life of a street urchin. At the a...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:Portillo gets it right - partly
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Mr Portillo and his fellow social affairs ministers from around the European Union were discussing new regulations for workers posted abroad. France and Germany want all such people to come under the rules of the state they are entering. They fear th...

  • LETTER:Measuring unemployment: the figures and the `fiddle' theories
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Sir: Phillip Oppenheim denies that there is a jobs crisis confronting young people. If fewer people aged 16-21 are employed, according to Mr Oppenheim, "this is almost entirely due to the massive increase in the proportion of young people in higher e...

  • The Duke and the forest ANOTHER VIEW Robin Pellew
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Madagascar faces an environmental crisis. Some 90 per cent of the island's forests have been destroyed and its rich topsoil is eroding into the sea. This sediment is suffocating the coral reefs which provide the main breeding ground for the vital ins...

  • LETTER:The martial art of theatre
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Sir: Mark Lawson's article "Luvvies, the SAS of the arts" (21 March) makes the important point that the disaster which has struck the play Cell Mates "is not unconnected with the fact that neither of its stars are stage actors but solo entertainers f...

  • LETTER:Why we feel bad
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Sir: Much is rightly made of the continuing absence of a "feel-good factor" owing to lack of job security and to acute problems relating to house ownership. However, the sight of many beggars and of those sleeping in the city streets is itself depres...

  • Conflicts within Euro-peace pact
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Sir: The adoption of the new security and stability pact by the EU under France's chairmanship (report, 20 March) should be welcomed by all those who wish to see an end to ethnic conflict and territorial disputes along the lines of Bosnia and Chechny...

  • LETTER:Evidence backs first Aids case
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Dr Trevor Stretton Sir: As clinicians responsible for the care of the patient described as "the world's first case of Aids" (front-page article, 24 March), we wish to affirm our total confidence in the integrity of our pathologist colleague Dr George...

  • LETTER:Sensitive writer
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Sir: In one respect Amanda Craig (letter, 24 March) is wrong, as she may some day discover for herself, in claiming that writers cannot be driven into silence by bad reviews. During four decades of the literary life I have cheerfully experienced revi...

  • Keep the mix salty and strong
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    And yet, at just the same time, all around Mr Portillo, we have the opening of Schengenland, the borderless, shutterless continental space which symbolises free movement. And Schengenland, of course, excludes Britain. How could it be otherwise for a ...

  • BOOK REVIEW: You get what you pay for
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    The scheme that became the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme was devised there. It was LSE academics who "rediscovered" poverty in the mid-Sixties and helped to highlight in the Seventies the poverty and unemployment traps caused by a new and vic...

  • A touch of ministerial paranoia
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Many have drawn comparisons between the remarks by Mr Aitken - backed up yesterday by the minister responsible for the media, the National Heritage Secretary, Stephen Dorrell - and hostility towards the corporation in the Thatcher period from the Pri...

  • LETTER:School for scandal
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Sir: Anyone with the least interest in the welfare of art students must be moved to tears by the garbled and brainwashed utterances in today's letters of Catherine Wilkinson, a student at Chelsea School of Art. I have seldom read a more tragic, if un...

  • LETTER:Accounting for love
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Sir: Have we been wrong all this time in thinking of economics as a dull, unemotional sphere of human activity? Some of the great romancers and remarriers of our time - Tony Crosland, Nigel Lawson, Douglas Jay, Peter Jay and now Rupert Pennant-Rea - ...

  • LETTER:Best-kept secret in the welfare system
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Sir: Stephen Timms MP is wrong to say that "for the first time in this country, Britons have no welfare safety net at all" ("Britons failing benefit test", 23 March). The truth is far more damning; there is a statutory safety net, but the Government ...

  • Don't step on my flaming yarn
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    "Like when a man who has a lisp tries to say Moss Bros," said someone, "but it comes out as moth broth instead, and it might quite easily be mixed up with a soup made from moths." "That's ridiculous," said someone else. "People don't make soup from m...

  • LETTER:Arts Council bafflement
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Sir: As a former chairman of the Arts Council (1977-82) working alongside Sir Roy Shaw as Secretary General, I am totally baffled by the various charges levelled against him by Michael Daley (letter, 24 March) insofar as I find them comprehensible. F...

  • OBITUARY:Peggy Purey-Cust
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    The Joan Hunter Dunn of "A Subaltern's Love-song", introduced to the public by Cyril Connolly in Horizon in 1941, was a real person - she ran the canteen at the Ministry of Information - transcribed into heroic fantasy: "Oh! strongly adorable tennis-...

  • OBITUARY:Tony Monopoly
    Tuesday, 28 March 1995

    Tony Monopoly's career illustrated the uncertainties of the light entertainment business. In the mid-Seventies, he could fill the Talk of the Town for a week, backed by a 25-piece orchestra. A few years later he was singing ``I Believe'' to elderly t...

  • Birthdays
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    Lord Amery of Lustleigh, former MP, 76; Mr David Andrews, chairman, Gwion Ltd, 62; Miss Ruth Ashton, former general secretary, Royal College of Midwives, 56; Mr Robert Bauman, chairman, British Aerospace, 64; Professor Alastair Bellingham, president,...

    Monday, 27 March 1995

    Brian Stynes, not content with addressing the Bantry issue, has also given thought to my habit of dictating while perambulating in a graveyard. "A piece of string knotted slightly above your waist," he suggests, "together with a bottle of British She...

  • A people crying out for equality
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    Oh, but we are, we are, Mr Demirel. Do not forget that it was only 14 years ago, after the military coup of September 1980, that the use of Kurdish in private conversations in Turkey was officially forbidden. The attitudes of the Turkish authorities ...

  • Anniversaries
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    Births: Louis XVII, King of France, 1785; Heinrich Adam, landscape painter, 1787; Alfred Victor, Comte de Vigny, poet, 1797; Baron Georges-Eugne Haussmann, replanner of Paris, 1809; Charles Mackay, poet and journalist, 1814; George Job Elvey, organis...

  • LETTER:PE teachers must be paid in full
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    Sir: Your report "Curriculum `driving out school sport' " (22 March) states that "the number of non-specialist PE teachers prepared to help with after-school sport continues to fall". This is not surprising. For 16 years in grammar schools I spent ev...

  • LETTER:Science is not an easy subject
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    Sir: Tom Wilkie ("Science is for everyone, whatever they try to tell you", 25 March) distorts my views on science. Far from wishing to absolve scientists from any responsibility to society, I have set out their obligations at some length. I have urge...

  • More noise, fewer voices
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    Current rules are straightforward and are based simply on ownership. Newspaper proprietors can own no more than 20 per cent of a terrestrial television company, with similar restrictions applying to local radio and cable. They are based on the princi...

  • How Tyson met his Waterloo
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    There has been no speculation at all about what kind of novel he will write. Yet one of the major changes that has taken place in his absence is that celebrities, especially sportspeople, have started writing novels. Or at least having novels written...

  • Wake up Britain: Europe's not the world
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    The end of the Cold War has destroyed old ideological and military alignments and it is no longer so clear who our friends and enemies are; yet adjustment to this new, more uncertain environment has scarcely begun. The centre of gravity of the world ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:Hot kitchen at breakfast time
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    The fact that several of Mr Aitken's colleagues yesterday whined in harmony demeans them and their party more than it damages the BBC. It has now become something of a ritual for Conservatives to accuse the BBC of anti- government bias when they are ...

  • OBITUARY:Joseph Needham
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    For more than 30 years Needham had been the greatest Sinologist in the West, having previously achieved an international status as a research biochemist and as a historian of more than science. Intellectually a bridge- builder between science, religi...

  • LETTER:Art and the human condition
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    Sir: Following Marianne Macdonald's article ("Q: which photo shows a work of conceptual art and which a jumble sale?", 25 March) which reports my comment that the question "is it art?" is of little relevance, may I be allowed to explain why. After be...

  • LETTER:Brunel's tunnel
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    Sir: With regard to the debate over London Underground's proposals to waterproof the inside of Brunel's Thames Tunnel ("The Great Bore in its time - a forgotten gem in ours", 22 March), Brunel's Thames Tunnel, the first of its kind in the world, was ...

  • LETTER:Burundi's precarious future
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    Sir: Your leading article of 23 February ("Saving Rwanda's troubled twin") rightly highlights the increasingly precarious situation in Burundi. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) officially handed over a memo to the United Nations ba...

  • Egg-bound in this Tory pudding
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    It is this continual asking for more, this hogging of central power, this obstinate request for a second, a third, a fourth chance that has become so intolerable. We admit that, technically speaking, there is no rule against a party being returned to...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:Lilley's frosty welcome home
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    Wrong. More and more returnees are finding that not only does the British weather seem worse. They are also discovering that the social security system is turning its back on them. They may have been born in Britain, hold British citizenship and have...

  • No. 9: imprisonism ISMISM New concepts for the Nineties
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    Hence imprisonism n practice of individuals being jailed for offending society but emerging as heroes, usually gaining great financial reward. Orig: E Cantona, footballer and philosopher. Failed to avoid jail sentence for extending French handshake t...

  • LETTER:Unemployment figures mean what you want them to mean
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    Sir: Phillip Oppenheim (letter, 24 March) is right to say that the monthly count of unemployed claimants currently produces similar totals to the Labour Force Survey's ILO count (letter, 24 March). However, this is something of a coincidence. Althoug...

  • LETTER:Unemployment figures mean what you want them to mean
    Monday, 27 March 1995

    Sir: That one million or more people are missing from the official unemployment count (Letters, 22 and 24 March) - whether the claimant or Labour Force Survey (LFS) measure is used - can be demonstrated as follows. The household-based LFS recorded 2....

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