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Monday, 6 March 1995

  • LETTER : Bringing Elgar's sketches to life
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    Sir: Nobody will be more curious than me to hear Elgar's sketches for his Third Symphony in performance (Letters, 3 March). I've had a special interest in Elgar's music since producing Ken Russell's Monitor film in the early Sixties and in 1978, when...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : The bell tolls for free roads
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    Dr Mawhinney's predecessor, John MacGregor, had a disturbing enthusiasm for all things on four wheels. He proposed that motorists should to be charged electronically as they passed a toll point and that the money raised should be spent on new roads. ...

  • ANOTHER VIEW : Signing your life away
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    Living wills, or advance directives, are very different: the signatory is still alive, although no longer able to communicate, and so deprived of the chance to indicate any change of mind. No inquiry will be made into the reasons for refusal of treat...

  • LETTER : Patients gain when hospital beds are matched to changing needs
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    Sir: Your discussion of the bed closures issue ("Untried cure kills hospitals", 6 March) misreads what the King's Fund has said, as well as misreporting the policy of the NHS. Worldwide, there is no doubt that hospitals are becoming ever more efficie...

  • LETTER : Flaky nicknames
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    Sir: Lesley Gerard ("Why top dons are the business", 2 March) writes about the decision to name an Oxford college after Kellogg, the cornflakes manufacturer. She might be interested to learn that the college is known locally as "Cornflake College", o...

  • LETTER : Pipeline dream
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    Sir: We are told that the new competitors for the British Gas domestic market will buy gas from British Gas, deliver it through the British Gas network and yet charge their customers less. Presumably they will achieve this feat by paying their direct...

  • Patients gain when hospital beds are matched to changing needs
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    Sir: If the Government had consulted the medical profession in 1990 they wouldn't find themselves today with the situation of an increase in hospital bed usage ("Untried cure kills hospitals", 6 March). Following the 1990 general practice contract an...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Emu hopes sink with the peseta
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    The European Union can draw several lessons from the latest troubles on the currency markets. One is that there is no point in continuing to pretend that a single currency could come into effect by January 1997, the first target date set in the Maast...

  • Enter priestly men, to fill our moral void
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    They're everywhere. Liberal bishops, bashed around the mitre a bit by Margaret Thatcher, are reasserting themselves. Last week David Sheppard, the Bishop of Liverpool, spoke about how Christianity should be "uncomfortable for the fat sheep ... both a...

  • PROPOSITIONS : There's no charity without security
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    But what do we now do with the £1.2m? How can we have faith in the City, when the regulatory system has so patently failed and yet the authorities refuse to lift a finger? The Chancellor's decision to set up an independent inquiry that will drag on f...

  • Baby on board? Tell it to the judge
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    Counsel: Your name is Sidney Greenleaf ? Witness: It is. Counsel: Do you or do you not own a car ? Witness: I do. It is not a crime to own a car. Counsel: Nobody is suggesting that it is a crime, Mr Greenstreet. Witness: Greenleaf. Counsel: Greenleaf...

  • The visible price of fame
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    The question of "anonymity" is really just the question of "celebrity" in disguise. What is fascinating about Craig Charles's complaints in newspaper pieces and television interviews in the past few days is that the person demanding anonymity was alr...

  • LETTER : Salary solution
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    Sir: Surely the Prime Minister must be aware that machinery already exists to trim excessive salaries and bonuses: it is called income tax. The addition of five pence to the present 40-pence rate, and the creation of a new tax band at 60 pence to be ...

  • LETTER : Stunt 'reward' for a runaway
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    Sir: "There are no bad children, only bad parents." I was reminded of this saying when I heard of the supine acquiescence of the parents of Peter Kerry in a media stunt giving him a free trip to New York, following his betrayal of them. Yours truly, ...

  • LETTER : Stunt `reward' for a runaway
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    Sir: I do not condemn Peter Kerry. He is a child, I would surmise by his recent notorious journey, who is having difficulties accepting the values and morality of the society in which we all have to live. Peter's "adventure" has even served as a usef...

  • LETTER : Major needed in Copenhagen
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    Sir: Why is the Prime Minister not attending the UN Social Summit in Copenhagen? Is he ashamed to stand alongside Franois Mitterand and Helmut Kohl and be identified as the Poor Man of Europe? Or does he genuinely believe that British policy on pover...

  • LETTER : Russia should not be left in the cold
    Tuesday, 7 March 1995

    Sir: Jonathan Eyal ("Russia's charm offensive", 28 February) tries to prove that "the Kremlin's interests remain diametrically opposed to those of Western Europe". Therefore the East Europeans' desire to join Nato, and to do it almost immediately, se...

  • LETTER : When buses get right up one's nose
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    Sir: I am pleased to see that the Government intends to crack down on polluting vehicles (report, 28 February). I hope, however, that inspections will include the worst emitters of noxious fumes - buses. In Sheffield, and no doubt in other cities, th...

  • LETTER : Cover up your hair for health's sake
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    Sir: In the picture accompanying your article on the school for asthmatic children ("A breath of fresh air for children with asthma", 28 February), the two young women bent over the children have long flowing locks falling over their shoulders. This ...

  • LETTER : Profit and loss in the dope war
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    Sir: With regard to your article "Cannabis: the drug we still can't accept" (4 March), I am a 44-year-old carer. My wife has multiple sclerosis and it breaks my heart to watch this once vital woman reduced to a wheelchair- bound, incontinent invalid....

  • LETTER : Losing local councils: a recipe for chaos and confusion
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    Sir: Your radical proposal for running the education service is most interesting - "break up the functions of local councils, and create new, elected bodies charged with supervising particular services". If such a new, elected body were to be created...

  • Nick and Joseph were just too good
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    When newspapers embark on a major story, editors ask themselves: what kind of story is this? Meaning, what is the archetype? They don't passively wait for the full picture to emerge. They form their own preliminary theory about a story, then they see...

  • LETTER : Outsiders give PhDs the edge
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    Sir: Stephen Pritchard ("Who supervises the supervisors?", 2 March) is incorrect when he writes that the internal examiner for PhD students is usually the supervisor. Most reputable universities recognise that the supervisor cannot be sufficiently di...

  • LETTER : Old gits blaze trail for baby-faced boyz
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    Sir: I think John Lyttle is unduly pessimistic "Men will be boys -it's safer that way", 3 March). Alongside "role models" Brad Pitt and Macauley Culkin, there are a good few old geezers, too. Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman et al, all of t...

  • No escape from Alton Towers
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    I've never been to Alton Towers I've never been inclined But I never saw a theme park That was better signed. Up every bloody motorway Up every exit road You can't go half a bloody mile Without this sign being showed: `Leave now for Alton Towers! Get...

  • LETTER : Suburbia and the Eastern approach
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    Sir: Though your thoughtful leading article ("Suburbia turns to Buddha", 4 March) rightly identifies several vital questions for Christianity in the West, it is important to realise that the issue is wider than this, or suburbia. The dominant cultura...

  • Who's afraid of the catwalk?
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    It's a flip idea, but one that still has its adherents. It goes like this: fashion demeans women. The fashion industry is in the hands of men who like to see women making fools of themselves. The only way out is to dump the whole thing. Although Robe...

  • LETTER : Yorick's lockjaw
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    From Mr Peter Forster Sir: Further to David Lister's article of 1 March ("Alas, poor Yorkick, I'll play his skull") and subesequent correspondence (Letters, 3 March), I once saw a production of Hamlet in which Yorick had taken the precaution of being...

  • LETTER : Closed minds and children's dreams
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    Sir: The wit and imagination of Alix Sharkey's open letter (28 February) to the runaway Peter Kerry, made me think that there may be hope for us all yet. My optimism was somewhat dashed by the mother (and teacher), Diane Atkinson, who berates Sharkey...

  • LETTER : The best possible returns for trusts
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    Sir: I was most concerned to read the headline "Health service managers lack a sense of balance" (22 February). The National Audit Office examined a sample of NHS trusts and found that all had developed treasury management policies in line with best ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Indecent harassment
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    This is not the first time the ASA has got hot under the collar about advertisements that use sex to sell products. The Club 18-30 holiday group had its notoriety restored by the banning of a post-Aids campaign that suggested its holidays were all se...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Untried cure kills hospitals
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    This deferential culture is also responsible for a policy dbcle in NHS. The hospital closure programme that has been gathering pace over the past three years is now in danger of being discredited. The reason: NHS planners convinced themselves that th...

  • ISMISM New concepts for the Nineties
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    Applied to: meek and sensitive souls for whom the world was too gross, too loud or too threatening. Escape destinations: Dreamland. Romantic fiction. Closed religious order. Cheap movie house. Watershed: The faking of his own demise by John Stonehous...

  • LETTER : Losing local councils: a recipe for chaos and confusion
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    Sir: Your leading article of 2 March raises again the idea of "school boards" which were replaced in 1902, including the education function within multi-purpose local authorities. Local Education Authorities do not just help to administer schools but...

  • LETTER : Losing local councils: a recipe for chaos and confusion
    Monday, 6 March 1995

    Sir: Your leading article of 2 March ("A farewell to arm-wrestling") proposing the establishment of separate elected boards for schools, social services, transport, etc in place of local councils, is a recipe for chaos, confusion and buck-passing. Lo...

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