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Wednesday, 8 March 1995

  • LETTER : Bank governor's costly lesson
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    Sir: Most comment on the role of the Governor of the Bank of England in the Barings' collapse has concentrated on whether or not he should have used taxpayer's money to bail the bank out. But we should not forget that at the time of the ERM dbcle, th...

  • The UN's poverty of ideas
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    Whether the summit does anything for poverty in the rest of the world is the source of hot debate. It has been strongly criticised by several NGOs; and Save the Children, one of the most honourable and effective in its work to eliminate poverty among...

  • LETTER : Public sector trust
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    Sir: Your article "Fraud in Whitehall soars" (17 February), about the astonishing rise in public sector fraud, reminded me of an experience of my own in early 1963. I had arrived back in this country after a year spent working in the Indian Ocean. Wi...

  • LETTER : An alternative to the nuclear family
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    Sir: I was interested to read the long extract from the Chief Rabbi's new book, Faith in the Future (6 March). Your readers may not be aware that the book is dedicated to the Council of Christians and Jews, which seeks to unite people of goodwill and...

  • ANOTHER VIEW : Giving up isn't hard to do
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    Mr Appleyard, however, is wrong to suggest that once you are a smoker you can never altogether rid yourself of the desire to smoke. The fact is that you can stop if you go about it the right way (as I found 12 years ago). It is the illusion that you ...

  • POLEMIC : Uber alles (sotto voce)
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    But if there is glee, it is sotto voce. For sure, peripatetic German tourists are happy, because now they can slurp an espresso in Rome for a third of what it costs in Munich. Of course the exporters don't like it because a relentlessly appreciating ...

  • LETTER : Pressures and fallacies that shape London's health service
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    Sir: You rightly point out that the King's Fund has made a basic miscalculation in its recommendation that primary care be expanded at the expense of hospital beds ("Untried cure kills hospitals", 6 March). What you did not add was that the changes b...

  • LETTER : Bank governor's costly lesson
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    Sir: Nick Leeson is reported to have used the number eight for the secret computer account, as eight is regarded as lucky by the Chinese. The number of the account is: 88888; when added together, this produces the number 40; 4+0 = 4. The number four ...

  • Poetry we can all understanza
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    Ah, you may say, but poetry is such a national thing, individual even, that to set European standards for it is impossible! It will never work! And I would tend to agree with you, if I had not been privileged to be introduced to the EU's poetry compu...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : How about a gesture, Gerry?
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    This anxiety arises from a sense that the Government seems to shift its policy towards the IRA, sometimes from day to day. At first, we were told that Sinn Fein would not be allowed directly to enter talks until the IRA had "decommissioned" a "substa...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Love and sex in a hostile church
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    On homosexuality, we have come a long way since Oscar Wilde was locked up in Reading gaol. But the Christian churches have lagged behind; meanwhile, their power and authority have waned. Yet the effect of longstanding Christian condemnation of homose...

  • LETTER : Parental wisdom
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    Sir: Has anyone thought to look at the positive side of the New York trip which Peter Kerry took (Letters, 7 March)? Perhaps it was a reward for returning and a demonstration of love. Anyway, who are we to say if the parents are right or wrong - "gla...

  • LETTER : Teens' thoughts turn to violence
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    Sir: What many of the older generation cannot understand about the controversial new film Natural Born Killers is the working of the modern-day youth's mind (leading article, 21 February). What they see on screen is mindless violence with no cause or...

  • LETTER : Support for living wills
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    Sir: Regarding Peggy Norris's negative remarks about living wills or advance directives ("Signing your life away", 7 March), I would like to remind her that more than a year ago, in January 1994, the BMA issued a statement which said it "strongly sup...

  • Why the Battle of Inverness matters
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    If it is a battle over the party's aims and values, then Blair needs to win it. Some of his allies have been duly talking up the importance and knife-edge nature of the Clause IV vote, so that when the modernisers' victory follows, it will seem the m...

  • LETTER : Pressures and fallacies that shape London's health service
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    Sir: Your editorial (6 March) reflects a rising tide of public disquiet about the closure of London hospitals. Our own position is that the strategic objectives of current policies are largely correct, but that great care is needed with the handling,...

  • LETTER : An alternative to the nuclear family
    Thursday, 9 March 1995

    Sir: In describing the assets of the family, the Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks ("Finding our way back to the family", 7 March) stated, "its greatest time is yet to come". However, it is difficult to sustain this statement in view of the present sociolo...

  • Letter: The pluses and minuses of legalising cannabis
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    Sir: Your poll finding against decriminalising cannabis proves that there are still enough people who put responsibility for others before their own self-interest ("Cannabis: the drug we still can't accept", 4 March). In my work as director of a drug...

  • Special Report on South Korea: Open welcome cloaks country's riven hist ory
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    Hemmed in and scrapped over by powerful neighbours, in two thousand years the peninsula has suffered five foreign occupations and 900 separate invasions, including four wars in the last century alone. Korea has been stomped on by Mongols and Manchus,...

  • Letter: Buddhism's appeal to the West
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    Sir: In your leading article "Suburbia turns to Buddha", you imply that a turning towards Buddhism may imply a turning away from science. In fact, the Suttas (the Buddha's discourses) are more analytical in character than any other major scripture. T...

  • Leading article: Living with Littlechild
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    All's well that ends well, then. The excessive dividends to be paid to shareholders should be replaced by a bonus of some sort to customers. Three cheers for the prof, surely? Not exactly the view of the financial markets yesterday. In the first plac...

  • Letter: Buddhism's appeal to the West
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    Sir: I was most impressed by your leading article "Suburbia turns to Buddha" (4 March). In an increasingly cynical world, it is refreshing to read a piece that attempts to understand the burgeoning appeal of Buddhism rather than marginalise or trivia...

  • Special Report on South Korea: Military opponents preen and pose on Panmunjom border
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    This did not stop the Australian air hostess next to me putting out her tongue at the only visible representative of the forces of communism, a North Korean soldier on the steps of a building opposite us. Such childishness often seems appropriate at ...

  • Letter: Counting the cost of hospital beds
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    Sir: Ron Kerr and Chris Spry (letter, 7 March) should not attempt to rewrite history. The Tomlinson report did argue that improvements in London primary care/ general practice would lead to a reduction in the need for hospital beds. Paragraph 77 stat...

  • Letter: Westminster took legal advice
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    Sir: In his letter of 25 February, Cllr Peter Bradley refers to the "charge" against Westminster Conservatives that, inter alia, they knew that their policies were not reasonable, lawful or in the public interest. Mr Bradley has apparently entirely i...

  • Letter: Fair and effective share schemes
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    Sir: With regard to the wide discrepancy in pay between those at the top of any organisation and those at the bottom, I suggest it becomes the norm for those at the top to earn no more than 10 times the amount of those at the bottom, including perks ...

  • Why did Mr Hughes confess?
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    The greatest problem I have when I try to comprehend Mr Hughes's decision to quit is that if "nobody" knew anything about his extramarital ding- dong, why in blazes does he confess it now? Admittedly, I am one of those who does not believe politician...

  • A patent need to look at ethics
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    Sir: Your two patent lawyer correspondents (Letters, 4 March), writing in response to the news that the European Parliament has rejected the EU directive on patenting life forms, both seek to portray the decision as being of little consequence for th...

  • Special Report on South Korea: Korea enjoys its labour's fruits
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    If the first Korean impression of Britain was founded on a dim and distant vision of wealth, the same is probably true for how we see the South Koreans today. Beyond one or two memories of the Seoul Olympics in 1988, most Europeans probably have litt...

  • Lawyers do it in front of a judge
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    Counsel: If you do not actually have a baby on board, Mr Greenleaf, why do you have a car sticker in your back window saying: "Keep back - baby on board"? Witness: Well, to be honest, because I hate drivers coming up close behind me and driving down ...

  • Letter: Feeding time
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    Sir: The Advertising Association congratulates the Government on its responsible and principled im-plementation of the Infant Formulae and Follow-On Formulae Directive (Letters, 3 March). All advertising is governed by restrictions, and the regulatio...

  • Leading Article: An accountant's guide to sex
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    He reveals for the first time what a huge amount of money we have lavished on permissiveness. For instance, item: Aids care - £710m; item: familial disintegration (alimony, therapy, disturbed children, etc) - £600m. And those are just for starters. D...

  • The mighty buck bites the dust
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    So much for conventional wisdom. The potential star pupil has become the dunce of the financial class. Since the start of the year the dollar has dropped 8 and 11 per cent respectively against the yen and the German mark, the two other anchor currenc...

  • A day but not an era for women
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    This is an unfair selection, of course. There are also events for women carers, exhibitions to encourage women into the Internet, discussions on the UN Peking conference on women, talks on eating disorders and employment rights, concerts, cabarets, r...

  • Letter: The pluses and minuses of legalising cannabis
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    Sir: In this supposedly free land of ours, I have the right to drink myself to oblivion, or otherwise harm myself in a variety of ways that many of us enjoy frequently, such as eating too much fat, breathing the air of London or playing computer game...

  • Letter: Cardinal error
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    Sir: You recall ("Baring the City", 4 March) the admiration expressed by "Cardinal Richelieu" for Barings. Although Cardinal de Richelieu, the eminence rouge of King Louis XIII, was a man of sharp intellect and some prescience, he unfortunately died ...

  • Letter: Worried for sheep
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    Sir: What splendid, healthy open- air fun hunt sabateurs have. But why pursue fox hunters, who, after all, merely pursue a carnivorous rural pest? I am looking for a group of sabateurs who will take on sheepdog trialists, who subject sheep to repeate...

  • Special Report on South Korea: Korean tiger is still burning bright
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    If this is how the South Korean authorities react to a couple of years of GNP growth below the long-term average of 8 per cent, one scarcely dares to surmise what they would have to say about an increase of only 3.9 per cent, which is what Britain en...

  • ANOTHER VIEW Lest we Japanese forget
    Wednesday, 8 March 1995

    I was evacuated from Tokyo to the countryside as a small girl, but other members of my family, all of them civilians, lost their lives to American bombing. It is a little known fact that 130,000 died in Tokyo on one night alone: Dresden was not the o...

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