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Saturday, 1 April 1995

  • LETTER : Collective security, not benefit scrounging
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    When was it ever thus? Where do such silly ideas come from? We never thought that we were looking to the state to "bail us out". We were looking to forms of collective insurance based on the premiums that we knew we ourselves were paying. We were doi...

  • LETTER : Ins and outs
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    The final straw for Dr Hope could well have been an article in the Independent on Sunday ("Why gays are called to the church", 12 March) the day before he declared his sexuality. This referred to the large number of gay clergy in the London diocese. ...

  • LETTER : Why Mishima was eccentric
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    He was a homosexual who haunted the gay clubs of Tokyo yet married a girl who had to be someone who would "be a credit" to him. Paul Shrader had such trouble with his film because Mishima's widow would not approve the revelations in the original scri...

  • LETTER : Bhutto's role in Karachi
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    The assertion is absurd and glosses over the constant endeavours of the Prime Minister to bring complete peace and normality to Karachi. Her government has even offered to mediate between the two warring factions. She has been taking various administ...

  • LETTER : Aid that goes to the wealthy
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    If so, it should be pointed out that the "poorest group" referred to is of countries and not of people. Britain's aid tends to benefit Western companies and wealthy lites in poor countries whose greed and economic mismanagement have allowed these cou...

  • LETTER : Fay's favour
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    This is blatantly a commercial exercise and no amount of jolly twinkling on Ms Weldon's behalf should prevent this from being pointed out. Joolz Bradford, West Yorkshire

  • LETTER : Don't turn A-levels into glorified GCSEs
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    Providing a basic knowledge in a wide range of subjects is surely the purpose of GCSEs, not A-levels. At 16, the majority of students are ready and eager to specialise. I struggled reluctantly through GCSE science, counting the days until I could giv...

  • LETTER : No `secret talks' by EBRD
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    The EBRD was restructured in late 1993, under new leadership, to increase our ability to assist in the transition of Eastern and Central Europe and the former Soviet Union. That restructuring made us a more efficient organisation, and moved staff out...

  • LETTER : The money in your card
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    If you and I use the EMV system we will have to pay for the computers that maintain audit trails and send out bills. Yes, we will be able to use EMV's tokens in outlets that accept them and transactions will, for cost reasons, probably not be audited...

  • LETTER : New themes
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    Gary Kent London SW1

  • LETTER : `Today' as rude as ever
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    I returned recently from a long visit to South Africa and Zimbabwe, where nothing as pungent as Today exists, and eagerly turned the programme on. It seems to me that all the interviewers are as rude as ever - with the possible exception of Anna Ford...

  • LETTER : Betrayal does not `diminish' the betrayed
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    An outsider cannot possibly know why another person's spouse has conducted a clandestine relationship. Plenty of betrayed spouses are attractive, talented people who go on to form new and long-lasting relationships with other attractive, talented peo...

  • LETTER : Collective security, not benefit scrounging
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    In reality, change proceeds by way of enormous social explosions followed by quiet periods and then further explosions. For example, 10 years ago I would never have dreamt of faxing this letter to you. Now I would not dream of doing anything else. Ge...

  • LETTER : Feeling bad
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    1 The Government's primary policy is fear of unemployment. This affects the poor much more than the rich. 2 Privatised services (water, transport, fuel) have been turned into instruments of extortion. 3 Creativity in the country has been stifled by t...

    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    Anne Rowland, Bromley

    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    James Dawson, London SE26

    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    Jeffrey Kissoon, London EC1

    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    Joan Walters, Exeter

    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    TODAY is the feast day of Saint Francis of Paola, who from the age of 15 lived as a hermit in a cave in Calabria, southern Italy in the 15th century. When other young men joined him, the local people built them a church and a monastery and his order,...

  • Pointless lies that reveal so much
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    Big lies have a cynical logic. It is the little lies, the correctable mistakes, that seem so pointless. Why bother getting it wrong when getting it right would do no harm? Take the apparently trivial case of Brian Mawhinney, the Secretary of State fo...

  • The toff in the middle
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    To call Michael Ancram blue-blooded is an understatement. He is the Earl of Ancram, son of the Marquess of Lothian, and his wife is Lady Jane Fitzalan-Howard, daughter of the 16th Duke of Norfolk. He is a toff, quite literally, down to his cotton soc...

  • Dimbleby's literary pastures ... M und S ... Flopsy disks
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    n MARKS & Spencer, I see, is about to open up in Germany. To help my many German readers get by at dinner parties over there, I have prepared this handy phrase: "Na ja, ein bisschen teuer sind die Lebensmittel schon, aber ehrlich gesagt, ich weis...

  • No proprietor has ever interfered with me
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    Needless to say, I have always enjoyed an excellent relationship with the proprietors of the newspapers whose pages I adorn. Indeed, in recent years I have saved a great deal of time and effort by going "over the heads" of their here-today-gone-tomor...

  • Bound to end in tears
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    John Smith once remarked that the Chancellor was "a clever fellow". But he also explained why he found him irritating. Lawson tended to say, not that he disagreed with Smith, or even that his opponent was wrong, but that he "did not understand". If a...

  • The search for British self-knowledge could end in the usual muddle
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    Several foreigners were asked, including Joffe and Dr Henry Kissinger, and watched a series of British speakers depressing themselves as they denounced all the fashionable pessimism about their country. Joffe thought he would cheer them up. But of co...

  • Major's support may not be enough for Aitken
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    He had clearly broken the law during his journalistic activities in Nigeria. Nevertheless Mr Justice Caulfield in effect instructed the jury to acquit. This they duly did. The judge filled the role in Mr Aitken's case which the jury was to fill in Mr...

  • words : Snap
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    The whole idea of a snap vote - the expression is Victorian in origin - was that it was taken when the opposition wasn't expecting it, and with any luck would be thinking of something else, or had nipped out for a moment. Some took the view that it w...

  • I'd rather be a pheasant than a cow, yes I would
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    Spike went on to condemn the Queen: "She likes hunting and shooting, which is just murder." The worst clich people come out with is that battery hens are kept in "concentration camp" conditions. I worked in a battery-hen farm as a teenager and I do n...

  • LETTER : That's enough art - ed.
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    The full import of this experiment and the exhibition's twin themes of "participation" and "dispersal" are discussed on page 28 of the Sunday Review."Participation" means that a visitor to the gallery may take home a piece of old clothing from one of...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Who voted for school fees?
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    No sane political party would ever put such propositions to the electorate. Yet we know that many leading Tories would like to implement them. More, they have created the conditions in which this could happen, without any explicit approval from the v...

  • quotes of the week
    Sunday, 2 April 1995

    US chat show hostess Joan Rivers, questioning Liz Hurley at the Oscar awards ceremony When the seagulls follow the trawler it is because they think the sardines will be thrown into the sea. Manchester United footballer Eric Cantona, after a 14-day ja...

  • Letter: British democracy inspires the world
    Saturday, 1 April 1995

    Sir: Andrew Marr is right to say that everything is not hunky-dory in Britain today ("The end of our decline? We shall see", 30 March). But Britain's grey, dismal political climate should not be allowed to cloud our more positive achievements in cent...

  • A `good' cause to end good causes?
    Saturday, 1 April 1995

    As the National Lottery Charities Board has not started giving out grants, it is difficult to say how far it will offset these huge losses. Camelot's latest estimates, based on the first four months' sales, are that charities will benefit from the lo...

  • Letter: Who said it first?
    Saturday, 1 April 1995

    Sir: Brian Wilson (letter, 29 March) need not have gone to Nepal to find the "meaning of life". The slogan that impressed him is nothing less than a cheap paraphrase of Othello's words: Who steals my purse steals trash ... But he that filches from me...

  • Leading Article:Schooling becomes a lottery
    Saturday, 1 April 1995

    Many people might regard this event as harmless enough, even as an encouraging sign. Schools are poorly funded, taxpayers are unwilling to pay more, so why not tap the goodwill of local people? Surely, one might argue, this Northampton school provide...

  • Letter: Reduction of greenhouse gases
    Saturday, 1 April 1995

    Sir: Frances Cairncross ("Global warming won't cost the earth", 28 March) is right in stating that Britain will restore its output of greenhouse gases to 1990 levels "thanks largely to electricity privatisation". Success in reducing carbon dioxide em...

  • Letter: Environmental vandalism
    Saturday, 1 April 1995

    Sir: Am I alone in finding the words of Jose Manuel Muiz, president of the Spanish Association of Trawlermen (29 March) utterly hollow? He claims that for him and his cohorts, "Newfoundland is like a second home" and that some of them have "family ti...

  • Letter: You can't buy off painful memories
    Saturday, 1 April 1995

    Sir: While I have every sympathy with the bereaved relatives of victims of any disaster, I think the idea of being compensated for seeing the incident on TV is ludicrous. I lost my mother in a tragic road accident, which people often refer to; and ye...

  • Letter: Riding the Fort William railway
    Saturday, 1 April 1995

    Sir: When the dismantling of British Rail was first mooted, the Government scoffed at suggestions that this was leading to the erosion of train services north of Glasgow and Edinburgh. It now appears to be honouring its pledge that privatisation will...

  • A glass ceiling slides above Aitken
    Saturday, 1 April 1995

    Indeed, Aitken is nothing if not cool under fire. In the several scrapes of his surprisingly long career (he grew up politically, after the presidency of the Oxford University Conservative Association, by spending two years as private secretary to Se...

  • Letter:Aitken's double failure
    Saturday, 1 April 1995

    Sir: Whether Jonathan Aitken knew about the sale of arms to Iran via Singapore is surely irrelevant to his fitness for high office. If he did not know then he failed to know crucial things that he was paid to know; if he did know then he failed to re...

  • Between a prop and a hard place
    Saturday, 1 April 1995

    Stuff that. I have discovered that Matthew thinks I'm not respectable and wishes to have nothing more to do with me. And here's a mystery, since, if I'm not respectable, how come Michelle, who grows more respectable every day, hasn't noticed? Or has ...

  • The Oxbridge art of rowing as you row
    Saturday, 1 April 1995

    It all began with a small ad in the Times and ended yesterday - in so far as it can be said to have ended - with the president of the Oxford University boat crew threatening that today's 141st Boat Race might be the last unless Cambridge abandons the...

  • Letter: British democracy inspires the world
    Saturday, 1 April 1995

    Sir: It is clear that Andrew Marr got pretty fed up at the "Britain in the World" conference. For good reason it seems, reading Michael Sheridan's sketch report ("Foreign Office makes sure it has the last word", 30 March). Accepting that the conferen...

  • Letter: A messy game of "human pinball"
    Saturday, 1 April 1995

    Sir: Lest it be thought that Russia and the Baltic states have a monopoly on the shameful policy of shunting asylum-seekers across their borders ("Bitter odyssey of human cargo no one wants", 30 March), it should be pointed out that our very own Home...

    Saturday, 1 April 1995

    I did a picture in England one winter, and it was so cold I almost got married - Shelley Winters When seagulls follow a trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea - Eric Cantona, at a press conference following his success...

  • Letter: Riding the Fort William railway
    Saturday, 1 April 1995

    Sir: Congratulations to Jonathan Glancey on giving the real flavour of the Fort William sleeper "experience" ("A great train robbery", 27 March). This train is not only a vital economic and psychological link between the Western Highlands and the res...

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