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Wednesday, 12 April 1995

  • LETTER: Permission to lift Khomeini's `fatwa'
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    Sir: Iran's protestation that Ayatollah Khomeini's fatwa against Salman Rushdie is inviolable because it is a religious edict ("Rushdie's killing `a Muslim duty' ", 12 April), not a political decision, must not be taken at face value. For was it not ...

  • LETTER: France, Japan and the Thames Tunnel
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    Sir: We have heard that London Underground is proposing to repair Brunel's Thames Tunnel by "shotcreting'' [lining the tunnel with concrete], but there is a grave concern about spoiling its civil engineering heritage value through marring its interio...

  • LETTER: Initial meaning
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    Sir: You refer in your front-page report of 11 April to Jonathan Aitken's doubtlessly altruistic and innocent unremunerated directorship of the enigmatically named company Future Management Services. Surely, it can be no more than the wildest of coin...

  • LETTER: The costly burden of motherhood has its benefits, too
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    Sir: As a childless, professional 35-year-old woman, I read with interest the articles on motherhood (11 April). However, I felt the overwhelming impression was that women were choosing not to have children in order ambitiously to pursue their career...

  • LETTER: Not all old medicine is good medicine
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    Sir: Your editorial "Old medicine is good medicine" (10 April) argues that doctors are pressurised by pharmaceutical advertising into prescribing new, expensive drugs which may be less safe or effective than those they replace. You suggest that the N...

  • LETTER: Saddened by a godless lottery
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    Sir: I am deeply ashamed to be a citizen of a country that has introduced a National Lottery. I am deeply saddened that the cynicism of the Government and Camelot has been justified by the response of the population in the first few months. This mean...

  • LETTER: Jersey during the Occupation
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    Sir: I am a Jerseyman. I lived through the Occupation. The fact I was a schoolboy did not prevent my spending its final months in a German prison. I was lucky. Others of my friends and contemporaries died in the camps. I remember the period as one of...

  • LETTER: No need to revive odious caricatures
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    Sir: We were disconcerted to see a stereotypical "Shylock" figure in the photo montage illustrating Paul Vallely's article on the Catholic Church ("Standing firm in his time warp", 31 March). We had really hoped that racial and religious caricatures ...

  • LETTER: Hadrian's divide
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    Sir: R. N. Boston (Letters, 11 April) is 90 per cent correct in his geography. Hadrian's Wall runs through, rather than south of, Northumberland. Luckily it runs south of Ponteland and I am happy to be in the Scottish bit if a political split is achi...

  • LETTER: The costly burden of motherhood has its benefits, too
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    Sir: Should we be too concerned about "The declining appeal of motherhood" (11 April)? Are we not, in common with the rest of the world, overpopulated enough already? I suppose there may be women who can balance a demanding career with the even more ...

  • LETTER: France, Japan and the Thames Tunnel
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    Sir: Your correspondents Richard Morris and Roger Morgan (27 March) describe the Thames Tunnel, which London Underground proposes to waterproof, as "a triumph of British engineering". Its engineer, Marc Isambard Brunel, was a French royalist who lear...

  • LETTER: The costly burden of motherhood has its benefits, too
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    Sir: Being the mother of three professional daughters now in their thirties (and one son also in his thirties), only one of whom has yet had children, I read Mary Braid's article ("The declining appeal of motherhood", 11 April) with much interest, an...

  • The unclaimed victory of Mr Major
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    There is precious little agreement on what is going on in European social policy, let alone on what should happen in the future. This confused picture is the result, above all, of the way that the issue has been politicised within the Conservative Pa...

  • Long, hot summer on the docks
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    The port of Dover and the Coventry and Plymouth local councils, said the judges, had no right to bar a legal trade. In seeking to do so they had consulted only their own parochial interests, without considering the economic impact upon farmers. Dover...

  • Blind date with danger
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    But the question is - when the programme goes out at peak family viewing time on a Saturday evening - can we have fun without going over the top? While there is much to enjoy and many delightful couples to rejoice with, the anxiety remains as to whet...

  • C'est la vie, as they say on the BBC
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    "And she says at the end of the letter" - I am paraphrasing from memory here - "she says at the end of the letter that she is sorry she has written so much and that she would have written shorter if she had the time. Isn't that just delightfully Aust...

  • Tough on the philosophy of crime
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    To say that is to make an act of faith. We tend to think of crime as something which inexorably rises, but there have been long periods of history when crime has fallen. The trouble is that the evidence in the UK is still thin, and the fall in crime ...

  • Triumph of Hope over adversity
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    The question of homosexuality seems likely to continue to consume a disproportionate amount of the Church of England's time in the year ahead. Its internal document Issues of Human Sexuality is to be presented by the bishops to its governing body, th...

  • Everything to lose with these chains
    Thursday, 13 April 1995

    Tesco's results put paidto those proponents of Thatcherite market orthodoxy who pronounced that competition from new low-cost, small-range chains such as Aldi and Netto, and US-style warehouse clubs, would be tough for the giants but just what the re...

  • Letter: Little to be gained from a federation of English-speaking states
    Wednesday, 12 April 1995

    After the second de Gaulle veto on our membership of the EEC, and when I was director general of the National Economic Development Council (NEDC), I had extensive talks with leading people in all three countries - and with the Danes - to see whether ...

  • Defeated in war, victorious in therapy
    Wednesday, 12 April 1995

    The Hollywood Vietnam movies - with the noble exception of Apocalypse Now - all said the same thing. The war was a mistake, but redemption was at hand. Not, admittedly, for the Vietnamese, but for the American soul. The liberal establishment looked w...

  • Delivering the workers for Blair
    Wednesday, 12 April 1995

    Mr Dromey, Ms Harman's husband, yesterday declared that he is to stand against Bill Morris, general secretary of the TGWU since 1991, when Mr Morris submits himself in June for re-election, as he is periodically obliged by law to do. The T&G has ...

  • Up the Rovers, down with Rupert
    Wednesday, 12 April 1995

    Featherstone Rovers play rugby league, a game that is known best for its strong links with community and genuine values of pride in local identity, celebrating local heroes and working together as a team. Rugby league fans feel part of their club, wh...

  • Letter: Making the world safe for Salman
    Wednesday, 12 April 1995

    This is confirmed by the text agreed in Luxembourg yesterday. A ceasefire period would be carefully monitored before political and economic links with Iran were strengthened. We do not see the plan that was announced by the European Union yesterday a...

  • Hands up for the next sex romp
    Wednesday, 12 April 1995

    (The Jonathan Aitken question, in case you happened to be on Mars at the weekend, is this: if you try to cut out cancer from journalism using only the sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play, where would you find an NHS bed for the ...

  • Letter: The capital's healthcare needs
    Wednesday, 12 April 1995

    Additionally, the Tomlinson Report's statistics underpinning the Government proposals for London have been widely discredited. Professor Brian Jarman has refuted the questionable data suggesting that London is overbedded, demonstrating that London ha...

  • Leading Article: A Jag, a BMW and an addiction
    Wednesday, 12 April 1995

    There are, of course, good reasons to like the lottery. Throughout the country, millions of people are participating in the draw. Post Offices in pretty hamlets are packed out with ticket buyers, swapping lottery gossip and fantasies. Like the FA Cup...

  • Leading Article: Newt of the Hundred Days
    Wednesday, 12 April 1995

    Actually the polls have shown that as many as 53 per cent of Americans have heard of the contract and that Mr Gingrich's name recognition is almost as high as that of Lance Ito, the judge in the Simpson trial. It is only in a nation where the system ...

  • Letter: Research centre under a cloud
    Wednesday, 12 April 1995

    This letter records the widespread concern of many virologists, in this country and abroad. We see four areas of adverse consequence: 1. The career of an eminent British scientist, who has a long history of achievement and service, has been blighted....

  • Letter: Correct view of Columbia's courses
    Wednesday, 12 April 1995

    Among the prominent members of the history department, in which Schama and I teach, are David Cannadine, a specialist on the British aristocracy (composed, at last report, of white Europeans); the German historian Fritz Stern, and the French historia...

  • Letter: Roman coins
    Wednesday, 12 April 1995

    Yours sincerely, TREVOR COX Croydon

  • The feel-bad faction
    Wednesday, 12 April 1995

    Much nonsense has been written on the subject, perhaps inevitably; it is not easy to describe an absence of sentiment. Now the TUC has gone on its own snark hunt and come up with a new answer. The falls in employment over the past two years are not, ...

  • Letter: Italy should put an end to royal exile
    Wednesday, 12 April 1995

    Article XIII of that constitution forbids male descendants of the last king, Umberto II, from entering Italian territory. What kind of democracy is it that condemns its citizens to permanent exile? Denial of the basic human right to live in one's own...

  • Letter: Compensation for loss of young lives
    Wednesday, 12 April 1995

    Families claiming for compensation have, under the law on fatal accidents as it stands, received hardly anything over and above the cost of the funeral. Many people have lost jobs, homes and relationships due to bereavement grief in the aftermath of ...

  • Letter: Little to be gained from a federation of English-speaking states
    Wednesday, 12 April 1995

    First, why would they want it? How would the United States benefit from such a confederation? Just two weeks ago, Henry Kissinger was in London speaking about "the special relationship" in the past tense and saying the description should now be trans...

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