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Saturday, 15 April 1995

    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    When I was at school we had "speci-al-ities".

    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    We who live in Kennington are proud of the place, and pleased to be in an area that is mixed (in terms of class and colour) and convenient. To say that Kennington is insalubrious is typical north London snobbery. D W Brokensha

  • Quotes of the week
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    A friend remembers Blair's household when Cherie was pregnant with her youngest child It was a clich, but nothing else would have worked. David Malone, director of `World in Action' on the use of a Chipperfield's camel in the programme's expos of Jon...

  • LETTER: Hard to break teenage habit is hard to break
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    We agree with Peter McCabe of Quit when he says dire warnings about bad breath, smelly hair, infertility and so on will be far more effective with teenagers than the "I told you so" approach. That is why the HEA has never taken this approach since la...

  • LETTER: A flawed disabled Bill is better than nothing
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    Ian Parker quotes me as saying that the Government's Disability Discrimination Bill had some merit but not why I hold this view. Let me explain. Given the choice, the Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (Radar) would prefer to see Har...

  • LETTER: Flying pigs
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    The non-religious "trend" references are not trends at all; they merely cite what is happening now, without any past comparison. Why is the ability to "extinguish the possibility of a life" viewed as something new, for the next century? We have exerc...

  • Letter: Fun forests
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    The research "Growing in Confidence", carried out as part of the community forest initiative for the Countryside Commission, clearly highlighted how much those taking part in the survey enjoyed their walk in woodland. Indeed, with well over 50 millio...

  • LETTER: Conservative!
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    What is so inherently virtuous about employing hundreds and thousands of people in the name of "public service" whose costs consumers (or taxpayers) have to bear to cover functions that have become obsolete? What, for example, was the point of keepin...

  • Three-in-a-bed stories
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    Virginia Crawford, 22, announced to her husband - who later repeated the claims in the divorce court - that she and Dilke had had a long sexual liaison, meeting at his home in Chelsea and in various houses of assignation. "He taught me every French v...

  • LETTER: Future fears
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    First, the statistics concerning crime, featured under the heading "Trends", give a misleading impression of change for the worse. Ninety-five per cent of Britons may think that it is unsafe to walk the streets at night, with 85 per cent believing it...

  • LETTER: French efforts in Rwanda
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    The immediate priority after the killings began should have been to prevent further mass deaths. The world community's response in what is supposed to be the civilised era indicates that it is still politics first, common humanity second. Regardless ...

  • CAPTAIN MOONLIGHT / That rude man, Jonathan ... hamster hell ... lashed at sea
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    This is unacceptable, wounding and very rude. It is also in clear contravention of NUJ Rule 19, subsection L, which states that, and I quote, "A member shall treat other journalists with consideration". The Captain, a loyal NUJ man, has therefore, in...

  • Our contract with the state may be an invention but it should be honoured
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    "Contract" was a smart way of thinking about society 300 years ago. Since then, it has become a dogma, especially in republics. Only the British, who avoided the French Revolution and almost all its works, were reluctant to assume that one's relation...

  • LETTER: Horror story
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    To write this I read the whole article. It left me feeling sick. Who would want to read this as casual Sunday reading? Finally, I express my support for Amnesty International and others who work in support of human rights. Amanda Thompson Cardiff

  • Why we cling to the Cross
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    Yet crucifixion is a topic on which historical detail is scanty. The principle is clear enough: the offender was fastened by nails or ropes by the wrists and feet to a wooden cross and left to die from previously inflicted wounds (victims were usuall...

  • Private vendettas that are of public concern
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    This age has now disappeared. It is as remote as that of Addison and Steele. It is hard to say when the shift occurred. I should fix on the early 1960s: specifically, on the Vassall case in 1962, when the Conservative newspapers accused one of Harold...

  • LETTER: A flawed sidabled Bill is better than nothing
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    Parker says that the disability movement is "a movement whose history is written differently depending on what position you take in the current debate". On the evidence of this article, I would say it depends more on whom you talk to. If you talk onl...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: A massacre to mark VE DAY
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    This particular piece of barbarism, according to informed observers in Russia, happened as part of a strategy to terrorise the Chechens and end the war before 9 May, when President Boris Yeltsin will welcome Western leaders - Clinton, Major and Kohl ...

  • Words / WICKED
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    THE word wicked has two faces, like the masks above the proscenium arch of theatres, one with a mouth turned down, the other up. Though the comic mask has been around a long time, it is much commoner than it used to be. "You wicked man" is a complime...

  • Profile / The spy in the nation's bedroom - Piers Morgan
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    Today there is only one Piers Morgan. The amiable pop writer got his own column on the Sun, and became the apple of the shrewd eye of Kelvin MacKenzie, who was then the paper's editor. In January 1994, Rupert Murdoch acted on MacKenzie's advice and m...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Tories may rule in defeat
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    Consider water privatisation. This was once at the top of Labour's list for a return to some form of public ownership. Now, Labour suggests that some greater measure of accountability would be sufficient. Consider rail privatisation. Labour was still...

  • Nothing wrong with a spot of arms dealing, I say!
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    These sincere statements are dreadfully difficult to get right. My deepest sympathies went out to Jonathan as he faced up to the gutter press with such dignity at the start of the week. And how well he handled those dread "autocues"! To me, they seem...

  • The Kiwi way with blather
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    I rather liked the approach taken by an interviewer on a New Zealand current affairs programme recently when interviewing the leader of a teaching union and the minister in charge of education over a pay dispute. The teacher stated that the union wou...

  • A heaven fit for architects and planners, not children
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    So under threat of no Easter eggs, I frogmarched my seven- and eight- year-old stepchildren along the beach to the church, where we took our place at the appointed time, adults on pews and about 30 expectant-looking children sitting cross-legged on t...

  • Are nine out of ten women liars?
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    But why? The answer, in part at least, is related to our distorted view of the crime. Most recent publicity about rape has been concerned with two aspects: the demand for anonymity for men accused of the crime, and "date rape", where the man is well ...

  • LETTER: To be a bully
    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    The study reported in my paper attempted to assess the validity of this children's questionnaire for use with an adult sample. It provides some evidence that the same factors are applicable to adult attitudes but this was a small survey. No real conc...

    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    Lindsey Davis, London SE10

    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    l NEVER mind the Union Jack which flies so obviously, and perpetually, from the Thames side of the new MI6 building at Vaxuhall (Captain Moonlight, 9 April). Even more interesting to the casual stroller across Vauxhall Bridge are the large number of ...

    Sunday, 16 April 1995

    TODAY is the feast day of Saint Magnus of Orkney, 12th century Viking prince, adopted son of King Magnus Barefoot of Norway, but a disappointment to his bellicose fellows. While they went raping, looting and pillaging he stayed on board reading psalm...

  • Venetian blinds and domestic bliss
    Saturday, 15 April 1995

    Be that as it may, and according to a souvenir menu recently discovered among my mother's belongings, the five-course lunch at the Royal Bath Hotel, Bournemouth, in 1942 cost 5/6d a head - as long as you made do with Pt Maison, Potage Parmentier, Tur...

  • The last days of a schoolboy's war
    Saturday, 15 April 1995

    I was 15 and still at school. That much is certain. What I was doing in the last Easter weekend of the Second World War is a matter of memory; and memory, I learnt as a biographer, is very unreliable. It must have been that Easter that I took my firs...

  • Charm comes too late to pacify the class of '95
    Saturday, 15 April 1995

    Yet what do teachers really think? On the day Mrs Shephard won the personal approval of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, that most moderate of unions voted for a ballot on industrial action over rising class sizes. This weekend some delegat...

  • Letter: Luvvies ruin
    Saturday, 15 April 1995

    Sir: The Workers Revolutionary Party, as Mark Lawson points out ("Farewell to the greasepaint tendency", 13 April), pioneered "thespian politics" during the 1970s, but its fate in the 1980s bears out Tony Blair's caution over Luvvies for Labour. The ...

  • Letter:Return a nation's heritage of art
    Saturday, 15 April 1995

    Sir: We are a class of 28 children in an Hellenic school. Studying about the statues of the Parthenon, we learned that unfortunately some of the statues are in various museums in the world, such as the British Museum. They are there not temporarily b...

  • Letter: True war aims in Vietnam
    Saturday, 15 April 1995

    Sir: Brian Appleyard ("Defeated in war, victorious in therapy", 12 April) speaks of the intellectual errors of the Vietnam War rationale and how Robert McNamara falls short in his explanations. But he still accepts the fundamental assumption that the...

  • Letter: Keeping secrets on the Internet
    Saturday, 15 April 1995

    Sir: Again, there are myths and misconceptions about the Internet within a news report ("California biker lets Satan ride out on the Internet", 5 April). The whole underlying concept of the Internet is freedom of access to all manner of information, ...

  • Has Murdoch queered rugby's pitch?
    Saturday, 15 April 1995

    Conspiracy theorists will speculate that Murdoch's moves are intended to bring him control of rugby union as well. True or false, his creation of Super League, designed by the power of money to eradicate the old rugby league structures in Britain and...

  • Letter:Too genteel a view of animal rights protests
    Saturday, 15 April 1995

    Or were you so shocked to see their activities damned as "mob rule" that you failed to read the rest of the judgement? Anyone in the front line will tell you that the reality is considerably less idealistic than you describe it, and the judges acquir...

  • Letter: Drop our genocidal 'friends '
    Saturday, 15 April 1995

    Sir: Radio reports today of the latest Russian massacre of Chechens, in Semashki, were followed immediately by notice of the 50th anniversary of the liberation by British troops of the Nazi concentration camp Bergen- Belsen. Speaking on 20 January, F...

  • Leading Article: Better to lose than buy off the unions
    Saturday, 15 April 1995

    The latest twist in the tale has revealed the amount of unfinished constitutional business Labour will still have before it once the old Clause IV has been ditched. For the old Labour methods are having to be used to deliver new Labour to the elector...

  • Letter: Notes on the ecu
    Saturday, 15 April 1995

    Sir: Full marks to James Fenton ("Marks or merks, it's all sterling currency", 10 April) for a sensible assessment about adopting a European single currency. However, whatever nomenclature is decided upon, we should not concern ourselves too seriousl...

  • Letter: Danger: Lottery is bad for you
    Saturday, 15 April 1995

    Sir: Your coverage ("The loser, the winner, the addiction", 12 April) of the joys and perils of national lottery gamblers was a timely health warning to the growing number of unrealistic punters who may need considerable help to control their compuls...

    Saturday, 15 April 1995

    Nothing pleases the readers of tabloid newspapers more than learning that those in authority behave just as badly as they do - Lord Deedes I don't know how more effective a government of total celibates would be than a government of train-spotters. E...

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