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Wednesday, 26 April 1995

  • LETTER:Oklahoma: anti-heroes and racist reporting
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    Indeed, McVeigh and the Michigan Militia view the Clinton regime as "the enemy within" - seeing a centralised government taking away individual liberty and rights. Why should the Oklahoma bombing be seen as more "outrageous" than Desert Storm? We mus...

  • LETTER:In praise of 'Four Weddings'
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    Certainly, if he can't remember the film's principal characters, he is ill-qualified to lecture the rest of us on its shortcomings, whatever they may be. Nor can he tell us what is worth laughing at when he doesn't even seem to understand how humour ...

  • LETTER:Turks should admit Armenian massacres
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    About the Armenian massacres there are three points of controversy: (a) Was the operation of the Ottoman army militarily necessary? (b) How many Armenians died? (c) Was there really intent on the part of the Ottoman government, ie was genocide commit...

  • LETTER:Thatcher's garter
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    In fact, this century there have been 10 prime ministers honoured with the Garter. To your list may be added Balfour (1922), Asquith (1925) and Baldwin (1937, receiving the honour on the day of his resignation). Lord Home, of course, holds the Order ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:A nation ill at ease with itself
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    This is the picture, uncertain in detail but clear enough in outline, that emerges from a report published yesterday by the King's Fund, an independent health policy think-tank. Our reaction should not be passive or fatalistic. We may have become mor...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:Winners don't buy tickets
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    Then there was the Conservative MP whose grandfather was a famous prime minister and war leader. Yesterday, he emerged as a principal beneficiary of the £12m of lottery money that is to be paid for his eminent ancestor's papers. Winston Churchill jun...

  • LETTER:Oklahoma: anti-heroes and racist reporting
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    The suggestion that Iranian embassies are involved in such unsavoury activities is highly defamatory and offensive. On a larger scale, you will agree that such fabrications create hatred and suspicion against Muslims and are most unhelpful in the eff...

  • LETTER:In praise of 'Four Weddings'
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    The only genuine emotion appears in the funeral oration; otherwise relationships are banal and degrading. The institution of marriage is ridiculed and the hero and heroine after leading what can only be described as promiscuous lives decide against i...

  • LETTER:Signs of spring
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    The signs were unmistakable. Where posters have long urged the weary, but wary commuter to ceaseless vigilance for unattended luggage on Guildford station, there now appear a new set of left luggage lockers on the platform. How long will it be before...

  • LETTER:The sound of sinister laughter
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    As a once semi-professional musician, working on cabaret bills at weekends for a number of years, I have lost count of the number of racist, sexist and generally objectionable comedians who have bored me and my fellow- musicians to death. With few ex...

  • LETTER:Voting flaw in France
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    Votes are cast by the voters selecting a number of voting slips, each printed with a candidate's name, from a table in full view of the public. The voter then enters a booth and places one of these slips in an envelope, which is then put into a ballo...

  • Never mind the Social Chapter, feel the buckshot
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    It was also, to be fair, entirely in character, because Sharpe's appeal is based on his stern repudiation of airs and graces. He's blunt is Sharpe. The other officers appear to believe that the war is a rather bloody game of British Bulldog, a jolly ...

  • 'Dogged does it' is the Tories' only hope
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    Panic has already become pass. However bad the May elections, the game has moved on. It is not that Major is revealed as a titan. His admirers, struggling manfully against the anti-Major consensus, tend to overdo it. He is not so good. But he is not ...

  • If less is more, free is free
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    They cannot both be right. But they may both be wrong. I think they are both wrong. There is a third school of thought, at which I appear to be the only paid-up pupil, not to mention the entire teaching staff - a third school of thought that sees it ...

  • Lucky to live in the eternal city
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    So cities, viewed rationally, are a success story, for they are passing the market test: people are moving to them. Yet whenever people talk about them, they focus on their problems: the loss of jobs, crime levels, pollution, breakdown of communities...

  • Should nuclear safety be sold?
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    If it goes ahead, privatisation could raise between £2bn and £3bn for a tax-cutting budget before the next election. An army of highly paid accountants and financiers will make a killing sorting out the formidable details of the sale, but it could ye...

  • Starting afresh on divorce; ANOTHER VIEW
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    During that time the spouses will have a chance to consider counselling or mediation, and arrangements for the care of any children and distribution of property will be settled. The welfare of children is of paramount importance because research has ...

  • LETTER:Oklahoma:anti-heros and racist reporting
    Thursday, 27 April 1995

    Sir: On hearing the news of the tragic bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma city, many western media pundits put their accusing fingers on the "Muslim fundamentalists". In the few days that elapsed before the arrest of the main culprits, Musli...

  • LETTER : The British way of protest
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    Sir: I notice that in today's edition (24 April) you carry two seemingly unconnected stories on opposite sides of the same page. Figuratively too, these tales represent opposite sides of the same page and should give us cause to rejoice at living in ...

  • LETTER : Identifying the original authors of Clause IV
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    Sir: Further to the essay by Gareth Stedman Jones, it is perhaps worthwhile recalling that the following motion: that the object of the Independent Labour Party shall be to secure the collective and communal ownership of the means of productions dist...

  • LETTER : `New genetics' debate under way
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    Sir: Your leading article "Ancient law and modern science" (24 April) calls for "a full debate aimed at devising legislation to set rules governing a host of issues ranging from genetic testing and insurance to patenting, experimentation and confiden...

  • LETTER : A benign disorder
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    Sir: My eyes pop to learn that anyone still thinks infertility is an illness (Letters, 20 April). Clare Brown, of the National Infertility Awareness Campaign, asks: Why are infertile couples expected to accept that, for them, having children should b...

  • LETTER : City supporters
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    Sir: Your business comment "Breath of fresh air at the Bank" (25 April) incorrectly refers to Howard Davies as someone who "backs Manchester United". As any supporter of the great Moss Side footballing academy knows only too well, Mr Davies, along wi...

  • LETTER :Farewell to Blair
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    Sir: So, Tony Blair admires Mrs Thatcher, does he? Any so-called Labour leader who can utter such a thought has moved too far from the left to deserve the admiration, or the vote of, Yours truly, LYNNE REID BANKS Beaminster, Dorset 24 April

  • Do the levellers know how the land lies?
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    They are now settled into a ditch below the disused Wisley airfield in Surrey, where, if they were dressed like Venture Scouts, their camping skills would warm the cockles of Baden-Powell's heart. Their knowledge of country lore would be the pride of...

  • LETTER : The British way of protest
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    Sir: In your report today on the recent activities of the "New Levellers", you quote one George Monbiot as saying: Our intention is to leave the land in a better state than before we arrived ... We want to show that this kind of action can be done wi...

  • LETTER : Identifying the original authors
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    From Mr G. Chowdharay-Best Sir: Gareth Stedman Jones's essay on Clause IV ignores an awful lot of history ("Labour can learn from Victorian values", 24 April). He seems to be arguing that the wording of the clause was entirely due to Sidney Webb; and...

  • LETTER : Academic freedom for Aids doctor
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    Sir: Your article "Admission of false Aids case suppressed by NHS" (6 April), a follow-up to one on 24 March relating to the world's first ever Aids victim, accused NHS officials of suppressing information and implies that the Central Manchester Heal...

  • It's the Latin for lousy sales pitch
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    Somebody else's Nunc. That stopped me in my tracks. Just for a moment I couldn't understand what he was saying. Then I realised that this was an abbreviation for Nunc Dimittis. When he arrived to do the film, they were already using a setting written...

  • LETTER : A rosy future is assured for Petra
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    Sir: It was with some surprise that I read Paula Weidegger's article about Petra entitled "The pink city's future isn't rosy" (12 April) as it contained many erroneous statements. Ms Weidegger claimed that "a vast Roman forum is being `reconstructed'...

  • POLEMIC Save Channel 5 from Murdoch!
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    I woke up with a start to realise that the nightmare was fast becoming a reality. Next Tuesday is the closing date for applications for the new Channel 5. A consortium backed by Murdoch stands a very good chance of winning. If it does, it will mark t...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Britain needs Gerry Adams
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    Those whose distrust of the IRA runs deepest believe the republicans will accept nothing less than a united Ireland. They conclude, therefore, that it is only a matter of time before the armed campaign begins afresh, whatever the nature of the agreem...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : ANOTHER VIEW : Freedom to gag on the truth Gags don't stifle the reality
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    Nor are the jokes that he was so sensationally captured telling to an audience of policemen on World in Action on Monday especially different from his routine in his own club. Nor have they ever been. Bernard Manning is in his mid-sixties, the world ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Who's afraid of Rupert Murdoch?
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    Their reasons for wanting to avoid the franchise from hell incorporate lavish quantities of self-interest, but were well put yesterday in a speech by Channel 4's chief executive, Michael Grade. Mr Grade was apocalyptic. If Murdoch wins, he said, then...

  • Even in war, justice must prevail
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    Except that nobody can believe any such thing and still claim to be human. Cynical contemporary relativism can only go so far. If what the Nazis did is not absolutely wrong, then human life is a joke and nihilism is the only sustainable philosophy. I...

  • Men in white coats with delusions of grandeur
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    Lorraine Heggessey's film followed the case of Philip Adoo , or John Baptist, as he prefers to be known. John, a young Ghanaian, is convinced he was born white and that his twin sister has been cannibalised. These are unorthodox convictions, it's tru...

  • LETTER : Identifying the original authors of Clause IV
    Wednesday, 26 April 1995

    Sir: Gareth Stedman Jones has repeated the myth of Sidney Webb composing Clause IV ("Labour can learn from Victorian values", 24 April). This political philosophy of the party was, however, defined long before 1919, at the famous TUC meeting in 1900,...

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