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Monday, 3 April 1995

  • Leading Article: Better to bank on redundancy
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    Yet these fears are being overstated. The blight that closed so many pits is not being visited upon those whose fingers can count notes as efficiently as shipyard workers once knocked in rivets. True, it will be disruptive for many branch officials t...

  • Letter: Death watch
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    a violent or unnatural death, a sudden death of which the cause is unknown or died in prison ... and also to hold that inquest in front of a jury if the death occurred "in prison or in police custody". While it is correct that, under current law, a j...

  • Hanley's trap could be fatal for the Tories
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    These would be over three years, straddling the next election, and would involve "binding our own government to a course of action". This, suggested the egregious Hanley, would constitute "a trap''. Damn right it would. But this would be a trap with ...

  • Letter: EU gives a lead at Berlin climate conference
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    The Berlin meeting must take us out of the sour mood of today's global environmental policy. A lot of fancy words are being said, but that is not enough. While we are talking the global climate is changing. Climate chance is hard to grasp. On the one...

  • Newt 'n' John cannot sing in tune
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    "Major asks Gingrich for tips on winning," claims one British newspaper. Gingrich, who stormed his Republican troops to victory in last November's American mid-term elections, will now apparently slip the Prime Minister some tips on how the trick mig...

  • Letter: Results of traumatic stress
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), when properly applied, is an important clinical diagnosis. Many people exposed to major stressful events do recover completely but, equally, many do not. PTSD affects normal people; no other "contributing" facto...

  • Letter: US states are a law unto themselves
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    Bill Clinton may well want to write polite letters to Anne Campell, MP, and Mr McDowall. But he has no authority over the prospective execution of Nick Ingram. The Georgia state courts, and, now, the governor of Georgia, in his ability to grant execu...

  • Letter: Stealing a bad man's good name
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    Who steals my purse steals trash ... But he that filches from me my good name Robs me of that which not enriches him And makes me poor indeed Mr Pappenheim wrongly attributes these lines to the Moor himself when, in fact, they are spoken by Iago. It ...

  • A second bite at Sir Isaac's apple
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    After Newton's Apple "Sir, could I have a word with you?" There were two men on the college lawn. They were both scientists. The elder one was grey with bowed shoulders. He was called Professor Sir Tallis Farlow. He had money worries. That was why he...

  • Letter: Moral justifications for the arms trade
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    Mr Bailey contends that any moral justification for the trade as it stands comes from a country being able to defend itself: "so its people are safe and can use their democratic freedoms and enjoy economic growth". Is it not the case that a large par...

  • Letter: Lottery threatens everyday funding
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    It is the raising of such continuously required working funds for charities that is being prejudiced by the lottery. Yours faithfully, TONY LEE London, SW13 31 March

  • Letter: Farmers' early crop of problems
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    The first is the much-publicised over-production of milk. Vigorous grass growth has resulted in many dairy farmers achieving their annual quotas with several weeks left to the year end. This had caused a shortage in the cheese manufacturing industry ...

  • Another View: Balanced in the extreme
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    For Labour's Scottish Affairs spokesman, George Robertson, to have kept a straight face, as he complained in a witness box that John Major's 40- minute earnest guide to world trouble spots gave the Tories an advantage in Thursday's Scottish local ele...

  • Leading Article: Cuddling the Russian bear
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    This is tough talking. The treaty, implemented in 1992, has led to the destruction of thousands of heavy armoured vehicles, aircraft and helicopters. Signed by members of Nato and the former Warsaw Pact, it has helped European security immeasurably, ...

  • Letter: Hospital is home
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    Forty five years ago, I undertook locum duties at Meanwood Park Hospital which was then the largest hospital for the mentally handicapped in Yorkshire, and spent most of my working life there. In 1957, one of my five children was found to be profound...

  • Disputation: An imp, but not a great historian
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    According to Rowse, Taylor was "wanting in integrity" and had "no judgement". "There should have been more people to tell him to stop talking (and writing) nonsense." Rowse's feeble remarks have enabled Taylor's admirers yet again to spring into acti...

  • Letter: The best, and the worst, of science
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    Scientists are like flippant and irresponsible parents who would send their five-year-old child out to play with a loaded machine-gun. Science is at the nadir, as well as the pinnacle, of the 20th century. Yours faithfully, EDWARD TURNBULL Gosforth, ...

  • Letter: Results of traumatic stress
    Tuesday, 4 April 1995

    Never mind treating him for post-traumatic stress. He learnt and went on to complete nearly 40 years as an airline captain without killing a passenger. As they say, "there are old pilots and bold pilots, but no old bold pilots". Yours sincerely, ANNE...

  • My incident in the back of a cab
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    You fly into Kuala Lumpur, you don't know what's going on, you get a taxi from the airport, you ask the taxi driver what's going on and he tells you. It's your first impression, and however wrong or right it is, it stays with you. If I were a dictato...

  • A meeting by the Rhine
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    Traditionally Knigswinter, just across the river from Bonn (more a state of mind than a geographic location; every other year the meeting is held in Cambridge) has been a place where both sides address their knottiest problems. Usually, Germany is th...

  • Good vibrations in Mexico City
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    First there was Mexico City itself. It might be Miami in its wealth and in its sense of civic pride. Doubtless the city hides Miami's menace as well, but it seems in a different league from the frightening squalor of Bogota or the post-authoritarian ...

  • There's no trumping Mr Major
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    Enviable in themselves as individual items, these objects form a nonsensical ensemble. One might covet a personal aircraft. I can see that. The kind of aeroplane which could land in any old field might be a fun thing to have. A flying doctor's plane ...

  • Letter: Caring for everyone in the community
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    Sir: I am writing concerning your article "Mencap `snubs families over residential care' ", 27 March. Our son is 25 and has severe learning disabilities, epilepsy and sometimes challenging behaviour. When he was born, the only service available was r...

  • Letter: Setting medical record straight
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    Sir: There are two points I would like to make in response to your feature entitled "Carry on, Doctor Pilsworth" (30 March). You quote one of the villagers of Kirton in Lindsey as saying: "Why doesn't the General Medical Council focus its attention o...

  • Leading Article:Meanwhile, back at the ranch ...
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    These last few days, the prefect has been doing his best to oblige. "Unique" and "exceptionally important" are the phrases that trip off the tongues of administration officials when questioned about relations between London and Washington. All of whi...

  • Letter: World-class science
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    Sir: What a pity that during the conference on "Britain in the World" there appears to have been no mention of our world status in the spheres of science and medicine. Declining it may be as the funding dwindles, but thanks partly, no doubt, to the e...

  • Letter: Furore over a few words
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    Sir: I am extremely puzzled by the furore over Eric Cantona's quotation which I regard as self-deprecating for him and very easy to understand. What he means is that his many supporters (the seagulls following the trawler) are not really interested i...

  • Letter: Showcase for tropical wood
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    Sir: I feel that Mary Dejevsky was badly informed when she visited Paris's new national library ("Volumes of dissent decry Paris library", 30 March) in that she failed to mention the unparalleled use of wood from tropical rainforests in its construct...

  • Letter:Pope's message fails to address realities of life
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    Sir: It is reassuring to know that the Pope is against the "culture of death", particularly in view of the fact that he was the only head of state in the world to recognise the brutal and murderous military junta whose three-year rule in Haiti ended ...

  • Letter: BMARC: charge those responsible
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    Sir: If BMARC, the Lincolnshire-based arms firm, acted illegally in selling arms to Iran via Singapore ("New evidence on Aitken arms link", 30 March) was anyone prosecuted for this action? If not, why not? And if they were to be prosecuted now, would...

  • Leading Article: What John never said
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    We removed the immense drag of the nationalised industries and pioneered the success that is privatisation. We installed a tax regime free of the penalties that used to exist for personal success. Our steadfastness during the harsh days of the first ...

  • Letter: John Major should "interfere"
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    Sir: I do not understand the logic behind the remarks made by Tom Charron who originally prosecuted Nick Ingram ("Major warned against trying to stop execution", 30 March) when he says: I don't know how Mr Major could even intelligently ask for cleme...

  • Letter: Prison vision was a "mirage"
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    Sir: Possibly the most depressing aspect of the reports on prison overcrowding and the announcement of the building of another new privately-run jail ("£35m jail planned as crisis grows", 30 March) is that nobody has mentioned the Woolf Report that w...

  • ISMISM: New concepts for the Nineties
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    Once there was fishing, using a rod, reel and line, also known as angling because of its popularity with Anglo-Saxon races, their colonies and dominions. People caught fish, bragged about their size, took them home and ate them, or had them stuffed a...

  • Letter: Furore over a few words
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    Sir: What Eric Cantona probably had in mind was the ghost of a memory of Tacitus: Cum aves piscatores sequntur pisces eis iacturi esse credunt sed sola intestina donantur (Agricola, 31; Fife). The seagull following the fishing boat expects to be thro...

  • Letter: Furore over a few words
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    Sir: Why all the heart-searching about Eric Cantona's line (report, 1 April): "When seagulls follow the trawler it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea"? Clearly, this is a muddled translation of Malcolm Muggeridge's dictum: "Jo...

  • Letter:Pope's message fails to address realities of life
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    Sir: The latest encyclical of Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae (the Gospel of Life), claims to proclaim the value, dignity, grandeur and worth of every human life while condemning the "culture of death" which threatens civilisation ("Pope urges pr...

  • Letter: Caring for everyone in the community
    Monday, 3 April 1995

    Sir: The emotional debate about community care (reports, 27 March and Letters, 29 March) does not sufficiently emphasise that the label "learning difficulties" (mental handicap) covers an enormously large spectrum; from people who have relatively min...

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