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Sunday, 30 April 1995

  • LETTER : Children's welfare should be a priority in reform of divorce law
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    Sir: If the Lord Chancellor's proposals for divorce law reform ("Panel will control right to divorce", 26 April) are motivated primarily by a strong wish to put children first, then they are to be welcomed. However, the Government's related concern t...

  • LETTER : The art of telling a good racial joke
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    Sir: If the Attorney General declines to prosecute Bernard Manning and the organisers of the Greater Manchester Police function featured on World In Action for incitement to racial hatred ("Action ruled out over Manning's racist cabaret", 25 April), ...

  • LETTER : Nation owes the Churchill family
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    Sir: Your correspondents (Letters, 28 April) are quite wrong, and so are all others who claim that Sir Winston Churchill's papers should somehow be delivered free to the nation. They belong to his heirs. I recall clearly, some decades ago, an acute s...

  • LETTER : Children's welfare should be a priority in reform of divorce law
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    Sir: In her stimulating and thought-provoking look at divorce ("Till death, dispute or boredom do us part, 28 April), Polly Toynbee claims that Lord Mackay's White Paper "marks the final failure of the Gummers, the Archbishops, the Chief Rabbis and o...

  • No news that's fit to print
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    Simply read the following news stories which or may not have occurred in the past few days and decide which ones you think are true and which ones are false. OK? Are you ready? Let's go. 1. After it became apparent that the Oklahoma car bomb atrocity...

  • LETTER : The art of telling a good racial joke
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    Sir: As a Mancunian, I can tell you that Bernard Manning is doing no more than many other comedians ("Bernard Manning: racist, sexist and offensive ... don't you just love him?", 28 April) - "Big Yin" for instance - in promoting the street humour of ...

  • LETTER : Children's welfare shopuld be a priority in reform of divorce law
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    Sir: The uncritical welcome given to the Lord Chancellor's proposals for divorce law reform by your front-page article "Panel will control right to divorce" (26 April) is a cause for concern. The hopes and wishes expressed by these proposals regardin...

  • LETTER : To coin a phrase
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    Sir: The new European currency should be called the Humpty, because whoever thinks that they can make Europe's economies converge is heading for a fall. Yours faithfully, DAVID E. FLAVELL Peterlee, County Durham 26 April

  • ISMISM New concepts for the Nineties; No.14: anniversaryism
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    Also, a date generally forgotten by husbands. Anniversaries, recent: Yesterday, 30 April, was the 20th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, the 50th of Hitler's suicide, the 50th of the Russians entering Berlin, and the 1,684th of the issuing of an edi...

  • LETTER : Damaging remarks are far from true
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    Sir: John Watson, who watched our arrival at the Wisley Airfield with "disgust" (letter, 26 April) appears to have viewed our land rights encampment through somewhat discoloured spectacles. We have not, as he asserts, torn down branches of trees and ...

  • LETTER : Needed: a new New Labour
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    Sir: The destruction of Clause IV is an attempt to change the fundamental character of the British Labour Party and accept the situation in which ownership of private capital confers overwhelming economic, social and therefore political power. New La...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Neither beer nor bromides
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    Almost everybody else knows that Mr Blair is proving to be a formidable and attractive politician. Far from being "unprincipled", he is clearly a man who harbours strong views and is prepared to fight for them. His handling of the Clause IV battle ha...

  • Frogmarched into manhood
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    So each war fades into history, leaving us with war memorials, poppies and remembrance services, "lest we forget". Societies treat their wars as finite episodes, and do not trace the lines of continuity that must have linked the men who marched away ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : The mystery of Auntie's savings
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    Under long-term competitive threat, which it knew would push up costs while driving down revenues, the BBC has been cost-cutting for seven years. In fact, so successful was its efficiency drive that last year a fund was set up to distribute the fruit...

  • But what's the score behind the door? inning is only the first step
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    If Blair makes it, there will be many such days ahead. To govern, in our times, is to struggle to hold your course on a turbulent sea of sudden economic events, under constant criticism from the public and press, and with fewer effective powers than ...

  • It has taken a gamble to restore our heritage
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    So one reads in the Financial Times, for instance, that "the lodge and its grounds will be developed partly for commercial deer-stalking. Deer will have to be culled. The two decisions [ie, the purchase of Mar Lodge and the Churchill papers] suggest ...

  • LETTER : Nation owes the Churchill family
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    Sir: It is outrageous that £13m of Lottery money has gone to a trust whose beneficiaries exclude females. Does this then mean that organisations that discriminate against gender or race are eligible for Lottery money? This Churchill case seems to hav...

  • LETTER : Nation owes the Churchill family
    Monday, 1 May 1995

    Sir: I have a letter that was written to me by Lady Churchill in 1943, thanking me and the children in my street for the sum of £2.10s.0d which we had raised in aid of her Russian fund. It is handwritten and signed by Lady Churchill herself. As the H...

  • Letter: Get out and fight for better education: that's the best thing you can do for your children
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    Most importantly, I haven't felt able to take a decision which - if every other middle-class parent in Islington did the same - would result in a complete polarisation of educational provision. We mustn't act in a way which will create a society our ...

  • Letter: Get out and fight for better education: that's the best thing you can do for your children
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    This country needs all its children educated to their full potential if it is to survive in the world. This goal will not be achieved if the middle class opts out, either into private education or into the few remaining grammar schools. The parents w...

  • Briefly
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    S R Bishop, France l YOU note that Big Mac comes to Venice ("Caf society faces inelegant fate", 23 April) as if this were the fall of civilisation. This event in fact took place when McDonald's opened up in Hampstead. Daniel Chatterton, London N1 l P...

  • Letter: Card-carrying citizenship
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    We all carried ID cards in the 1939 war, because we recognised the demands of national emergency, but I remember the pleasure with which we burnt them after. Today, the requirement to carry an identity card would achieve the apotheosis of the present...

  • Letter: Who profits?
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    The essence of the building society movement is mutuality - the society merely acting as arranger and stakeholder between lenders and borrowers. The societies are owned and controlled by the members and there is no scope for profit to third parties. ...

  • Letter: Committed to an evolving canon of classics
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    The new programming policy places a commitment to thoroughly researched retrospectives of classic cinema at its centre. But these take much planning: the NFT shows films that no other cinema in the UK could screen, but doing a complete retrospective ...

  • Letter: Get out and fight for better education: that's the best thing you can do for your children
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    As head teacher of a Camberwell school, I cannot let his remark go unchallenged. My school could well be one of his local schools. As far as I know Mr Walsh and his daughter have not visited the school, and I am quite certain that if he had talked to...

  • Letter: Happiness is a full nest
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    In it, the phrase "desirable quality of life" means an indul-gent offspring- free existence for, apparently, self-engrossed parents. There must, however, be thousands like us. We have three grown children who are our best friends. For me, perhaps the...

  • Letter: Muntjacs munch too much
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    Let me tell you about my garden. I have a family of muntjacs living in it. Every single thing except daffodils and mature trees is surrounded by wire netting. (Even then they get through.) Tulips are eaten to the ground; the young growth on all my ro...

  • Letter: Being a good sport is enough
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    No, the thing that has annoyed me most is the excuse that it has given rugby league's parochial flat-cap tendency to get all dewy eyed about "roots" and "tradition" and "community", implying it is a Northern sport that should stay there. At least Sim...

  • Letter: Card-carrying citizenship
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    The problem is not one of creating identification out of a sea of anonymity, but rather a degree of national standardisation out of a situation of overlapping formal identifications - driving licences, social security numbers, credit cards - where mi...

  • Letter: Get out and fight for better education: that's the best thing you can do for your children
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    I don't think so and I'm no modern socialist nor even particularly liberal in my views. I work as a finance director for a public company and my children all go to state schools. They get an education in the widest sense, and preparation for the real...

    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    TODAY is the feast day of Saint Adjutor, Norman nobleman who, in 1095, set off for the Holy Land with the First Crusade. Adjutor was captured by the Muslims and thrown into prison but, one night, Saint Mary Magdalene appeared to him in his cell, help...

  • quotes of the week
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    Tory MP Winston Churchill, on the use of £12.5m of National Lottery cash to buy his grandfather's papers Copyright is like a bishop's sexuality - a grey area. Dr Piers Brendon, curator of the Churchill Archive at Churchill College, Cambridge I am sor...

  • What is there to celebrate?
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    But at least these arguments are about how the event should be marked rather than what it is. For one country the debate is different. For Germany, the question is not so much how to celebrate as what to celebrate: the country is in the paradoxical p...

  • Words: Offensive
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    MOST dual-purpose words, such as wicked, depend for their meaning on who happens to be using them: bad when spoken by parsons, good when spoken by pagan teenagers, say. is different. It more often does a quick-change act by going into another part of...

  • Leading Article: Newspapers do have a purpose
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    Those are probably the bad reasons. The good reason is that an editorial is, or should be, the voice of the newspaper. This is a hackneyed phrase and also, in an era when newspapers are seen increasingly as "products" that need to be "marketed", an o...

  • Write me a novel I can actually read
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    I regard this as an important breakthrough in personal time-scheduling and have Julian Barnes to thank. I had been trying to give up contemporary fiction for years. My bookshelves creak under a weight of unread classics. Would I ever discover how the...

  • Why Mr Benn is the right man for the job
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    More than 30 years ago, when Lord Wilson made the speech on science and socialism at the Scarborough conference, nationalisation was still a matter of controversy. It was used as a talisman of whether you were on the Left. This was doubly paradoxical...

  • In the end the National Health Service choked on its own success
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    So I am not counting down to 8 May, VE Day, but a bit further - to 5 July, the main polling day in the 1945 general election. Nobody had the faintest idea of what was about to happen, although the Daily Mirror got it right by inspired guesswork. That...

  • Safety for diners ... the Nevin archive ... poor Virginia
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    Our next dining titbit comes from Royal College Street, Camden Town, home of the Kypros restaurant, unpretentious purveyor, I'm told, of the finest Greek food in town. My attention has been drawn to the amazing similarity between Mr Kypros and his re...

  • Now we can all see the benefits of the Lottery
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    I was greatly taken, too, by the snap of Young Winston printed in the newspapers this week as he posed beneath the statue of his grandparents at Chartwell, busily reading a National Trust brochure, his brow suitably furrowed. If only the photographer...

  • I thought Bernard Manning was dead
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    I tend to think that these white supremacists like Terreblanche, the boneheads of the BNP and Bernard Manning are all so revoltingly ugly and unpleasant that they make the best possible advertisement for mixed marriages. Would you prefer your daughte...

  • Profile: David Hare / He only does it to annoy
    Sunday, 30 April 1995

    Why is he so annoying to people? In part, it's his pugnacity - the kind which you glimpse even in the titles of early plays of his, such as Knuckle and Slag. In part, it's the perceived gap between his private life (affluence, Hampstead home, success...

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