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Thursday, 6 April 1995

  • Letter: Students need to be away from home
    Friday, 7 April 1995

    Sir: Professor Peter Watson's insensitive attitude to the financial situation of students is quite remarkable. Students deserve the right to attend the university they choose on the basis of their qualifications; finance should not determine which un...

  • Letter; Sleepers up for sale
    Friday, 7 April 1995

    Sir: Peter Brown, of the London Friends of the West Highland Line, is possibly incorrect when he says in his letter (1 April) that sleeper rolling stock will probably be scrapped. To date, 10 surplus sleepers have been sold to Danish state railways a...

  • Letter: Why Germany built the "Oriana"
    Friday, 7 April 1995

    Sir: On Thursday (6 April), the Queen will name the new liner, which has just arrived from her German builders, the Oriana. The new flagship of the UK merchant fleet, as she has been termed, has provided thousands of jobs in Germany and should earn h...

  • A sanction fit for murderers
    Friday, 7 April 1995

    The undercurrent of criticism has been that the ultimate sanction is indeed immoral, even if constitutional in the eyes of the US Supreme Court. Moreover, there seems to be a confidence that only a morally deficient country could contemplate putting ...

  • Leading Article: Still paying for the poll tax
    Friday, 7 April 1995

    According to a recent study, "the basic rate of income tax could have been about 4p in the pound lower in 1994-95 than it actually was (or VAT some 4 percentage points lower) if the community charge had never been introduced and abandoned". Set out i...

  • In the mood for optimism
    Friday, 7 April 1995

    He cannot really believe the stuff he spouts about the Tories storming back to a fifth victory, one thinks. It is just a front, surely, a rather admirable piece of effrontery in the face of looming political disaster. Good old Hezza. Ho, ho. And yet ...

  • Letter: Students need to be away from home
    Friday, 7 April 1995

    Sir: It was interesting to read that "a zero rate of interest is charged" for the present student loans system ("Student loans system could be privatised", 3 April). Unfortunately, this only serves to propagate one of the myths about student life. Th...

  • We'd prefer the horse and no carriage
    Friday, 7 April 1995

    With one hand, the Government offered inducements for couples to tie the nuptial knot, while with the other, it cut one of the last fiscal incentives to reward them for doing so. For some, this will simply be another sign of a government that has los...

  • The minds of Middle England
    Friday, 7 April 1995

    Where is Middle England? It is all around us. How shall we recognise it? If John Major can recognise it, it cannot be too difficult for us to recognise. How does John Major recognise it? By its hearts and minds. What is special about its hearts and m...

  • Letter: Stress can be a long-term trauma
    Friday, 7 April 1995

    and Mr John C. Wright Sir: Clinical experience and research do not bear out Professor Wade's assertion (Letters, 31 March) that "the natural tendency is for full recovery [of post traumatic stress disorder] in days or weeks ..." The reality for many ...

  • Leading Article:4,000 miles from Georgia
    Friday, 7 April 1995

    We oppose the death penalty. This stand is not taken because of the question of deterrence, although there is no evidence that the death penalty deters crime (so much so that proponents of state execution have abandoned it as an argument). The fact t...

  • Letter: Films that serve the public good
    Friday, 7 April 1995

    Sir: The notion of "public good" being in opposition to commercial success, put forward in David Lister's article on lottery support for films (6 April), is incorrect. Indeed, many commercial films do serve the public good by virtue of their high art...

  • Letter: Bias and the BBC: the case for intervention
    Friday, 7 April 1995

    Sir: The furore over the BBC has focused on several specific allegations of bias (Aitken, Panorama, Clause IV conference), but there are larger issues of principle at stake. In December 1993, I began a correspondence with the BBC that has revealed th...

  • Letter: MPs' ill-fated trip to Turkey
    Friday, 7 April 1995

    Sir: The trip to southern Turkey and northern Iraq conducted by Ann Clwyd, Jim Cousins and myself, has been overshadowed by the internal politicking of the parliamentary Labour Party. A trip that provided a major boost to the minority, Social Democra...

  • Letter: Bias and the BBC: the case for intervention
    Friday, 7 April 1995

    Sir: Andrew Marr contends (5 April) that the questions raised over the appropriateness of Panorama's interview with the Prime Minister were an attempt to "intimidate the Corporation". The Labour Party is proud of its stout defence of the BBC over the...

  • Letter: Students need to be away from home
    Friday, 7 April 1995

    Sir: Peter Watson raises the prospect of more university students being encouraged to live at home during the course of their degrees (Letters, 5 April). Yet surely one goes to university as much for a social education as its academic equivalent. Hal...

  • Letter: BBC injunction fails audience
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    During the US presidential elections of the 1960s, extensive audience research was carried out to discover how much impact political party broadcasts had upon the electorate's decision in choosing a new president. The findings concluded that no matte...

  • Letter: Crime and punishment in the State of Georgia
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    Mr Ingram stands convicted by due process of law of an appalling crime, but reading the newspaper reports about the case over the last few days, it is clear that doubts about the evidence for his conviction remain. And surely, in a civilised world, w...

  • Letter: Crime and punishment in the State of Georgia
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    Georgia is unusual in that such a prerogative rests with the state's board of appeals. Yours sincerely, TERRY PHILPOT Oxted, Surrey

  • Letter: A.J.P. Taylor - still making history
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    The Taylor tradition sees the past as a field of human action constructed out of individual and collective choices in particular circumstances. It emphasises the freedom of individuals to act, the importance of reconstructing the past from the point ...

  • Spacious, desirable and still empty
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    Peer through one of its 3,000 windows and the scene is one of dust and decay. Deep holes, long abandoned, have been dug through the floors of those of its 1,200 rooms that are visible from the riverside. Its 12 miles of corridor serve no purpose othe...

  • Letter: BBC injunction fails audience
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    Not only the BBC, but every other TV and radio channel, could have defended future breaches of the impartiality guidelines by reference to this case. A watershed event was prevented at, admittedly, great risk. Yours sincerely, J. D. PERTWEE Canterbur...

  • Well, it's about this writer
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    By a pleasing coincidence I came across the same line of thought on the very same day in a book of selected Prejudices by the late great H L Mencken. "The worst of it is that an author must always suffer alone. If authors could work in large, well-ve...

  • Letter: Discounted books will push up prices
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    The vast majority of UK booksellers do not believe that discounting will result in a sufficient number of additional copies being sold to compensate for lower profits on discounted titles. Selective price cutting would inevitably lead to compensatory...

  • Letter: Celtic Cornishmen
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    For grizzled Anglo-Saxon frontiersmen, I suggest you try looking in Plymouth. Regards, CHRIS CARTER Birmingham

  • Letter: A. J. P. Taylor - still making history
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    First, the implication that historians should have a good political agenda (in this case, to "assuage traditional English mistrust of all things German") is a dangerous one. Recent political pressure on British historians to foster the sense of natio...

  • Letter: `Midweek' break
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    The truth is that I have asked if I can give up the last six Midweeks of this series, by way of a sabbatical to make up for having spent six months of last year working on through a severe arm injury. Dull, but true. Yours faithfully, LIBBY PURVES Lo...

  • Leading Article: Time to lead, Mrs Bottomley
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    Virginia Bottomley knows that no news is good news. That was the message last November in a leaked memo by John Maples, the Tory party deputy chairman. The Tories, he warned, could not win on health, so it was best to keep quiet on the subject. Since...

  • Another View: The right epitaph for Bart's
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    That said, the basic policy is both sensible and worthwhile. The issue of dispersed specialities and the inheritance of an arguable excess of hospitals (and a compensating shortfall in primary health care) are problems worth tackling, and Mrs Bottoml...

  • Letter: Suspended MPs got off lightly
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    Surely, the people who govern this country should be beyond reproach. I'm therefore disgusted that the MPs David Tredinnick and Graham Riddick should get off with such an easy punishment. It seems we must now accept that the Conservative idea of hone...

  • Leading Article: Everyone march, two, three, four
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    It is true that there are rather a lot of ranks at the moment. Each of the services contains 12 for officers and seven for non-officers. So it is suggested that a number of amalgamations take place to reduce these to eight and four respectively. Admi...

  • And shall our children inherit the deficit?
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    The size of the US national debt, or rather, the way it has been soaring in recent years, is the subject of hot political debate this week, as we hit the final days of Newt Gingrich's 100-day "Contract with America". This was the programme on which t...

  • Letter: Crime and punishment in the State of Georgia
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    Mr Ingram has had a full and fair trial in the eyes of a country that prides itself on its judicial system's fairness, and at the end of it, a jury unanimously decided that he was indeed guilty of murder. For the British government to intervene would...

  • Letter: Justice now for Rwanda
    Thursday, 6 April 1995

    Four weeks ago, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 978. Recalling the 1949 Genocide Convention, and Resolution 955 of November 1994, which set up the International Tribunal for Rwanda, this new resolution called on all states to arrest and det...

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