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Sunday, 9 April 1995

  • Letter: Missed opportunities at County Hall
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    Sir: Clearly, County Hall derives its potential value from its position; the building would not be worth much in, say, the middle of the Nevada desert. In other words, it owes its importance and value to our presence - to the presence of London and L...

  • Revealed - too late for us to care
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    The problem is that the information in Thatcher's Gold: The Life and Times of Mark Thatcher by Paul Halloran and Mark Hollingsworth comes so late and is so subtle at the level of factual detail that it is likely to appeal only to reporters and others...

  • Letter: As bad as the BBC
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    Yours faithfully, R. T. DONALD Old Aberdeen 6 April

  • Letter: Racism in the playground
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    As Deepa passed the play area, one of the children called her a Paki. She rode quickly towards me and warned me. She looked worried, so I said: "Don't worry, they are probably mucking around." The second time, she passed by another one of the childre...

  • Leading Article: Old medicine is good medicine
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    Yet many of these drugs, though tested, remain a relative mystery. We report today, for example, that a group of top-selling drugs may in fact increase the risk of a heart attack in some patients. Although more research is necessary, the study sugges...

  • Letter: In defence of Ann Clwyd
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    I would like to put on record, as I did recentlyat a conference on Iraq which my centre organised with Ms Clwyd, that the emergence of the safe haven in northern Iraq and, more importantly, its durability in the early critical months of 1991 (when th...

  • Marks or merks, it's all sterling currency
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    And this very familiarity would revive in the Germans that ancient sense of inferiority to the French. Whereas if, as suggested, the unified European currency were to be called the euromark, this policy would be easier to sell inside Germany. Well, I...

  • Lacking a full set of prints
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    This important increase in police powers improves the thrust towards a better intelligence-based system and will, in theory, enable the police to compare people against other people, and people against stains found at the scene of a crime or on a vic...

  • Hot news on global warming
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    Professor Rose Hedging is the head of the prestigious news studies department at Milton Keynes University. Her job is to watch news developments around the world, to monitor them, to write articles and books about them, to go on television and talk a...

  • Letter: Energy priorities
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    It needs to be remembered that the industry was privatised without any commitment whatsoever to improve energy efficiency. Instead, the Government set up an Energy Savings Trust under the chairmanship of John Moore, with an initial budget of just £6m...

  • Letter: Double our debt
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    Yours faithfully, JOHN F. SPELLAR MP for Warley West (Lab) House of Commons London, SW1 6 April

  • Letter: More time to read
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    Yours faithfully, PRISCILLA CHENEVIX TRENCH London, N4 6 April

  • Leading Article: Stewed in corruption
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    Richard Spring, a junior minister with no public reputation anyone could recall, resigned when a Sunday tabloid claimed that he had shared a bed with a businessman and a young woman. This brings to 15 or 17, depending upon how you keep the score, the...

  • ISMISM New concepts for the Nineties
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    youfism n the cult of youf which arrogates to itself functions and rights which previously were the province of themiddle-aged or mature, qv, now obs. See policemen, younger looking; tennis players, etc, and Jodie and Jade, youf models who caused a s...

  • Letter: Leaving home
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    Professor Watson's proposal (letter, 5 April) that more students should live at home would be afurther step on the road to homogenisation of university education, a road the end of which is creative death. Yours faithfully, P. A. REYNOLDS Borwick, La...

  • Letter: Missed opportunities at County Hall
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    It is worth remembering that when the Thatcher administration wasfulfilling its act of spite to deprive London of its strategic authority, it was busily allocating vast expenditure to various annexes to the Palace of Westminster - notably, the Bridge...

  • Letter: Political courage will resolve the NHS problems in London
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    At 9.15am, I rang the government offices and, having explained the nature of my request, was told, "The Department of Health doesn't open until 10 o'clock." Later in the day, I tried again and was put through to the Department of Health switchboard w...

  • Oblivion, survival or radical new spirit
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    Not only the size of the gap is new; so, too, is the length of time the Government has been behind. Collapses of support for governments in the middle of a parliament are routine; governments often survive them and come back to win the general electi...

  • Diary
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    When I reported this to my friend Reg, he observed: "It's the only aspect of adolescence I envy. When they wake, they look at the clock, see it's midday, turn over and instantly go back to sleep. When I wake up it's eight hours earlier and I'm prayin...

  • Letter: Political courage will resolve the NHS problems in London
    Monday, 10 April 1995

    Both the diagnosis of London's ills and the broad character of the appropriate remedies ought to command cross-party support, despite the undoubted truth that changes of the magnitude that have become necessary are bound to offend specific institutio...

    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    Robert Tanitch, London W2

    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    William P Roberts, London N1

    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    Susanna Bishop, Oxford

    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    Martin Smith, Oxford

  • LETTER: Ritalin helps raise children's self-esteem
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    Ritalin is one of the most tested drugs given to children. It has been researched for more than 25 years and the research is continuing. Up-to- date results show that side-effects were previously overstated, are usually minimal and often easily overc...

  • LETTER: Happy at the hole in the wall
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    Moreover, contrary to the claim in the article, complaints about cash machines are actually falling. A bank or building society may challenge a customer who disputes a transaction because experience has shown that many customers genuinely forget a tr...

  • LETTER: Forget the book, let's see what he looks like
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    Probably for some unrelated reason, of course. I no longer burst into tears at socially awkward moments, but I do still wear the bag over my head whenever I can't avoid going out. Stephen Gallagher Blackburn, Lancashire

  • LETTER : Spike it
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    Incidentally, if Mr Enfield equates being a pheasant with "romping around the countryside making klaxon noises", one can easily understand why he considers this particular change of role to be so appropriate for him. His attack on Spike Milligan, a m...

  • LETTER: Paying for public transport
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    There is abundant evidence that any economically viable investment in transport infrastructure leads to a dramatic increase in land values in the areas served. Compare house prices in Islington, served by three tube lines, with similar properties in ...

  • LETTER: Not all Spaniards go fishing
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    Flamenco is only one of the many regional musical manifestations in Spain and evokes only indifference in me - and innumerable other non-Andalucians. Bullfighting arouses sentiments of revulsion and shame reminiscent of those experienced by Britons a...

  • LETTER: Not slavery
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    More than a third of the £33m we gave overseas last year was spent on refugees and other emergency relief. No bank is going to lend money to hungry and homeless families. The bulk of our aid is for "development", whether digging wells or legal help w...

  • LETTER: Blinkered A-level outlook
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    By taking the European Baccalaurat, for which one studies about 10 subjects, I was able to make a life-changing decision at the age of 18. Moreover, I was then able to apply to study on almost any degree course in the country. Ah, but the shallowness...

  • LETTER: Education spending is up
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    The "alarming reality" turned out to be the Government's critics' recalculation of inflation-weighted spending on education according to a Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (Cipfa) formula which Cipfa itself no longer uses. Cipfa'...

  • LETTER: Women, beware of marriage
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    Briony Galpin Colchester, Essex

  • LETTER: Can a bully be brave?
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    What astonishing reasoning! It is perfectly possible to be a bully and yet not to exemplify the fault of cowardice, just as it is possible for a bully not to be a thief, adulterer or liar. There is no inconsistency in loathing bullies while withholdi...

    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    S Knight, London NW3

  • LETTER: Ritalin helps raise children's self-esteem
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    It became clear by the age of about six or seven that my daughter's inability to concentrate was affecting her performance at school. After hearing about Ritalin, I began giving it to her during the week. She has now been taking the medicine for abou...

    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    S G Bennett, Oldham

    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    TODAY is the feast day of Saint Waldetrudis a 7th-century widow who came from a family of quite astonishing holiness. Her father was Saint Walbert and her mother Saint Bertilia. Her sister was Saint Aldegundis of Maubeuge, while her husband was Saint...

  • Panorama: the case for showing it
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    We believed we were right to plan our interview with John Major, even though the Scottish local election campaign was under way. But I freely confess the decision was one of the more difficult programming ones of recent years. We considered carefully...

  • The tale of the postman, the gas man and two political philosophies
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    The party cheated of Mr Barr's vote by death was, as it happens, the SNP. But the passing of Ian Barr bereaves not just his family and his chosen party, and not just Scotland. Britain as a whole ought to mourn him, because he was exactly the sort of ...

  • Lunch and a little light bulimia with friends splendid extravagance of true bulimia The private joys of high living and bulimia The great thing about bulimia Little things who miss so much A better way to throw a dinner party
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    To the point, Wallace, to the point! One or two newspapers have, indeed, caught my eye o'er the past fortnight; sad to say, they seem engaged in the discussion of one issue and one issue alone. I refer of course to bulimia. For my older readers, this...

  • The danger of another Rwanda New Rwanda accuses the world Genocide and the search for justice Seeking justice after gencocideBargaining after the genocide
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    It may be best to begin in Kigali prison. It is itself a community with a personality of its own. The prison left by the former colonial power is little more than a solid stone wall round an open compound. Sensibly, the dozen guards stay outside the ...

  • A country that slipped away
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    The Queen arrived the next morning in her own train and was preceded down the red carpet by the media, who were quietly booed by the guests - chiefs of staff, lord lieutenants, high sheriffs, mayors - seated in the stands. The Queen and the Bishop of...

  • Scotland, land of the speechless ... I spy ... plug the gap
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    n OH, YES, the photograph. It is, of course, a Hamster Dragster. This is an ideal purchase for the bright, lively hamster with a yearning for horizons beyond going round on one of those little wheels all day. The hamster featured is the Captain's lit...

  • Today's past master
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    Behind Schama are buildings by Inigo Jones and Christoper Wren, across from him the futuristic toytown of Docklands. The conservationist in him hates what Canary Wharf does to the view from the Royal Observatory. But another bit of him, the bit that ...

    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    When Michael Howard was accused by the Law Lords last week of flouting the wishes of Parliament, he was told that this was an "abuse of power". So it was, but what he was doing was not what alcoholics do to their drinks or what some adults do to chil...

  • Tax cuts cannot keep the grim reaper at bay
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    General elections do not take place in December or January. There were February elections in 1950 and 1974, neither with specially happy results for the party calling them. In 1966 Lord Wilson went to the country on the last day in March. Lady Thatch...

  • Why is the Telegraph obsessed with sex?
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    The Telegraph loves rape trials, and ran pages on the Bank of England deputy's affair. On the day that story broke they even led with a sex story on the foreign pages. Perhaps Max Hastings has become a pervert and a woman-hater, or perhaps it is all ...

  • Take him to the polls!
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    Before we pass sentence, however, it is only right to consider the case made on your behalf. The court has heard from character witnesses, including, to some people's surprise, David Hare, the left-wing playwright. He has described you as "fundamenta...

  • quotes of the week
    Sunday, 9 April 1995

    Kenneth Clarke to John Humphrys, who had given him a calculator to count interruptions on `Today' You are doing the wrong thing in the wrong way at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Sir John Gorst, Tory MP, to Virginia Bottomley in the Commons I...

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