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Monday, 15 May 1995

  • Don't waste your time, Lord Nolan
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    "Where do they get their money from?" he asked. What a bizarre question, considering that the Conservatives are at least £17m in debt. Incompetence has become the vice of that party, not financial corruption. I cannot imagine a greater waste of Lord ...

  • Tories beware the Y-Rot virus
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    "It's a sort of mental paralysis which turns their brains to a kind of pulp, " says Dr Foster, the physician who has acquired the franchise to deal with Tory diseases." The worst symptom is a sort of partial memory loss, which renders them incapable ...

  • LETTER: World trade and cruel traps
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: Danny Penman (10 May) writes of the attempts by the Canadian and US governments to force the European Union to drop its impending ban on the import of furs from animals caught in cruel traps (eg, the leghold trap). The International Standards Or...

  • The redundant ritual of reshuffling
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    The reshuffle ritual goes a long way towards explaining why a British Cabinet isn't effective - imagine a business which switched around its senior managers every 18 months. The political reshuffle is a contraption which, had it been designed to prod...

  • LETTER: Carrots for car drivers
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: Nicholas Schoon concludes his article (5 May) by saying that public attitudes towards car use, while deeply ambiguous, are "in a state of flux and ready to be led", but, in the absence of political leadership, there is no sign of advantage being...

  • LETTER: Wrinkly rebellion
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: "The Weasel" tells us today (13 May) that Tunbridge Wells is seen as conservative ... "due to the high proportion of wrinklies and crumblies per head of population". Would he, I wonder, be equally non-politically correct in describing the domina...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Transport policy hits the buffers
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Now Dr Mawhinney proposes a different view. Most fares will, in the privatised future, be regulated and they will be restricted to rises in line with inflation until 1998 and by inflation minus 1 per cent for the four subsequent years. In flinging th...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Unarmed caution from the police
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Yet none of this evidence is compelling while the opinion of police officers themselves is excluded from the discussion. For it is the police who, on a day-to-day basis, have to face armed criminals and the possibility of instant death. The killing o...

  • LETTER: Germany's rail privatisation
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: Your report today on the closure of ABB Rail Vehicles' York carriageworks ("Works closure blamed on BR sale", 12 May) quotes John Major as saying: "Privatisation is no more responsible for this than for an outbreak of measles." His response is d...

  • LETTER: No secrets in Labour cash
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: Your front page article today (15 May) asserts that "Labour will get secret cash help" from an organisation named Common Campaign Ltd. It goes on to say that "any company giving cash [to Common Campaign] would not have to declare a political don...

  • LETTER: Welcome warnings
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: I wonder if Andrew Calcutt, who complains about skin-cancer counsellors on Welsh beaches (letter, 11 May), also smokes 40 a day. I personally would greatly prefer to have been warned of the dangers of sunbathing before contracting melanoma in my...

  • LETTER: UnAmerican assumptions
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: I found the following phrase in Richard Neville's article on Oz ("It's too late to stop now", 29 April): "Rubin was a street-smart prankster, whose war-painted pantomimes had knocked the stuffing out of HUAC, the McCarthy-immortalised House UnAm...

  • LETTER: The UN needs Britain's help
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: There are many who would disagree with John Gordon's belief (letter, 12 May), all too common within the United Nations' secretariats, that the UN's current shortcomings can be resolved only by a stunning display of leadership from the member sta...

  • LETTER: An MP's work is a full-time job
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: "A tonic for Westminster," proclaims your leading article (12 May). Lord Nolan's report is a much needed tonic for the public, too. My parliamentary experience taught me that to do an MP's work properly is more than a full-time job. To have paid...

  • LETTER: National littery
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: Perhaps some of the National Lottery money could be used to scratch up the Instant Litter which has recently appeared on our streets. Yours sincerely, JOSEPH FLACK Corpusty, Norfolk 14 May

  • LETTER: Nuclear threat still looms
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: The decision to extend the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) indefinitely, taken by more than 170 states in New York this week ("Treaty bans spread of nuclear arms for ever", 12 May) is the correct one. Not only does it outlaw the spread of...

  • ANOTHER VIEW; Policemen don't need guns
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    The Police Federation survey of officers from constable to chief inspector rank found that only 21 per cent of officers were in favour of routine arming, but 83 per cent supported an increase in the number of officers trained and issued with firearms...

    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: What a dreadful irony that, in the week we have been celebrating victory over the Germans, the train-building factory at York (which escaped bomb damage 50 years ago) is to be finally shut down on orders from Berlin, the headquarters location of...

  • LETTER : Children for hire
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    Sir: Regarding the begging woman in the Underground (Maggie Brown's Diary, 10 May), a few years ago I was accosted by a woman in Tottenham Court Road. Could I spare something for the children? Three of them, around four, five and seven years old, tag...

  • LETTER : Santer's views on EU veto
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    Sir: Your article "EU national veto must go, Santer warns Britain" (11 May) contains some inaccuracies which may obscure the debate on the future of UK in the European Union. Nowhere in the document [containing the European Commission's outline propo...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Invite Nolan to the party
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    This weekend the question was revived when Labour and the Liberal Democrats called for the Nolan Committee - broadsheet heroes of last week - to be allowed to examine the funding of political parties. Nolan is already due to begin looking at the Lord...

  • LETTER : Safety record of high-speed police
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    Sir: One death caused by a police vehicle is one too many but there are several points I would like to clarify concerning your article "Training cuts behind rise in police car accident injuries" (9 May). You state that in 1994, 855 civilians were hur...

  • LETTER : Peak of Empire
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    Sir: G. Chowdharay-Best (letter, 12 May) is incorrect when he says that Niall Meehan (letter, 10 May) vastly exaggerated the size of the British Empire. In fact, Mr Chowdharay-Best just as vastly underestimates. The probable reason for his error is t...

  • LETTER : Merit appointments for UN staff
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    Sir: Your articles on the weaknesses of international organisations (News Analysis, 11 May) raise a number of key issues with which this association is deeply concerned. For many years, Cold War and regional rivalries contributed to the diminishing o...

  • LETTER : Sheep on the range
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    Sir: Seeing the veggie heroes of Generation Why (12 May) unwittingly loosing their rescued sheep on to a Ministry of Defence firing range reminded me of an Army battle camp, in 1956, on the Welsh hills, abounding with sheep. We were told not shoot at...

  • LETTER : New blue Labour
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    Sir: John Walsh points out the quaintness of the hammer and sickle flying from Hackney town hall on VE Day (Diary, 11 May). In neighbouring Islington, the blue flag of the European Union fluttered from the highest pole where the red flag was once hoi...

  • The time is right for a velvet divorce
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    If he sports a strange helmet, straw-coloured pigtails, blood-drenched tunic and complex cross-gartering, that sounds like a Vandal, or at any rate some version of the unwelcome intruder, to us. If he stands at the end of a trail of rape and pillage ...

  • LETTER : Pricey pupils
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    Sir: Alas, your leader writer has a nasty shock coming ("Spare the cash, spoil the parent", 11 May). Oh for the comparatively inexpensive days of primary school clothes and party bags. They cost but nothing in comparison with the riotous living of pr...

  • Why Mr Bugg's idea backfired
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    I mean, who would want to be called Naughty? Is it likely anyone was ever called Naughty? And if he were, wouldn't he want to change it to Naughtie? But would anyone have been called Naughty? Is it possible? Well, yes, it is. If you go back to a book...

  • When killing is the only escape
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    Like Mandy and Beth Jordache, the mother and daughter from the television soap who face life imprisonment if convicted of murder of the violent Trevor Jordache, many abused women who kill find themselves between a rock and a hard place. The fact is t...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : A beginning, not an end
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    For many pupils the experience will be a positive one. It will allow them to recap on what they have learnt since the age of seven - and it will give their parents important information to supplement their teachers' assessments of their abilities. In...

  • ISMISM New concepts for the Nineties No.15: relativism
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    How things change with time. Relativism was once a matter for lofty sorts. It began with Plato, who turned his withering intellect upon Protagorus for his suggestion that man was the measure of all things, and continued until Hegel. Then Einstein cha...

  • LETTER : Tory reaction to Welsh assembly
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    Sir: John Redwood's hostile reaction (report, 13 May) to Labour's plans for a Welsh assembly was as predictable as his leader's position in Scotland. Yet it is easy to understand such hysteria given what has happened since the Tories came to power. T...

  • LETTER : Historical centre of Australia
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    Sir: Hamish McRae's article "The loneliness of the long-distance city", 12 May), fascinating though it is, misses out a point of great interest about Australia and the Australian constitution. Australia has, during the period of the last generation, ...

  • LETTER : When Hitler invaded Austria
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    Sir: Jojo Moyes' throwaway remark about Austria "which joined the side of Nazi Germany in the Second World War" shows a sad distortion and neglect of historical facts ("Anniversary revives painful memories in Europe", 9 May). Austria was invaded by H...

  • Myth of withering government
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    Few dispute these facts. And few are unaware of the extent to which such things as currencies are now far beyond the sway of national governments, and not only because of currency dealers. Just imagine the implications for the monetary police if all ...

  • Diary
    Monday, 15 May 1995

    But if there was a bit of a frost among the chattering classes, in my west London village the event was greeted enthusiastically. The knitting shop had an elaborate window display constructed in red, white and blue wool; the florist made up patriotic...

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