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Tuesday, 16 May 1995

  • LETTER:Keeping an eye on Skinner's footwork
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    Sir: On reading of Dennis Skinner's expulsion from the Commons this week for using "unparliamentary language" ("Ballistic anger puts Skinner in the ejector seat", 10 May), it reminded me that his rousing performances are part of a tradition related t...

  • Charities don't need a contracting role
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    However, that sounds reasonably clear, brave and admirable since the poor are not a cuddly cause, and they score badly in other charitable giving. The National Trust comes top, Oxfam second, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution third, followed by ...

  • LETTER:Imran's wedding: unveiling some truths about Islamic customs
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    Sir: The general consensus view, from both the tabloids and broadsheets, is that Imran Khan's wedding to Jemima Goldsmith is going to end in tears. The main reason given seems to be the question of how a 21-year-old, alcohol-swigging "English Rose" w...

  • Is this a blue pencil I see before me?
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    Well, according to John Birt, director-general of the BBC, it just tells lies and creates a new, false truth. That is why Shakespeare's play Macbeth will not be appearing again on our screens, not if the BBC has anything to do with it. The shock deci...

  • LETTER:Labour's plans for Scotland
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    Sir: Thank goodness for Malcolm Rifkind's sensible words about Scottish devolution yesterday ("Major and Rifkind at odds over Scotland", 13 May), the first we have heard from a senior Tory. John Major's blind opposition to Scotland's evident wishes i...

  • LETTER:abour's plans for Scotland
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    Sir: James Fenton unwittingly puts his finger on the precise explanation for the cynicism which he is so reluctant to believe of the Labour Party's position on devolution ("The time is right for a velvet divorce", 15 May). Trial separations, as he no...

  • LETTER:Why the hyperbole about Ebola virus?
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    Sir: Steve Connor ("Killer bug whose time has come", 13 May) argues his case for the world's vulnerability to infectious disease by highlighting the recent Ebola virus outbreak in Zaire. Yet, by his own account, the virus "is not easily transmitted" ...

  • LETTER:A plea for sanity
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    Sir: I was dismayed to read the Generation Why cartoon on 15 May. The continued portrayal by the media of psychiatrists being in need of as much help as their patients serves only to perpetuate the stigmatisation of the mentally ill and those who car...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:When being cross is not enough
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    Certainly nurses are very cross and sensible governments usually manage to avoid confrontation with them - if only for reasons of expediency. But being cross does not necessarily make them right. They are, for instance, wrong about local pay. It make...

  • LETTER:Loopholes in the Nolan report
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    Sir: With reference to the Nolan Committee's report on standards in public life, there is a real danger that media pressure and public excitement could stampede Parliament into unwise, unworkable and fundamentally unfair measures. The committee has r...

  • LETTER:The red flag still flies in Islington
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    Sir: Islington council's decision to raise the European Union flag on VE Day is to be welcomed, but Andrew Grant-Adamson (letter, 15 May) should not assume that the "blueing" of Labour is complete. Clause IV may have gone, but the Labour majority on ...

  • No sex please, we're sailors
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    But the argument did not fall down totally, for the inherent openness of a heterosexual relationship made it less problematic. I recall a Chief Petty-Officer who showed signs of becoming infatuated with a Radar Plot Wren being teased vigorously by hi...

  • LETTER:A road taxer
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    Sir: I read about the demonstration in Camden High Street yesterday, with the ceremonial destruction of three cars ("Road protesters 'reclaim' high street", 15 May). Did the protesters use a vehicle to bring the cars to their final wrecking place? Yo...

  • The Chancellor in waiting
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    Mr Brown is determined to be - wait for it - "tough on inflation and tough on the causes of inflation". But what he will not do today is announce that that the Bank of England will be independent under Labour. In the course of a long interview he rep...

  • Imran's wedding: unveiling some truths about Islamic customs
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    Sir: Angela Lambert is way off the mark if she (and other writers of her ilk) thinks that Muslim women are typified by "veiling from head to toe" and "taking second place to their husbands". There are thousands of career-orientated Muslim women throu...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:An organic but lonely furrow
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    But the best of us carry on with organic ways because we know they are a Good Thing whose time has come. We push the trolley unflinchingly past those lovely shiny vegetables in the supermarket, drenched in pesticides and covered in layers of plastic....

  • LETTER:Imran's wedding: unveiling some truths about Islamic customs
    Wednesday, 17 May 1995

    Sir: With regard to Angela Lambert's article "Has Imran bowled his last maiden over?" (15 May), there is no "process of conversion" to be completed in order to become a Muslim: merely bearing witness before two adult Muslims to one's personal belief ...

    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: What a dreadful irony that, in the week we have been celebrating victory over the Germans, the train-building factory at York (which escaped bomb damage 50 years ago) is to be finally shut down on orders from Berlin, the headquarters location of...

  • LETTER: World trade and cruel traps
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: Danny Penman (10 May) writes of the attempts by the Canadian and US governments to force the European Union to drop its impending ban on the import of furs from animals caught in cruel traps (eg, the leghold trap). The International Standards Or...

  • The redundant ritual of reshuffling
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    The reshuffle ritual goes a long way towards explaining why a British Cabinet isn't effective - imagine a business which switched around its senior managers every 18 months. The political reshuffle is a contraption which, had it been designed to prod...

  • LETTER: No secrets in Labour cash
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: Your front page article today (15 May) asserts that "Labour will get secret cash help" from an organisation named Common Campaign Ltd. It goes on to say that "any company giving cash [to Common Campaign] would not have to declare a political don...

  • LETTER: An MP's work is a full-time job
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: "A tonic for Westminster," proclaims your leading article (12 May). Lord Nolan's report is a much needed tonic for the public, too. My parliamentary experience taught me that to do an MP's work properly is more than a full-time job. To have paid...

  • Don't waste your time, Lord Nolan
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    "Where do they get their money from?" he asked. What a bizarre question, considering that the Conservatives are at least £17m in debt. Incompetence has become the vice of that party, not financial corruption. I cannot imagine a greater waste of Lord ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Unarmed caution from the police
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Yet none of this evidence is compelling while the opinion of police officers themselves is excluded from the discussion. For it is the police who, on a day-to-day basis, have to face armed criminals and the possibility of instant death. The killing o...

  • LETTER: Germany's rail privatisation
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: Your report today on the closure of ABB Rail Vehicles' York carriageworks ("Works closure blamed on BR sale", 12 May) quotes John Major as saying: "Privatisation is no more responsible for this than for an outbreak of measles." His response is d...

  • LETTER: UnAmerican assumptions
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: I found the following phrase in Richard Neville's article on Oz ("It's too late to stop now", 29 April): "Rubin was a street-smart prankster, whose war-painted pantomimes had knocked the stuffing out of HUAC, the McCarthy-immortalised House UnAm...

  • Tories beware the Y-Rot virus
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    "It's a sort of mental paralysis which turns their brains to a kind of pulp, " says Dr Foster, the physician who has acquired the franchise to deal with Tory diseases." The worst symptom is a sort of partial memory loss, which renders them incapable ...

  • LETTER: Carrots for car drivers
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: Nicholas Schoon concludes his article (5 May) by saying that public attitudes towards car use, while deeply ambiguous, are "in a state of flux and ready to be led", but, in the absence of political leadership, there is no sign of advantage being...

  • LETTER: Wrinkly rebellion
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: "The Weasel" tells us today (13 May) that Tunbridge Wells is seen as conservative ... "due to the high proportion of wrinklies and crumblies per head of population". Would he, I wonder, be equally non-politically correct in describing the domina...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Transport policy hits the buffers
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Now Dr Mawhinney proposes a different view. Most fares will, in the privatised future, be regulated and they will be restricted to rises in line with inflation until 1998 and by inflation minus 1 per cent for the four subsequent years. In flinging th...

  • LETTER: Welcome warnings
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: I wonder if Andrew Calcutt, who complains about skin-cancer counsellors on Welsh beaches (letter, 11 May), also smokes 40 a day. I personally would greatly prefer to have been warned of the dangers of sunbathing before contracting melanoma in my...

  • LETTER: The UN needs Britain's help
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: There are many who would disagree with John Gordon's belief (letter, 12 May), all too common within the United Nations' secretariats, that the UN's current shortcomings can be resolved only by a stunning display of leadership from the member sta...

  • LETTER: National littery
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: Perhaps some of the National Lottery money could be used to scratch up the Instant Litter which has recently appeared on our streets. Yours sincerely, JOSEPH FLACK Corpusty, Norfolk 14 May

  • LETTER: Nuclear threat still looms
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    Sir: The decision to extend the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) indefinitely, taken by more than 170 states in New York this week ("Treaty bans spread of nuclear arms for ever", 12 May) is the correct one. Not only does it outlaw the spread of...

  • ANOTHER VIEW; Policemen don't need guns
    Tuesday, 16 May 1995

    The Police Federation survey of officers from constable to chief inspector rank found that only 21 per cent of officers were in favour of routine arming, but 83 per cent supported an increase in the number of officers trained and issued with firearms...

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Day In a Page

War with Isis: Fears that the looming battle for Mosul will unleash 'a million refugees'

The battle for Mosul will unleash 'a million refugees'

Aid agencies prepare for vast exodus following planned Iraqi offensive against the Isis-held city, reports Patrick Cockburn
Yvette Cooper: We can't lose the election. There's too much on the line

Yvette Cooper: We can't lose the election. There's too much on the line

The shadow Home Secretary on fighting radical Islam, protecting children, and why anyone in Labour who's thinking beyond May must 'sort themselves out'
A bad week for the Greens: Leader Natalie Bennett's 'car crash' radio interview is followed by Brighton council's failure to set a budget due to infighting

It's not easy being Green

After a bad week in which its leader had a public meltdown and its only city council couldn't agree on a budget vote, what next for the alternative party? It's over to Caroline Lucas to find out
Gorillas nearly missed: BBC producers didn't want to broadcast Sir David Attenborough's famed Rwandan encounter

Gorillas nearly missed

BBC producers didn't want to broadcast Sir David Attenborough's famed Rwandan encounter
Downton Abbey effect sees impoverished Italian nobles inspired to open their doors to paying guests for up to €650 a night

The Downton Abbey effect

Impoverished Italian nobles are opening their doors to paying guests, inspired by the TV drama
China's wild panda numbers have increased by 17% since 2003, new census reveals

China's wild panda numbers on the up

New census reveals 17% since 2003
Barbara Woodward: Britain's first female ambassador to China intends to forge strong links with the growing economic superpower

Our woman in Beijing builds a new relationship

Britain's first female ambassador to China intends to forge strong links with growing economic power
Courage is rare. True humility is even rarer. But the only British soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross in Afghanistan has both

Courage is rare. True humility is even rarer

Beware of imitations, but the words of the soldier awarded the Victoria Cross were the real thing, says DJ Taylor
Alexander McQueen: The catwalk was a stage for the designer's astonishing and troubling vision

Alexander McQueen's astonishing vision

Ahead of a major retrospective, Alexander Fury talks to the collaborators who helped create the late designer's notorious spectacle
New BBC series savours half a century of food in Britain, from Vesta curries to nouvelle cuisine

Dinner through the decades

A new BBC series challenged Brandon Robshaw and his family to eat their way from the 1950s to the 1990s
Philippa Perry interview: The psychotherapist on McDonald's, fancy specs and meeting Grayson Perry on an evening course

Philippa Perry interview

The psychotherapist on McDonald's, fancy specs and meeting Grayson Perry on an evening course
Bill Granger recipes: Our chef recreates the exoticism of the Indonesian stir-fry

Bill Granger's Indonesian stir-fry recipes

Our chef was inspired by the south-east Asian cuisine he encountered as a teenager
Chelsea vs Tottenham: Harry Kane was at Wembley to see Spurs beat the Blues and win the Capital One Cup - now he's their great hope

Harry Kane interview

The striker was at Wembley to see Spurs beat the Blues and win the Capital One Cup - now he's their great hope
The Last Word: For the good of the game: why on earth don’t we leave Fifa?

Michael Calvin's Last Word

For the good of the game: why on earth don’t we leave Fifa?
HIV pill: Scientists hail discovery of 'game-changer' that cuts the risk of infection among gay men by 86%

Scientists hail daily pill that protects against HIV infection

Breakthrough in battle against global scourge – but will the NHS pay for it?