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Saturday, 20 May 1995

  • Letter: Rattle is advancing steadily
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    First, the older a conductor, the better. Second, the best ones are dead, but there are a few old ones left. Third, there are many young conductors who will in time age, achieve greatness and die (not necessarily in that order). Finally, a new editio...

  • Letter: The poor do not deserve this
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    His solution - self-interested social collectivism for the middle classes and remoralising programmes for the poor - is untenable as it will do little to bridge the social divide. What is required is a raft of policy measures, including high-quality ...

  • Letter: The truth about the Irish potato famine could help peace
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    As he points out, there are some who fear that open discussion of the famine at a delicate stage in the peace process will somehow provide "ideological bullets" to extremist Republicans. I believe the reverse is true. The failure to give this subject...

  • People worth knowing - if you had the right set
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    He was right: it was a great adventure. For 26 Saturdays, from 8.10pm until Whicker's World came on at 9pm, half the country was hooked on the doings of Soames, Irene, Uncle James, Winifred, Monty Dartie, Fleur and the various Jolyons. No costume ser...

  • Letter: Leakey could be the answer
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    Indeed Leakey's whiteness, let alone his worldwide reputation and credentials, could be his greatest asset. In a country where President Moi and his followers have made the politics of tribalism an art form, Dr Leakey will emerge as a compromise cand...

  • Letter: Rattle is advancing steadily
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    Since Lebrecht regards the BBC National Orchestra of Wales as "provincial" ("regional" is much more accurate, since even London is a region), small wonder he overlooks the talent of Carlo Rizzi, music director of Welsh National Opera. And there is no...

  • Letter: Who needs identity cards?
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    Mr Ascherson dismisses the whole affair by saying that Britain is full of "sturdy vagabonds", thereby invoking Dickensian images of cheeky cutpurses always ready to cock a snook at authority. As an example of how it is possible to cheat the ID police...

  • Letter: I'm not xenophobic, but
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    I refer to the recent outcry about the unification of the British nuclear power industry and what the two journalists see as a sudden conversion of Scots to the nuclear cause. As a Scot I would like to see Scottish Nuclear remain an independent entit...

  • Letter: Green in Wales: the facts
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    The CCW's budget was indeed cut, but should that be a surprise in view of cuts being applied in other areas of government spending? Also, a reduction in staff numbers was put forward by Mr Redwood, but to be achieved over the next two financial years...

  • Letter: Putting the right foot forward
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    1 Ensure that official statistics include journeys of less than a mile. Exclusion of these from most travel surveys badly biases subsequent transport policy decisions against walking. 2 End the use of traffic models and cost-benefit analyses which gi...

  • Letter: Roaring (with static) 20s
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    In the summer of 1922, I and friends had our usual camping excursion. We settled on a picturesque site with stream and trees, and of course my completed four-valve wireless set with an Amplion loudspeaker powered by a car battery. An aerial was rigge...

  • Letter: Was Darwin really a saint?
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    N Saakwa-Mante London SW9

  • Letters
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    Dr A J Brimicombe Crawley, West Sussex l IN Nelson Mandela's interview ("People must be patient", 7 May) he gave a long catalogue of the tasks confronting him in the restructuring of South Africa. But he omitted the most glaring problem - population ...

  • Letter: The poor do not deserve this
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    Ivor Morgan Lincoln, Lincs

  • Letter: The truth about the Irish potato famine could help peace
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    At the age of 63, Kennedy did not contest the 1868 general election but his friend Chichester Fortescue then entered Gladstone's first cabinet and later became Lord Privy Seal. Kennedy had organised relief works and his older brother, John Pitt Kenne...

  • Letter: The truth about the Irish potato famine could help peace
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    Liam de Paor Dun Laoghaire County Dublin, Ireland

    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    TODAY is the feast day of Saint Godric, a 12th-century hermit born in Norfolk to poor parents. When he was young he went to sea for 16 years as a pirate. A stopover at Lindisfarne moved him deeply but he was not yet saintly. In his next job, as a ste...

  • quotes of the week
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    Alan Duncan MP to Lord Nolan The Dirt Book was just a little book in which you had to write down varying things that you knew or heard about people. Viscount Whitelaw, chief whip in the 1960s, confirming the existence of a book that recorded details ...

  • Scouse sultan of soap
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    It was gripping, moving even, and it was a soap opera. Many people, however, acted otherwise. Hundreds called Channel 4 to complain about the verdict; the director of the battered wives' charity Refuge issued a condemnatory statement, with the backin...

  • The chain reaction fizzles to an end
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    Ever since, Calder Hall has faithfully supplied the electricity and steam needed to power Sellafield, British Nuclear Fuels' controversial nuclear complex that sprawls beside it on the Cumbrian coast. But just 10 weeks ago - entirely without fanfare ...

  • words: sin
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    THERE IS, as St Peter remarked, a multitude of sins. One of the shortest and oldest words in English, a sin was originally an infringement of the divine law, but it now means also breaking the laws of football (hence the sin-bin) or merely being a po...

  • It doesn't have to be all sleaze, sleaze, sleaze
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    I think it fair to say I have succeeded in this aim quite brilliantly. Accordingly, I was delighted to have persuaded the current Party Chairman over a warm sausage roll come elevenses to "cough up" for a small celebration in my honour. We mulled ove...

  • Middle England comes out
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    Meanwhile, an out-of-touch and inarticulate establishment appears to be left with its back to the wall while cupping its hands over its collective private parts. On Thursday a serving member of the armed forces in the audience of BBC's Question Time ...

  • Brown study ... port in a storm ... Major's favourite read guide
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    NOW, then. You will be looking to the Captain for some informed, useful comment, based on his experience, in this matter of homosexuals in the services. Quite natural. So here it is: frankly, I'd rather be in a tight corner with Achilles, Alexander t...

  • Leading Article: Tell MPs what their job is tscription
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    Not nurses, not teachers, not firemen, but MPs. Behind last week's backbench fury over the Nolan report, restricting outside earnings, lies the view, widespread in the House of Commons, that ordinary MPs are underpaid. If backbenchers' wages were bet...

  • Here's something to really worry the bank manager
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    "Let's face it! Life's treating you well at the moment! But what if your husband's killed in a car crash?" I don't have a husband, but anyway, help! "C'mon! We all like to do a bit of DIY! But accidents do happen! What if you cut your finger off with...

  • Poor Mr Major, he just can't get anything right Major will be damned with Nolan and damned without
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    Let us have a look at the mythology of the report, as set down in our great broadsheet newspapers, in both their news and, with the exception of the Daily Telegraph, their editorial columns. According to this account, Lord Nolan publishes a report re...

  • Leading Article: Terminal Five: who really needs it?
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    Heathrow Airport, we are told, needs a fifth terminal as the 50 million passengers who already use the airport annually will soon be joined by another 30 million. But what are all these people doing? Business? What about the information super highway...

  • One million 'excess deaths' and a modest lesson for our time
    Sunday, 21 May 1995

    Some prefer not to remember. With wonder and compassion, Cal McCrystal described in this paper last week the reluctance of ordinary Irish people to recall what happened to their ancestors. The normal reaction of victims, whether broken by act of man ...

  • LETTER:Legal aid fees and proposed reforms for the Bar
    Saturday, 20 May 1995

    Sir: Polly Toynbee's article on the Lord Chancellor's legal aid changes mentioned that the Lord Chancellor would soon be allowing solicitors and barristers to deal with personal injury cases on a "no win, no fee" basis. She said that if they lose, "i...

  • LETTER:Nurses have the right to strike over local pay bargaining
    Saturday, 20 May 1995

    Sir: In response to today's leading article ("When being cross is not enough", 17 May), which favours local pay bargaining between hospital and trusts to produce "the flexibility to offer the patient the best possible service", I would wish to questi...

  • A nation is splitting apart - will anyone notice?
    Saturday, 20 May 1995

    Once, the survival of Belgium, a strategically placed state engulfed by both World Wars, was a neccessity. The country was referred to as Britain's revenge on the French, a state that came into being in 1830 mainly to counter French expansionism and ...

  • Nurses have the right to strike over local pay bargaining
    Saturday, 20 May 1995

    Sir: I feel that I must write in support of the Royal College of Nursing's decision to ballot on changing their rule on taking industrial action. Whenever governments try to impose unacceptable pay and conditions on people employed in public services...

  • LETTER:Productive farms
    Saturday, 20 May 1995

    Sir: We applaud the efforts of the organic industry, and certainly support its place in UK agriculture. The tone of your leading article, "An organic but lonely furrow", (17 May) would have many believe that most farmers are splashing pesticides on c...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:The high road to disaster
    Saturday, 20 May 1995

    In the course of this past week three main objections to Nolan came to the surface. Best articulated by the Telegraph's partisan commentator, Simon Heffer, and the Tories' own wannabe Gingrich, Alan Duncan MP, the first argument was that Nolan's rest...

  • If your cork pops, go out for a spin
    Saturday, 20 May 1995

    That's the trouble with a background like mine (Sunningdale, Winchester and Magdalene, the duffers' college) and, to a lesser degree, of course, like Blacker's: we've been trained to bottle up the insults, so when the cork is released the damage can ...

  • Remember when rock was young?
    Saturday, 20 May 1995

    Then, on Thursday, Domino, the greatest of all rock and roly-pollers, collapsed after a performance in Sheffield. Diagnosing post-pneumonial infection of the trachea, doctors ordered the 67 year old to rest. His was a medical condition that unleashed...

  • LETTER:US folly in Jerusalem
    Saturday, 20 May 1995

    Sir: Israel's recent seizure of another 131 acres of Palestinian land in East Jerusalem may well spell the death knell to an already discredited peace process, since it seeks to pre-empt resolution of Jerusalem's final status in 1998. As with every o...

  • LETTER:Legal aid fees and proposed reforms for the Bar
    Saturday, 20 May 1995

    Sir: Polly Toynbee's "new order" for the court system (18 May) would pose a fundamental threat to the very rights and freedoms that any newspaper which flatters itself with the virtue of independence should seek to defend. Her article confuses the ea...

  • Parliament must not be run by an outsider
    Saturday, 20 May 1995

    One of the problems that I am asked about today is the question of constitutional government. Now one of the things about the Conservative Party is that you can summarise it by saying it is pragmatic and not dogmatic, and when we have got into troubl...

  • LETTER:Active Member
    Saturday, 20 May 1995

    Sir: As one of only to pig-tailed Lords I could not but take your illustration of "Lord Backwood" ("Should we change the rules of this club?", 9 May) personally! So, I would like to point out that although I do have some rare-breed sheep on my farm, ...

  • LETTER:Home comfort
    Saturday, 20 May 1995

    Sir: While a trained nanny or registered childminder may be better for Victor Osborne's peace of mind (letter, 19 May), his child's peace of mind is likely to be better served by the presence of one of his parents. Yours faithfully, SUSANNAH CLASEN W...

  • LETTER:Nurses have the right to strike over local pay bargaining
    Saturday, 20 May 1995

    Sir: I must support the nurses in their anger. Why should two people doing the same job in different parts of the country get different rates of pay? Just because there are already regional differences in some jobs, there is no excuse to compound thi...

  • LETTER:Pog corruption
    Saturday, 20 May 1995

    Sir: Thank God for Pogs? ("Spare the cash, spoil the parent", 11 May). Would it were so that these "cheap and popular" toys should involve "harmless competition". Do you not realise the extent of the corruption of today's young? Pogs have been banned...

    Saturday, 20 May 1995

    We reject the idea that the Government can do everything and we reject the idea that we can do nothing. There's no picking winners. There's no government by subsidy - Gordon Brown, Shadow Chancellor Personally, I would consider it an honour to be fos...

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