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Saturday, 27 May 1995

    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    Many people would say that ethical interests in the long term would give the best return anyway, but this is not true in the short term. Fund managers have to look at the financial position as it is at present. The law needs to be changed so that cli...

    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    Charlie Trousdell, Brighton

    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    Daniel Chatterton, London N1

    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    Ireland in the 1840s was like many Third World countries to-day where people scrape a bare existence from the soil. Our response to poverty and disease in the poor southern half of the world is similar to that of the British government to the Irish f...

    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    Chris Moorhouse, Sheffield

  • LETTER: Pei-ching by any other name The name to remember
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    The name "Peking" is simply a western conventional spelling, accepted internationally for a very long time. Under the Wade-Giles romanisation system, the name was rendered Pei-ching, which means "northern capital". In 1928 the nationalist government ...

  • Salvation lies in becoming a Scottish Gaullist party Why Ian Lang will exhort the Tartan Tories not to panic
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    The horrid thought must have struck some of the surviving Tories in Perth and Kinross this week that even Sir Alec might not have held the seat for them on Thursday. So low have the Tories sunk in this most natural of Tory seats. Instead, one of the ...

  • Days of Scarborough sun and Jamaican cigars
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    It was at the 1960 conference that I first met him, standing outside the entrance to the Royal, the headquarters hotel owned by the family of Charles Laughton. The bottom of his tie was tucked into the top of his trousers, as it always was in those d...

  • The strange allure of the Middle Ages
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    Of course, the Middle Ages never really went away. In every century since the Renaissance they've been dug up, raked over, remade. One hundred years ago the Middle Ages - all blessed damozels and frizz-haired Guineveres - were in the keeping of the p...

  • Should wrong opinions be banned?
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    In March 1994 the Federal Court of Justice overturned the conviction on the ground that just denying the Holocaust does not automatically constitute incitement, and it ordered a new trial to determine whether the defendant "sympathised with Nazi beli...

  • LETTER: Mink menace
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    I wonder if many people realise that there is a far more menacing nest robber at large causing widespread havoc among the colonies of seabirds on offshore islands: mink. Mink are not indigenous and are here purely as a result of escapees from mink fa...

  • LETTER: Redwood and rural Wales Unsustainable Welsh course
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    1 The Government decided, without consultation, to dismember the Nature Conservancy Council and set up integrated agencies in Wales and Scotland. The Government was informed of the increased costs this would entail. It pledged to meet these. 2 The 90...

  • Just another way of speaking the same language
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    "What did you think of Mr Heselteen's attack on Lady Thatcher?" "Oh, Michael Heseltine?" "Yes, Mr Heselteen." "Well, I suppose Major can't attack Thatcher outright, so he has to get one of his henchmen to do it for him, and Mr Heseltine is the most a...

  • Beware perfect comfort and security, the Morlocks will have their hour
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    It is not a "great novel", but it is far more than entertainment. Its category is that of Nineteen Eighty-Four, a much more ambitious but less polished work. Both are fables that define the present by projecting its curve monstrously across the futur...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: A defeat for good intentions
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    We in the West like rational solutions to clearly identified problems. That was the basis for the years of peace and prosperity that followed the defeat of Nazi Germany. Extreme poverty, famine, ethnic hatred, aggressive war-mongering - these, we tho...

  • The man who meant something
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    Wherever he is now, he must be enjoying a wry chuckle. Who would have thought it? Perhaps the point about the People's Harold is that in his good and bad features - his inventiveness, his ideals, his Pooterish aspirations, his optimism, his vanity an...

  • My fond memories of Harold and the dread decade
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    Over the course of last week I have been approached, as you may imagine, by a number of newspapers and broadcasting organisations to share my thoughts on Harold Wilson, that great and unjustly underrated Prime Minister. As the leading political comme...

  • We got things wrong wrong
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    Ian White, Oxfordshire's director of social services, found that Islington children's department was "paralysed by equal opportunity and race issues"; managers believed they would not be supported if they investigated gay or black social workers. So ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: PC: the right is guilty too
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    The report, ordered by the Department of Health, pins much of the blame on the Labour council's "equal opportunities" policies. So anxious was the council to give gays and blacks a fair deal that managers were often reluctant to discipline employees ...

  • State control was responsible for the Irish famine, too Peculiarly Irish lessons from a famine 150 years ago
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    Between Ireland and Britain there was indeed free trade, the whole of Ireland being at the time a part of the UK. However, this operated inside a protectionist wall which was the antithesis of free trade. Britain sucked in imports from Ireland becaus...

  • LETTER: Why shouldn't a woman play Richard II?
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    Ms Shaw is one of the most exciting and innovative actresses of our age. The convention of male actors playing women has been long accepted and has occasionally transcended the piping parody of popular imagination. Why, then, should an undeniably gre...

  • LETTER: Standing by Roger Cook
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    First, the report gave the impression that our two programmes on cot death may have been wrong. In fact the correlation between levels of antimony in cot mattresses and the tissues of victims which The Cook Report's scientists found prompted the Gove...

    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    In the hardship years now being remembered, one major public work was expected to bring trade and profits through a modern waterway, linking the Loughs of Mask in the north (Mayo) with Corrib in the south (Galway) - an isthmus of six miles across. Un...

  • Hardening the consumer case
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    Even stricter provisions are required to force manufacturers to recognise their duty to compensate those injured by their products rather than relying on the reluctance of the consumer to enter litigation. I would not advocate a system of punitive da...

  • LETTER: Happy to be an adopted child
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    I was adopted in the early 1950s, and am fully aware of the circumstances surrounding my adoption. Were my natural mother to appear on my doorstep I would feel nothing but horror. This is not because I am angry or resentful towards her or the actions...

  • Poetic puffs ... perverse pleasures ... publishers' notes
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    n ANNE RICE. Remember her? Yes you do, creepy American writer, penned Interview with the Vampire, violently objected to Tom Cruise being cast as Lestat, then abjectly apologised on seeing the film. Yes, that one. Well, Anne Rice has a husband, Stan R...

  • LETTER: Travels of Bormann's skull
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    There is no doubt that it was Bormann's skull that was found in Berlin in 1972. My argument is that he did not die in Berlin, and not in 1945. Dental records show clearly that dental treatment on the skull had been carried out long after that date. P...

  • LETTER: Who pays for the arms trade?
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    However, it should be noted that our research, on which your report is based, also reveals that the health service invests liberally in this lethal trade. We identified over 120 hospitals, health authorities, NHS trusts etc, putting money into one or...

  • words: Media
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    YOU probably thought media was a noun, and so did I till I read the press accounts of Stephen Dorrell's Green Paper on cross-media ownership. Among some 50 mentions of the word,in all but half-a-dozen it was a rather graceless little adjective. An in...

    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    TODAY is the feast day of Saint Bernard of Montjoux , an 11th-century monk who founded two hospices in the Alps on the passes which served the many pilgrims travelling from France and Germany to Rome. These passes were named after him as the Great an...

  • quotes of the week
    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    Tony Benn on Harold Wilson What is my husband's is also mine - what we have is shared. Jeanette Jefferies defending the decision of her husband, David Jefferies, the chairman of National Grid, to avoid tax by transferring 59,000 electricity shares in...

    Sunday, 28 May 1995

    W P Coughlan, Chelmsford

  • Ethics man takes on the fat cats
    Saturday, 27 May 1995

    Meanwhile, the rest of us looked on angrily, fed up with a bunch of characters who did not seem to know the difference between right and wrong. The issue was not whether the tax wheeze was legal. What mattered was that it failed to pass the Nineties ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Identity cards and the precarious state of data protection
    Saturday, 27 May 1995

    Sir: Not only, as you suggest ("Howard plays his card", 25 May), is there no substantial evidence that identity cards will help to reduce crime, but such a scheme would, paradoxically, increase crime. It would not be long before even "smart" ID cards...

  • LETTER : City built on an injustice
    Saturday, 27 May 1995

    Sir: In criticising your report on the conflict between the Jahalin bedouin and the Israeli settlement of Maale Adummim, Elizabeth Lightstone ignores a couple of important facts (Letters, 24 May). Maale Adummim is an Israeli settlement built upon lan...

  • LETTER : No mistake in my near-win
    Saturday, 27 May 1995

    Sir: As one of the women candidates featured in your article on New Labour, I was bemused to read that I "nearly got elected by mistake" as Euro MP for Cambridgeshire last year ("Women who are the face of New Labour", 25 May). Perhaps the record coul...

  • LETTER : Singing the praise of Brum
    Saturday, 27 May 1995

    Sir: Inspired by Birmingham's vibrant musical life and the range and quality of its venues, BBC Radio chose to stage its largest festival of live music here over the May Bank holiday. The Independent really rose to the occasion with Edmund Beatty Wri...

  • LETTER : Lasting perfume
    Saturday, 27 May 1995

    Sir: For the benefit of Mr Warner from Warwick (letter, 25 May) who feels that garlic is not what it used to be, I bought a friend a microwave garlic baker for Christmas and he still has not stopped complaining about the strength of the finished dish...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : The United Nations in chains
    Saturday, 27 May 1995

    Think back before the IRA ceasefires, and before the Arab-Israeli peace accords. Western publics, tired of the gory headlines, sometimes imagined that if all-out war were let rip, then a war-crazed generation might sicken of killing more quickly, lea...

  • Life's a gas for a feisty high-flyer
    Saturday, 27 May 1995

    This is where you can help. I'd be grateful if you could let me know whether your experience of Prozac is the same as mine: that it's quite subtle in its operation, having no effect at all for several days and then scything you down with a depression...

  • LETTER : Beer and dogma with Opus Dei
    Saturday, 27 May 1995

    Sir: I read with interest your article on Opus Dei of 22 May ("What in the name of God is going on here?") as one who has been subject to the overtures of this movement for over a year. As an undergraduate at Oxford (the location of an Opus Dei centr...

  • Chief troublemaker leaves the nick
    Saturday, 27 May 1995

    Putting such a man in charge of the prison inspectorate must have seemed to the then Home Secretary, Douglas Hurd, an innocuous and uncontroversial appointment. Stephen Tumim was and is comfortably located at the centre of the Establishment - a membe...

  • LETTER : Whose politics?
    Saturday, 27 May 1995

    Sir: With regard to Polly Toynbee's article "When PC gives equality a bad name" (25 May): political correctness is according to whose politics? Yours sincerely, DIGBY L. JAMES Weston Rhyn, Shropshire 25 May

  • LETTER : A chance to ban mines
    Saturday, 27 May 1995

    Sir: Your graphic report ("Minefield plague was legacy of war for France", 23 May) on the aftermath of the Second World War in France where perhaps as many of 20,000 German POWs died attempting to clear up to 13 million mines (many of which remain ac...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Identity cards and the precarious state of data protection
    Saturday, 27 May 1995

    Sir: Your leading article on identity cards ("Howard plays his card", 25 May) highlights the inadequacy of Britain's data protection laws. Government reassurances about the benefits of such a scheme suggest that it may be timely to remind people of h...

    Saturday, 27 May 1995

    He kept the show on the road and he kept the country behind him. He wasn't one of those prime ministers who never takes a bus - Lord Healey, a Wilson government minister Harold Wilson's passing will be deeply mourned by all those who knew him persona...

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