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Monday, 29 May 1995

  • Letter: Laying down the law on data protection
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    Sir: I must take exception to comments raised by Liz Parratt in her letter today (27 May) suggesting that the police are exempt from the Data Protection Principle One requiring that users obtain and process data fairly and lawfully. The police have t...

  • ANOTHER VIEW: Women's place is in the House
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    Labour, with its commitment to equality, has tried hard to correct this imbalance. But by 1993, it was clear that something had to be done to speed up the snail's pace of progress. Almost half a century of persuasion, exhortation and tokenism had pro...

  • Letter: Periwinkle cure
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    Sir: Further to your article "Try a little flower power" (23 May), Roy Campbell, in his book on Portugal, describes how he was cured of diabetes when he visited his Portuguese friends in the Alentejo. He was given a concoction derived from periwinkle...

  • Letter: German PoWs suffered, too
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    Sir: With reference to your article "Scandal of PoWs sent to death on minefields" (23 May), concerning the clearing of French minefields by German PoWs, may I draw attention to another "legacy of war". My father was one of over a million German PoWs ...

  • Letter: Laying down the law on data protection
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    Sir: It is all very well for people with passports, driving licences, credit cards, workplace identity cards or student union cards to oppose the introduction of national identity cards. However, I would suggest that if such people threw away these p...

  • Human rights in the Commonwealth
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    Sir: In protecting human rights in the Commonwealth, the Privy Council in London plays a vital role but, in her review of the Caribbean "death row" cases ("Life or death, long distance", 25 May), Heather Mills suggests that courts of India and Zimbab...

  • Letter: A society unable to repay its debt
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    Sir: The lack of money for state-funded care of the elderly which Polly Toynbee describes in her article today ("Turfing out the elderly in Middle England", 26 May) has other facets in addition to the experiences she describes. My grandmother worked ...

  • Letter: Keep children out of Lottery
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    Sir: The survey conducted by Children's Express ("Shopkeepers break ban on child gamblers", 25 May) is highly significant. Furthermore, the reported response of David Rigg of Camelot is rather disingenuous. Throughout its short life, the National Lot...

  • Leading Article: Two unsuitable cases for service
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    A dealer to the end, Mr Levitt - who wore a heavy coat, a big moustache and a large smile every time he left the court - bargained the hapless SFO into settling for a minor charge, one for which a non-custodial sentence was almost certain. In the end...

  • Letter: Culloden commemorations
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    Sir: A good deal is being proposed in the Highlands to mark the anniversary next year of the battle of Culloden. Some of the proposals are excellent, some verge on the bizarre or even offensive. All of them, so far as I know, are local and backward-l...

  • A real life or death decision
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    Today's choice is far harder. Nothing can or will happen in the Balkans now that will cause Union Jacks to wave or garner politicians' grateful votes. That more British soldiers are fated to die seems inevitable. It would be a remarkable retreat from...

  • Letter: Wonderful gerbils
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    Sir: With regard to Maggie Brown's comments on gerbils (Diary, 24 May), I can only express how wonderful and therapeutic these rodents are. Our gerbils are always busy and purposeful and have entertained the elderly, as well as countless nursery scho...

  • WITNESS: Stalinist reluctance to study the facts
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    The Labour borough has finally put its hands up. Last week an independent report confirmed that pimps, paedophiles and pornographers had for years preyed on children in Islington's homes. Not all were "gay", but many were, and the report unequivocall...

  • Letter: One for the road
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    Sir: The Department of the Environment is soon to introduce a written examination for learner drivers because this is in line with EC law and it is fondly believed this will produce better drivers ("L-drivers must pass extra written test", 24 May). M...

  • Sending a message to the Serbs
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    The first of these is resolve. The harsh truth is that the Bosnian Serbs seized hostages because similar tactics have worked for them before. This is the first time they have chained their victims and filmed their humiliation, but throughout last yea...

  • In other words, it's the same again
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    "Same again?" said a voice in my ear. I looked up at my potential benefactor, Randolph, the village linguist. "Ah, but is it actually possible to have the same again?" I asked. "One can always have something very similar again, or the same sort of th...

  • Leading Article: Homes, taxes and Madagascar
    Tuesday, 30 May 1995

    This is not entirely irrational behaviour. Traditionally, those who have campaigned for constitutional change - such as Charter 88 - have ploughed their furrow in a different field to that of the majority of voters. MPs are sensitive to this; they do...

  • LETTER: Breast is best for the mother, too
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    Sir: You subject a vulnerable minority group, breastfeeding mothers, to the opinion of people whose knowledge of the subject was unstated. Some of the views expressed were clearly misinformed (eg, giving a bottle is not an option - the baby's sucklin...

  • LETTER: Reading between the railway lines
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    Sir: I feel I must reply to your attack on my hero Thomas the Tank Engine. As one who has read and re-read the stories many times, I hope I will be able to put you straight on a few points. You suggest that the morality which Thomas and friends offer...

  • Great medium, shame about the message But I haven't got anything to say
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    John Henry, the ballad-hero who cut America's railway tunnels by hammering steel through rock, knew the same feeling when his foreman announced that he was "gonna get me a steam-drill roun', gonna get that steam-drill out on the job, gonna whop that ...

  • LETTER: Reading between the railway lines
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    Sir: Strange that the only ethic Thomas Sutcliffe can find in Thomas the Tank Engine is obedience ("Dear Thomas the Tank Engine", 24 May). Had he read a little slower, he would have found respect - for others and for oneself, loyalty, duty, the value...

  • New concepts for the Nineties; No. 17: tenism
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    Tenism is now beginning to assert itself among modern historians. The recent evaluation of Lord Wilson's years in No 10 heavily emphasised his tenacity n, the determination of respected tenants to refuse to call in the removal van. His resignation in...

  • LETTER: Breast is best for the mother, too
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    Sir: Your interviews with people about breast-feeding in public ("Is breast best, even in public?" 26 May) were unfortunately presented in a context of "taste", and failed to take account of the only really important factors in this issue. It is gene...

  • Will it be Russia v America next?
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    Can the UN ever act again as a peace-keeper in Bosnia? Its own senior civil servants doubt it. Can it fight a proper war? Every general sent to Bosnia denies the possibility. Can it get out in one piece? Maybe, but even if the troops emerge intact, t...

  • LETTER: Back to the bench
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    Sir: All those who know Stephen Tumim at the bar or otherwise will be saddened that his appointment as HM Inspector of Prisons is to be terminated after such a distinguished term of office (report, 27 May). Henceforth, however, others will benefit, w...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Still no way out of Bosnia
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    The families of the 32 soldiers taken hostage after their positions outside Gorazde were overrun yesterday afternoon probably want action, not more careful thought. They are probably not very fussed about what sort of action it is as long as it frees...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: New lines in the sex war
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    Much of this resentment is self-serving. Many political men feel resentful at the idea of losing their place in the sun to a woman. They are seething. And if you look around, there are other unmistakable signs of a backlash against some of the assump...

  • LETTER: Now is the time to lift the Bosnian embargo
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    Sir: Britain and France have opposed lifting the arms embargo on Bosnia- Herzegovina in order to avoid just such Bosnian Serb reprisals as we witness now (" 'Stop the bombing or we'll die' ", 27 May). So, the UN Security Council should give the Bosni...

  • LETTER: Business life is not that simple
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    Sir: Bryan Appleyard makes some valuable connections ("Simple lies mask complex truths", 24 May) while explaining why the BBC's forthcoming documentary series The Living Dead - Three Films about the Power of the Past contains "among the best, most or...

  • In the Commons and on the make
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    During that time, I met a member of the Callaghan cabinet on a train and we had coffee. I cannot remember what the most recent prompting had been, but at one point I said: "Don't you think that if there has to be a scandal, it would be better to get ...

  • LETTER: Follow your nose
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    Sir: Try going to your local greengrocer rather than a supermarket for garlic (letter, 25 May). Not only would you get better garlic, but you would be supporting local small shops. Yours, HELENA STOPES-ROE Birmingham

  • BOOK REVIEW: The wimp who outsold the world
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    So it is odd to find no hint of any such inquiring spirit in Michael Crick's acute and painstaking account of Jeffrey Archer's extraordinary career. He has researched his subject with avid and open-minded curiosity, but refrains - perhaps for legal r...

  • Short of cutting off their heads ...
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    You may also have noticed that although it is called the World Cup, most nations of the world are not represented, because most nations in the world do not play the game. You may even have noticed that the game itself is a peculiarly formulated one, ...

  • LETTER: Sex scandals have a sordid tradition
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    Sir: Our attitudes towards sex and marriage may well have changed over time, as Professor Carol Smart suggests ("Has adultery become a spurious issue?" 22 May), but the current stance taken by the popular media in its reporting of adultery is no rece...

  • LETTER: Cast-iron benefits
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    Sir: I am surprised that Dr Susan Fairweather-Tait ("Doctor sniffs out remedy for anaemia in an Indian pot" , 26 May), as "head of a team at a government-backed food-research institute" did not know about the benefits of cooking in iron. To take only...

  • LETTER: Now is the time to lift the Bosnian embargo
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    Sir: When Malcolm Rifkind, the Defence Minister, informed Parliament, three years ago, that we were dispatching forces to Bosnia, he promised the nation that they would be withdrawn if their lives were in danger. It is arguable that the 15 British se...

  • Diary
    Monday, 29 May 1995

    However, I suddenly encountered something entitled Brique, an 10 by Marcel Broodthaers, which was a brick inscribed "AN 10" and, said the explanatory text, "indistinctly signed with the initials, dated 67 and dedicated to Ginette". It was expected to...

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