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Sunday, 7 May 1995

  • LEADING ARTICLE : France votes for pragmatism
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    It is tempting to think that the new president, being a man loyal to the tradition of Charles de Gaulle, will take a more sceptical attitude to the European Union than has President Mitterrand, and that he might align France with Britain in a common ...

  • Big Daddy government is out of date
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    Such views now strike me as entirely natural for somebody brought up in a welfare state. Like many in my generation I enjoyed free education (at university as well as at school) and free health care. I expected state support should I become unemploye...

  • LETTER : The only way to build lasting peace in Croatia
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    Sir: R. Marcetic and others (letter, 5 May) complain that the British government has not invited a representative from Belgrade to the VE Day celebrations. However the Government is quite right: during the Second World War Serbs indeed suffered great...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Unlearning the lessons of 1945
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    Four years later, in May 1945, the war in Europe was over. Britain, which in 1940 and 1941 had genuinely stood alone, save for its colonies and former dominions, could congratulate itself for its extraordinary achievements. The fact that the realitie...

  • Germany's journey to health
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    Since coming to live in Germany I have become accustomed to a familiar pattern in conversations about the Second World War, a pattern that is both depressing and encouraging at the same time. When talking to a 70- year-old, I can expect that any refe...

  • The key to those wartime melodies
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    This goes back to the days when I was playing in the cabaret group, Instant Sunshine, and we had a regular slot on the Saturday afternoon Radio 4 programme called Stop the Week with Robert Robinson. One year the producer, Michael Ember, decided to ha...

  • LETTER : Daughters at work are here to stay
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    Sir: I would like to address Maggie Brown's objections to Take Our Daughters to Work Day (Diary, 3 May). Girls and boys need to think harder and aim higher when choosing careers, but the things that stand in the way of achieving those heights are dif...

  • LETTER : Shocking and short-sighted
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    Sir: The hasty decision by the Rugby Football Union to sack Will Carling, for a disrespectful remark apparently made off the record, and despite his prior apology, is not only shocking but confirms the very short-sighted and self-seeking attitudes th...

  • LETTER : Restoration of the Taj Mahal
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    Sir: Tariq Ali's letter to Prime Minister Rao (1 May) is in line with his recent emphasis on distortion and exaggeration. Having received round condemnation for his film on Mother Teresa broadcast in November on Channel 4, he has now turned his atten...

  • LETTER : Bromley's policy on prescribing
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    Dr Jackie Spiby Sir: We were pleased to see the debate about the prescribing of expensive drugs (reports, 3 May). We should like, however, to make a number of points clear. Bromley Health has not told GPs that they cannot prescribe certain drugs beca...

  • LETTER :Military-style modern buildings
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    Sir: Jonathan Glancey hardly needed to go across the Channel to find the military influences on post-1945 architecture in England ("Concrete proof of Rommel's invasion", 3 May). On the opposite page you aptly printed a photograph of the Festival Hall...

  • LETTER : Kidderminster's ethical carpets
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    Sir: Following Adam Robertson's letter (6 May), perhaps Western buyers of carpets should consider purchasing carpets made in Kidderminster which are already inherently free from exploitation. This would save damage to our economy that we can ill affo...

  • LETTER : Angry and joyful on VE Day
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    Sir: Like Marjorie Edwards (Letters, 3 May) I was 17 on VE Day, and 11 when war broke out for the second time in my parents' generation. The six years of my adolescence were spent in the shadow of war with its terrors and deprivations and, it has to ...

  • A grand project to look forward to
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    But some projects are grand by their very nature, and there is no getting around it. The refurbishment of the Louvre was like that, and what excites a kind of generous envy in the British heart is to see the French government coming to a good decisio...

  • LETTER : Where to learn about the Pill
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    Sir: Your reporter Decca Aitkenhead ("A hard pill to swallow", 1 May) quotes women who complain of a lack of information from manufacturers and GPs on oral contraceptives. She fails to mention that the side-effects, contra-indications and monitoring ...

  • REAPPRAISAL : 1945 - the first Summer of Love
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    The Sun's 12-page VE Day pull-out the other day finally put the whole question beyond debate. For every anecdote ending tastefully with a reunited couple hugging on their doorstep, there was another in which the protagonist absentmindedly went to a s...

  • Diary
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    In Maryland at Malice Domestic, the annual convention for writers and fans of those crime novels known in America as ''cozies'' (as opposed to ''hardboiled''), I asked someone if she was a writer or a fan. ''I'm pre-published,'' she said. I took this...

  • LETTER : Angry and joyful on VE Day
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    Sir: It is with an overwhelming sense of anger that I anticipate the arrival of the VE Day celebrations. So many people during the war gave their lives in the unselfish hope that their sacrifice would help to bring a better world. It was a vision who...

  • LETTER : The only way to build lasting peace in Croatia
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    Mr Danny Thompson Sir: On Wednesday Croatia's President Tudjman declared that "Croatia will no longer tolerate the continuation of ethnic cleansing in Croatian areas behind the cloak of the [UN] peace forces". On Thursday evening Chris Gunness, the U...

  • LETTER : The only way to build lasting peace in Croatia
    Monday, 8 May 1995

    Sir: The Croatian expulsion of 15,000 Serbs from western Slavonia this week marks the end to centuries of Serb existence in this region of former Yugoslavia. It also brings the Croats a step closer to realising their long-held goal of creating an eth...

  • Divorce mediation is not new A different type of mediation
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    These mediations focus on disputes about the arrangements for children and are ordered by the court; many clients are eager to participate in a non-litigious process of resolving difficulties, but many more are resistant to the process. Nevertheless,...

  • The modern novel: is there a plot or just a conspiracy?
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    I wonder, however, if he has perhaps succumbed without realising it to the other major con of the literary establishment; namely that if a book concerns itself even remotely with the unravelling of a puzzling crime, it cannot be "literature". Dickens...

  • Listen to sheep farmers
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    Second, why have the accounts of people possibly adversely affected by sheep dips apparently been dismissed by those responsible for the monitoring of human exposure to pesticides? Not all anecdotal accounts of suspected poisoning may prove correct b...

  • Don't wipe Tibet off the map
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    As a teacher, I have been appalled that some school atlases no longer show Tibet. In light of the huge efforts by the Dalai Lama to get the West to support the plight of Tibet, it is shocking to see Western map- makers erasing it, thus helping the Ch...

  • Churchill's legend lives on
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    Marc Fresko Ipswich, Suffolk

  • Who suffers?
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    At a time when the BBC, for instance, is doing its best to reduce the stigma and prejudice which still attaches itself to the mentally ill, Mr Watkins' remark is offensive to those with severe psychiatric disorder. It is the sufferers who are made mo...

  • The NFT's meant to be litist
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    Alexander Walker London W9

  • Testing point
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    Murray Silver Question Mark Computing London N19

  • The modern novel: is there a plot or just a conspiracy?
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    His stereotype of the "fat feminist" author is gratuitously offensive, while his objections to the claims of blurb on dust-jackets betray a barely credible navety. Has he never considered that publishers need to sell books? That blurb is more a comme...

  • Churchill's legend lives on
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    Churchill the legend exists in much printed material as well as in an abundance of sound and visual recordings, which is surely why he qualifies as a "national heritage". Does possession of the original documents add anything to this public perceptio...

  • The modern novel: is there a plot or just a conspiracy?
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    While in no position to comment on the literary value of clog-and-shawl stories, or romantic fiction, I know that some of the most exciting writers turn out books that have "science fiction" or "fantasy" slapped on the spine. All we SF fans ask of wh...

  • Briefly
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    "Though both hold views with which I concur, 'View' fails to rhyme with 'Depardieu'." Adrian Brodkin, London N2 l A LITTLE more fine-tuning is indeed required, I suggest. "I think Mr Warden ought to know, "Un film is masculine, like Depardieu." Marwi...

  • It's a few decades too late to mourn the death of mutuality
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    The explanation was simple. N&P was talking to Abbey National and other financial institutions about being taken over. A takeover would mean a windfall for N&P members averaging, perhaps, £600 each. Any N&P saver with a qualifying account...

  • Avoid roller-skates and carrots alal arr
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    So, on to Friday, and fresh evidence that wine will lengthen your life, spirits will shorten it and beer will have no effect. Oh, and water from the bottle is no better for you than that from the tap, according to a Which? survey. And nicotine, by th...

  • Profile: Lachlan Murdoch; Heir to the Sun and Sky
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    That is where he might have stayed in relative obscurity had his father last month not launched a spectacular raid on the rugby league teams of Australia, England and New Zealand. His aim was to form a "super league" of teams who would be screened ex...

  • We never had pansies at my public school
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    I daresay that there are one or two odd-bods who slip through the security net every now and then, but, by and large, there is not now, nor has there ever been, any suggestion of homosexuality (dread word!) in our public school system. But does this ...

  • How Winston lunched his way to the finest hour
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    King George VI wanted Chamberlain to remain Prime Minister, but of a true coalition government. If he was to be forced out, the King preferred Halifax as a successor. There is a myth that it was the Labour Party which made Churchill Prime Minister. M...

  • Homage to Cherie ... nod from Sir Robin ... power flowers
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    n AH, YES, the photographs. That's Carole Maggio, of Arizona, down on the left, exercising her facial muscles. Carole, wittily, calls her exercises "Facercises"; they are her alternative to face lifts; she has this book about it. Did you know the nos...

  • We don't have to choke
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    This is largely a man-made disaster and the complacency of ministers and some of their advisers is extraordinary. The causes of pollution - mainly ozone in the summer, mainly nitrogen dioxide in the winter - are complex. But there is little doubt tha...

  • I don't need a bar for breakfast, just a cup of coffee
    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    You stagger downstairs, desperate only for a cup of coffee and a piece of toast, and are accosted at the door by a man dressed as if he's about to go out hunting for the day. He is the master of breakfast ceremonies, and he demands to know if you are...

    Sunday, 7 May 1995

    TODAY is the feast day of Saint Domitian, sixth-century Bishop of Maastricht, a Frenchman who was very persuasive in debate, particularly against heretics. He converted the Meuse valley to Christianity, building churches and hospices as he went. In o...

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