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Monday, 12 June 1995

  • True Gripes: Cash Points
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    It's the pensioner's turn; he stares at the machine for minute-long seconds. Electronic dyslexia makes it seem like a flight-deck. His glasses, suspended around his neck on fancy fawn elastic, are put on as he runs through his instrument check: "Butt...

  • LETTER:Money problems drive families apart
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    Sir: Sir Fred Catherwood of the Evangelical Alliance (Letters, 9 June) writes: Everywhere we've been, there are teenage boys homeless because their mother had to choose between a stroppy teenager and her new man. A teacher in Swindon told us of a boy...

  • LETTER:British film-makers should not join Hollywood
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    Sir: Hamish McRae ("Several funerals and an opportunity", 9 June) proposes that we become subcontractors for Hollywood film-making. We already are, to some extent, tailoring films - Shopping, Rob Roy, Four Weddings and a Funeral - to what we perceive...

  • The New Tories: busy striking a pose
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    Something, at any rate, is crawling from the rubble of the Major administration; something angry and yearning for a fight; something which looks across the water to America and envies the raw simplicity of the Republican backlash; something already i...

  • LETTER:Armani is my hero
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    Sir: So that new concept for the Nineties, John Birt ("Armanism", 12 June), has several Armani suits. My husband, Humphrey, 64, a former Birt colleague, has only one piece of Armani clobber - and non tax-deductible at that. Obviously it is an Eightie...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:Life in the Crescents
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    So why then does the big digit keep on singling out drunks, serial divorcees and people whose families would like them dead? Mark Gardner, winner of pounds 11m, is 33 and has already left three wives. He gets through one every five years and the rate...

  • LETTER:Booked out on big discounts
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    Sir: I hope I am wrong, but Bryan Appleyard could well be the prophet of his own doom. Excellent and intelligent writer though he is, the books he writes do not command whole racks at Heathrow Airport and are likely to be among the first casualties i...

  • LETTER:NHS managers need commitment
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    Sir: Although Chris Ham ("The grey suits deserve better treatment", 10 June) is right to draw attention to the need for high quality administration in the NHS, his suggestion that "the suits" currently directing our health service deserve praise rath...

  • LETTER:It's confession time
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    Sir: I refer to the open letter by Ray Harris ("Dear Cliff Richard", 31 May) in which, with great perspicacity, he puts his finger on what started "youth culture" in Britain, namely the film Summer Holiday. A brilliant analysis and exposure, appearin...

  • LETTER:Mental health propaganda
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    Sir: We are concerned about a fund-raising circular sent out by the mental health charity Mind to its supporters, including people suffering from mental illness and members of their families, which we believe could cause great distress and may encour...

  • The Lady could have returned
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    But once our heroine arrives in Parliament there is plenty of material for historians. And unlike volume one, it is not served up in homogenised form. Even so, and tantalisingly, there is too little insight on the author's mind, her private calculus ...

  • LETTER:Protective garb
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    Sir: I am writing to you in disbelief at the comments made by Ruth Dudley Edwards, regarding Muslim women's clothing (Diary, 5 June). To compare hejabs, which can cost up to pounds 250 each, to "black bin-liners" is both insulting and ridiculous. The...

  • LETTER:Not a sinful situation
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    Sir: I was sorry to see that I was quoted somewhat out of context in Mary Braid's report "Church concedes death of celibacy before marriage" (7 June). The reason for choosing celibacy before marriage was that, when standing together in church on our ...

  • ANOTHER VIEW; Peace, if not reconciliation
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    The celebrations in London on 19 August mark not only VJ Day but also the end of the Second World War. The ceremonies are for all veterans of the war, not only those who fought in the Far East. It will express our thanks to the wartime generation for...

  • A short word on abbreviations
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    What makes me say this is that young children at the moment can be heard saying that things are really "mega", which has become shorthand for "great', in the way that "ace" and "brill" and "lush" have been in the recent past. This never happened to "...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:The price of an Oxbridge degree
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    The more interesting point which arises from this latest Oxbridge debate is not whether the colleges should ask students to pay more, but whether Oxbridge colleges still have a valid claim to the pounds 2,000 per student top- up in tuition fees they ...

  • Site Unseen
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    Walk towards the tower and it seems to fill the skyline. If you pop into a local shop and enquire about this monster, people simply murmur, "Oh, that's Jumbo". Ask for further details and they usually go blank. Here, it seems, is a building with a na...

  • Backgammon
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    The doubling cube adds dramatically to the last of these elements and is what gives modern backgammon much of its excitement. The fact that it is a dice game means that luck is a factor in the short-term and adds to the excitement. In the long run, h...

  • LETTER:British film-makers should not join Hollywood
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    Sir: Hamish McRae seems to think films are no more culturally significant than cars. Perhaps he only reads airport novels as well. There are artists and poets in British cinema, from Michael Powell to Ken Loach, whose films enhance and deepen our und...

  • Chess
    Tuesday, 13 June 1995

    This one asks: White to play and mate in how many? The obvious reply is three: 1.Rxb8 hxg2 (or 1...Kxb8 2.Kb6 followed by 3.h8=Q) 2.Rb7+ Kc8 (or d8) 3.h8=Q mate. However, with Loyd the obvious is usually wrong. It's time for a little detective work: ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:The Scouts tied in knots
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    At first glance, the idea of the Scout movement choking on the prospect of vowing allegiance to an adulterous monarch seems sensationally absurd. The average Cub is likely to have more insight into divorce and its consequences than is implied in the ...

  • LETTER:We must not neglect Nigeria
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    Sir: Monday 12 June marks the second anniversary of the annulled presidential elections in Nigeria. Since then, many opponents of the military regime have been arrested, including the elected President, Chief Abiola. A constitutional conference, supp...

  • LETTER:Individual's Islam
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    Sir: Frances D'Souza misses the point in her letter (8 June). In Islam, there is no priestly hierarchy, and despotic monarchy is alien to Islamic thinking. In the final analysis, it is the responsibility of the individual to decide and act on matters...

  • LETTER:Lib Dems wait for Labour
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    Sir: John Major ("Major seeks to win over anti-Ashdown 'Liberals' ", 10 June) has contrived, with his usual monotony, to get the wrong end of every stick in sight. Liberal Democrats have decided that this Tory government (not all Tory governments) ca...

  • One way to fill the sports slot
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    I tend to turn it off when a cabinet minister is sitting in the radio car, answering questions which he hasn't been asked, and my wife turns it off whenever the sports news arrives. ''Why is there a regular five-minute slot for news about sport every...

  • LETTER:Continuing importance of the ILO as upholder of rights
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    Sir: Alan Duncan seems to have overlooked some details in his rush to attack ILO "waste". Details such as the fact that the Government is spending the same amount on sending the CBI to this year's conference as the TUC, and that both organisations re...

  • LETTER:Sepia shopping
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    Sir: Neither Peter Popham in his original article (Magazine, "Doomsday for rural England", 27 May), nor Tesco's corporate affairs director, Frances Elliott, in her letter published on 9 June, has mentioned the irony that the Dorchester Tesco is decor...

  • J'accuse Malcolm Rifkind
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    We heard on the grapevine that we rather spoilt your trip to Florida last year. You were on your new nuclear submarine to watch the first test firing of your Trident missiles. But Greenpeace had a ship, inflatables and a helicopter a few fathoms abov...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:Broken bargains in Bradford
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    It is all the more shocking that they should be doing so in Bradford, which is regarded as the city where accommodation with Muslim values had gone as far as anywhere in Britain. The city has had a Muslim mayor; its schools serve Halal meat and obser...

  • LETTER:Fitting memories
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    Sir: On 6 June you printed a short item (In brief: "Dying confession") saying that Sean Mayes, 49, had died of Aids and why his passing was newsworthy. Sean had revealed that his mother murdered his brother in 1972. He then led police to the body. Fo...

  • An ugly aesthetic alive and thriving
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    It's not yet too late to see what East Germany once looked like, but you will have to move fast if you are keen to catch it before it disappears. Stralsund, for instance, is much like the other Hanseatic ports of Lebeck and Gdansk, with red-brick, ga...

  • ISMISM New concepts for the Nineties; No. 19: Armanism
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    Armani, Emporio n, less astronomically expensive end of the clothing empire, patronised by those intimidated by the staff at the check-out of the main Armani stores. Emporio Armani clobber is frequently to be found on the sort of football hooligans w...

  • letter:Historical relief
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    Sir: The scrabble for justice by Michael Goldman in the case of the great pee ("A pee spells trouble for Scrabble champion", 6 June) ought not to be allowed to disappear without reminding your readers of a piece of history worth retelling. I refer to...

  • LETTER:Customer choice in paying gas bills
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    Sir: On Friday (9 June) you published a letter from Bamber Gascoigne on the subject of estimated gas bills. We will shortly be contacting him with regard to his recent bill, but I would like to take this opportunity to address the issues raised and c...

  • Creativity: 2.8bn ways to spend your money
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    Tom Gaunt points out that pounds 2.8bn could buy the archives of 225 famous families, or have a night out at his local pub. He also mentions in passing that "The Lloyds Names are offered two point eight billion repayment" is an anagram of "Deepen dos...

  • LETTER:Continuing importance of the ILO as upholder of rights
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    Sir: Alan Duncan, MP, asserts that the ideals of the International Labour Organisation "have turned to dust" (Another View, 8 June). This tripartite agency of the United Nations, he concludes, "has outlived its usefulness" and the UK could better ach...

  • LETTER:Continuing importance of the ILO as upholder of rights
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    Sir: The attack on the International Labour Organisation by Alan Duncan, MP, needs an answer. The ILO remains a vital body for establishing minimum standards at work and upholding basic human rights. The CBI, TUC and British government are all key pl...

  • This is the week that was
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    1667: Jean Baptiste Denys, personal physician to Louis XIV, carries out a successful transfusion of sheep's blood to a 15-year-old boy. 1839: In Cooperstown NY, Abner Doubleday introduces baseball to America. 1920: Charles Stephens, a British barber ...

  • Chess
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    When Artur Yusupov played 3.Bg5, avoiding all the sharp lines of the King's Indian or Grunfeld Defences that Kasparov loves so much, then followed it with 6.Qb3 and 8.Qxb6, a draw looked heavily odds-on as the likely result. The queens have gone, the...

  • Bridge
    Monday, 12 June 1995

    Playing a variable no-trump, East opened One Heart. South bid One Spade, West passed and North bid Two Hearts (an unassuming cue-bid, suggesting a raise to at least Two Spades based on high cards rather than distribution). With a six card suit and a ...

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