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Thursday, 15 June 1995

  • LETTER:Pavement politics will get us nowhere
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    Sir: So the Revolutionary Pedestrians' Front has declared war on the "cult of the motor car" ("Pedestrians' Lib takes shine off new Alfa", 5 June). I wonder whether it has occurred to these latterday Luddites that membership of the "car cult" numbers...

  • LETTER:Lifting the veil on the vitamin myth
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    Sir: In her letter on the hejab (15 June), Julie Hynds suggests that the lack of exposure to the sun of our Muslim women wearing the hejab is causing vitamin D deficiency. This is a common fallacy among the people of the West. It is a medical fact th...

  • Any more takers for digital TV?
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    Digital TV means a massive extension of choice for viewers in a whole range of interactive services. It will present the existing terrestrial broadcasters with fresh threats to their dominant position; but also with fresh opportunities to become invo...

  • She's raw, she's rough, she's our new icon
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    The fact that she got to the top was clearly crucial. But perhaps even more important was how she did it and the style with which she does everything, whether governing a country or marketing a book. After all, a central tenet of feminist belief is t...

  • LETTER:Before superstores
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    Sir: In our town centre we have a Tesco with walls decorated with photographs similar to those in Dorchester's (letter, 11 June), dating from the 1920s. I do not recall those palmy days, but whenever I return from shopping I feel grateful that I do n...

  • LETTER:Medication and mental illness
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    Sir: Regarding the controversy between Sane and Mind with regards to publicising the side-effects of neuroleptic medications meant for the severely mentally ill, I can't see any problem with giving information to patients and their carers about side-...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Big business behaves itself
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    Today's investors, by way of contrast, believe in specialisation, and few multinational conglomerates remain from the Seventies. Mr Rand Araskog, ITT's clinical Swedish-American chief executive since 1979, has several times reduced the scope of ITT's...

  • LETTER:Medication and mental illness
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    Sir: Majorie Wallace's zeal for the use of medication in serious mental illness (Letters, 13 June) would appear to be based either in a misunderstanding or, worse, a misrepresentation of the facts concerning the use of these drugs. A biological cause...

  • LETTER:Results of the Oxbridge tutorial system
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    Sir: One form of subsidy not mentioned in your articles and leader on Oxbridge tutorials (13 June) is the very substantial one provided by those who are doing the teaching. At about the time that most people are packing up and going home, we embark o...

  • BOOK REVIEW; A repair job for East and West
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    There are really two essays here. The less interesting one covers the political economy of Europe and the former Soviet Union during and after Communism. Skidelsky's analysis of the end of Communism is somewhat perfunctory. On the transition from Com...

  • LETTER:Antecedents of Thatcherism
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    Sir: No wonder the Tory party is in terminal disarray, if Lord Gilmour, one of its most erudite elder statesmen, is labouring under the misapprehension that "Thatcherism was and is a reversion to Gladstonian Liberalism" - with or without the idealism...

  • LETTER:Confusion over Britain's nuclear arsenal
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    Sir: While the level at which the Government has set its requirement for a minimum nuclear deterrent remains a matter of contention, Peter Melchett's accusation that it is increasing Britain's nuclear arsenal "threefold" ("J'accuse Malcolm Rif-kind",...

  • ANOTHER VIEW; France's last few tests
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    Why such a decision? Because France, a nuclear power, recognised as such by the Non-Proliferation Treaty, is duty bound to ensure the safety and reliability of the nuclear deterrent on which her independence and defence depend. Admittedly, France wou...

  • Our green and pleasant tableau
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    When my daily work is done I like to have a spot of fun So after I've packed away my gear I pop down the pub for a bit of cheer. (I normally go to one of Camra's Where the landlord's nice and the barmaid's glamorous.) Well, as I was sitting at the ba...

  • LETTER:Miracle weight loss
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    Sir: Today, with your help, the All Black Jonah Lomu shed three stone in weight, falling from 19 stone ("Hastings make a proud exit", 12 June) to 16 stone ("God wills them to win", 12 June). If this reduction in weight continues, the England rugby sq...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Greenpeace, right or wrong
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    That was the question angry European environment ministers put to their UK counterpart, John Gummer, at last week's North Sea conference. Greenpeace added others. What has happened to the "polluter pays" principle? And what precedent does Shell's imm...

  • LETTER:Results of the Oxbridge tutorial system
    Friday, 16 June 1995

    Sir: Like John Ashworth ("An enduring blue privilege", June 13), I am a product of the Oxbridge tutorial system. I now work in a considerably less lavishly funded university which has always grounded its teaching approaches on other principles. The O...

  • LETTER: Brunel's tunnel threatened again
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    Sir: Marc Brunel's historic Thames Tunnel is again under immediate threat of irreparable damage from London Underground. LU's earlier proposals to shotcrete the inside of the tunnel and obliterate its original brick lining were prevented by a last mi...

  • Distortions of the mind
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    Sir: Sane's accusations (letter, 13 June) concerning Mind's fund-raising letter are a complete distortion. Mind did not "aim to frighten vulnerable people". Our letter was a general mailing to existing Mind supporters. Mind's position on psychiatric ...

  • From the ranks
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    Sir: The ranking of universities according to the employability of their graduates (report, 12 June) is an exercise greatly to be regretted: a view corroborated by the well-known excellence of those institutions (such as Leeds, Reading and Southampto...

  • LETTER: The Lottery: happiness, public involvement and His opinion
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    Sir: Your feature writers are wondering why so many lottery winners seem to have life problems from broken relationships to drunkenness and criminal records. This is in fact hardly surprising as the Lottery is designed to appeal to precisely those wh...

  • Chess
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    It is Black to play and he has a crucial decision to make. He can win a pawn with 1...Rh5, but after 2.Kb4 Rxh2 3.c5, the c-pawn becomes dangerous. That line needs to be analysed further before even a fuzzy assessment is reached, but first of all the...

  • Expert jury /How can Britain get back on its bike?
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    Charlie Lloyd Campaigns Director, London Cycling Campaign At the moment, the government spends a tiny fraction of one per cent of the transport budget on cycling, even though it accounts for 2.5 per cent of all journeys, and possibly even 4 per cent ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Justice and Joy Gardner
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    Claptrap. Imagine for a moment that your mother, sister or daughter was arrested for a minor crime. Unfortunately, says the officer giving you the news, your relative died during the arrest. She kicked and bit, broke salt cellars and banged her head ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Dereliction of duty at Dounreay
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    At every stage, the controllers of atomic power have let us down. The necessary secretiveness of an industry born in global war extended far too long into the peace. The UK electricity industry rigged the case for expensive power stations and misled ...

  • Learning a serious business
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    Both issues touch sensitive political nerves. In this country, we tend to discuss education in ideological terms - how far the state should have control over the curriculum, how parental choice should best be met - rather than in industrial terms. An...

  • Sexual harassment and the 'hejab'
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    Sir: Mrs K. L. Boukeras (letter, 13 June), an Islamic convert who advocates the hejab as a defence against sexual harassment, might care to reflect that a glimpse of stocking was once considered shocking. Now, of course, "anything goes", and I can wa...

  • The President has such a way with words
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    The President of the Board of Trade had certainly, even his own people agreed, given the Chief Secretary to the Treasury a horrid time. By assiduously digging out all the dirt about what the Government suspected about arms sales to Iran, he has reviv...

  • Crying wolf puts more kids at risk
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    I hardly thought of the incident again until yesterday when the NSPCC claimed that one in six adults had been victims of "sexual interference" at some time in their childhood. Was this sexual abuse? Am I one of them? I have never thought so. But if s...

  • LETTER: Would you pay 2p more for the NHS?
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    Sir: It is a matter for regret that you fail to report the exact question asked in the Harris poll which provides your front-page headline "Voters would pay 2p on tax for NHS" (2 June). I suspect the question posed was something along the lines of "S...

  • Little ways to sink the subs
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    I haven't thought of one yet. Most new words are firmly attached to the old family tree. The other day I was browsing in the undergrowth of the English language, down where they prune and cut things back and form abbreviations that then take on new l...

  • Shakespeare's town
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    Sir: Don't worry, Londoners. Despite the Royal Shakespeare Company's spurning you to "take the show on the road" ("Get thee to the provinces", 9 June), you will still have a year-round base for Shakespeare at the Globe on Bankside. Yours sincerely, M...

  • A girl's place at Rugby
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    I sympathise with the protesters who feel that I have not been in the school long enough to be head of school. After all, I have been here only since September, while some of the boys in my year have been here for four years. But the headmaster decid...

  • LETTER: Ronald McMeanie
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    Sir: It is true that McDonald's targets children. Our four-year-old daughter was taken on a nursery trip to the newly-opened branch here. All the children could choose what they liked to eat, free of charge, and were given a "goodie bag" of crayons, ...

  • LETTER: The Lottery: happiness, public involvement and His opinion
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    Sir: Regarding the Lottery, privatised utilities, financial distressed charities, etc: "If you would know what God thinks of money," once wrote Maurice Baring, "you only have to look at those to whom He gives it." Perhaps He is just making His views ...

  • True gripes / Rock journalists
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    I saw it happen two weeks ago, at the Terrorvision gig at Brixton Academy. Even before the support band bounded on stage, the downstairs balconies were heaving. And this is where we find our preening princes. One of them was sitting up on the balcony...

  • Numbers / The anaesthetist
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    Let's count. There are 49 balls in the draw. So there are 49 ways to pick the first ball, leaving 48 for the second, 47 for the third and so on. Which gives us 49x48x47x46x45x44 possible lottery draws (ignoring the bonus number). But this takes into ...

  • LETTER: The Lottery: happiness, public involvement and His opinion
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    Sir: Aside from the fact that lottery popularity is an ironic case of the Government hypocritically benefiting from the irrationality of market forces, those who queue to buy lottery tickets amid reports of the misery of winners ("pounds 22m winner i...

  • LETTER: The Lottery: happiness, public involvement and His opinion
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    and Mr James McCormick Sir: The public and media frenzy surrounding the National Lottery proceeds unabated. Winners of the largest lottery prizes have found themselves subjected to intense media scrutiny. Politicians on all sides have conceded that s...

  • LETTER: Ronald McMeanie
    Thursday, 15 June 1995

    Sir: I can tell you one child who does not love Ronald Mc"Blackheart" Donald ("The Saturday story", 10 June). For the past three years, he has refused to let her have her birthday party at his restaurant. This year will probably be no exception. Why?...

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